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[Hero Techniques] Tigreal Guide - The Honorific Fighter

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Edited by PipexHbk at 2017-11-2 07:14 PM

Hello and welcome to my Tigreal Guide where you can master your abilites with this hero and use him in a proper way. My IGN is PipexHbk. Let's talk about Tigreal for a minute, he is actually my main hero so all this information come from a player that has used him for a long time and has a great love for Tigreal, a bigger love than the global Tigreal players that stopped used him after Tigreal's big nerf. (English is not my native language so I want to say sorry in advance if I make any grammar or spelling mistake).

Let's begin.
Tigreal is a pretty solid tank that is hard to kill when used correctly, because of his stats and his skills that contains a lot of Crowd Control.
Even with the excessive nerf (Moonton please consider this :( ), Tigreal is still a usable hero, that can give you a great time while being a tank.

First of all, let's check at Tigreal's Abilities:


Passive: Fearless
Each attack increases his physical and magic defense, stacking up to 5 times.
Remember to do basic attacks between spells to harden you even more. You don't need to hit enemies to activate your passive so do it before Teamfights, or when you considerate it is necessary.

Skill 1: Attack Wave Cooldown: 9.5s   Mana cost: 80
Fires a wave in specified direction, dealing physical damage and slowing all enemies hit by 65% for 2 seconds.
A Straight wave that is useful for killing minions, slowing down running enemies from battles and useful to stop enemies' HP regen. Try not to spam it a lot because it consumes a lot of mana, just waste it while having enemies in front and you make sure that you will hit them.

2ND S.png
Skill 2: Sacred Hammer   Cooldown: 12.5s   Mana cost: 110
Tigreal rushes in a specified direction pushing every enemy he has in front, then you can hit the ability again to make Tigreal lift them with a hit of his sword, being a great ability of C.C.e used to escape.
The most important Tigreal's ability, being hard to master at the begining but easier to manipulate after playing several games with Tigreal. This ability complements well with the battle spell Flicker by dragging the enemy team to your side where your team awaits for them. Anyway, it costs even more mana than the 1st ability so use it wisely.

Ultimate: Implosion   Cooldown: 42s   Mana cost: 120
Tigreal thrusts his sword into the ground, pulling surrounding enemies to himself, dealing physical damage and stunning them afterwards for 1.5s.
The perfect complement for the 2nd ability and flicker. It is one of the best crowd control abilities on the game, so you have a great power in your hands and a really useful weapon for teamfights.

That being said, let's go with the main points of this guide.

1.Skill Combination:

A) Most Common Tigreal combo:

1st combo.png
-Flicker Forward
-2nd Ability backwards
-1st Ability

Combination tip: Do this combination to bring the enemies to your turret, the turret itself will do the job of killing them.

B) Another common combo:

2nd combo.png
-Flicker Forward
-2nd ability backwards
-1st ability to reduce their movement speed and to not let them escape.

2.Skill leveling order:

You should max his 2nd ability to reduce its cooldown and mana consume, it is important to max that ability due to the movility it provides you when you are far from a battle and want to go and helpm, also because it is the most useful Tigreal skill after his Ultimate. Anyway, you should start picking the first ability for a faster cleaning of your line in early game and to spam it to your oponents. (Max Ultimate whenever is possible)

3.Battleground Spells recomended:

A) It is obligatory to always pick Flicker, and the reason is really simple; it is the best spell that you can use to combine Tigreal skills as mentioned above.
Flicker description.png

B) An alternative option would be Petrify because it adds more Crowd Control to Tigreal, after you casted all your skills, use petrify and you will have them stunned for a longer period of time.
Petrify description.png

4. Equipment Purchasing order:

There are plenty of builds available for Tigreal, but there is a special one that no one has investigated because they don't care much due to Tigreal's nerf, but they don't know that even with the nerf, Tigreal is really useful with the combination of the following gear:
Tigreal Build.png

1) Inmortality: You have a chance to resurrect and enemies would take their distance because they would know that killing you is not a wise decision, they will respect you and won't mess with you so often. A good advantage for early game.
2) Warrior Boots: After the inmortality, you will need movility, and the best option is to buy warrior boots because that item is the only one that gives you armor and movility together.
3) Cursed Helmet: If you have a lot of CC, and you would be close to the enemy so often, a great gear to buy is the cursed helmet. It has saved me a lot of times from enemies chasing me, I just stun them and let the gear do its job. It is also useful for a faster line minion cleaning.
4) Courage Bulwark: The objective of being a Tank is to do Teamwork. This item is the best item for teamwork, it gives attack power and defense to allies around you. It also let your allies to take more damage from turrets by hardening them.
5) Bloodthirsty King: The item that gives you the biggest ammount of Hp, it is a good combination with the cursed helmet. The main work this item does is to regen your hp 20% for each kill or assist (and you will have a lot of assistances).
6) Heart of Steel: Needed for late game. It reduces the % of Crit when enemies hit you, making you even more harder.

