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[Hero Techniques] (HERO GUIDE) Ruby-The passive Lifestealer

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First of all,i'm sorry that i do not know how to make a guide format like a little words and then some pics so i just put the picture below and you may observe it after you read this Thank You..

    Ruby is one of the complicated Heroes and might be quite difficult to use especially when you play "To Kill".Well guess what? I'm not making this guide for killing only.This is the guide about how to make yourself useful when you use this hero.


    Ruby Is Way too depending on her skills to survive or to kill someone.Unless MLBB trying to revamped her so that her physical damage increased,she's useless after she use all of her Skills so in MY opinion when you use her make sure you have some "Cooldown Reduction" Gears and Emblems.Fighter Emblem Suits her because she's a Fighter of course.

   Cooldown Reduction doesn't good enough yet after you put some Lifesteal Gears on her.Many players Confused and doesn't know how to use Ruby Perfectly just because they have no idea about Ruby Passive Lifesteal and what Stacks to it especially the new player and the one who does not read any description.Ruby inherits a lifesteal indeed but not on her basic attacks but on her skills and its more than 100% power IF you put some lifesteal Gears.Theres A Gear Called BLOODLUST AXE which tell "Unique Passive" and with HAAS CLAW (Or something)..Whatever it is as long as its a lifestealer stuff just wield it.You might see that it won't give any effect on her when she's attacking normally but try use her skill with the gears on.You'll find it Awesome.So the Gears that i think might be best for ruby is lifesteal and something that have cooldown reduction stuff..Ohh and also fill some Mana item on her too so that there's no need for her to go home..Unless she's Dying in HP And Mana..

   Now that her gears and emblems are set.Before that,you must know Ruby is a little Fragile in early game so DO NOT TRY or PRETEND TO NOT TO TRY or EVEN TRYING attacking enemy heroes.Whatever kind of heroes you're facing through you will never know what happen next so DO NOT TRY to be a hero even though you're hero but in early game you're not HERO enough yet especially in early game so stay low.


   Okay Back in business,lets start with her passive skill called "Let's Dance"(What A Name) the descriptions you will see its written with something like "Ruby has no physical Lifesteal,however her skill can get 125% LIFESTEAL EFFECT from The EQUIPMENT" just like i told you before.It is also written "After skills is casted,Ruby can jump a little foward or something" it means after she cast her skills she can make a short jump when you moving her,The interesting stuff about this SHORT JUMP is,she can pass through base walls for long as the walls is not too thickother than that is useless so use it wisely if you're in Pursuit or Escaping..Saw a wall? Just cast your skill nearby walls and just move foward because when you use a flicker you might be dead twice before you can use it again..

   The First Skill is called "BE GOOD!" it Slashed in frontal direction and dealing a 75 PHYSICAL DAMAGE to enemies and slowing their movement.It does not really give a high damage to enemies and it does not hurt all all for tanks in early game maybe but it quite useful a bit to clear up lanes helping your minions and harrasing your enemies a little.But if you happen to be countering a ranged attack heroes in early games its good enough for you to stay out of their hotspot or area of won't cost much of mana if you use it wisely..But when you Lifesteal Gear is finished,it might be as well as healing stuff if you have the lifesteal.

   DON'T RUN,WOLF KING!,her second skill is come in handy in Many..Many ways.When the skill is triggered,she will attack twice and stunning the enemies for at least 0.5 second at first level and slowly pulling them towards her and it deals additionals 30% damage when the enemy at outer ring.For the new players,This skill can stop any swift assassin as long as you caught the great timing.You might be able to pursuit enemy and slowing them down for your allies to catch up..this one is both support and killing stuff.I'll tell you later which unlucky hero that got caught up with her..some of you people may know it already.

