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[Hero Techniques] Natalia Guide

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Natalia Guide- Made by Lord Bandit(IGN)
So a little about me, I started playing Mobile legends and MOBA in general at the start of season 5. I’m currently on Epic 5. I don’t really play ranked much since I’m a soloq player but it work out :P My total played games is just over 500 and I have only played ranked around 120 games. It might seem bad to have this really low stats up but I really like researching about hero techniques and I watch different youtube channels and top players to improve my tactic and strategy so don’t go out yet, heheh. Why make Natalia Guide? Natalia is my second most used hero other than Zilong, looking at this two character you can tell that I really like split pusher.
I’m not the best natalia player but this should help to people that try to learn her :P if not just tell me what to improve on this guide.
Honestly saying, I got some ideas from other guides haha.
Now then, the guide :P Honestly saying, in my opinion natalia is the most assassin like hero and I think a lot of people will agree with this. I really don’t want to make this guide since more and more people might get better on natalia but whatever :P In my mind there are 3 different type of roles for natalia players, Splitpusher, Killer(assassin), and hybrid of both. Natalia is really mobile with her passive and she is also a great damage dealer which is why I like her. Natalia can be played on any lane but going to top or mid lane is recommended, it depends on which job they take!

Pros of Natalia:
Great splitpusher( after 4-5 minutes)
High burst(Mid and Late game)
High mobility(Mid and Late game)
Cons of Natalia:
Mediocre Difficulty
Low damage at the start
Bad at defending towers(last tower especially)

I mentioned 3 types of natalia players above, this is my explanations.
First, Split pusher: Splitpush is a technique used to steal tower or to pressure a lane. In a nutshell it’s almost like using teammates as diversion to steal tower, it can be the other way around too(pressuring lane). This is usually done by moving into opposite lane where there isn’t any enemy or one enemy that you are sure can be killed by you. This type of natalia tends to have less farm and kills but high tower damage. With all her skills on disposal, playing against 1-2 people and running away is pretty easy even if enemy managed to gank you.
Second, Killer(assassin): Natalia have great damage both on mid game and late game. Her job for this is to kill roaming enemies and kill enemy backline on teamfight( this should be either mages or ADC). They should kill the most threatening enemy first then the second most threatening, careful not to jump in when enemy have CC, try to have dash to go around easier. Keep in mind, just because her role is killing doesn’t mean that she should chase enemy all the time( this is really bad to do and I’ve seen a lot of people doing this) This natalia role should be chosen when your team have another great or decent splitpusher.
Third, Hybrid of both: It’s a hybrid of both role on top, this kind of natalias are usually advanced player that has great decision making. They usually have normal farm, higher than tanks but lower than their mid laner. They usually try to pressure lane a lot and try to kill roamers or backline too. If they are sure they can take/steal a tower they will do it. They probably would be stealing tower most of the time, especially with good teammates that can hold out.
Passive and skills
This passive is one of the thing that makes Natalia really strong against any squishy enemy. It’s also really good for Roaming and Mobility resulting her to be a great lane pressure and split pusher. This passive makes you invisible from enemy sight and gives extra Movement speed, it also gives extra damage.
To keep getting/refresh Stealth mode while roaming you can just lightly touch the bush. Of course you need to wait for another 2 seconds if you are out of stealth.
When you are on stealth mode, there will be a circle around your hero. This is the range where “!” will pop up on top of enemy. So do try not to roam around and showing”!” too much if you are trying to kill someone. You can use “!” to pressure enemy however, if enemy is mage they might stop farming and go to tower( while they were running it’s really easy to burst enemy because they are facing basically letting you to get extra damages). Pressuring this way is slightly risky though, there are chances where enemy will hit you with skills.