As a summary, with all this items you will this additional attributes:

-4920 Points of HP.
-90 Points of Magic Res.
-52 Points of Armor(Everyone always buy items of Penetration so it is more important to have more HP, also useful with the Cursed Helmet, 2x1)
-80 Points of HP Regen.
-40 Points of Movement Speed

And he will:

-Resurrect once dead, making you a lot harder to kill than you already are.
-Move Faster
-Be able to defend himself and get assistances just by walking near enemies. He will also clean lines faster from minions.
-Help the team by giving them a buff of attack and defense, this is important because your main role is to help your team by doing an excellent journey of teamwork.
-Regen. HP just by getting assistances, it will be not that necesary to recall so often.
-Be hard to kill even if the enemy has a Crit. item.
-Be solid as a rock, useful as a support and the one in charge to organize Teamfights.

Tigreal 2nd.png

5. 3 Heroes that complement well with Tigreal:

Tigreal fits any style and he will get along well with almost every hero, but out of all, here are 3 heroes that would be an excelent combination with Tigreal(Based on experience):

A) Gord
Each time I play ranked with a friend we do this hero combination going to top lane.
Tigreal put all the enemies together with his skill combination and gord with his stun and ultimate kills them all while Tigreal has all of them stunned. The most of the times my friend gets Triple Kill/Maniac and even once he reached Savage by doing this combo. A nice team.

B) Nana
If Tigreal can put together the enemy team, a good option would be Nana's ultimate, and if the enemy tries to escape, Nana's 2nd ability will do the job, combined with Tigreal 1st, and Nana's 1st also. Double CC time, TFs will finish faster. No more necessary words.

C) Irithel:
Irithel 2.png
What fits the best with Tigreal is the area damage, and one of the most and higher area damage could be found on Irithel's Ultimate, combined with her 1st, deleting the enemy team will be a piece of cake, Tigreal keeps them stuned, and Irithel do the Job and get the kills. Another Great combination

6) 3 Heroes that Tigreal counters:

Most than countering a hero, Tigreal counters a complete rol of Heroes, in this case, Marksmans. But he counters 3 in special:
Marksman Clint miya layla.png

The only mobility Miya has is her Ultimate, and it has a big cooldown, making Tigreal able to reach her while escaping by using Flicker and 2nd ability, and even only his 2nd would be enough.

B) Layla:
If we talk with heroes with low mobility we have to include Layla obligatory, if she doesn't take care of being far while atacking, she will have a bad time when Tigreal reachs her and bring her to his team.

C) Clint:
Clint has his 2nd skill to escape, with a cooldown of 12 seconds, and Tigreal has his 2nd ability to reach him, with a cooldown of 12.5 seconds, but he also has his first ability that reduces Clint's speed movement; Furthermore, he will always be equiped with flicker, so Clint, good luck trying to escape from Tigreal.

PD: Even if Tigreal counters Marksmans, you have to take care of Karrie and his true damage, that can reduce any Tank's HP easily when combined with his ultimate. Be aware of it.
Karrie Take care.png
7) 3 Heroes that counter Tigreal:

The biggest counter of Tigreal is the stun and CC in general, because it stops his Flicker+2nd+Ultimate combo, and in TF you should be aware of it and take care of the following Heroes:

A) Eudora:
It is obvious why she is here, she has a stun that lasts enough to let the enemy team lower your hp faster if you don't take care, Tigreal is pretty hard, but not inmortal like Argus with his Ulti. Keep an eye on it.

B) Ruby:
Chou was supposed to be here because of his CC, but compared to Ruby he loses because Ruby's skills have less cooldown and she also has a lot of CC, both are an issue for Tigreal, so take care of both of them, but fear Ruby the most.

C) Nana:

It is ironic for Nana to be here because she is one of the best teammates for Tigreal, but she could also give him a bad time by transforming him and letting her team attack him. Nana is a potential ally, but also a potential enemy.

And that would be it, be sure to follow the steps and tips given in this guide and you will reach the top local adn even to begining escalating the top global player with Tigreal.

And remember, your principal objective is teamwork, do not forget.
"A warrior's duty, is to bring victory."

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Thank you :-D I am a Tigreal Player too
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Uses guide ever for me to play Ign: ezzat123 Id: 70356849 Server: 2129
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