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[Unclassified] In-Depth Fanny Guide

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Edited by SnoobMC at 2017-11-2 06:41 PM

On this guide, I will teach you how to play Fanny step-by-step. This is a really really long guide/manual about Fanny so bear with me. Here’s what is going to be discussed in this guide: (There are images/visuals in this guide. If you are not seeing any, try viewing this on PC. Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for understanding)

·        You may skip some parts you aren’t interested with… Especially the Patch Notes and Statistics

       I.           Fanny Statistics and Attributes
      II.           Patch Notes and the MLBB 1.2.24 Meta
    III.           Hero Build, Battle Spell and Skill Upgrade Order
    IV.           Hero Relationship
      V.           In-game what-to-do
A.     Farming
B.     Cable Management
C.     Energy Reservation
D.     Combat
Fanny is known to be one of themost overpowered heroes in game due to her roaming capabilities, and insanedamage during the early to mid game. But of course, numbers make Fanny OP behind the scenes.

(Data from MLBB 1.2.24 meta in-game)

Movement Speed: 265
Attack Damage: 126
Magic Power: 0
Armor: 17
Magic Resistance: 10
HP: 2526
Mana: 0
Attack Speed: 0.894
HP Regen: 33
Mana Regen: 0
Basic Attack Crit Rate: 0
Ability Crit Rate: 0
*Energy: 100
*Energy Regen: 3

*Not shown inside the game
From what I know, Fanny was the fastest walker, having 270 movement speed but I guess the nerf wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes. Before, the Energy Regen was 5 but was changed to 3.Before, if you will spend all the energy in a very small period of time, say0.00000001 second, it would take 20 seconds to replenish all your energy. Butnow in the current patch it would take 33.3 seconds to replenish your energy.That’s a 66.6% increase in the replenish time. In short, Fanny’s energyreplenish time takes a lot longer than before, escaping and attacking is nowmore dangerous/risky than before, though the issue was compensated by the developers in a later patch.

Ability Effects: 50
Offense: 85
Durability: 60
Jungle: 86
Poke: 62
Difficulty: 100
Since Fanny is an Assassin, her offense and jungle is high, but the ability effects, poke and durability is low. This means she’s terribly strong but at the same time, squishy. Fanny is rated as the hero with the highest difficulty. Why? People said her game mechanics are hard, but if I’m asked, she’s not the hardest hero to play. From the first try, maybe, but as you master cable management everything else become easy.
Fanny is difficult, a bit I think,but that difficulty is compensated with great amounts of mobility which is helpful for split pushing and escaping. The problem with the cables is that you mayoverfly into the opponent’s towers.

Win Rate: 44.93% (Rank 49) (AllTime, All ELO, All Modes)
Appearance Rate: 1.68% (Rank 20)
Ownership Rate: 1.69% (Rank 24)
As you can see, Fanny has thelowest win rate among all heroes, one of the reasons why this guide was born.Surprisingly, Fanny is average when it comes to popularity and ownership.
I don’t know if it’s safe to saythat Fanny really is the most difficult hero just based from this statistic.

[Air Superiority] -According to flying speed , Fanny's damage while flying can increase by 15%-30% and will leave a Prey mark to the target which can stack up to 2 times. Dealing damage to enemies with the Prey marks will regen energy for Fanny, 10 pts per layer.
[Tornado Strike] -Whirls her blade, dealing 260/300/340/380/420/460 physical damage to nearby enemies.
[Steel Cable] -Throws out a cable that draws her to the first obstacle that ithits. Each successive use within 3/3/3/3/3/3s will decrease mana cost1/1/1/1/1/1. If energy is sufficient, Tornado Strike will be triggered

[Cut Throat] -Initiates an attack on an enemy, dealing 500/680/860 physicaldamage. If it hits an enemy with a Prey marker, damage will increase20%/20%/20% per layer.

