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[Hero Techniques] Natalia Full Guide + Build

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Assassin Instinct is what makes Natalia unique so make sure to use it. Once you're in Stealth mode, the enemy won't be able to see you, however, they get a "!" over their head once you're close to them. The enemy can still hit you with their skills even tho they don't see you, also Jungle monsters are able to attack you even if you are in Stealth mode so be careful if you are close to a Jungle monster because if an enemy attacks them and you're in range they may attack you.

If you hit an enemy you're able to use Claw Dash again. Use Claw Dash to:
1.Chase the enemy.
2.Escape from the enemy.
3.Change your position from the enemy.4.Deal quick damage to an enemy.
If an enemy is running away from you this skill is perfect to chase him and finish him. Make sure to save the second Dash so in case you are in a bad situation you can escape from your enemy and during 1 vs 1 you can use Claw Dash to change your position and go behind your enemy or even jump into a bush to activate your Passive and chase your enemy.

On the spot of Smoke Bomb, you are immune to basic attacks and enemies will be slowed down, however, you are not immune against skills. Smoke Bomb gives you a huge advantage against every marksman and every fighter who attacks only with basic attacks. Once you fully level up Smoke Bomb you're also able to dodge the tower attacks but the damage you deal to the turret will be decreased.

While using Cold-Blooded Strangling you are not able to move so be careful on using it. I would recommend you to use this skill when the enemy tries to escape from you so you can slow him or to finish him off.

-Skill Leveling
LV1- Claw Dash
LV2- Smoke Bomb
LV3- Claw Dash
LV-4- Cold-Blooded Strangling
LV5- Claw Dash
LV6- Smoke Bomb
LV7- Claw Dash
LV8- Cold-Blooded Strangling
LV9- Claw Dash
LV10- Smoke Bomb
LV11- Claw Dash
LV12- Cold-Blooded Strangling
LV13- Smoke Bomb
LV14- Smoke Bomb
LV15- Smoke Bomb

Question: Why Claw Dash before Smoke Bomb?

Answer: Well Claw Dash is a good skill to deal damage during early game but the main reason is because we want to deal as much damage as possible while the enemy is under the turret with low HP, our goal is to finish him off with the first Claw Dash and escape with the second, we don't him to be able to attack us, the worst case would be that he stuns you under the turret and the turret kills you.


Rapid Boots: +50 Movement Speed
Question: Why Rapid Boots and not Swift Boots?
Answer: Well Swift Boots is also a good choice for Natalia but I prefer Rapid Boots because it gives you +10 more movement speed. In my opinion, Natalia should be fast she should be able to chase the enemy and also she should be able to run away from them if necessary (even without passive).

Scarlet Phantom:
+30 Physical Attack
+40% Attack Speed
+10% Crit Chance
Unique: Crit Stikes will increase the hero's attack speed 25% and crit strike rate 5%, lasting 2s.

One of the reasons why I don't buy Swift Boots is Scarlet Phantom. This equipment gives a lot of attack speed that you should have on an early game. If you attack the enemy from behind you always make critical damage and Scarlet Phantom gives you +25% attack speed which means you can deal a lot of damage and kill your enemy or make him retreat so you can push the turret. Only with Scarlet Phantom, you don't deal enough damage to kill an enemy easy so be careful while attacking an enemy with full HP.

Berserker's Fury:
+65 Physical Attack
+25% Crit Chance
Unique: +40% Crit Damage
Unique Passive: Crit Strikes will increase one's physical attack 5%, lasting 2s.

Once we have Scarlet Phantom we need Bersekers Fury to combine the Unique Passive of Scalet Phantom with the Unique of Berserkers Fury. This two equipments are a good combination because now not only your basic attacks from behind will deal critical damage to activate Scarlet Phantoms passive but now also your basic attacks have a huge change to deal critical damage to activate Scarlet Phantoms passive, which means now you attack your enemy fast but also every single attack deals a lot of damage.

Haas's Claws:
+70 Physical Attack
Unique: +20% Lifesteal.
Unique Passive: When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical Lifesteal.

Now that we already have attack speed and crit change we need to survive in the battlefield and for that, we use Haas's Claws. This equipment gives you 20% life steal and 70 Physical damage. After getting Haas's Claws you can go into a fight even with low HP by combining you passive with Smoke Bomb you can recover your HP within a few seconds.

