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[Hero Techniques] Basara's Nana 101

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Edited by -GoW-Basara at 2017-11-4 11:02 PM

My Intro kek ~
Ladies and Gentlemen and Friends from a different species ~

A lil about myself… I’ve been playing ML since season 1, I’ve seen almost all sorts of changes throughout the game… some good and some bad meh.. I’ve been lurking in the reddit for quite sometime now, so I figured I should do something for the community lelelel ~

It’s been pretty long ehh :3 Pardon me, as I have stuff I had to settle before I can work on new projects ~ Welp I’m kinda back hahaha..

Likewise, My main goal is still to show everyone that older units are still viable even at the current meta.. They might not be as viable, but definitely still usable in certain occasion.

And also to help newer players understand the game and the heroes more before they venture into the WILD XD

This guide will be about our furry friend the one and only cat looking raccoon, legooo ~

So how are we going to do this??
Much like Alice’s guide ~
  • I’ll start off with some lore and skin showcase, with an intro/TLDR of her
  • Followed by her skills and analysing them and giving you guys some tips on using her
  • Builds - we’ll go over a few builds that would work for her
  • Combos, Playstyle and how you should engage/disengage
  • Last but not least, Misc. like Emblems, Special Skill etc etc

So let's start off with some Lore and onto the guide we go ~~

*Disclaimer - I am not the best Nana user, there are many more better than me, but I do consider myself a little decent. If there are changes needed or suggestions please do let me know :)
*Disclaimer 2 - This guide is meant for players with zero knowledge in Nana and wishes to learn how to play with her so it might be a little lengthy.. If anyone just wants a TLDR version do PM me with your question and I’ll try my best to help you out :)

A little about Nana the furry Raccoon looking thing

Nana was born deep in a magic forest, and as a rare cat elf(Raccoon), she was naturally endowed with powerful but hard to control magic abilities. Periodic rages of magic outburst nearly took out half of her forest home, Until one day the journeying moon elf Miya restrained Nana and taught this young cat elf(RACCOON) the secrets to controlling her magic abilities. The clever Nana quickly mastered these techniques, becoming a powerful cat elf mage. She decided to accompany Miya on her way to the land of dawn, in search of a new king together.

1) Wonder Land - Cost 299 Gems
*No additional effects        

2) Slumber Party - Cost 599 Gems
*Slumber Party Theme
*All new animation
*All new skill effects color changes!

3) Graveyard Party - Season 1 Skin <3
*Halloween Theme Model

The Furry’s Intro
Nana, one of the 3 support heroes in game, her Main role in team is to poke/harass threats.
She’s made for teamfights and playing with a team, she’s one heck of a lane harasser, and a pretty good initiator, by timing her skills perfectly, you can help your teammates secure a kill or help your teammate escape with her disables

She’s not made like other mages/support heroes, where they have high damage output, or with healing spells that could support the team.
Nana’s primary role in the game is to disable the enemy, picking out the target and harassing them. This works on both, initiating and counter initiation. Morphing the enemy could disable for at least 3 seconds, letting your teammate pick out the target.

The main aspect of mastering her is to learn when to Morph and who to Morph, grasping the distance and timing of her ult is the key to perfecting a Nana

Anywhoo, Nana falls short when Solo-qing in higher elo, she works best with a team that knows when to engage and when not to. Allowing Nana to do her magic before causing havoc is the key.
That being said, I have a few builds for her, I’ll be listing all of them down below. Please do bear with me as we proceed through the guide

WHY Nana?
  • Pretty A** harassment… DAT MORPH
  • Stupid Cat dropping gold...
  • Best disable kit in game period
  • Decent early game poke with boomerang
  • SHE’S a RACCOON!!!

  • Low burst.. Cus she’s not a mage!!
  • Assist God, no kills, not for player that wants to get kills
  • Falling off when not playing with friends(Requires some sort of coordination)
  • A CAT ELF?!?!

*Note: I’ll be using “1” “2” “3” to represent her skills respectively
*Note: Damage on some skills are incremental, but I can’t seem to find their stats, they are either too far back into the older patches, or I might’ve missed them, so to simplify matters, I’ll use their base damage stated in the game itself :)

Passive skill: [Mister Cat’s Gift]

-Mister Cat drops 10 gold, for Nana and nearby Allies every 10 seconds.

