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[Hero Techniques] Cyclops, The Starsoul Magician, Guide

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Cyclops, The Starsoul Magician, Guide

o_1bm4coq0q6g7126i1iiih0spa3f.jpg o_1bm4cnqt4fh5a911los16h21t25f.jpg

"Ever seen someone handsome with one eye?"

Cyclops is an easy-to-use mage that specializes in highly damaging skills and mobility. He could be an annoying enemy, who would harass and spam you with his skills. The key to be an effective Cyclops user is to spam his skills aggressively.

I. Skill Tips and SkillCombination Tips

Starlit Hourglass (Passive)- The deep bind with stars gives Cyclops thepower to control time. Current cooldown of all skills will reduce by 0.5s when his skills hit enemies.


This means that the cooldown for his skills would be faster the more he uses them. Cyclops’ passive skill makes him an excellent spammer.
Tips: This skill could be amplified significantly by using items that also reduces skill cooldown and items that provide magic penetration and damage. Since he is a skill-dependent mage, skill cooldown and magic damage and penetration must be a toppriority.

Stardust Shock (1st skill)- Gathers the power of stars and casts two shock waves of stardust, each dealing 220/ 240/260/ 280/ 300/ 320 pts of magic damage to the enemy.


Cyclops’ first skill is the primary approach to poke enemies and to kill minions in a lane. It has a long range, which makes it excellent for poking and laning.

Tips: 1. Spam this skill to constantly reap and damage enemies. 2. Poke enemies from bush for effective spamming. 3. Utilize its range by casting near enemy tower’s boundary to poke enemies when they’re defending. 4. Cast to fleeing enemies to kill them. 5. Cast to multiple enemies and minions within an area to significantly reduce skills’ cooldown.

Utilize its long range to poke enemies in their defensive turrets.

S1 poking.PNG        S1 poking2.PNG

Cast in bush to poke and confuse enemies
S1 poke in bush.PNG

Utilize its long range to kill escaping enemies

S1 fleeing enemies.PNG           S1 fleeing enemies1.PNG

Planets Attack (2nd skill)- Uses the power of stars to generate a starlit sphere spinning around him and increases his own movement speed greatly for a short period of time. The sphere will attack nearby enemies (enemy heroes first) automatically, dealing 200/225/250/275/300/325 pts of magic damage to them (damages dealt to the same target will decay).


Cyclops’ second skill is very damaging and could be tricky for enemies as it acts both for defensive and offensive purposes. It also offers him great mobility, useful when either fleeing from enemies or pursuing them for a kill.

Tips: 1. Use this skill for movement as it offers additional speed. 2. Cast to poke enemies by getting closer to them then run away. 3. Always cast to defend yourself from an ambush or from short-ranged and melee enemies. 4. Use to pursue an escaping enemy and to ensure a kill. 5. Use to escape enemies while damaging them. 6. Cast to reduce the cooldown of other skills (each planetary sphere, upon hitting minions or enemies, would decrease skill cooldowns by 0.5s— a total of 2.5s).

Use to gain additonal speed when chasing enemies

S2 pursue.PNG

Cast to poke enemies.
S2 poke.PNG

Cast near enemies to ensure a kill
S2 kill.PNG           S2 kill2.PNG

Cast  to gain additional speed when fleeing from enemies. This would damage them at the same time and would give you additional HP, when Concentrated Energy is eqquipped, giving Cyclops a chance to kill the chasing enemy.
S2 flee.PNG

Star Power Lockdown (3rd skill/ ultimate)- Cyclops wields the power of stars to his fullest and creates a magic sphere filled with planetary power to track his enemy, dealing 500/600/700 magical damage. The target will be immobilized for 1/1/1-2/2/2s based on sphere's flying distance.

Cyclops’ ultimate skill is very useful to immobilize enemy damage dealer, interrupt heroes with crow control and immobilizing skills that could set your team (e.g Tigreal, Minotaur, Gatotkaca), and cease heroes with very high mobility (e.g. Fanny, Karina).

Tips: 1. Prioritize on immobilizing damage dealers, as well as support heroes of the enemy team to win a clash. 2. Interrupt tanks that have crowd control skills and could immobilize your team during clash. 3. Hide in bush and cast the skill to ambush an enemy. 4. Use to immobilize fleeing enemy. 5. Cast to kill escaping enemy with low HP. 6. Use to immobilize pursuing enemy during an escape.

