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[Hero Techniques] [Hero Guide] Layla The Classic Malefic Gunner

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Layla The Classic Malefic Gunner

Marksman / Reap

Full Hero Guide

Layla is a female malefic gunner, she carries her Gun with her all throughout her Journey. Yet, you can get her through the beginning of the game. By far, for me, Layla might be the second most powerful range attacker/marksman. Second from Miya. Although, Layla is also a Marksman plus a Reap. The same as Miya's class.

Unlike Miya, Layla uses her malefic skills to tear down her preys. Her Gun can be more powerful once all of her statistics are greatly improved. In many gameplays, Layla has been used as the 'Deadly Gunner'. From her subtitle The Classic "Malefic" Gunner. By the word Malefic, it means Deadly or capable of causing harm/mess/destruction. This defines that Layla is as deadly as Miya.

If you know how to use Layla, then I bet you can beat your opponents in just a short amount of time. I stated it at my last Hero Guide, about Miya. That Layla is a perfect partner with Miya. Plus great teamwork is required in order for you to reach the highest position of the leaderboards of your game.

I will be teaching you how to use Layla and make her as your favorite hero. Yes, you can see through her appearance that she looks pretty simple. Although, she is deadly.

Always remember that all the images included in this topic/discussion does not belong to me. The credits of these images belongs to their rightful owner. <3

[*] Layla's Skills [*]


Layla's Passive Malefic Gun

Layla's Malefic Gun she's been carrying around with her allows her to increase her basic attack whenever her foe is with a long distance from her. Increasing from 85% to 130%. I'd probably suggest you to keep a long distance from your foe if you want to beat your foes easily. This is quiet useful for her by the way.


Layla's Malefic Bomb Skill

This skill allows Layla to shot her opponents with a Great Malefic Energy Bomb towards her foe, dealing massive physical damage. The damage increases whenever the skill is upgraded. This skill can shoot in a straight target. This is perfect if you want to slowly cut down your foe. But take note that you will need to use this skill wisely.


Layla's Void Projectile Skill

Layla's Void Projectile Skill allows her to throw an energy bomb, landing at the target's feet and explodes. Dealing 170 Physical Damage to all her foes who were affected by this skill. It also slows them down by 55%, lasting for 2 seconds. The Range of this skill will surely increase whenever the skill is being upgraded. This is totally useful when you want to slow your opponent's movement speed when pursuing it.


Layla's Destruction Rush

Layla's Destruction Rush Skill allows her to throw a powerful energy beam forward straightly. That deals 500 Physical Damage. The beams can also go through walls or rocks. So this is useful if you are stealing your teammate's kills xD. Just joking. You can use this to reduce your foe's HP greatly. Whenever the skill is upgraded, its basic attack range or basic attack distance will be increased by 0.4%. Use this wisely.

[*] Some Tips and Notes About Using Layla [*]

Article/Important Notes

Layla is a Marksman, though she is very useful and a deadly range attacker. When you already mastered Miya, then I suppose that you can master Layla easily. If you haven't master Miya yet. Then I guess you should visit this guide by Clicking This Link I created the guide about Miya, I suppose that you should read it too if you want to master Miya. But, its optional. Miya's Guide isn't connected to Layla's by the way.

Miya can improve all her statistics and acquire more golds/coins through farming/jungling. The same as Layla. Layla can deal massive damage towards the Jungle Monsters. Monsters such as Lord, Turtle, Spinners, Reaper, Mollusk, etc. Each Jungle Monsters grants the player different buffs. I'll discuss about the Jungle Monsters and their functions later.

At the beginning of the game (At The Hero Selection Panel) if you chosed Layla. Go to her Battle Schemes/Equipment Schemes and choose Burst. Once done, exit from the equipment schemes and go to the Emblem Sets. Click it and choose Physical Emblem set. Once done, exit from it then go to the abilities or battleground spells. Choose either Retribution or Inspire. Retribution is a battleground spell that only works well with the Jungle Monsters. It decreases the Jungle Monster's HP or deals massive amount of damage towards the Jungle Monsters. So use this wisely. The Retribution doesn't work or affect the players. While Inspire on the other hand, greatly enhances Layla and increases her attack speed. Allowing her to shoot basic attacks fastly and quickly. But know that the time is only limited. So use it wisely.