  • They say they ain’t free lunch, SUCH LIES!!!
  • If you guys follow the 1-1-3/3-1-1 Lane formation, Nana would fit in the lane with 3 people, to maximise the gold drop.
  • Nothing much here, just get that gold yo!!

1st skill: [Magic Dart] “1”
-Fires Magic Dart at the direction of release, enemies hit by the dart will take 180 Magical Damage, enemies hit will also be slowed.

  • Your long range poking skill
  • Decent early game damage, with low cooldown. JUST SPAM IT
  • Slow is UBER USEFUL!! Throw to a chasing enemy to slow them down, with Ice Queen Wand this is DEADLY!!

  • Thanks to the low cooldown on this skill, it’s pretty much spammable, so just spam it.
  • This skill will be your main damaging skill in laning phase, try to aim and hit all targets.
  • Your “1” will follow you even when you move, so if you miss your first throw, just move towards/near an enemy so that your “1” can hit them when it returns
  • Practice making your “1” hit twice. Try to aim your “1” to hit the enemy just at the end of your range, it will allow you to proc your hit twice.
  • Moving around would increase the hitbox of your “1” so try to move around as much as possible and make sure the enemy are within your hit box

2nd skill: [Morph Spell] “2”
-Transforms an enemy hero into a cat spirit, dealing 180 Magic Damage, and slowing their movement speed for 3 seconds. The allies who attack the cat spirit gains 50 HP

  • Your main harassing kit.
  • Best disable skill in game, pretty much works on almost all heroes
  • Make use of this skill to counter initiate or initiate against an enemy
  • Just mash that button, since it doesn’t target Minions >:))

  • One of the longest disable. However you’ll need a teammate to deal enough damage to kill someone.
  • Interrupts channel spells too *Stares at Odette*
  • Run if you get ganked, pop your morph and run, don’t ever think about attacking the bugger that’s coming after you.
  • Disable threats like Fanny, Odette and even Spinning Akai ~

3rd skill: [Dragon Cat summons] “3”
Summons a Dragon Cat to attack a specified area, dealing 400 pts of Magic Damage to enemies in the area and knocking them airborne for 1 seconds.

  • One of the best CC in game.
  • Try to pop this during a teamfight to disable as many enemies as possible
  • Placement of “3” is hard, so make sure you know your range and plan where to place your “3”
  • Try to always proc “2” before your “3”, Aim your “3” on the route of retreat to give you a higher chance to hit your enemy.

  • That being said, if the enemy is careful, it’s easy to avoid your “3”. So always plan in advance and try to predict the movement of your enemy.
  • Practice makes perfect, get down the timing of your ult and try to match you “2” with your “3” to increase the chances of it hitting.
  • If you fast enough or good enough, you can pop “3” followed by “2” this will kinda always make you hit your “3”.

Skill leveling priority
  • Max “2” first, for more sustain damage
  • Level “1” when possible
  • Since leveling “3” only increases your damage, and your main goal is to support, raise this slowly. But get this at level 4, for the skill ~

*Disclaimer - I wouldn’t say that the build I have here is the best or is the only one build that will work. The builds I have here works for me, with the highest winning rate, hence I’m sharing it.
If any of you has a build you would like me to include or any suggestions do feel free to let me know :)
*Note: Items will be bolded for easier reading, for example “Arcane boots
How this format works?
  • I won’t be telling you guys the stats & what each item do, but I’ll still give you the reason why I have this particular item in the build. For item description and stats, head over to my Database to take a look :)
  • I’ll still let you guys know which item is replaceable with which item and why. :)


BUILD 1[Poke Poke]
This is the main build I’ve been using, there were a few changes along the items since season 1 but they are mainly still the same ~ I had the highest winning rate with this build hahaha XD

Item 1: [Enchanted Talisman]
Reason: One of your core items, This item gives you enough CDR and Mana to last you till the end of the game, with this item it pretty much allows you to harass none stop.
Replaceable: [None] - You’re a support, you’ll need that constant supply of Mana and CDR to help you with your poking and harassing. I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t want this item in your build.  

