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[Hero Techniques] Saber Guide by Abhirup Dev

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Edited by AbhirupAD at 2017-10-31 10:53 PM

Hello MLBB players and officials,                      I am Abhirup Dev from India helping you all with a guide of Saber(Assassin).Saber "Kill all at once"
They call him an Assassin, I call him the best ambush master. As he is an Assassin, he has a huge ability effects and a good amount of damage. As he is not an over powered hero like the recent heroes like Argus, Lancelot, Irithel etc, I just love to play with him as it depends on how I play with him and utilise his skills properly to get the best KDA. Easy to play, hard to master
Skills & abilities

S340.png Enemy’s Bane (Passive): Every attack will lower target’s armor by 5, stacking up to 10 layer(s). Lasts 5s
. S310.png Flying Sword (1st skill): Shoots out 4 flying swords, with each sword dealing up to 160 pts of physical damage. Swords will spin around the hero for a time and then fly back to Saber. Using the Charge ability will call the swords back earlier.
S320.png Charge (2nd skill): Charges towards a specified place, dealing 80pts of physical damage to enemies along the way. S330.png Triple Sweep (Ultimate): Attacks an enemy hero, knocking the target airborne and then dealing 3 blows in a row, each blow causing 200 pts of physical damage to the enemy
Ability level :
I play with this because it give 30% CDR, Gives a shield when attacked by a vast magical damage, gives me rebirth by the help of Immortality and lifesteals by the help of Bloodlusty Axe

Battle spellsI
use only retribution because I want to be the highly farmed and highly leveled up champ among the 10 champs
. 1.png U can also use execute spell, which increases the spell damage with every level up.
prefer Roamer emblem because it gives much CDR and movement speed helping the hero to farm more. But if Roamer emblem is low level, use Physical emblem

Gameplan & strategy
How to rotate
At first take the jungle item and go to the blue buff area and unlock your 1st skill first. Use your first skill twice and with the help of retribution take the buff. As Saber is an Assassin, he needs buff for lowering the mana cost. Then kill the first jungle monster at the top lane, it will make you to reach Level 3. I prefer to go at top lane with Zilong or Aurora. Then clear the minion wave at top lane. Then kill the treasury monster which will make you to reach level 4 by unlocking the Saber ultimate. Try not to engage anyone before reaching level 4.
Mid game strategy
Clear minions and farm as much as you can. If you become the most farmed hero among all, it will help you to become more Powerful faster. Try to go from the bush and ambush the opponent hero with the ultimate. Try to target the mages and marksman first with the help of Hero lock mode, because they r the most damage dealers in the team. Use your first skill frequently because it deals a good amount of damage.
Use Ultimate, then 1st skill. If the enemy runs back, use your 2nd skill to chase them if they have low HP. You can also use your 2nd skill move through the walls._
Heroes that goes well with Saber
o_1biviss6b1ega1s9tqv3rmq15top.jpg Zilong
o_1bifqbvtme0avtf155m1vnaiacp.jpg Aurora
o_1bigel88lim31fqvklgqp41sj6p.jpg Chou_
Heroes that counters Saber
o_1bmetvggq1kns1joq1bacbs1qkp.jpg Alucard
o_1bcufu5dmg1jvl41i6b1a56mq7f.jpg Cyclops
Heroes that Saber counters
o_1bii8nts657r1ea11rcir2d1s6sp.jpg Layla
o_1bmtn3b1s11mf1vbe8bm1bam36rf.jpg Harley
o_1bigg7kh91gqq1gkrn8mntv11oqp.jpg Gord
ConclusionI think Saber is the best Assassin so far. He has also a special ability for Natalia which is when Natalia is in the stealth mode, Saber can break her stealth mode when his 1st skill strikes her. So that's it. Hope you will like my guide. Much love, game on.
ID:98308555IGN: IN T1 @D
Server: 2512

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can I change my ID and IGN? I want this in my main account.. please tell me
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Uses guide ever for me to play Ign: ezzat123 Id: 70356849 Server: 2129
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