First Ability:
250/280/310/340/370/400( I copy and pasted, it's really hard to find this kind of trivial stuff) is her skill damage scaling for each level. This ability gives 1 dash, the range is around the circle on stealth mode. If you hit an enemy while dashing, there will be another dash available to use.
Usage of this ability: Hit and Run(explaination on How to fight)
Chasing running enemy, Use dash toward enemy that's running away. Hit and run is almost the same, difference is on usage of sec ability.
Extra damage, use two dash in a short time to deal damage. I think this is pretty self explanatory.
Wall jump or just dash.
Second Ability:
This is her Slow scaling for each level 65%/65%/65%/65%/65%/65% and this is her basic attack scaling for each level 30%/35%/40%/45%/50%/55%, I don’t really know this because I copy and pasted but  I think it’s ok, better than not putting anything. Whenever the level is upgraded, there isn’t any duration increase. This ability is probably the most important ability for natalia.
This ability can be used: Slowing enemy while running away or while they were running away.
Getting higher attack speed and burst enemy down.
Turret diving( on how to fight)
Immunity from basic attacks, This is the reason why natalia is a monster against and MM ADC or Fighter ADC
Check out turret diving on advanced, It shows how it works.
Third Ability:
I don’t know her damage scaling because I don’t really use it. The only thing that I use for this ability is to either farm or kill really low enemy that’s trying to run. This skill is probably the weakest out of all of her abilities and I think they should reword it or change, like give maybe immunity while on Ultimate state or something like it.  The range isn’t that big probably 2-3 tiles bigger than her normal basic attack. On her ultimate state, she can not cancel it so do be careful when using it.
Skill Order: First-Second-Third
Personally, I don’t use ultimate other than Early game while farming or for extra damage. Early game is below 5 minutes or maybe higher if your farm is really low.
Leveling up first ability is the best because it gives extra damage. This is because on early game, as a natalia extra damage is needed from her abilities. The reason for this is that her AA isn’t really the best on early game. Any assassin and almost all fighters out damage her on farming.
Second ability doesn’t get longer time so it doesn’t really matter. It’s used mostly on late games while doing her combo, attack speed gets higher.
Ultimate, she deals damage if front of her. This doesn’t really matter since she can’t cancel the ult and she is basically a fragile turtle( like gord that can’t cancel ult). Using this on a teamfight or 1vs1 against fighter or mages that has ¼ or ⅓ hp is like saying, kill me please.
The Build:
My Build is Rapid Boots, Wind Talker, Berserker's Fury, Endless Battle, Blade of despair and Immortality.  This is my base build and I change it according to enemies I have, Malefic roar, Scarlet phantom, Haas claws and Deadly blade.
Natalia relies on Basic damage to deal damage on enemy so having good basic attack is important, in basic attack attack speed is the strongest and the second strongest is damage. Natalia relies on high basic attacks and damage so my build is centered to it, I also add stuff that I like. My first Item will be either Second tier jungle or first tier jungle. If I’m mid and farms A lot ill probably take second tier. If I farm less and is on sidelane with another farming hero then I will take 1st tier.
I build Rapid Boots first because I like roaming from the start, with extra 50 movement speed I can also outrun most enemies and evade from danger easier. If you want extra attack speed, you can also buy swift boots. She will have higher damage but she won’t be as Mobile.
My Second item and third item( so this mean if I buy one of them, I will get the other one next) will be either Berserkers Fury or Wind talker, I myself is a splitpusher and I like roaming. Wind talker gives extra Movement speed, attack speed and Crit chance. She will have great mobility from the start and will be able to do moderate damage.
Berserkers fury is also another important items for almost any damage heroes. With Berserkers fury, She will have high damage and will be able to kill most squishy. She will also be able to farm faster on the future so it’s also recommended to buy berserkers.
My Fourth Item endless battle, This item gives damage, movement speed,lifesteal and even health. It’s a great item to use especially with natalia combo, since she needed to use sec ability after initiating a fight. This item is used for sustain and more roam, the passive of the item can be activated with creeps.
My fifth item will be Deadly Blade This item gives a high amount of damage and work with natalia passive. While enemy is on silenced state, natalia deal more damage with BoD passive. To this point you should be able to kill most squishy enemy.
My Sixth item doesn’t really matter much Immortality is self explanatory and the usage is resurrection when dieing heheh and then remember the other items I included above? They can all be used on sixth spot of below. I would also recommend another BoD or another Windtalker on later games. You can also by Scarlet phantom, Scarlet phantom and Berserkers fury is like a dynamic duo. They work perfectly with each other. So this is the nutshell of all the items that are listed below and what they are good against. Malefic can be used to get armor penetration, it’s used when enemy has 2 tanks or more, it might also help on other cases while killing Squishy. Deadly Blade is used against heavy lifesteal sustaining enemy like Miya, Zilong, Alucard, Ruby etc. It should also be taken when enemy has Estes. It basically reduce enemy Heal.  Haas claw can be used to replace Endless battle, it give extra sustain but I think higher burst is needed.
Spell and Emblems:
Spell: I have 2 different spells that I use most of the time on Natalia and both of them are either Retribution and Inspire. I used to use retribution but after a few test, inspire is better for my playstyle.
Inspire can be used on different ways. It’s a great spell and you can use it to both farm on early game and deal extra damage on anytime. She is a killer while using Inspire and it’s almost a guaranteed death to enemy squishy when you put this spell on. You can even kill a tank with inspire because of the physical defence reduce and attack speed increase.  
The second most common battle spell used by Natalia players is Retribution, It’s a great battle spell to get higher farm and get higher  level than enemy. Retribution can make you faster while jungling. This spell can also be used to steal enemy creep, while on passive state using a retri won’t cancel her passive.
Emblems set: I use physical assassin because of extra penetration and movement speed.
How to fight: Remember this, Natalia is a poking hero and might be able to burst someone easily but that doesn’t mean that you should always try to kill them, especially if you knew that you can’t kill them. Also remember to use your Battle spell, I’m still working on this too :P
Advanced technique:  
Instant Passive To activate her passive you can simply AA anything to get almost instant Stealth. To do this you have to Damage something with AA( this need to be the last damage you deal), not take damage in the process and go to bush( it’s not exactly instant but it’s almost the same time as 1 dash.
Hit and Run, this is basically using the time where enemy is silenced to both poke and run away safely. This technique isn’t used to try and kill someone but to poke and pressure enemy. So the combo goes this way, Stealth-AA-2-AA-AA-dash toward enemy or bush( using dash to bush right after without damaging anything will give her instant passive). When you dash toward enemy it can be either enemy hero, creep or minion and then use the second dash to dash into bush.

