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[Hero Techniques] A Complete Guide to FREYA - Goddess of War, Beholder of the Valkyries

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passive1.jpg passive.png

The description of the passive speaks for itself. It has no cooldown and and stacks after every 2nd basic attack once the three orbs disappear. It does not deal a lot of damage but it is pretty decent to have before engaging an opponent and it allows you to kill jungle monsters quicker as well when you are farming.

skill1icon.jpg skill1.png

This skill is basically the source of Freya's mobility. You can aim it forward to initiate a fight or aim it backward when you need to run away. The small amount of crowd control it provides which is the pull it does to the enemy it hits, is pretty good when you combine it with the stun she has on her second skill.

  • Only use it when you're sure that you'll land on the enemy as soon as you jump or else you will just be putting yourself in danger if you can't land that crowd control on them the moment you go in.
  • During a team fight, assess the situation of your team and if it looks bad. do not spam this skill if you only want to make damage since that skill is not freya's source of burst damage, save it instead for when you need to jump out and retreat from the battlefield.

skill2icon.jpg skill2.png

Godspeed Strike is Freya's bread and butter. The skill that makes her really strong in team fights and 1v1 because of the crowd control it offers while enhancing her first 3 basic attacks, with a very low cooldown. It used to be op before as it was spammable but after the nerf, the cooldown now starts once you have done your 3rd basic attack. It's not that bad, the crowd control is still good and a strong/well fed freya can finish off the enemy in just one or 2 combo locks without taking much damage for herself. It is best that you activate this skill first before jumping in with Wings of Faith so that you can accurately lock your enemy with the stun.

ulticon.jpg ult.png

Valkyrie is Freya's ultimate and it's best used during team fights. It deals a decent amount of AoE damage as well as slowing the enemies down. It also enhances Freya's physical attack, armor and defense which makes her harder to kill during a fight and it also makes her deal more damage towards the opponent. Combine it with skill 2 and Freya can take down any squishy hero, even 2 of them at the same time if they get caught within her 3 sets of skills in less than 5 seconds.


  • Skill 2 --> Skill 1 --> Ultimate

    In 1v1 situations, first lock them down with your skill 2 and skill 1 while dishing damage and if they are still alive after that, use your ultimate as it will slow them down and buy you time for activating your skill 2 again which will disable them from running away and you can secure your kill. Do not be stingy with using your ultimate, the cooldown is only 15.3 seconds with the buff when it's maxed out and i doubt the enemy team will initiate a clash when one member of their team had just died.

    In team fight, do the same thing but use your ultimate right away as soon as you've jumped in, the crowd control it does will also be beneficial to your teammates and you can take in more damage as the front liner of your team, keeping the mages and the marksman behind you safe from harm.

Note: Remember to always activate your 2nd skill first before jumping in with Wings of Faith to secure the crowd control on the opponent. There is a one second delay if you use Godspeed Strike only after jumping in, which is enough for them to flicker out of your hold before you can even activate it so using it before going in to initiate a fight is always a must.


GODSPEED STRIKE - Learn it first at level 1 and level it up as soon as you can. Damage increases with each level and cool down decreases as well.

WINGS OF FAITH - Learn it at level 2 and level it up only when you can't level up godspeed strike/valkyrie.

VALKYRIE - Learnt at level 4. Max whenever you can. This is a given.



  • PURIFY - With the amount of heroes that are able to provide crowd control for their team now, as freya is one of those, you'll need purify in order for you to break free of the enemy's crowd control and turn the tide around the fight in your favor and crowd control them instead.


  • FLICKER - Most common battle spell for a lot of heroes. Good for escaping when you get caught, it also allows you to reposition yourself before a team fight happens ( as we all know, positioning is very important to the success of a team fight ), good for chasing/closing the gap to a dying opponent who successfully ran away.

Optional Battle Spells:


  • RETRIBUTION - If your team has enough crowd control and a good tank initiator, you can take this battle spell and combine it with tier 2 jungle item so you can get ahead of the enemy in farm and get your items quick, enabling you to dominate every team fight and 1v1 situation that you're in.