The passive states that when you use [Steel Cable] and triggers [Tornado Strike] unto your enemies while flying,you will inflict Prey Marker to the enemy with 1 layer regardless of speed. Flying across the enemy again and triggering the [Tornado Strike] will mark them with 2 layers. Markers only last for about 5 seconds.  Inflicting damage to the marked enemies will give extra attack damage. Hitting marked enemies with abilities will regen 10 points of energy for Fanny per layer of Prey Marker.

So here is how it goes.
Just in case you don’t know…
Nerf- Weaken, Downgrade
Buff- Strengthen, Upgrade

Fanny had 5 energy regen, there were probably a fewother modifications in the attributes. On her first release, the blue buff states “Skill Cooldown reduces by 10%”, mana cost reduces by 50%”
On her first release, Fanny was super OP when consuming the blue buff. The energy regen is the same but the skill consumption was extremely cheap for fanny. She can do unlimited cables and tornadoes duringher first release. Unlimited cable is unlimited mobility.
After the developers have heard complaints regarding this issue, they indirectly nerfed Fanny. The blue buff was adjusted to: “Skill Cooldown reduces by 10%”, mana cost reduces by 50%, and energy cost reduces to 20%”. The nerf limited the Fanny players’ mobility but still, they can still do many cables. Fanny was given her own ability fuel system, “energy”.

Pro Plays by Mikasa:

Patch 1.2.14
1. Turtle/Lord Location Change
  After analyzing MSC match data, we found in the original map, theteam that was closer to the Turtle/Lord usually had the advantage of takingthem, which is not our purpose in the first place. In the new map, we havemoved Turtle/Lord to a location that is closer to the center of the river. Thischange will bring more attention to them and we’d like to see more fightsaround them. (We have designed 2 plans for the location change; the other onewill be released later) -
The map change itself is the nerf! Before, when theturtle and the lord was on the side of the map, Fanny players can easily crossthe river in just a few seconds butnow… An obstruction prohibited us from doing awesome 12+ cables T-T. It’s notmuch of a big deal to average players though. This map change might be a nerf to Fanny, but this is a great buff for Johnson.
4. Monster Spawn Mechanism & Benefit Changes
4) Killing Reaper and Spinner grants thesame BUFF that varies based on the killer’s class (6 BUFFs)
Despite the map disadvantage, Fanny is still quite strong. Good thing for Fanny, the developers have ‘changed red buffs into blue buffs’. Blue buff was for mana and skill cooldown before and Red buff was for additional Attack Damage or Attack Power. This buff changes affected many heroes, but for Fanny, it’s a great blessing from the developers since now there are two blue buffs and she is no longer tied down to the top lane.

Another Pro Play by Mikasa:

Patch 1.2.16
III.           HeroAdjustments
Fanny Adjustment:
Energy Regeneration speed changed from 5 to 3
Air Superiority : effect “ Killing a hero with a Prey marker willregen energy for Fanny, 10 pts per layer.” changed to “ Dealing damage to ahero with Prey marker(s) will regen energy for Fanny, 3 pts per layer.”
This is when people like me freaked out. We thought Fanny is dead. Even the top Fanny players like tz.zxuan complained about this, but since they are the top players, they can still play Fanny like nothing happened. In this patch, Fanny’s mobility was reduced buther combat ability was increased. In other words, instead of running, playersmust engage their opponents most of the time in order to gain energy. Players may also use items like Blade Armor and Cursed Helmet in order to gain energy since these items can damage opponents.
The developers explained that they just reduced Fanny’s mobility and increased combat capabilities in order for Fanny to fight more instead of split-pushing.

Pro Play by zxuan:

Patch 1.2.18
III. Hero Balancing Adjustments
Fanny Adjustment:
Air Superiority: now when Fanny deals damage to enemies with PreyMarks, each mark restores 10 pts of energy for Fanny (increased from 3 pts).Also the bug that this effect can be triggered by item damage is fixed (nowdamage dealt by gear items cannot trigger this effect).
This is a huge buff for Fanny. Despite having low energy regen, Fanny was able to regen huge amounts of energy by engaging opponents. This is when Unlimited Tornadoes was reborn, but Unlimited Cables is still dead. Items like Blade Armor and Cursed Helmet are no longer necessary which even boosted Fanny even more.