Use to immobilize and kill an enemy

S3 kill.PNG    S3 kill2.PNG    S3 capture.PNG

Cast to ambush and trap enemies inside turret's attack range

S3 capture3.PNG           S3 capture2.PNG

Cast to immobilize and interrupt enemies

S3 immobilize.PNG

Skill CombinationTips: Generally, an effective Cyclops user combines all the skills simultaneously and spams them aggressively. Casting skills whenever possible is indeed necessary. Cast skill after skill to damage enemies while significantly reducing the skills’ cooldown.
Early Game:Keep a safe distance from enemies by staying near the tower’s safe range. Use first skill to kill minions and clear lane. Utilize first skill efficiently by hitting multiple enemies inthe area, both minions and heroes. Use second skill to approach enemies. Spam first and second skills to damage enemies continuously. Use ultimate skill to immobilize enemy with low HP and go for the kill. Interrupt enemy positioning with the ultimate skill.
Mid Game: Roam to other lanes after clearing your own lane. Ambush an enemy by hiding in bush then casting ultimate skill. Spam first and second skill to kill the ambushed enemy. Support your team’s damage dealers by spamming first and second skills and occasionally with ultimate skill.
Late Game: Keep a safe distance during clash. Stay away from melee and short-ranged heroes. Utilize first skill efficiently by hitting multiple enemies in the area. Use ultimate skill to immobilize damage dealers and interrupt their attacks or enemies with already low HP to prevent their escape. Use ultimate skill to interrupt tanks that could immobilize your team with their crow control skills. Use to interrupt support heroes of the enemy team. Manually select whichever hero you need to immobilize with hero-lock mode.

II. Skill Leveling Information

Prioritize leveling 1st skill as it is primarily used to damage enemies and has longer range than the 2nd skill.Level up ultimate skill whenever possible.

skill levels.PNG

Stardust Shock
Planets Attack
Stardust Shock
Star Power Lockdown
Stardust Shock
Planets Attack
Stardust Shock
Star Power Lockdown
Stardust Shock
Planets Attack
Stardust Shock
Star Power Lockdown
Planets Attack
Planets Attack
Planets Attack

III. Recommended Battleground Spells

A.      A. Flicker- This spell is very useful in positioning Cyclops for both offensive and defensive purposes as it teleports the hero in a certain distance.

For offensive purposes: 1. Cast ultimate skill to immobilize the enemy. Use flicker towards the enemy then spam first and second skills for the kill. 2. Cast ultimate skill to fleeing enemy then use flicker to pursue him. Kill the enemy with first and second skills. 3. Kill enemy with an already low HP by using flicker after casting second skill. After teleportation, the planetary spheres would attack the enemy, thereby killing him. 4. Use flicker after casting ultimate skill during an ambush to close the distance between you and the ambushed enemy. Go for the kill with first and second skills.

For defensive purposes:  Cyclops deals a lot of damage but is squishy and can be killed easily if enemies could approach him. Flicker can thus provide Cyclops proper positioning to avoid the enemies’attack range. Cast flicker to escape melee and short-ranged heroes or to escape the attack range of long-ranged heroes.

B.    B. Sprint- This spell is an alternate to Flicker, which provides additional movement speed, useful when pursuing or escaping an enemy.

IV. Recommended Equipment

1. Enchanted Talisman- As a skill-based hero, Cyclops needs a sufficient mana supply. This item would sustain him enough mana needed for him to spam his skills. It also reduces skill cooldownby 20%, which could make spamming easier.
2. Boots- Either Magic Shoes, which provides additional 10% cooldown reduction, if you want to maximize his passive; or Arcane Boots, which gives additional 15 magic penetration, useful to make your skills more damaging and effective.
3. Concentrated Energy- This is the key item in your gear, which provides 30% spell vamp. It also provides 10% HP regen after killing a hero. This item would sufficiently sustain Cyclops throughout the game while you spam your skills.
4. The following items depend on the flow of the game and the type of opponent heroes.This is when most of the clashes happen so choosing the right item is crucial.
              A.   Fleeting Time- This item is useful to maximize Cyclops’ passive skill as it reduces skill cooldown by 10% and by 20% after killing a hero. This could help him to spam his skills for an aggressive gameplay.
              B.    Necklace of Durance- Use this item if the opponent team has Estes/ Rafaela as support, and if their damage dealer has lifesteal abilities or equipped with lifesteal and HP-sustaining items. This item provides 5% cooldown reduction, which complements Cyclops’ passive skill, and 50% HP regen reduction for every skill dealing damage. This item is very effective to counter heroes with high HP-sustaining abilities and equipment.
5. Ice Queen Wand- Use this item for a more aggressive gameplay.This item provides 7% movement speed and 15% slow down effect forevery skill, which are very helpful when pursuing enemy heroes or fleeing from them. This item would literally give opponents hard time countering Cyclops.
6. Devil Tears- This item would make Cyclops’ skills more effective and damaging as it provides 40% magicpenetration, which is increased by 30% when HP is over 70%. It is very effective when complemented with Concentrated Energy, which sustains Cyclops enough HP, amplifying the effect of this item definitely.

Note: If using an anti-heal gear set, choose Magic Shoes for movement speed to provide cooldown reduction since Fleeting Time would be changed with Necklace of Durance.