Note - If you chosed Retribution, there will be a method though. I'll add it later. There will be ways and steps if you chosed one of the battleground spells. Although, there will be a way when you picked Retribution, and another way when you picked the Inspire BG (Battleground) spell.

When the game begins, choose a lane (Mid;Bottom;Top). Then purchase first the Hunter's Knife (If you picked the Jungling Equipment Scheme). Once done, you need to go first and feed upon the enemy's minions. Once you reached level 3, head for the spinners and attack them. Consume all the buffs given to you and continue on jungling until you'll reach level 7. Once you reached Level 7, I know that you have bought the complete Jungle Knife though (It is provided whenever you had the exact gold for it) Go and defeat the Turtle to earn more Golds and EXP's for your team.

Do this until you'll complete all the items needed. You'll get strong enough once you fulfilled it. Lifesteal Items, Jungle Items, Items that increases your attack and movement speed and an armor. These items can help you buff up Layla. Although, Layla can be very unstoppable once she had strong basic attack powers and greatly improved movement speed.

[*] Jungling or Farming [*]

At Mobile Legends, there is a thing or a technique how to strengthen your heroes. This is to go through Jungling or Farming. Jungling, another name for Farming, defines that killing the Jungle Monsters. This is called Jungling/Farming. Although, some people doesn't know what jungling or farming is. I'll explain it later.

At Mobile Legends again, there are many Jungle Monsters, although they are classified. If in our discussion, I'll classify them as Majors and Minors (Probably these variables ; Major and Minor are not locals and are not stated by the Mobile Legend team). I'll give the complete definition about them below. But first. We'll need to discuss first how to Jungle using Layla.

Layla is a Marksman + a Reap. She goes through many challenges. And her basic attack allows her to shoot strong energies using her malefic gun. This is, very effective towards the Jungle Monsters.

At the beginning of the Game, first purchase the Hunter's Knife. Then Choose a lane. Once done, feed the enemy's minions and gather EXPs until you'll reach level 3. Once you reached Level 3, you will be able to farm/jungle. Head over to the spinners (If you don't know what spinners are, you'll fully known everything below. I am going to classify the Jungle Monsters.) Defeat the spinners and gain all the buffs. Actually there are two spinners ; The tiny one and the bigger one. The tiny one grants the player a healing buff which heals some HP of the player while the bigger one grants the player a buff who strengthens the player. Depends on the class of the player's hero.

Do this all over again until you'll be able to purchase all the items for yourself. Always remember that the Lord cannot be defeated easily. If you want to defeat it, call your team or your allies and fight it. Once you defeated the Lord, it will ressurect at your base and will act as your ally who will aid you through your fight against your foes.

[*] Jungle Monsters [*]

Major Monsters

The Lord

The Lord is the most powerful Jungle Monster ever to exist in Mobile Legends, also known as the personal ruler of the land. Unlike the other Jungle Monsters, the Lord is powerful, plus he also had a skill which allows him to stun his targeted players. The only thing you can do is to dodge it. The Lord is unstoppable once you're still not buffed up. It usually spawns at the middle of the game. Once defeated, the Lord will spawn at the player's base who previously killed it and will aid the player through fighting the player's foe. The Lord will choose the lane with the least turrets standing. So stick together with him if he became your ally. He can be useful.

The Turtle

The Turtle is the second most powerful Jungle Monster in Mobile Legends. Unlike the Lord, the Turtle uses its Magical and Deadly Breath to take down the players attacking him. It usually spawns at the middle of the game and can bountiful golds and plenty of EXPs to the team of the player who killed it..! Obviously, you can defeat it once you reached level 6 or above (But it also require some teamwork though). At the middle of the game, when the Lord arrives, the Lord will take the Turtle's Position, allowing the turtle to die. So if you killed it, then the Lord's delay of arrival, will begin.


The Spinners

There are two types of spinners ; The Smaller/Tiny one and the Bigger/Larger One. The Smaller one grants the player the HP Healing Buff. This allows the player to heal himself for a short amount of time. While the Bigger one grants the player a buff effect which strengthens the player's statistics based on its class. So use it wisely.