    Be careful when you messed up with little Ruby,She might me offended.When she does,her third skill can pull all of enemies in front.I'M OFFENDED.When triggered she able to attack horizontally in a Wide Range.Dealing 205 pts of Physical Damage at first level and able to pulling them towards hero positions plus stunning them for 0.5 secs at first level.Its quite similar to Franco's hook but this one is a little short but able to be pulling all enemy in the area of attack.Unlike Franco which is only able to hook one..Just imagine,your HP is low,minions are coming you pull them and then you're in full HP!..


    There only three spells that i think might be suits her better.EXCECUTE is somewhat useful when you're the one who trying to raise your death toll...just attack them..they dying then use it..SPRINT is a nice combo despite having all slowing down skill and The special spell is FLICKER,If your finger is fast enough you might be able to pulling down the enemy right into your turret or friends...Franco share the same method but in Ruby Case you must act fast...Use the third skills wisely with FLICKER but you got to act twice fast than Franco.


   Actually,Ruby goes well with almost any heroes but when it must to only 3 heroes that goes well then here's the suggestions.

You won't make it alive when Ruby is with Johnson,With both have skills that can slow enemy down,probability for enemy to escape is down to 30%.Just Ride on and To The Rescue!!

Killing enemy is raised to 86% when it comes to Oddette-Ruby..The Swan use her ultimate and Ruby would just slow them down or pulling them inside the area.Or The Swan caught them with 2nd skill and Ruby just pull them in.

timing is great when together with The timekeeper,When Diggie plant its bomb alarm,Just simply hook them in or slow them down if the time reverse can't take them long enough to stay on the area.

Note: There are many heroes that goes well with Ruby too like Franco,Aroura,Gatotkaca and a lot more so try her out and experience it yourself


There are some Heroes that quite hard to kill by other heroes these days but not for ruby.These are the 3 heroes that Ruby might be able to Counter them.

She better be careful when Ruby is around.Ruby Able to stop Fanny while she's flying around with her cable..In good timing,when Fanny fly around very close to you Use her Second Skill and Fanny will stop there.Don't Run Wolf King!

The swan is a good mate indeed..But Her Ultimate will be canceled when Ruby use the 3rd skill towards her.If Ruby survived long enough when coming through the area of damage.

Karina is well known with her high damage first hit.But not with Ruby,When you timing is good you might be able to stop her before she attacks you using your 2nd or 3rd skill.


With a few new heroes that arrived,Ruby seems to be got sunk.So stay alive and always with your allies when you happen to counter them

Lancelot is a Assassin indeed,escaping from him seems futile with his skills especially when you're alone and..You might be able to slow or stun him but its quite difficult.

Ruby is always mumbling about a Wolf..Yes,Roger seems to be able to counter her because his durability,speed and damage even after ruby use her skill but roger might be able to withstand it and kill her..

Especially when Ruby is on Low HP,there's no way she can escape from what comes from the to stay out of sight when he's around

Thats it,In my opinion Ruby  is not best at killing but useful for support and handling minions..but its up to you to use it but i hope we never forget the old simple heroes like alpha or any others..they used to running around the battlefield in their glory days so never forget them.
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Edited by Malicewolf at 2017-11-10 01:58 AM
Cibicida replied at 2017-11-9 09:00 PM
Yeah so you don't want to use those items on Ruby. The first two are correct but Haas Claws and Endl ...

That's actually quite false... I believe you fell into that category of not reading Ruby's passive ability.  Her lifesteal is increased to 125% on her SKILLS. Meaning her basic attacks CANNOT lifesteal and instead transfer to skill attacks.  So basically, it turns all lifesteal items into the Bloodlust Axe.  Surprisingly though, Bloodlust Axe isn't considered lifesteal. It's unique passive is simply that it converts 20% of dmg into HP from skills, which means, Bloodlust Axe receives no benefit from Ruby's Passive. I myself struggle with whether to focus Haas Claws or Bloodlust Axe early.