Another Pro Play by zxuan:

Patch 1.2.22
        III. Hero Adjustments
Fanny Adjustment:
Air Superiority: Effect changed from “According to flying speed,Fanny's damage while flying can increase by 10% to 20%  and willleave a Prey mark to the target which can stack up to 2 times. Dealing damageto enemies with the Prey marks will regen energy for Fanny, 10 pts per layer”to “According to flying speed, Fanny's damage while flying can increase by 15%to 30% and will leave a Prey mark to the target which can stack up to 2 times.Dealing damage to enemies with the Prey marks will regen energy for Fanny, 10pts per layer. (Regened energy will decrease if having dealt damage to multipleenemies within a short period)”
Here, Fanny was a bit nerfed. Most players can’t feel it. But Fanny was buffed once more. Fanny’s damage increase on opponents with prey marker has been increased.

Patch 1.2.24
        III. Hero Adjustments
Fanny Adjustments:        
    Steel Cable:the energy cost to proc Tornado Strike adjusted to bethe same as Tornado Strike's original cost
    Cut Throat:Energy cost increased by 10 points
    Air Superiority:Fanny will only regen energy when using spells onchampions with markers, basic attacks no longer regen energy
This patch is a bit painful forthe Fanny players. Harvesting energy from opponents is a bit harder since youcan only regen huge amounts of energy by using skills against opponents withprey markers. This is the current patch and I’m gonna teach you how to deal with it.

Another Pro Play by zxuan:

You may review the videos shownabove to see the difference of Fanny every Patch Notes. You will see the difference on their play styles and hopefully you may learn something from them.

There are items Fanny needs inorder to survive. I can’t say Fanny is useless without these, but it wouldreally help fanny survive especially in team fights.

Hunter’s Knife or Nimble Blade –Fanny ALWAYS need to be ahead of her opponent’s level and gold. That’s whyfarming is a must for Fanny. These items help Fanny kill jungle monsters fasterand gain more exp a bit so it is highly recommended to buy these items at thestart of the game.
Take note that Jungle Items arenot your actual first items. They are just temporary items which must bedisposed later on.
[Hunter’s Knife] - $280
+20% Damage to Monsters
Unique Passive – Greed- Get extra15% exp when jungling.
[Nimble Blade] - $750
+30% Damage to Monsters
Unique Passive – Avarice- Get anextra 30% exp when jungling. Regain 4% of maximum health and 10% mana after monster kill.
Unique Passive – Gorge- Slayingjungle monsters increases your physical attack by 4. Stacks up to 10 times.
Unique Passive – Makes the battle spell ‘Retribution’ applicable to heroes: Reduces target’s 70% of movement speed (the effect will decay within 3s) and reduces target’s magic resistance. Buying other advanced jungle gear will disable this effect.
You may use Curse Sword for movement speed or Pillager Axe for physical and magic defense, but Nimble Blade is the most recommended because of the additional physical damage.
Fanny’s Core Item’s are basicallyHP sustaining items. These items need to be put first in order to survive teamfights later on.
[Bloodlust Axe] - $1970 (Actual First Item)
+70 Physical Attack
+10% Cooldown Reduction
Unique Passive – Bloodthirsty-When skills cause damage, heals 20% of damage as HP for the hero.
This item is like Haa’s claws, butonly lifesteals when dealing damage using skills. The Physical Attack is useful for damaging enemies and the cooldown reduction is useful for reloading skills especially the [Cut Throat]
[Magic Blade] - $1710 (Second Item)
+60 Physical Attack
+24 Magic Resistance
Unique Passive – Lifeline- Gain ashield that can absorb 510-1350 damage (increases with level) when HP is below 30%. The effect has a 20 second cooldown.
This item is very cute. It’s oneof the items that offer additional attack and defense attribute. Plus thePassive helps Assassins like Fanny last longer in tower diving.

