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[Hero Techniques] [Cyclops] When you wish upon a star (Magical Assassin Playstyle)

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[Cyclops] When you wish upon a star (Magical Assassin Playstyle)


IGN: Totoy Brown
ID: 65027574 (3085)
Current Rank: Mythical Glory * x 67

**Solo Queue Guide to playing Cyclops, magical assassin style**


Good Day fellow ML players! I'm Totoy Brown, and it is my pleasure to share with you my playstyle for this hero: Cyclops.
Now before we begin, I want you all to know that this guide contains HIGHLY OFFENSIVE and HIGHLY FARM HUNGRY playstyle and might not fit yours. The playstyle is somewhat similar to the other guide that I have made for the hero GORD (you may check it out here). However, I will entertain questions in the thread and would appreciate any feedback. You could also ask some specifics if I haven't mentioned any.

Here's a little intro on our very little own Starsoul Magician:
*notice I edited the Jungle to 333333, since i want to point out that using his ultimate skill: Star Power Lockdown on jungle creeps helps him farm super fast. Also, its cooldown won't matter due to Cyclops' passive skill: Starlit Hourglass, in such a way that after using Skill 2: Planets Attack twice, he's almost ready to re-use his ultimate skill.
He doesn't beat Gord in terms of clearing out jungles or waves of minions fast, though. But Cyclops IS fast enough.

Now to his skills info, (might be outdated due to recent patches)

Stardust Shock.JPG
Planets Attack.JPG
Starpower Lockdown.JPG
Starlit Hourglass.JPG

And now we're good to start this guide. :)

Skill build.JPG

We prioritize leveling up to the max Skill 2: Planets Attack, then take Ult: Star Power Lockdown whenever we can, and lastly take Skill 1: Stardust Shock.

The reason for this is because Skill 2: Planets Attack will always be a more powerful burst to enemy heroes and lone jungle creeps than the first skill. Combine that with Cyclops' Passive: Starlit Hourglass, his Skill 2 will cooldown 0.5s faster everytime each planet hits.
Also, if you cast Skill 2: Planets Attack before going into melee range with the enemy, immediately followed with your Ultimate: Star Power Lockdown, then Skill 1: Stardust Shock just before the first planet and your ult hits the enemy, then as soon as each skill hits, all of those 3 skills of yours on cooldown will have their cooldowns reduced due to your Passive: Starlit Hourglass. This is what makes Cyclops a monster in jungling.

Now let's discuss how to use these skills.

Skill 1: Stardust Shock
I mainly use this skill to proc Cyclops' Passive: Starlit Hourglass. That means, it is better to aim this skill straight to the line of minions, so that it will hit each minion twice. Three minions hit twice = 6 * 0.5s = 3seconds off the cooldown of your other skills, which are far better bursts than this skill. That doesn't count the heroes hit, yet.

Skill 2: Planets Attack
This skill is your main burst against lone heroes, and jungle monsters. What I would like to suggest is from the start of the game, learn this skill ASAP and run to the middle bush as fast as you can. While at the fountain you'll regen the mana that you used to cast the skill, so you should have full mana immediately. Then as soon as you see the enemy mid hero rush to the lane, pop the skill right after going out of the bush while running to the enemy's face. you'll take as much as 1/8-1/4 of his HP. Rinse and repeat whenever you can and you'll see him staying behind the tower while you're farming up the minion waves. If he fights, you have the mobility with this skill to dodge his skills while harassing him, so you'll most probably win the early game phase.

Ult: Star Power Lockdown
Upon learning this skill, you must start ganking ASAP. Preferably going to your sidelane that can dish out damage as well, or just go gank with your team. You'll be most likely able to kill at least one enemy if you initiated from the sidebush with Ult > Skill 2 > Skill 1. Or at least proc your enemies' flicker.

It's important to understand that you should NEVER be afraid to use your ult, even on that Hilda chasing you. Because spamming your two other skills (even just on jungle monsters) would shorten your ultimate's cooldown time.

The Magical Assassin Playstyle
As discussed earlier, you should try to initiate through the bushes using Ult > Skill 2, or Skill 2 > Ult. Whichever method you prefer, I highly suggest that it should be in a way such that your first planet from your skill 2 would start reducing the cooldown of your ultimate skill. This is how you can pull of two Star Power Lockdowns in a single clash. After your Ultimate: Star Power Lockdown hits the enemy, it would be easy to land your other two skills, most notably your Skill 1: Stardust Shock.

Also, when ganking or roaming, you might want to activate your Skill 2: Planets Attack while passing through a jungle camp, the lord, or the turtle. This is simply to add to your mobility, and in such a way that your planets would target the jungle monster, triggering your Passive: Starlit Hourglass, reducing the cooldown of the skill you have just activated. So overall you just spent a little mana and walked faster.
Recommended Battle Spells
Retribution: allows you to farm super fast, in such a way that the buff camp is just one Ult + Skill 2 + Skill 1 away after you used retribution, and also allows you to slow the enemy after having the upgraded jungle knife. That slow goes so well with all your skills and mobility.