  • INSPIRE - gives you an edge if you activate it along with your Godspeed Strike in 1v1 situations especially against fellow fighters and squishy enemies like marksmen or mages.



  • Rose Gold Meteor - good first item especially if you have mages as opponents. It gives 60 P.Attack, 30 Magic Resist and 5% Lifesteal along with a passive that grants you a shield when your HP drops to 30%.
  • Swift Boots - additional 15% attack speed. Having this early will enable you to farm jungle monsters faster and land more hits on an enemy whenever you initiate a fight. Getting some attack speed for Freya is good since it coincides with her 2nd skill.
  • Berserker's Fury - you'll need this item for more damage especially on squishy targets. It increases your crit chance by 25% and your crit damage by 40%. The passive of this item is also good.
  • Haas's Claws - Grants 70 P.Attack and 20% lifesteal, also increases your lifesteal by 10% when HP drops below 40%. This is a must have item if you're building Freya as Burst.
  • Scarlet Phantom - you can actually swap this item with Windtaker for more movement speed and crit chance but lesser attack speed. It depends on your playstyle but either is fine!
  • Blade of Despair - 170 P.Attack and 10% Attack Speed, it's a good late-game item to have because of the amount of physical attack it provides. The passive says "Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state(stunned, knocked airborne, transformed, disabled)", that is exactly what Freya needs since she lands multiple stuns when using her 2nd skill.

Other Items:
  • Deadly Blade - Healer Counter and also counters mage like Cyclops and lifesteal reliant heroes. Take this if you see the enemy having a Rafaela or Estes to decrease their healing effect by 50%.
  • Immortality - At late game you can sell your boots for Immortality. It will resurrect you after dying and gives you a shield that will possibly be enough for you to run away from a fight successfully.
  • Ancient Ghostatue - Once you've used up your immortality, I recommend to sell it again and buy this item instead of buying back boots if you want mobility. It gives 920 HP, 70 HP regen and 5% cd reduction but the passive is what we are aiming for which is "On leaving combat, movement speed will increase by 60".

For the other 2 Equipment sets above:

I do not use that specific set or order all of the time, I mostly buy gears according to which enemy I'm facing.
  • Cursed Helmet/Athena's Shield - is a must have if you have Burst mage opponents. Cursed Helmet gives good dps while giving you magic resist while Athena's Shield makes you more tankier against the burst skills from mages.
  • Dominance Ice (Holy Aegis) - good team buff item as it lowers enemies' movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 30%. It will also give you 500 mana, 70 armor, 5% crit chance reduction and 15% cool down reduction. Having that extra cooldown reduction is good for Freya's skills.
  • Blade of the 7 Seas - Basic attacks will increase your movement speed by 10% and it will lower the enemy's physical defense by 25 points when your skills land. This is a good item to get against mages when you're playing Freya. It also gives 65 P.Attack, 300 HP and 20% Attack Speed.


  • Aurora - if she manages to land her ult on a bunch of enemy heroes piled up in one spot, Freya will be able to jump in freely without any hindrance, making the enemy team locked in consecutive crowd controls which will render them useless with no means of fighting back ensuring a successful team fight.

  • Tigreal - His ult when timed perfectly is the perfect set-up for Freya to jump in with Wings of Faith and combo lock them with her Godspeed Strike and Valkyrie.

  • Ruby - she's a great fighter with lots of sustain from the lifesteal and low cd crowd control. If she successfully hooks the enemy, freya can jump in and she and Ruby will be able to stun and slow them to death. They won't even be able to lay a finger on either of the two.


  • Alucard & Zilong - fighters who don't have enough crowd control to win a 1v1 situation. Even if alucard has insane lifesteal, Freya is strong enough to kill him because she can dish as much damage while stunning him every few seconds. And even with Zilong's passive and Ult, Freya also has an attack speed buff from her 2nd skill which can go on par with Zilong's attack rendering him useless everytime Freya lands a stun on him.