[Malefic Gun] - $2060 (Third Item)
+60 Physical Attack
Unique - +40% Physical Penetration
Unique Passive – Armor Buster-Basic attack will ignore 20% of a defense turret’s defensive armor.
As much as possible, ONLY buy this when an enemy tank already have an armor item. Before buying, watch your enemy items. This item may be replaced with other attack items such as Deadly Blade.It is still a good item though since it offers extra damage against towers, perfect for split-pushing.
[Immortality] - $2120 (Fifth Item)
+800 HP
+40 Magic Resistance
Unique Passive – Immortal-Ressurect 2s after dying and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 points of damage. Shield lasts for 3s. Cooldown for this effect is 180s.
If you want to prevent yourself from dying, this might be the answer. This item can be your fourth item if you don’t have a fourth item. The HP and Magic Resistance are great for Fanny since Fanny is really squishy.
[Blade of Despair] - $3010 (Sixth Item)
+170 Physical Attack
+10% Attack Speed
Unique Passive – Despair- Deals an extra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne,transformed, disabled)
If your fourth item is Immortality, you may stack 2 of these for a huge amount of damage. I don’t recommend stacking 2 of it since survival must be prioritized more than attack damage. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO HAVE THIS ITEM AS THE FIRST ITEM.

The Fourth Item is really flexible;it is now up to you which item to choose.
Item stats for the fourth item will not be displayed..
TOP ITEMS: (Just my opinion, it is still up to you which one tochoose)
1.       [Bloodthirsty King] – Many high levelplayers choose this item since it helps players last longer in team fights. It offers tons of HP and 20% life regen for a kill or assist.
2.       [Athena’s Shield] – This is also one ofthe best fourth items for tower divers. This item offers HP and tons of MagicResistance. The best thing about this is the shield that can absorb damage,good for long lasting tower diving and team fights.
3.       [Deadly Blade] – This is good againstbloodsucking, spell vamping and healing enemy heroes. This offers some HP,armor penetration and damage. Really strong against Alucard, Ruby, Estes etc.
4.       [ThunderBelt] – Offers armor, HP and HP regen. Since Fanny is skill reliant, thisitem is really good. After using a skill, the next basic attack will have 40% extra true damage and slows enemy. It’s really sweet. Some stats are wasted though.
5.       [Blade Armor] – Offers tons of armor.It is not as impressive as the other defense items but it can help you survive from those pesky marksmen during the late game.

OTHER POSSIBLE ITEMS: (These items are not really recommended butcan still be used for exotic purposes)
·        [Berserker’sFury] – Do you know? Abilities may inflict critical damage.
·        [HunterStrike] – High Damage, some cooldown and extra movement speed afterattacking 5 times in a row
·        [Haa’sClaws] – If you want to drink blood so bad. Offers some damage and extrasurvivability
·        [WarriorBoots] – Boots with some extra armor
·        [ToughBoots] – Boots that help you recover from Crowd Control (CC) 25% faster
·        [RapidBoots] – Really fast boots for those who want to go top to bottom whilesaving energy.
·        [CorrosionScythe] – Small damage, small armor, big HP! Plus slows enemy attack speed a bit and enemy movement speed. Best against slow enemies such as marksmen.
Attack Speed shouldn’t be built for Fanny because she relies more on skills not on basic attacks.
Why are there boots? I mean yep, boots are almost useless to Fanny but if you run out of energy, you might need them.