The Reaper

The Reaper is a deadly Jungle Monster. It uses its deadly claw to hit the player. The Reaper usually drops a buff as the same as what the Bigger Spinner drops/grants. But the Reaper does not usually die too easily. The Reaper is strong. Although, if you have some Jungle Items with you, you can defeat him easily. He's not like the Lord or the Turtle. The Reaper is only a major jungle monster, though he is strong. Becareful. If you got his buff, then use it wisely.

Other Jungle Monsters

Jungle Mobile Legends - Hermid.jpg

Crab Monster

The Crab Monster is usually an average Jungle Monster. Its shells are made of useful crystals. Once defeated, it grants the player a buff from which the player will receive coins every 2-3 seconds of the game. The buff will last long. The Crab Monster doesn't deal huge damages though. But its health points are usually capable of holding atleast two players attacking it.

Jungle Mobile Legends - Normal Monster.jpg

Normal Jungle Monster

The Normal Jungle Monster is the minor Jungle Monster. It is not too strong though, it grants the buff effect as same as the tiny spinner grants. The Normal Jungle Monster is located outside the wilderness.  The buff it grants is a healing effect.

There are also other Jungle Monsters located outside, like the Count Dracula monster and the Axe Troll Jungle Monster. They are minor monsters and can easily be defeated.



Mobile Legends Jungle / Farming Terms



Once you are being interrupted by an enemy fighter or tank, never intend to approach nor rush to it. Tanks and Fighters can deal massive damage upon you. So it would be more likely to avoid them when they are tring to pursue you. You can only defeat them through supporting your teammate. If you are strong enough, you might be able to beat them up. Always remember that Tanks and Fighters are dangerous. So watch for them.


[*] Battleground Spell Recommendations For Layla [*]



Inspire is a battleground spell that allows the user's character to greatly enhances itself by increasing its attack speed. This Battleground spell fits both for Miya and Layla. Mostly, for the fighters and the marksmans. (Some for the assasins). Layla's basic attack damage deals huge damage upon her foes. Increasing her attack speed greatly can make her become more unstoppable.

Although, you will need to know how to use Inspire and when is the time or moment you will use Inspire. You need to use this Battleground spell wisely. So that it won't go to waste. This is probably useful when you are trying to take down an enemy turret or the Lord.



The Retribution is a battleground spell that allows you to deal massive damage upon the Jungle Monsters. This ability is very useful when you are Jungling/Farming. The Retribution battleground spell can be upgraded through purchasing different Jungle Items. This Ability does not affect the Heroes. This only affect the Jungle Monsters. You can see it through its description at how much damage it deals whenever you use it against an enemy monster.



The flicker ability is a great and useful ability. Although it allows the Hero to escape from being killed or to pursue your foe. This also enables you to blink in a short distance. Useful for making escapes. Flicker can be free once you played in Brawl Mode. Anyways, it can only be attained once you reached Level 19 (Account Level).


[*] Equipment Purchasing Orders For Layla [*]

Equipment Schemes are one main example of this discussion. Like I stated earlier, first at the Hero Selection Panel, choose Layla then go to her Equipment Schemes. Once done, choose the 'Burst' Equipment Scheme then close it. Second, go to her Emblem Sets. Choose the physical Emblem Set then close it. Third, open the battleground spell. Choose whether Inspire, Retribution or Flicker.

Or this is the perfect build for Layla :

33-copy-1.jpg >> berserker-fury.png >> 21-copy-1.jpg >> 77-copy-1.jpg >> haas-claws.png >> 82-copy-1.jpg

You can see that she had two lifesteals, one strong and heavy armor, one item that improves her movement and attack speed, and two items that increases her crit chance and basic attack. This is the perfect build for layla. Close for Burst. Its up to you though.


[*] Heroes that Go Well Together With Layla [*]





Miya is a fierce marksman, the same as Layla. If these two will become partners in a game, then they will be unstoppable. Miya, who had the fierce and powerful arrows, she uses this to strike her arrows into her foes. Miya deals massive basic attack damages upon her foes. The same as Layla. If you haven't learned about Miya yet. Then I suppose that you visit this Guide.



Argus The Nightstalker is one of the greatest and most powerful fighters of all time in Mobile Legends. Joining Layla and Miya with him, these three will become the greatest team though. If you also add Franco. Then they will be unstoppable. Miya and Layla will act as supports while Argus and Franco will act as the pushers. Great Teamwork is highly required for this. You all know that Argus can convert all the damages made to him into his Health Points whenever he activates his Rage Form. Still, he's useful.