  • Any Marksman ( especially Layla ) - Freya is good at closing in the gap with ranged opponents, marksman who barely have any escape won't be able to keep distance and avoid Freya's attacks along with her stun.

  • Odette - Odette is slow and her ultimate gets cancelled if any crowd control is landed on her. Freya is the perfect hero for cancelling odette's ultimate as well as killing her afterwards.


  • Natalia - Freya relies heavily on her basic attacks to make the damage and Natalia's silence + smoke bomb if done correctly will make Freya unable to deal damage onto her.

  • Akai - Their jumping range on their 1st skill is almost similar so any gap freya tries to close or if she tries to run away, Akai will be able to catch up. Akai casting ultimate after Freya casts hers is a great way to waste Valkyrie if Akai gets to pin her across the wall.

  • Nana - The most annoying hero for me whenever i play Freya. The moment you jump in she can polymorph you and before you can even do the basic attack combo with Godspeed Strike, the polymorph would've wasted it. You'd have to retreat and wait for the cooldowns again before going back in to attack. All of Nana's 3 skills can prove to be annoying for Freya but a tip I have is, let one of your teammates bait her polymorph first before jumping in and you'll be cc-free. Otherwise, Nana is a really good counter for Freya.


physical emblem.png

jungle emblem.png

I use Physical emblem most of the time or Jungle Emblem if I want to focus on jungling and the Burst Build more.

fighter emblem.png

Fighter Emblem Set is also a good option if you have enough magic dust and Emblem Fragments to level it up to at least Lv40 for you to get the most out of it.


If you choose to use Retribution as your battle spell for jungling, get Hunter's Knife as your first item and then and then later on upgrade it to Nimble Blade or Pillager Axe (both are tier 2 jungle items). Nimble blade will increase your physical attack for every jungle monster killed at a stack of 10, while Pillager Axe will increase your armor and magic resist for every jungle monster killed at a stack of 10. It also increases your damage to jungle monsters and minions by 30% which is good if you want to farm fast and take down objectives like the Turtle or the Lord quickly. It also regens a percentage of your health and mana whenever you kill a jungle monster enabling you not to waste time going back to base just to get your HP and Mana bar filled.


Tips: Upgrading your Hunter's Knife will refresh the cooldown on your Retribution so use it wisely. It is best to upgrade while you are taking the crab monster so you'll have double retribution for that and you can kill it quickly without worrying about the enemy stealing it.

Fighters may not be shining in our current mana but don't forget to give love to our bunch of Fighter heroes! They are still essential to a team comp and are also good initiators for successful team fights. Even after the nerf, Freya is still a strong hero. She can take down almost anyone in a 1v1 situation and has good crowd control and sustain for team fights. She can also protect turrets well when needed, take objectives really well and push towers quickly. Freya has everything you want in a fighter even up until this day with the meta changing constantly. She may not be as popular as before but a good Freya can carry a team to Victory.

I hope there's not too much text to read and thank you for taking the time to read my guide!
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Amazing guide
Post time 2017-11-2 11:19 AM | Show all posts
Indeed !!!
Post time 2017-12-2 11:44 AM | Show all posts
As Freya main I completely agree with your statement. She's still strong even after been nerfed. And I love to playing her. Strong women ^^
Post time 2017-12-10 06:51 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for build freya
Post time 2017-12-13 02:25 AM | Show all posts
me user Freya , i think freya is most powerfull heroes in this game , his skill 2 can stun the enemy and the skill 3 is so good to finish the enemy , please give me diamond, i will always sopport this forum :)
IGN : thebasorcahnglembu
ID    : 77298753
server : 2147
and thanks for the build :)
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please don't beg for skins on this thread {:5_127:}
Post time 2017-12-14 12:53 AM | Show all posts
bowmeow replied at 2017-12-13 12:30 PM
please don't beg for skins on this thread

Give me skin, please.
Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
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