In battle spells, only few areuseful for Fanny. I only recommend using these 2 battle spells: Retribution and Purify
[Retribution]As what I said earlier, farming is a must for Fanny. Retribution helps speed up the process of farming and helps secure jungle monsters.
[Purify]Fanny is very vulnerable to CC, that’s why you need purify though this means you’re going to sacrifice some time in farming.
In emblems, I use PhysicalAssassin Set because it gives me Physical Attack and Physical Penetration. Fanny’s an Assassin so I have to capitalize on damage. If you have no Physical Assassin Set, use any other Physical Emblems with the highest level, though other Physical Emblem Sets are more defensive than offensive.
In skill upgrading, there are two possible approaches: The damage approach and the mobility approach. Why are there two? In the older meta, Fanny’s cable cost is low and static, unlike now,Fanny’s cable cost is high and only reduces cost whenever you upgrade it. I highly recommend using the mobility approach since you need to inflict prey markers as much as possible and youneed low cost cables for better escaping capability.
[Mobility Approach]
Level 1-5      1st-2nd-2nd-Ult-2nd
Level 6-10     1st-2nd-Ult-2nd-1st
Level 11-15   2nd-Ult-1st-1st-1st
To memorize it faster, enable 1st skill first then prioritize upgrading the 2nd. Upgrade Ult if possible
*You need the 1st skill first. You need to prioritize the 2nd skill but the 2nd skill will not trigger [Tornado Strike] if 1st skill isn’t enabled.
[Damage Approach]
Level 1-5       1st-2nd-1st-Ult-1st
Level 6-10    2nd-1st-Ult-1st-2nd
Level 11-15  1st-Ult-2nd-2nd-2nd
Best Wingmen for Fanny
1.       Grock – Grock is probably the bestwingman for Fanny. Since Fanny is wall dependent and Grock is a wall maker, then they can be the best partners in MLBB. So how will they work out? Let’s say an enemy is trying to escape from Fanny, Grock will plant a wall in front of that enemy and Fanny will just charge into that wall and spam Tornado.
Be warned, your best friend can be your best enemy. A Grock might stop you from escaping so beware.
2.       Minotaur – From experience, I believe tanks are the best wingmen for Fanny. And I think Minotaur could be one of those best wingmen. Fanny needs sustain her HP, and Mino has the answer to that. Fanny needs her victims to stop for a while, and Mino can rage for that. Mino can also take the turret shots while Fanny is murdering the damage dealers. That’s why Minotaur is heart heart.
3.       Lolita – First of all, she’s a tank too. She can take damage for Fanny and she also provides Fanny some extrashield. She can stun and slow enemies which are highly beneficial for Fanny.
4.       Rafaela/Estes – These two are one ofthe best wingmen in the game. They aren’t called support for nothing. Rafaelacan heal and speed up her teammates and herself. That speed boost helps hernever be late during rescue missions. Estes on the other hand is the walking fountain (In terms of healing, not damage). He is extremely useful after Fanny getting wounded on the battlegrounds. Fanny won’t need to recall anymore underEstes’ hands.
5.       Aurora – Aurora can’t defend or healFanny, but her passive goes really well with Fanny. The freeze, especially when applied with her Ult is just works really well. Once the enemy got frozen, Fanny can simply fly across and wipe the team easily.

Fanny’s Weaknesses
1.       Eudora/Aurora – They’re both squishy but they’re incredibly annoying. I once played against the two of them in the top lane and I never got the chance to kill them. They’re combination is simply painful.
2.       Nana – Another squishy kid with another annoying ability. Her attacks aren’t that strong but her CC just controls Fanny too much.
3.       Franco – A good Franco player isprobably our worst nightmare. His ultimate lasts longer than Saber’s and thehook from a distance can instantly put you into hell.
4.       Akai – After Akai gets reworked, hisUlti’s range became bigger. As a result, he can easily push enemies easier,including a flying Fanny. His ultimate can stop many heroes, and one of them is Fanny. The worst thing that could happen is that you might get trapped in awall and take free hits from Akai’s teammates.
5.       Natalia – For me, Natalia is a big pain in the ass, especially if that Natalia player knows how to counter jungle.Getting my buff stolen really kills me because my combat and defensive capabilitiesdepend heavily on that buff. Usually, Fanny is stronger than Natalia in theearly game but once Natalia got fed, she can easily stop fanny. The silence and smoke bomb immunity is just too strong against Fanny.
There are many other heroes thatcan counter Fanny such as Saber, Zilong, Grock, Digger etc., but I think these are the worst enemies I could ever encounter in the game

Fanny’s Breakfast
1.       Most Marksman (e.g. Miya, Layla)
2.       Gord
I don’t think I need to explain…They’re just a bunch of slow walking foods but they might be a problem once thegame hits 15 minutes mark. Marksmen like Clint and Karrie are also weak against Fanny despite having a bit of mobility. Moskov and Roger are the exemption tothe list since Moskov can flick somewhere in few seconds and stun Fanny on walls and Roger is pretty tough compared to other marksmen, has mobility and can fight melee.