Tower Diving this is used to kill enemy that stayed inside tower. This can be used on different ways but it’s basically using dash into tower, sec ability and burst enemy to death. This can be used while enemy is running away, low or on a tower teamfight. It will be a great help and might get you to win a teamfight.
Common combo are: there really isn’t much combo on natalia since she uses AA.
Stealth-AA-Bush( it’s just used to poke and while enemy is on silence you can run right after)
Stealth-AA-2-AA-AA-AA( a lot of AA basically), if enemy isn’t dead yet either use 1st ability to run and deal extra damage or just run away.
All you have to remember is, initiate a fight with AA( of course on Stealth state) and use your second ability to get Higher attack speed.

Natalia can kill most squishy with 3 shots on max build with the right build and technique( The combo listed above, she should be able to kill most loner squishy). I’ve never mention this above but Natalia get higher damage when she attack behind an enemy, doesn’t matter on Stealth Mode nor Normal mode.  Try to attack enemy from behind all the time. Whenever on stealth mode, do try to attack behind enemy and use the silence.

Whenever you are trying to burst out squishy, look around first( check minimap) if there are 2-3 enemy on another lane, it’s most likely not an ambush so you can burst em. If there isn’t enemy though, be extra careful they might rotate toward you to gank you(this is on higher elo, on lower elo you can burst anyone because enemy is most likely farming do be careful though).

Don’t jump in on 3 or more enemies since you will be a free food, you can run away if you got ganked with full abilities but without the abilities you are basically free food. When enemies are aware of your whereabouts just move lane or farm, there isn’t any point on staying since they can just chill under tower. 2 enemy she might manage but 3 or more just run on pressure.

Avoid getting hit and out of stealth! As you know there are 3 different types of skill on ML, Skillshot(all lapu ability,cyclops first ability, gord first and sec ability), ranged Insta-lock(like zilong second ability,cyclops ult) and Auto-lock( like miya first, Eudora first). Enemy with auto lock skills can attack you while you are on Stealth so be careful and try to kill them when they are farming or roaming.  If skillshots hit you by chance, you will be out of stealth too. Whenever in jungle, AI can still see you so be careful when trying to invade enemy especially the ranged goblin thing. He can attack you from far away and get you out of stealth. (When playing against natalia near the goblin thing, try to AA the goblin and it might hit natalia instead.

