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[Hero Techniques] Natalia Most in-Depth guide [From A-Z]

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Welcome to the Natalia guide
Natalia is a nightmare of mages and mm and you’ll know soon why she is so. Natalia is a unique assassin as she is the only hero in the game who can silence other heroes. It’s a bit different from being crowd controlled. So without any further a due let’s get into her skills and abilities.

Her passive is quite big so let’s break it down to parts.
1.        Attacks made from behind will deal an extra 15% damage.
2.        If the hero is in the bush for 2s without receiving or dealing damage, the hero will enter Stealth mode, and leaving the bush for 5s or dealing damage will make the hero reappear
What this means is that if you remain in a bush for 2s you’ll go invisible. Again an attribute which sets Natalia apart. You can roam around freely without the enemy knowing that you are present there well not exactly unaware as they will get an exclamation mark on top of their heads when you are near.

3.         Stealth mode increases hero movement speed 20%, causes the next basic attack to deal 35% extra damage, and silences the target for 2s.
What this means is that when you are invisible you can move faster. And the attack that you make when you are invisible will silence the hero which means they won’t be able to cast any skill for 2s and you’ll deal a 35% extra damage.  
Couple this with your damage from backstab you’ll be able to deal 35% + 15% = 50% more damage which is just insane.

1st Skill (Level Max First)

This ability is a good chaser cause with this ability if used properly you can even chase down and kill a running zilong in his ult if he is low hp. If you use this ability and hit an enemy whether jungle monsters, minions or enemy hero you can use it one more time(Max 2 Dashes). If you don’t hit an enemy the skill will go into cooldown.

2nd skill.

Now this is the skill which Natalia is most famous for. When you cast this skill and stand in the smoke bomb you are attack speed increases and you become immune to basic attacks(Reason why mm hate Natalia).

Ultimate: (Level up when available)

Now this is a skill which can also be used in team fights as it does AOE(Area over effect) damage. It also slows down the enemy target which can help your teammates to do more damage or let them escape.

Skill Combination

The most used skill combination is you become invisible and then attack a target from behind to silence them and deal 50%more damage. Then use your 2nd skill and basic attack the hero. If he is running away and is out of smoke area then use your 1st skill to perform two dashes to chase him down. He would probably be dead by now if not then finish him with your ultimate. GAME OVER

For laning stage the best skill combo is one basic attack then use your first skill to dash through the minions in a line and then use it again to dash back. And a few more basic attacks and the lane is clear.It would take just about 2-3 seconds. Then you can go farm.

Battle Spell recommendations

1.        Retribution: This will make it easier for you to steal to enemy farm, lord and turtle. It would also help to level up faster. You can buy the 2nd jungle item so that retribution can be used on enemy heroes to slow them down. So if you cast your 2nd skill and use retribution they will be slowed down considerably  and you’ll be able to kill them easily.
2.        Inspire: This gives a bonus attacking speed to your hero so cast your 2nd skill and use insire and you’ll deal an insane amount of damage.
3.        Flicker: This is an unconventional spell to get closer to enemy heroes who have an AOE skill and can reveal you like Saber(1st skill) and silence them.
4.        Purify: This spell will be useful if you have a lot of cc(Crowd Controller) heroes in the enemy team cause it is very easy to kill Natalia if she is cc.

Equipment Set

The equipment that you use for Natalia depends on the spell you choose.
1.        With inspire as battle spell

First start with a level 1 Jungle item.
Then buy Rapid Boots
Your first main item should be Berserker’s Fury as it will give you an insane crit chance.
Next buy Endless Battle since we are using inpire it would deal more damage when you cast a skill.
Next you need to buy Blade of despair since you have a lot of attack speed from inspire you don’t need any more attack speed item and it gives 170 phy atk and atk speed bonus. It also gives you 10% xtra damage to enemies who are in abnormal state(This goes really well with your silence).
And the last item would be scarlet phantom.

2.        With retribution as spell
First start with a level 1 jungle item and upgrade it to a level 2 jungle item so that you can use your retribution spell on enemies and slow them down.
Then buy Rapid boots.
Next buy Berserkers Fury(again to increase your crit chances).
Now buy Scarlet Phantom(As it increases crit chances and attack speed when you crit so you will crit a lot).
Next you need to buy Haas Claws for the lifesteal.(This would give you a lot of lifesteal and you’ll regen a lot of hp when in the smoke)
Now buy wind talker.(Since you don’t have enough attack speed as compared to when using inspire so we will get even more attack speed with this item)
And at last buy Blade of despair as it gives 170 phy atk and atk speed bonus. It also gives you 10% xtra damage to enemies who are in abnormal state(This goes really well with your silence)

Heroes that go well with Natalia.
        Every hero who can cc is a good friend for Natalia. If I had to name a few it would be:
1.        Tigreal
2.        Franco
3.        Ruby
4.        Aurora etc

Heroes that you can counter:

        While playing as Natalia your main job is to get rid of the enemy back line which includes mages and mm. So the best heroes that you can counter would be:
1.        Moskov
2.        Aurora
3.        Layla
4.        Karrie
P.S: Late game you can kill any hero except for tanks if you use your silence properly.

Heroes that can counter you:

        Natalia can be easily countered with heroes who have cc skills or have AOE skills like:
1.        Franco
2.        Akai
3.        Saber
4.        Fanny
5.      Nana

And thats it guys I know it was a bit long but that is what you call a complete in-depth guide
I'll leave a link to a Natalia Legend ranked gameplay
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