      A. FARMING
As the game starts, immediatelybuy your jungling item and head toward the Spinner or the Reaper (The junglemonsters with buffs). If you kill the Spinner on Top Lane, you will get extra exp but you’re more vulnerable to counter jungling. If you kill the Reaper onthe Bottom Lane, you will get lesser exp but you’re much safer from counter jungling. After killing the Spinner/Reaper, CLEAR THE MINION WAVES ASAP. Do notkill the jungle monsters nearby yet, kill the minion wave first. In killing the minion waves, you should last hit every minion to maximize the gold and exp income. After the minion wave, kill the nearby jungle monster and then clear the wave again. After the first wave, the jungle crab will appear. Kill the jungle crab if you can, but be cautious on your surroundings as counter junglers might appear.
To keep things short, clear minion waves first before farming.  The buff is extremely needed by Fanny more than any hero so fight for the buff just in case your teammates insist on getting the buff.
If you have a friendly nearby, askfor assistance and try to counter jungle or gank (means to gang up/group up andambush) the middle lane. If the turtle is nearby, try to slay it for extra gold, but always have a tank or another friendly with you to finish off the turtle faster and prevent yourself from getting ganked.
At level 8, you may start pushingtowers ONLY IF YOU HAVE SLAIN AN ENEMY OR TWO. You may also push tower when all your enemies are visible on the map fighting somewhere far from you. If your enemies aren’t visible and they aren’t on the turret either, be cautious. Don’t push the turret unless you have confirmed their positions. Always use the map.
First off, practice with the custom mode before trying to go on Ranked Games. You must know the proper positioning and timing of cables in order to use your energy efficiently. The advanced guide for this will be shown on the pictures attached here.

I have created my own system ofcable management. It’s up to you whether you accept it or not.
1 Cable         Ignition                 aswhat astronauts say before they fly away, “Ignition”
2 Cables       Acceleration       thesecond cable is usually used for speeding up
3 Cables       Redirection         thethird cable is usually used for changing direction
4 Cables       Extension            thefourth cable can also be redirection but I use it as an extension for the third
5+ Cables     Exhibition            fivecables and above are for exhibition purposes as they are not really energy efficient

Always practice your cables so youwon’t be wasting energy throwing cables into thin air.

Energy reservation became an issue in playing Fanny since Patch 1.2.16. Now, here are Dos and Don’ts in using your energy you need to follow toproperly use energy.

