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[Hero Techniques] Rafaela - The Holy Support (GUIDE Entry)

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Edited by olDIE at 2017-11-2 12:08 PM

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!
An Enlightening Guide to Rafaela: Wings of Holiness

"Rafaela is an angel capable of miraculously healing anything. It is said that when she appears, all pain suddenly vanishes, all wounds instantly heal, and all evil disperses like rain clouds when the sun comes out. Now Rafaela has descended upon the Land of Dawn in the hopes of using her miraculous powers to restore peace to the land."
Hi! My name is Joshua [ IGN: olDIE, ID: 35783019(3209) and I'm here to provide you a guide to Rafaela. Why did I pick her as my main support? Well, Rafaela is a very good hero in terms of harrassing your enemies,  teamfights, tower rushing and healing since she has that speed boost with it. Also, her ultimate which stuns her enemies is a good way for her teammates and herself to get away from them as fast as they can.
Pros and Cons
  • Pros of Rafaela:
  • She has a great burst damage.
  • She has decent mobility (Thanks to her second ability.)
  • She has good crowd control - efficent at teamfights.
  • Kind of UNTOUCHABLE during mid to late game.
  • She is very good at sustaining damage etc.
  • Cons of Rafaela:
  • Too damn squishy.
  • She relies on so much mana.
  • She can't survive on her own during pre-phases of the game.
  • In order to play her well, you need to focus.

Overview of Skill Area


Heaven's Blessing (Passive) - Damage-dealing abilities will slow down enemies for 1.5 seconds and healing abilities will speed up allies for 1 second. Very useful thanks to the 1.5 second slow when you trigger your skills and makes the healing effect increase movement speed of her alongside her teammates for 1.0 seconds. This could help to chase down enemies and slow them down during ganking.


Light of Retribution (1st Skill) - Uses the power of holy light to deal 250 magic damage to the nearest three enemies, revealing them for a short period of time. Great for escaping as well as for the offense; could spot out where hiding enemies lurk especially Natalia. For me, this is the skill you need to level the highest first if you are on your own, but when you're accompanied by an ally, try to level up the second skill then this.

Holy Healing (2nd Skill) - Summons Holy Light to regen 370 HP for herself and the most injured ally near her and also regens 90 HP for other allied heroes. Your MAIN skil. This skill must be upgraded first depending on hero alongside you in the lane (this helps him/her bear more damage from the opposing team) except when you need extra damage for the ultimate.


Holy Baptism (Ultimate) - Uses Holy Light to punish enemies before her, dealing 460 magic damage and stunning targets for 1.5 seconds. Try your best to aim this skill carefully to stun and kill enemies and hope for the best that your teammates would jump in and do the rest of the damage for you. You can also use this to counter enemies that are casting a certain spell. Be careful! If you miss this skill during teamfights, you're most probably doomed.  

Skill Leveling:
In the early to mid game, you should prioritize leveling up your first skill as it does the best damage out of your three skills. Most of the time, you'll want to max out your second skill as well for the best HOLY HEALING effect.

Recommended Build/Equipment Order

Enchanted Talisman (1st Item):
+50 Magic Power, +250 HP, +20% Cooldown Reduction. Regens 10% total of one's max mana every 10s.
This item is the starting point of almost any mage. It helps you to be consistent in early game due to its cooldown benefit and mana regen.

Boots of Tranquility (2nd Item):
+15 HP Regen, +10 Mana Regen, +40 Movement Speed. HP Regen effect increased by 10%
Great item as it grants you the movement speed and an additional regen effects for your healing ability.

Ice Queen Wand (3rd Item):
+75 Magic Power, +15 Mana Regen, +7% Movement Speed. Skills that damage a hero will carry a 15% slow down effect.
Very useful for slowing the heck out of your enemies; grants you the additional movement speed and regen for escape purposes.

Calamity Reaper (4th Item):
+70 Magic Power, +400 Mana, +10% CD Reduction. Basic attack after a skill deals extra true damage equal to 120% magic attack.
With this item, you can replicate the damage of your skills to surrounding enemy heroes and increasing them more once the passive of this gear is activated; gives you an efficient CD reduction and mana for the continuous spamming of your skills.

Thunder Belt (5th Item):
+25 Magic Power, +800 HP, +400 Mana, +40 Armor, +15 HP Regen. Carries a extra 40% physical attack after using your basic attack predecented by a skill.
It may sound weird but this item could bring Rafaela's potential true damage to an extent; also increases your survivability with its HP/HP Regen and Mana blessings.

Blood Wings (6th Item):
+150 Magic Power, +150 HP. Adds 2 Hp for every 1 magic power added.
Good for late game that gives a high amount of magic power. Magic penetration can’t do its maximum potential without a good magic power investment. And speaking of magic power, Blood Wings gives the highest amount of magic power in game.

Strategies, Tips and Tricks

With Rafaela, clearing lanes most of the time will never be difficult. The mobility comes from your 2nd skill and the passive will allow you to repeat your abilities in a simultaneous phase. What you NEED is an ample supply of mana to keep on doing it. As many times as possible, get Hunter's Knife or Magic Necklace as your first item, it will aid you in leveling up and obtaining mana from jungle monsters. I will recommend you to use two spells:
  • Flicker - If you want to escape more efficiently or chase down escaping enemy heroes, use this spell.
  • Petrify - If you want to be efficient in teamfights.

When using Rafaela, it is recommended to use the Roamer or Magic emblem set. If you want to be a utility mage/support but at the same time a BEAST, pick Roamer as it provides an ample CD reduction. If you want PURE damage but still able to provide your support, use Magic.

Like Cyclops, it is also good to let your teammate help you to get the buffs so you can have decent mana regen which can let you spam your abilities. Just punish the enemy laner using your first and second skill. When you see that with your target’s HP is decent for a kill, don’t hesitate to go for all in. Keep in mind that your passive can reduce your cooldown. All you have to do is to ensure that you are going to hit your enemy precisely.

Support and mages work well together with tanks, fighters and other mages/support. I admit that it will be hard for you to execute your skills properly in teamfight unless you have a good initiator. Your role is burst down the enemy that gives the main or secondary threat to your entire team and provide the regen that your team needs. Usually a good target is the opposing marksman and fighters as they are the most threat in late game. You can also kill other mages and expect that you have better mechanics over them due to your cooldown reduction. The major weaknesses of most mage are cooldown. This limits their damage output in game. But that is not the case for Rafaela so as you see mage enemies crossing your rage, don’t hesitate to burst it down if you have a near ally beside you.

Heroes to Pair With Heroes to CounterHeroes that Counter You
Since your skills work well with her stuns.
Skillshot Reliant Heroes
Ex: Gord, Vexana etc.
She's too fast for Rafaela.
Your ULT as well your slows will help Argus to finish off enemies easily.
Disrupting her ULT is a big yes for Rafaela and your teammates.
Marksmen (Ex: Layla)
Their fast basic attacks will outplay your skill spamming.
Her stuns and slows could benefit Alucard's passive which is designed to finish enemies as fast as possible.
Exposing her would be damn great.
Just that immunity from the second skill could guarantee a tough position for Rafaela.
Rafaela Guide.jpg
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Imma keep watch to your post because it might get copied again..

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was this copied by others?


no bruh haha, what some other users mean is well because, some users copied his previous works on previous contests which made a commotion about plagiarism or somethin but yeah, this guide is original  Post time 2017-11-2 03:04 PM
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Lovely guide! Rafa fo' life.
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If you put Estes and Rafaela together, would it work? Just curious lololol xD great guide btw!
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