Item 2: [Rapid Boots]
Reasons: Fastest Boots out there, this helps you with your kiting and harassing when needed. Plus due to her already low CD on her skills, she doesn’t really need Magic Shoes.
Replaceable:[Arcane Boots, Magic Shoes, Boots of Tranquility] - If you like more Magic pen, Arcane Boots is for you. If you prefer having a more CDR Magic boots would suits you, though with the low cool down on both your “1” and “2” I don't really use CDR items, hence why I pick Rapid Boots! Though Boots of Tranquility is a pretty good choice, considering you’ll be building Concentrated Energy. So give it a try and let me know which boots you like :)

Item 3: [Ice Queen Wand]
Reasons: Another core item, this item works best with your “1”. By aiming correctly, hitting the enemy twice will allow you to apply the maximum stack of slow on the enemy.
Replaceable: [None] - This item is pretty important in my honest opinion, I don't think any other item can give you such debuffs and works this well with Nana. Since your main goal is to support/harass.

Item 4: [Necklace of Durance]
Reasons: This is where the builds will start to differ, this item here, is to counter enemies that are building lifesteal and spellvamp, it’s to cut their regen. One of the better “support” items to help your team secure a kill, thanks to your “1” and “3”.
Replaceable: Lightning Truncheon - If you think that you don’t really need the regen cut effect, you can opt for more damage through Lightning Truncheon, its passive is pretty good for dealing more damage. Fleeting Time is another item you can go for if you require more CDR, but personally I don’t really feel the need to get another CDR item as she already has a pretty low cooldown. Holy Crystal, is also another favorite choice for damage boosting equipment, so you can consider it too, thanks to it’s passive and having one of the highest Magic Power boost an item can give.

Item 5: [Concentrated Energy]
Reasons: This item is for you to get more sustain in teamfights and/or when running away, just keep throwing your “1” into a crowded area to get your HP back :)
Replaceable: [Lightning Truncheon/Fleeting Time/Holy Crystal] - Much like the above explanation, if you think that you require Necklace of Durance but don’t really need the Spell Vamp, feel free to swap this item out, it’s more of a personal playstyle. Try to mix and match here, and find your perfect Combination.

Item 6: [Glowing Wand]
Reasons: This item goes well with your “2”, The residual damage is dealt base on the enemies HP, this will allow you to deal damage to tanks that are stacking HP, for example Bloodthirsty King. Thanks to it’s 5% Movement Speed buff, it will help you kite better so why not :3
Replaceable: [None] - Lightning Truncheon/Fleeting Time/Holy Crystal - Like above, all this items are interchangeable and replaceable. Try them out in different order, or swapping them out for some other new items.

*Notes: All in all, for this Main build, item 1 ~ 3 will be your core item, while item 4 ~ 6 are all swappable, if you like to have more AP, opt for higher AP items like BloodWings, or Holy Crystal, if you find that you don’t require much AP but more debuffs go for the Truncheons.
*Notes: Like I’ve mentioned above it’s all about how you’re going to play Nana, so find the perfect build yourself and decide which to swap in and which to remove :)

BUILD 2[Hybrid/ASPD]
This is one of the troll builds I’ve tried kekeke, Surprisingly it’s doing pretty good in Low, Mid and Low-High Elo. Use this build to your own discretion. Some friends might not like you playing with this build. XD

*Note: I won't be giving any suggestions on other items since this is a troll build lolol. Give it a try and figure out different builds that might work in trolling.
*Note: I didn’t create/make this build, credits to the original owner of the build, thanks for the awesome build :)

Item 1: [Calamity Scythe]
Reasons: Your first core item, thanks to Nana’s super low CD, proc-ing it’s true damage passive is pretty much always. This will let you deal some serious damage
Item 2: [Swift Boots]
Reasons: Since we’re already going for AD, why not more Attack Speed, this boots will give you more ASPD, the more the better no??