Your easiest enemy to kill is MM, ADC fighter and Mages. When in a backline if there is a Mage and a MM try to burst out the mage, the combo is AA-2-AA-AA-AA(AA until death)-1-1. Try use hero lock mode to enemy, sometimes try to check enemy stats, whoever is the most deadly on teamfight try to kill em first.

On mid game and late game don’t use her ultimate! Keep in mind that 1-2 AA deals more damage to running enemy than the ultimate. I’ve seen natalias using this on Teamfight, honestly just don’t it’s not worth it.

How to split push and Lane pressure:
Main idea of split push strategy is that you send to separate lane someone who has strong pushing abilities and who is capable to win anyone in the enemy team during a duel, while rest of the team keep enemy team busy avoiding a real team fight. Thus enemy team have to send more than one person to defend against split pusher and main group of your team turns out to be in majority. The more synchronization in actions between team and that person the more effective split push strategy is. While main part of your team is in majority they can try to engage a team fight against a group of remaining opponents or attempt to take objectives. I copy and pasted this, This really isn’t a guide and just explaining what splitpush is and this is a good explanation for it. It doesn’t count as the guide :P
Who is great with Natalia:
Personally, I don’t really play much with other peoples or friends on ML but I think here with good CC is a good Combo with her. She is mostly a split pusher and a split pusher doesn’t need any “teammates or combo”. Having a good CC teammates mean that  natalia can burst them while enemy is CCed, the length of total CC on enemy can be as low as 2 sec but can be as high as 5 seconds.
I think the few good Teammates natalia can have is Ruby, Chou or Saber. They all offer a  form of CC and can help Natalia burst enemy down. The basic combo for all three is basically CC from them and just as the Stun is getting off natalia burst them down, this is to stall. You can also just burst when they are stunned, it’s really the same damage( most likely). Ruby ad Chou can also peel for natalia if she is in danger with all the stuns and slows they have on their disposal.
Natalia Counters:
There are different hard counters to natalia and my top 4 is Saber 1st ability, Rafaela 1st ability, Bane passive and YSS ult. All 4 can get natalia to get out of passive almost guaranteed.
Saber 1st ability can get natalia out of passive easily and this render her useless in teamfights since she needed to burst down enemies. In a 1v1 with saber natalia will most likely lose especially if she is out of passive, while on passive state she might hold a chance but without passive state saber can kill natalia with standard 1-3-1-AA-2-AA
Rafaela first ability can stun and slow target rendering natalia useless. Rafaela can show where natalia is even when she is outside bush, while it’s true that natalia can still burst Rafaela but Rafaela can easily render her useless especially with stun and another enemy. Without element of surprise natalia is really weak.
I don’t really have bane nor YSS on my account so I don’t have gif of them.
Bane passive is a hard counter to natalia because he can damage and slow natalia even on passive state. She will be out of passive basically almost 24/7 if bane is in a lane. His ultimate also hurts like crazy to natalia. Doing a 1v1 on bane should be natalia win but it depends and Bane might even win with correct build and skill usage.
YSS ultimate auto lock into anyone in the map and show them on Minimap for a duration of 3 Sec. This will cancel natalia passive and also show her where abouts, enemy might gank you if you are on a lane or YSS might use ult before teamfight to show where natalia is.
Who Natalia Counters:
Natalia counters almost any squishy this mean almost all mages, Marksman and support. She should be able to burst them down.
There really isn’t a top 3 because she can kill any of them easily but if I have to say the easiest would be Gord, Layla,Vexana and Aurora. These 4 heroes don’t have any mobility and they are really vulnerable especially gord on ult state or Layla while farming.
The mages that you should be careful around is Cyclops, Harley and Kagura. They all are really mobile and has great burst. Don’t try to kill cyclops when he has his Sec ability around his character.
Resources and Credits:
Top Players: AE Nat, I forgot the other lol
Some guides I read and is really good and recomended:
Advance Guide - Natalia Build & Techniques
Natalia Full Guide + Build
Natalia Hero Guide

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