Alternative Gear Set (Sustained DPS): 1.Enchanted Talisman, 2. Magic Shoes, 3. Concentrated Energy, 4.Glowing Wand, 5. Disaster Truncheon/ Lightning Truncheon/ Clock of Destiny, 6.Devil Tears
Note: Items for Sustained DPS gear set provide additional effect and damage when using skills, which is effective when spamming skills. If using Clock of Destiny, it must be purchased first since 300 seconds (5 minutes) are needed to fully stack its effect. This item would give a total of 110 magic power, 5% magic attack, 900 mana, and 915 HP when fully stacked.

Recommended Emblem Set: Magic Emblem Set. This provides additonal magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration, needed when spamming Cyclops' skills.


Recommended Gear Sets for Cyclops

V. Heroes that go well with Cyclops
As a mage, Cyclops can be best partnered with tank, fighter, and support heroes, especially those with stun or crowd control skills in order for him to land his skills efficiently.

1.       Tigreal/ Minotaur/ Gatotkaca/ Hilda/Lolita- Cyclops, being squishy, needs a tank that would protect and cover him from approaching enemies. These tanks could do the said job well and could also provide stun or crowd control abilities, useful when Cyclops spam his skills.
2.       Ruby/ Freya/ Chou/ Bane- These fighter heroes could act as semi-tank with damaging attacks and skills. Stun and crowd control abilities are again useful. Bane, on the other hand could complement anaggressive Cyclops user to push lanes.
3.       Estes/ Rafaela- Cyclops with HP-sustaining item (concentrated energy) and high magic damage, partnered witha support that could sustain his HP even more, would be nearly invincible.However, they need to maintain a safe distance and be cautious from ambush.

Note: A trio of Cyclops, a tank or semi-tank fighter, and asupport, is best recommended for optimum results.

VI. Heroes that Cyclops could counter
An aggressive Cyclops user thats pams his skills effectively could easily counter some fighters (especially ifno magic resistance), assassins that have high mobility, supports, and heroes that rely on HP-sustaining skills and items.

1.       Alucard/ Ruby/ Roger/ Zilong- These heroes could be easily killed by merely spamming skills. They rely onHP-sustaining abilities and items that could be countered easily with ananti-heal gear set. They also have higher mobility but can be countered with Cyclops’ ultimate skill and render them immobile.
2.       Fanny/ Karina/ Saber- These assassins rely on their great mobility. This mobility enables them to escape easily after an attack or ambush, which could be countered with Cyclops’ ultimate skill. Fanny, if rendered immobile can be killed easily. Same goes with Saber, who could be killed with a hit or two of Cyclops’ 1st and 2nd skill after rendering him immobile with the ultimate. Karina, on the other hand, could kill your team instantly during clash with the fast cooldown of her ultimate. Thus, a few seconds of immobility could counter her easily.
3.       Estes/ Rafaela- Their HP-sustaining skills could be easily countered with an anti-heal gear set and spamming Cyclop’s skill, which could be lethal to the opponent team that relies on the healing skills of supports during clash.

VII. Heroes that could counter Cyclops
Cyclops, being a squishy hero, could be killed easily if an enemy could successfully approach him. As a skill-based hero, Cyclops could be easily countered with heroes that could cancel and negate his skills.

1.       Lolita- This hero is the best tank that could counter Cyclops. Her shield could nullify the skill set of Cyclops. A Cyclops user, who relies on spamming skills, would find it hard defeating Lolita. In addition, Lolita is a mobile tank that could approach him easily and has skills that could stun and render Cyclops powerless.
2.       Franco- Self-explanatory. Every mage user fears Franco’s hook and stun.
3.       Natalia- As mentioned above, Cyclops needs to keep a safe distance from enemies. Natalia, when invisible, could easily approach him. In addition, the ‘Silence’ ability of her passive skill could render Cyclops powerless.
4.       Kagura- Her second skill could easily counter Cyclop’s ultimate. She could also approach Cyclops easily, stun him, or poke him with umbrella’s skills.
5.       Hayabusa- This hero could easily approach Cyclops with his Quad Shadow skill and kill him with ultimate even witha safe distance away or even within tower’s safe range.

6.       Basically,any hero that could render Cyclops immobile or stunned, could also counter his skills. A few moments of immobility for Cyclops could be lethal (e.g. Chou,Freya, Tigreal, Gatotkaca).

Final Remarks: Cyclops is a very easy to use hero. Just be aggressive and spam your skills af! Always beware of proper positioning and keep a safe distance from enemies. I recommend completing three major items first, especially Concentrated Energy, before entering fights and clash. Be clever and cunning! You could still kill an enemy even with a low HP.

Disclaimer: Battle scene screenshots are mine. Other pictures were taken from Mobile Legends website.

P.S. I reposted this guide because the  guide I initially posted did not contain pictures.
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Thanks for the detailed guide!
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