·        Always get buff
·        You may use [Tornado Blade] upon killing the Spinner or Reaper ONLY during its first appearance.
·        Only use basic attacks and retribution on junglemonsters and minion waves (Except if you need to go somewhere so badly, such asbuffs or teamfights).
·        You may use [Tornado Blade] if you are counterjungling.
·        You may use [Tornado Blade] or [Cut Throat] onmarked enemies.
·        Use up to 4 cables ONLY when going from base tolanes.
·        If attacking enemies, always use cables to inflict prey marker and harvest some energy. You may use [Tornado Blade] or [CutThroat] to finish them off.
·        Once you have engaged, go for the kill not justpoke.
·        When chasing enemy and you’re low on energy, walk and wait for your energy to regain a bit before using cables to chase.
·        When low on energy, push, clear minion waves or jungle but only use basic attacks.
·        Walk when not in a rush.
·        Don’t use skills when killing jungle monsters.
·        Don’t always use cables.
·        Don’t miss walls when using cables.
·        Don’t “Hit and Run” (Poke).
·        Don’t be greedy for the kill unless you have enough energy or HP.
·        Don’t chase enemies when you have low energy
·        Don’t engage when you have low energy
·        When escaping and low on energy, walk and waitfor your energy to regain a bit so you can do 2-cables rather than 1.
·        Don’t waste your Ult on jungle monsters or unmarked enemies.
There are probably things I haven’t included… Well, you have to keep playing and learn from your mistakes.Experience is the best teacher.
       D.         COMBAT
When it comes to combat, Fanny isprobably the hardest on to control, but that difficulty is equal to greatpower. Here is a guide on the usage of skills order.
1.                  One-shot ver.1[Steel Cable]à[Cut Throat]à[Tornado Blade]à[Steel Cable]
On this one shot, you have to fly over enemies and use Ult. Make sure your enemies are MARKED before you trigger the Ult. After the Ult, immediately use 1st skill to damage and regain some energy. If the enemy is still alive, just fly to finish him/her off.
2.                  One-shotver.2[Steel Cable]à[SteelCable]à[CutThroat]à[TornadoBlade]à[SteelCable]
This one shot maximizes Ult damage and energy gathered from the enemy. After marking the enemy twice, the player will use Ult to burst damage the enemy, and then use 1st skill to add more damageand use steel cables for chasing.
3.                  One-shotver.3 [Steel Cable]à[CutThroat]à[SteelCable]à[SteelCable]
On this one, the player immediately uses Ult after inflicting prey marker on the enemy and then flies away or backward to chase and finish off enemy.
4.                  UnlimitedTornado – {[Steel Cable] on wall } -spam skill
To execute unlimited tornado, you have to fight your enemies near the wall. If the enemy is in range, fly over and inflict marker. Since they’re near the wall, you can use the wall again to fly and attack the enemy. You have to spam the 2nd skill on the wall but you have to make sure that you are hitting your opponent. This works best on multiple enemies since, more enemies is more energy gathering and more lifestealing. You may also trigger [Cut Throat] just in case you’re low or half on health.
Before you do the following attacking patterns above, make sure you have enough energy to attack and escape. You may attack on 50% energy but I do not recommend it. Once you miss the enemy, your chances of surviving and escaping is lower. You have to practice those attack patterns too to be more comfortable in an actual game.

Combat Strategies:
·        Think before you attack.
·        Attack only when you’re high on health.
·        Know your enemy, whether they have CCs or not,whether they have flicker or not. Know their capabilities.
·        Always watch your energy.
·        Look on map and gank when you have no more jungle monsters to clear.
·        Don’t be the first one to engage. Wait for the tank to take all the CCs then attack from behind.
·        Fanny works best on jungles where walls areabundant.
·        When there’s team fight, you have to decide whether to join or to destroy turrets.
a.      Join the team fight if the enemy team is stronger than yours but avoid team fights if the enemy team has a lot of CCs.
b.     If the enemy team is just too overwhelming, try to pressure their lanes so they’d chase you instead of your teammates.
c.      If your team can handle the enemy team, you can go rat (steal turrets while there are team fights).
The decision is up to you. Don’t do anything stupid and always make the best choice.
·        Have Patience.
·        Use the bush.
·        Know when to retreat.
·        When revived by Immortality and you’re surrounded by enemies, attack instead of escape. It’s hard to escape when you’re surrounded so it’s better to just attack them until death or kill 1 or 2 and escape.
·        When roaming around, don’t overextend and onlyuse the safest route.
·        Let your tank fight enemy tank, while you fight the enemies behind them. Assassinate.

Fanny is an interesting hero to learn. Playing Fanny can help you raise you heart's beat per minute eveytime XD On my opinion, She's the most challenging and fun hero to play in the game. She's the reason why I'm not transferring to any other MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena)s.
I hope you goodluck new Fanny players ;)


By SnoobMC

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Fanny's ult cannot hit minions
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Huntyy. replied at 2017-11-1 02:22 PM
Fanny's ult cannot hit minions

my mistake, that was intended for the jungle monsters only
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Thanks for the cable system you made, its really helpful I'm still practicing on using Fanny.
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Ryoshi replied at 2017-11-2 04:53 PM
Thanks for the cable system you made, its really helpful I'm still practicing on using Fanny.

Thank you for the feedback :D Good luck on using Fanny.
You may add me in-game :)
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Good guide!
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