Malefic Roar:
+60 Physical Attack
Unique: +40% Physical PEN.
Unique Passive: Basic attack will ignore 20% of a defense turret's defensive armor.

Now that we have attack speed, critical chance and life steal we need something against Heroes with a lot of physical defense and for that, we need Malefic Roar. Our goal is to kill the enemy fast and to don't give him a chance to run away also we don't want him to survive long enough otherwise his allies will come to help him and maybe kill you.

+25% Attack Speed
+20 Movement Speed
+20% Crit Chance
Unique Passive: After 4 basic attacks, the next basic attack must deal 125 magic damage to 3 enemies.
Unique Passive: Each time Typhoon is cast, one's movement speed will be increased 5% for a short time.

Windtalker is a good equipment because it gives you attack speed, crit chance, movement speed and after 4 basic attacks it will deal extra damage.
Once you have around 1900 Gold you can sell windtalker for Blade of Despair which gives you a lot of Physical attack.

During the late game buy Energy Potion to increase your physical attack and lifesteal.

Now a few words to this build. This isn't a perfect build, in fact, there is no perfect build for Natalia because everyone plays differently. This build works perfectly for me and you should know a couple of things before using it.
1. You have to learn how to survive with low HP until you get Haas's Claws. You have to learn how to attack and kill the enemy even with low HP and no lifesteal. If you're a newbie and don't know how to use Natalia I would recommend to buy Haas's Claws as second equipment and then Scarlet Phantom, Berserkers Fury...
2. If you want more attack speed than just replace Rapid Boots with Swift Boots.
3.Replace Windtalker with an alternative equipment during the late game:
-Blade of Despair (More Damage)
-Immortality  (To buy some time if your the last in your team who's defending the base)
-Deadly Blade (To reduce enemies HP regen effect)
-Rose Gold Meteor (For more lifesteal, magic RES and a shield when your HP is below 30%)

-Battle Spells:
I usually use Inspire as battle spell because it's a huge help on 1 vs 1 situations. While attacking a mage on the late game we want to make sure to kill him before he's able to use his skills to stun us and instantly kill us. Also, it's a good spell to push the turrets.
Tip: Use Inspire before attacking a mage or marksman to make sure to kill him before your Silence effect ends (Stealth Mode + Inspire than basic attacks+Smoke Bomb)

If you want to farm than I recommend Retribution. You can kill Jungle monster faster on early game and also seal the enemy's monsters with it while you are in Stealth mode.

Heroes to support you
-Zilong ( He use Spear Strike + Spear Flip you silence the enemy and use Smoke Bomb + Claw Dash or Cold-Blooded Strangling)
-Aurora (Her freeze is a huge help dealing a lot of damage and giving you the chance to kill the enemy.)
-Lancelot (Throned Rose + Puncture while you have silenced the enemy and he's inside your Smoke Bomb)
Basically, every hero who can stun the enemy is a good support for you.

Heroes that counter you
-Saber (Flying Swords)
-Raphaela (Light of Retribution)
-Karina (Elusiveness)

Playing with Natalia against this three heroes is horrible.
-Saber's Flying Swords will counter your passive. You won't be able to get close to him or the heroes that are close to him. The only way you can fight against him is to wait for his skill to end and try to finish him fast if you cannot finish him while he's silenced he will probably kill you. During team fight you should ask your teammates to kill Saber first so you can help them otherwise you can only wait or just try your luck after his Flying Swords ends and jump into the enemy.
-Raphaela can't kill you but her first skill Light of Retribution won't allow you to get close to the enemy because once you are in the range of her skill it will hit you and slow you down, during that they can stun you and kill you easily.
-Unlike Saber and Raphaela, Karina can't counter your passive but she's horrible to kill because of her first skill. If you can't kill her while she's silenced she will kill you. And always be aware of her first skill because if you hit her while she's using it you won't be able to silence her and she can easily kill you. It is also hard to chase Karina, sure Natalia is fast but you usually can't catch her while she uses Elusiveness.
-Also, worth to mention Yi Sun-Shin, his ultimate can't kill you but I will show your location to the enemies and maybe will stop you from using your passive which is horrible if you try to escape from an enemy.