Franco is a tank, though he also carries his Hook around with him. Joining forces with Miya, Layla, and Argus. They can make the greatest team ever. Franco should be the one hooking through their foes, pushing their foes into them while the three will try to attack it. Although Franco and Argus must act as pushers in order for this to happen as a great teamwork cooperation.

[*] Heroes that Layla Counters [*]




Eudora is a Mage after all, but Layla's Malefic Energies can penetrate through Eudora's skins. Layla can deal massive damages against the Mages, especially to Eudora. I've killed Eudora almost every time when I use Miya :)



Like Miya, Layla can also beat Chou. With Layla's Malefic Gun and her Void Projectile, she can easily slow down Chou and track him down. Layla is like a hunter whenever she wants to hunt Chou or Eudora down.



Irithel might also be a range attacker, though she is weak when Layla's Burst Items are fully purchased. You can defeat Irithel easily whenever she tries to approach you. Slow her down using the void projectile and continue firing her till she goes down. Irithel can also deal great damage, but her armor is low. So be sure to grow your basic damage higher than hers.


Thank You For Reading My Guide

Check Out My Guide About Miya


Arigatou Gozaimasu!

~ Demigra

Urgh. There are some Images again showing up at the end of the discussion Please just ignore it. ^_^ Thank you for reading my guide..!

Also Check out my other guide about Miya the Moonlight Archer :

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there should never been two marksman in one team in my opinion
Post time 2017-11-1 09:58 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Demigra replied at 2017-11-1 02:49 AM
Urgh. There are some Images again showing up at the end of the discussion  Please just ignor ...

You can remove them by deleting them from the image selector. It's there because u uploaded them but it's not used.
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Somehow quite appealing to read due to pictures included
 Author| Post time 2017-11-1 01:42 PM | Show all posts
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JunTheTrap replied at 2017-11-1 09:33 AM
there should never been two marksman in one team in my opinion

It could be. Some games doesn't need support by the way. Although if you include Miya and Layla. These two can become the greatest marksman of the squad. By the way. Supports such as Estes, Rafaela, etc. Can either aid them as they fight towards their enemy.

If I am to explain the full explanation about it. The Heroes should be :

Layla ; Miya ; Franco ; Rafaela ; Zilong
Or you can replace either Rafaela or Zilong with a mage.
Me and my squad (Real squad I mean, not a Guild in ML) Used to play these roles. We usually remove the supports somehow ^_^
superlaser97 replied at 2017-11-1 09:58 AM
You can remove them by deleting them from the image selector. It's there because u uploaded them b ...

Thanks. I'll try to fix it as soon as I have much time. ;)
Ouch I haven't finished it yet I was sleepy that time.

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Demigra replied at 2017-11-1 01:42 PM
It could be. Some games doesn't need support by the way. Although if you include Miya and Layla. T ...

your missing an assassin and a mage in that list
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Even thouugh this is not need. Thanks i think at some point someone will need it lol.
 Author| Post time 2017-11-2 04:14 AM | Show all posts
Edited by BD007 at 2020-3-1 08:11 AM
JunTheTrap replied at 2017-11-1 08:08 PM
your missing an assassin and a mage in that list

Yep.. Although. If you want to pick an assassin or a mage, I think you'll pick Karina. Somehow, Karina can deal lots of damage upon her foes.

You can change your team hero list if you want to. No one even forced you to do it. #respect.
manuelle_28 replied at 2017-11-1 09:15 PM
Even thouugh this is not need. Thanks i think at some point someone will need it lol.

What do you mean?

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Demigra replied at 2017-11-2 04:15 AM
What do you mean?

he is saying that layla is one of the easiest heroes to play in the game
 Author| Post time 2017-11-2 06:24 AM | Show all posts
JunTheTrap replied at 2017-11-2 04:54 AM
he is saying that layla is one of the easiest heroes to play in the game

Agreed. Layla is among of the heroes who can easily be played with. But at some point, there are some techniques or methods in order for Layla to become deadly.

I have in over 300+ Matches. Half goes to Layla and Half goes to Miya :))
I don't usually buy heroes or play them. I only play Layla and Miya. I played Zilong only twice and Eudora once. Btw. Yep.
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