Item 3: [Feather of Heaven]
Reasons: This is your second core item, it’s passive allows you to deal 40% more damage as your do Basic Attack, pairing this item with Calamity Scythe is pretty deadly when all you do is just pop Skills and AA kek, Plus thanks to its ASPD passive you’ll start to deal quite a lot of damage using AAs

Item 4: [Holy Crystal]
Reasons: A well rounded AP item for Mages/Support, since your Feather of Heaven passive uses AP to deal damage, this item would help you out in dealing more damage, plus thanks to its passive in dealing more damage as your skills hit, it’s a PLUS. Item 4 and 5 are interchangeable, but thanks to Feather of Heaven I don’t really need more ASPD, hence why I made Holy Crystal first.

Item 5: [Scarlet Phantom]
Reasons: This is where the build gets weird, This item helps you to deal more critical strike, and thanks to Feather of Heaven Passive, you’ll be dealing way more damage than you think, plus the ASPD is a plus. Feel free to swap this item out for WindTalker, it’s another item with a decent ASPD and CC stats, plus it’s unique passive deals 125 pts of Magic Damage since you’re scaling you’ll be building half AP, the Unique passive will deal some decent damage. Some might even opt for Demon Hunter Sword, to deal with tanks, or even Malefic Roar/Blade of Seven seas. There are a lot of choices, so try and figure out the build you like and play with it.

Item 6: [Blood Wings]
Reasons: Much like how Holy Crystal buffs your AP, This is pretty much a late game item to get more damage, usually game doesn’t last till this stage thanks to the current meta, you’ll already be kinda doing a decent damage with the first 5 items. But the HP/AP boost from this item is too good to not get it lol

*Note: I LIED, apparently I did give some suggestions for replacing some weapons lol..

This build is currently on test mode, I’ll be updating this guide once I’ve gotten a good result KEKEKEKE

Finally we’re here, the place where most of you are interested in. First things first, Nana has a pretty linear kit, hence she won’t have as much Combos as compared to Kagura. So this won’t take up much space ~
I’ll still give you guys the step by step instructions but it will be up to you guys to figure out how each combos should be used in which situation :)

Combo 1: (“2” > “1”) One of your more Basic/Harass Combo. It’s pretty hard to hit if your opponent is good so don’t give up keep trying you’ll get em
  • Make sure you Morph the threat and not some other enemy that’s not going to affect your team. And just keep popping your “1” to damage them

Combo 2: (“2” > “3”) This is the next Combo you have to learn. This is similar to Combo 1, but you’ll be popping your “3” instead of your “1”. This is usually used in teamfights
  • Proc “2” on threat and throw your “3” into a crowded area to disable as many people as possible. Your main goal is to disrupt as much enemy as possible so that your team can go in for the kill
  • Thanks to the linear kit Nana has, it’s pretty easy to figure out when she’s going to engage or when she’s going to Morph, so enemies that are good will be able to figure you out, that’s when the mind games come, so try to be unpredictable here.

Combo 3: (“2” > “3” > “1” > AA) This would be your highest damage combo it’s pretty similar to Combo “2”, but you’ll be throwing your “1” right after a “3”
  • Much like Combo 2, you’ll still be going after the threat and try to disable as much enemies as possible, and proc a “1” to apply your frost on the enemy.
  • If your team is good, they will be able to end the fight once your “3” goes off, so like I’ve mentioned, it’s best to play with a team than going SoloQ with Nana.
  • Early Game, Thanks to your low CD and spammable kit, you’ll be doing way more damage than you think, so try to spam as much as possible and try to hit. One way to hit “3” is to predict the movement of your opponents and throw it in their escape route this would usually guarantee a hit.

Combo[variations]: (“3” > “2” > “1” > “AA”) If you have fast thumbs/fingers you can try this combo, Instead of popping your “2” first to immobilize them, you can proc “3” first before they can react proc a “2” to stop them from moving, usually this combo works better for me, but you’ll need to be fast if not they will be able to get out of your “3”

Emblem Sets ~
I like to use, either Magic or Magic assassin Emblem sets, it depends on which one you have at a higher level, personally Magic assassin is more prefered. If you’re going to run the Troll Build, Either Jungle or Roamer Emblem is recommended since you’ll need to move quite a bit.