Heroes you counter
Basically, you can counter every marksman. You attack them from behind silence them and use Smoke Bomb so you can dodge all their attacks. You can also easily kill every mage but you have to make sure to kill them before they can use their skills, to do that I recommend Inspire+Smoke Bomb+Basic Attacks, if you see that you can't kill him then use Claw Dash to run away from him/her, go into a bush and try to chase them again.

      skill 7.png
Best emblem for Natalia is Physical Assassin Set.
It gives you Physical PEN, Physical Attack, Crit Chance, HP, Movement Speed and CD reduction.
Basically, this Emblem Set gives you everything you need except Attack Speed.

You can also use Jungle Emblem Set. It gives you Attack Speed, Physical attack, Physical Defence, Movement Speed, HP and Magical RES.
I usually use only Physical Assassin Set but Jungle Emblem Set is also an option because of the attack speed.

-Very good assassin for countering marksman and mages.
-You can gank anyone with your stealth and steal enemy's jungle creeps.
-You can destroy towers and run away very easily with your skill number 1.
-Very hard to kill in the late game.
-Can almost kill anyone in game 1 vs 1

-You need to farm very hard and fast to get your items.
-Squishy so you need to be extra careful.
-Weak to enemies with CC skills since her silence works only for 2 secs.
-Can't initiate in team fights.
-Hard to become invisible when going into the enemy base during a team fight due to a lot of AOEs going around

Now we have covered almost everything about Natalia except one and that's the gameplay.
-How to play Natalia:
You can go top or bot which lane you choose doesn't matter. For this gameplay, I will use the bot lane. First level up Claw Dash go and kill the reaper (use Inspire or Retribution to finish him fast). Go clear your lane from the minions and go to the next Jungle monster. Level up your skill just as written above. Use you passive and wait for the enemy, first silence them (basic attack) use Smoke Bomb and if they try to run away use Cold-Blooded Strangeling (level 4) than Claw Dash twice (don't chase them under the turret if they can stun you). On early game, we want to push the turret so if we can't kill the enemy we want to make sure that they retreat to their base. Repeat this until you destroyed the first tower on your lane always remember to play safe since you have no life steal until you bought Haas's Claws. Always look at the mid lane, if you see that your ally needs help try to help him go to mid lane and help him/her to survive or to push if necessary because of your speed you can be a huge help for your allies. When you see that enemies are missing in action they probably are Jungling, use your passive to find them and kill them (1 vs 1) I wouldn't recommend to attack them if you don't have at least you third equipment (if they have low HP than attack them).
An enemy with low HP will always try to recall to the base usually under the turret or hide in the next bush that is close to the turret. If he's under the turret use your passive and one you touched the attacking area of the turret attack him with Claw Dash if necessary use also Smoke Bomb, remember to save the second Claw Dash to escape from the turret. If he's not under the turret than try to react fast use your passive and look if he's in the bush or trying to fill his/her HP by killing Jungle monsters.
NOTE: Be careful attacking enemies with stun skills under the turret.
During a team fight don't just attack, wait for your teammates to attack them and once you see a chance to kill someone attack. Never focus the tank, try to take down the marksman or the mage first, if the enemies are trying to escape use you Cold-Blooded Strangeling to slow them so your allies can attack them and finish them
Your basic attacks deal more damage than your ultimate so be careful using it. First of all you cannot move or stop your ultimate once you tapped it which means another enemy can easily kill you.
Remember to use free aiming and to activate the Hero Lock Mode.
If you are fighting one of the heroes who can counter you then try to switch the lane with one of your teammates.
If you need more gold use your passive to kill the also monsters from the enemy's Jungle.

This is basically everything you need to know about Natalia now all you need is just to practice with her.

I wish you all good luck and have fun :)

Thank you for reading I hope you liked it and I apologize if there are mistakes on it, English isn't my native language.

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Great guide, everything is clear and detailed.
Good luck for the event :)
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Nice guide ~
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Avent replied at 2017-11-1 04:17 AM
Great guide, everything is clear and detailed.
Good luck for the event :)

Thank you :) I'm glad that you like it :)

Thank you :)
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can i see stats :( im a principant lol
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