Flicker: only if you really want your team to have the middle and the buffs (e.g., you have a teammate Fanny and a Hayabusa who wants to go mid) and you're part of a trilane, or prefer using the Flicker nuke technique with your Skill 2: Planets Attack. This is done when you have an opponent with low HP, using your skill 2 and then immediately using flicker in such a way that the specific enemy with low HP will be the closest hero to you, so that the newly summoned planets will all go to him and nuke him to death. Works only every time Flicker is up, though.
Equipment Purchasing Order

Hunter's Knife because you're a jungling monster with retribution. Allows you to these two scenarios:
1) Retribution + Planets Attack = easily dead non-buff jungle monsters.
2) Retribution + Star Power Lockdown + Planets Attack + Stardust Shock = easily dead buff jungle monsters.
Upgrade to desired tier 2 Jungle item upon killing the turtle. I prefer Starshard for the bonus movespeed, because you don't have flicker and it's fun to RUN FORREST, RUN!

Rapid Boots because just like Gord, mobility is your survivability. Combined with your mobility from Skill 2: Planets Attack, this item cancels out the nerf that recently happened to Cyclops regarding the movement speed reduction. When using Flicker, however, you might want to consider Magic boots for the additional CDR if you're not getting the buffs.

Enchanted Talisman solves your mana problems together with the upgraded Jungle item. With the Jungle Buff, you hit 40% CDR as well. You'll be able to spam all your skills far easier even on non-hero targets after getting this item.
Concentrated Energy.JPG
Concentrated Energy makes you never want to go back home. Low on health? Just pop your skills on every jungle monster that you meet, or on the minion waves, and in no time you're back to even more farming and killing! Be careful of Deadly Blade carriers, though!

Glowing Wand also gives you additional movespeed, and burns the target depending on their maximum HP for every skill that hit. This item lets you melt down the bulkiest of tanks and fighters. Tired of seeing the enemy Grock or Hilda survive your burst? This is the item for you! Do note that every skill hit only refreshes the burn damage duration, and it DOES NOT stack. Still useful for those pesky tanks!

Holy Crystal lets your Skills 1 and 3 (ult) scary AF as well. With Holy Crystal, the next skill cast will have bonus magic damage for the next 3 seconds! With this item, you'll want to always be casting your Skill 2: Planets Attack first, because your other two skills will benefit the most with Holy Crystal's Unique Passive.

Devil Tears is your optional last item. Depending on whether your enemy built magic resist or not, this item lets you maintain your burst and gives way to farming the Magic Potion faster.
For alternatives, you may opt for Blood Wings, Winter Truncheon, Disaster Truncheon, depending on what or who you are having trouble with.
Facing a highly physical enemy composition? Buy Winter Truncheon.
Facing a highly magical enemy composition? Buy Disaster Truncheon.
Facing a enemies with no tank? You may opt for Blood Wings to get them rekt faster, before they rekt you.

*if you've noticed, I have not adviced buying Necklace of Durance with Cyclops, as he'll be a more effective burst compared to Gord.
Also, the current meta contains one tank and one Hilda/Balmond, so I would always almot prefer Devil Tears coupled with Glowing Wand.
Saber.JPG Ruby.JPG Johnson.JPG
Saber, Ruby, Johnson
Saber chases whoever you ultimate. It's been working ever since, and the enemy will be facing lots and lots of CC.
Ruby, just like Saber, chases whoever you ultimate, AND THEN FLICKER HOOKS THEM FAR BEHIND AFTER RUNNING, back to their death.
Johnson, on the other hand crashes you and himself on the enemy's face for you two to nuke them down with your magic.
Gord.JPG Eudora.JPG
Fanny, Gord, Eudora
Fanny, is pretty easy if you know that you can use Skill 2: Planets Attack to gain mobility and dodge her cables first, then after she's drained, use Ult: Star Power Lockdown on her last cable trying to hit you, then burst her down before she's able to regain energy to cable away.
Gord, will have an advantage on you on a long ranged fight. Dive him down, however, and you'll start laughing at how he looks like he knows he's f'd up.
Eudora, has only one stun, and a burst you can probably survive as long as you've casted your Skill 2: Planets Attack right before getting stunned and having Concentrated Energy on your items. After her skills are out, she's just a walking food for you.

Lancelot.JPG Grock.JPG
Lolita, Lancelot, Grock
Lolita blocks all your skills with her shield. Boo!
Lancelot dodges most of your skills while kiting you, and he can even chase you to death.
Grock is immune to your Ultimate: Star Power Lockdown's CC if he knows what he's doing. He's also the tank that you'll have to burst for such a long amount of time, while he deals so much damage to you.
Closing Remarks
Cyclops is a fun hero to play with if you love running around the map, mindlessly tapping on your skills as soon as they're up.
When facing an enemy Cyclops, you'll need at least two of these things: Deadly Blade, Burst, CC. If you're lacking at least one, and see that Cyclops is on a Gold and Level advantage, call for a gank before he gets even fatter. Also note that Cyclops likes going in front of fights to ensure his planets hit the right target. Consider waiting for him to dive with Planets Attack on before engaging.

I hope that I have informed you well with Cyclops, whether in using him or in countering him. If anything, any nerfs that previously happened just balanced this guy. He's still pretty strong and is my favorite roamer/ganker.

So that's it and I hope you all have a great gaming experience!

******************NOTHING FOLLOWS******************For anything below this, I cannot edit it out of my post. :( would appreciate any help that I could get to remove the content below this line.
Kindly disregard the images below. Thank you!
Starpower Lockdown.JPG
Starlit Hourglass.JPG
Stardust Shock.JPG
Skill build.JPG
Planets Attack.JPG
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Thanks for guoid cyclop
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just like wow =)
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