Ruby is so dependent on her CDR which makes Bloodlust Axe appealing for 1st item, but Haas Claws healing is significantly higher with her passive ability. Usually Bloodlust will suffice early game though honestly. Early game, Bloodlust Axe will heal about +55hp per minion hit. Haas Claws will heal about +88HP (not including the extra 10% lifesteal below 40%HP). That gap will only increase as you level up and get more attack power. Bloodlust will only provide 20% HP back. Haas Claws will give 25% HP back, and it increases even more if you go below 40% HP. (and Ruby now starts with 5% lifesteal, so that puts you at 30%)

Some suggestion to the equipment set however.  If you're going to go lifesteal, switch the Rose Gold Meteor with Wings of Apocalypse Queen. The lifesteal AND defense buff when below 40%HP makes you tanky AND gives 15% lifesteal boost which means 1 skill attack on minions will pretty much restore you right then and there.
I would suggest:
Bloodlust Axe
Magic Shoes
Haas Claws
Dominance Ice (the CDR is needed unless you're taking blue buff)
Wings of Apocalypse Queen
Endless Battle

Also, suggest Tank emblem for +CDR. Fighter emblem increases attack speed, but Ruby's basic attack is lacking to begin with. Suggest you focus on her strength, which is high CC (which needs CDR). When Ruby is at 30-35% CDR, she can start spamming her 1st and 2nd skill about every 4 seconds. Her Ult will CD about every 16 seconds. You spread them out just right and you'll be a CC monster and your HP will stay high so long as you don't let up and don't get stunned.  Only problem with this kind of build is that you are indeed squishy. You are fully reliant on your ability to be mobile and lifesteal with skills. So running out of Mana or not having enough CDR will undoubtly get you killed. And if you get stunned, they can burst you so quickly, you don't even get a chance to launch a skill. You'll only have about 5000 HP end game with this build. So this type of build should only be used as poke and initiate. Most heroes can burst half of it with 1 move. Meaning 2 catch you on a gank, you're toast.
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Edited by BD007 at 2020-2-29 11:56 AM

Yeah so you don't want to use those items on Ruby. The first two are correct but Haas Claws and Endless Battle are totally useless on her. Instead Hunter Strike and then some tank items like Athena's Shield and Blade Armor would be better.

I guess you're right, I didn't read her passive correctly. I rarely play Ruby. I like the idea of using those Apocalypse Wings, but they don't provide much of a bonus beside the passive sadly.

Another interesting option is Blade of the 7 Seas. It's something low ranked players don't know about but it's a really powerful item due to the passive. For example, Ruby can Ultimate two enemies, then use her second skill. The result is that she lowered both of their armor by 50 points, so she gets much more lifesteal AND her team does much more physical damage as they follow up on your stun. The attack speed doesn't help that much in the sense Ruby isn't really using her basic attack, but it still helps with Jungling and what not.
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Yup, blade of the seven seas will help no doubt with team fight. Helps with melting tanky heroes with good armor. I only suggested wing of apocalypse queen if you're looking to maximize the lifesteal ability though ^^ If you want to maximize by dealing more damage for extra lifesteal, you'd actually be better off getting blade of despair as you get a big attack power boost AND extra 10% for any enemy in abnormal state (and you stun like crazy). Really depends on what your facing though. If you're dealing with multiple tanks with armor, then yea, blade of seven seas all the way. If you're dealing with 1 tank and lots of assassins, blade of despair would likely be better option. If you're just looking for massive sustain, wings of apocalypse queen will be your savior
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Used to buy bloodlust axe first, but not anymore. Haas claw is much more favorable, I can feel the different. (She slayed Haas, the wolf king, in her story, so this item is a must, haha)

Also, so sad that most player use her with a tank build. It work though, she is tanky and annoying, but I think they are missing the fun...
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Good guide.
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Malicewolf replied at 2017-11-10 01:29 AM
That's actually quite false... I believe you fell into that category of not reading Ruby's passive  ...

I'm a mythic ruby player and I agree with your opinion.
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can I do the retribution spell?
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