Special Skill/Battle Spell ~
It’s up to your own preference and playstyle.
Personally I find Flicker a little bit more useful on Nana, as you’ll need to escape if you get caught somehow, since you don’t exactly have a running skill, Flicker comes in :)
Some would opt for Purify too, but I don’t really like how it works on Nana lolol, so ehh..
Retribution, This is pretty high risk skill, I usually pop this on my Troll Build,(Build Tier 2 Jungle item for the slow and easy farming). Sux to those that doesn’t read everything XD. *Evil*

Lane ~
Personally I like to go either top or bottom lane, where there are a lot of allies. Since your main goal is still to support, how can you support if you’re fighting over Solo Mid LOLOL!!!

Engage or to Run?
Only engage when your team is near you, going in Solo is called suicide, thanks to her kit, you can engage on multiple enemies or Single targets. You also have a pretty good counter initiate kit so GO WITH YOUR TEAMMATE!!!.
RUN when you think the situation is not right, chances of you 1v1 and winning is pretty low, however this is where your troll build comes in, surprisingly it does quite a huge amount of damage, so guage and look at the situation, do you think you should run or not. Usually your
first thought/instinct is right, trust yourself lol XD
Position is key too. GET OUT OF THE RANGE OF THE GAP CLOSERS!! Your main goal is to harass, but once you’re caught you’re dead, try to stay far away from them and poke.

Hero Compatibilities
Laning Partner,  if you’re DuoQ-ing
  • Fighters like Alucard and Roger are ideal partners, Having a decent early game damage, and paired it off with your disables you can be one heck of a annoying mouse
  • Marksman in general, Since you’re pretty much a support, helping your team is the main point, pairing up with a Marksman allows you to help the MM farm properly.
  • Mages like Aurora, Due to her High damage kit, pairing her up with Nana would allow her to easily land her skills and making those 2 a pretty annoying combo to lane against.
  • THOUGH, to note, even though they are recommended laning partners. You could pretty much lane with anyone as long as they can do what they are supposed to do. Since you’re basically a support character, anyone would appreciate a support in their lane.

Heroes that she’s good against
  • Fanny, With so many Fanny roaming around, your “2” would come in handy in disabling her
  • Tanks in General, With your Morph, you’re pretty much capable in counter ganking almost if not all heroes. This would kinda prevent any teamfights from happening.
  • TBH, Any heroes.. Your Morph is what makes you a dangerous offensive support, being able to Gank and Counter Gank. You could pretty much check all heroes in this game lolol

Heroes that checks her
  • Natalia, The Silence and her damage could shred you before you can even do anything
  • High Burst heroes, namely Eudora, Aurora, Karina. ETC. Before you can even react, if they somehow manage to catch you off guard you’re pretty much screwed.
  • Heroes with Bulk. Like Hilda or Chou or Balmond. Due to your pretty low damage
  • There are a few other heroes that you do have to be careful of like Natalia’s Silence, however do note that Nats kinda checks almost every heroes with her Silence lolol.

Top Players You should definitely watch out for….Example.
  • tz·Sữa Ông Thọ
  • 『lDIOT』Khiank

Disclaimer: Players names are correct as of 27/10/2017. Editor’s picks

ALL IN ALL/Conclusion ~

Nana is still a Support Character, no matter how much AP/AD you build on her, the damage scaling wouldn’t be as much as other heroes meant to deal damage, so do take note of it.

Your main goal is still to disable threats and support your team, getting kills are just secondary, do not fret if you can’t get kills, since you’re a support, go for them ASSIST XD

You can have a pretty huge impact as long as you aim your skills correctly, so try to practice your aiming as much as possible.
Like I’ve mentioned above, she’s has a pretty linear kit thus making her one of the most predictable heroes in game, however with that being said, if she’s predictable, all you have to do is some “not so predictable” moves and annoy the enemy to oblivion. Playing Mind games of when to Morph and when to ult is the main key in playing Nana. Getting that Morph in could pretty much help your team secure the kill, so just keep trying :)

Also even with your superb harass kit, you’re still fragile asf, so please don’t think you can run away once caught, always plan in advance and your retreat route just to be safe ~

One last tip before I end this, YOU’RE A RACCOON NOT A CAT :)

Cheers ~
战神Basara & Ashbell小夕

If anyone is interested in the original link: ... nM/edit?usp=sharing
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Not bad. Interesting..
TIme to read the others you made
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