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[Hero Techniques] From Noob to Pro Cyclops Complete Guide (level 1 jungling and laning)

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Edited by Lemmorzurc at 2017-10-31 10:13 PM


Hi everyone! So I decided to create this Guide for all players who wants to maximize the power of Cyclops.
Here is the quick skill guide of cyclops.



First let's start with the battlespell.

I prefer to use retribution. It's important for cyclops to get to level 4 fast. I suggest you use cyclops as a midlaner and read this guide in jungling and laning so that you will be ahead of your enemy in leveling. Later on I will discuss it step by step.
EMBLEM: magic or magic assassin ( check what's the higher stats, base on you emblem level)
Let's discuss the item build.
Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 7.58.08 PM.png

This is my item build for cyclops.
These are the 2 most critical item for cyclops.
Enchanted Talisman - for unli mana ( you need to build it first for harrassing, cyclops is a harrass type mage. At level 4, you need to roam the map without going back to base to replenish your mana)

Concentrated energy - spell vamp ( lifesteal for every spell that hits the enemy) take advantage of cyclops 2nd skill. burst damage with quick cooldown. Spam it always!!!! enemy will going to have a hard time killing cyclops after getting this item.

remaining item is for magic penetration and magic damage. (cyclops needs burst damage and magic penetration to maximize his combo skills)

Now! let's procede to the game guide.

Use cyclops as a midlaner. He is effective at midlaner. it is faster to roam top and bottom lane if you are midlaner.

-------------------LEVEL 1 ---------------------------

at level 1 - You need to select his 2nd skill first.  and take note! buy the hunter's knife as your first item.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 8.12.34 PM.png

Why you need that? you will get an extra 15% exp when jungling. we want to be ahead of level fast. Cyclops need to be at level 4 fast in order for you to be effective harrasser and ganker at the early game.

When the minion respawn... DON'T FOLLOW THEM AT FIRST.

proceed first to the jungle monster near your tower.

as soon as the jungle monster respawn... USE THE RETRIBUTION SPELL immediately and spaw 2nd skill to kill the monster fast then proceed to your lane and kill the minions on mid lane. ( Note: it will respawn at 30 seconds mark)


After clearing the minion wave on the mid... go on the blue buffs.. and kill it. and proceed again at clearing the minion wave at mid.

after killing the blue buffs and clearing the midlane minion, you will be level 4.

Now, start roaming the base. take note, don't leave your tower. Clear the minion wave fast so that you can go either bot or top lane and kill enemy hero then go back to midlane and clear the minion wave. Repeat the process and you will attain victory!

Cyclops combo: Use his skill  then spam second skill and 1st skill. then repeat!
note: max cyclops 2nd skill first before his first skill



That's easy! Practice makes perfect. Just make sure you don't practice at rank game. Enjoy this guide!


3 heroes goes well with cyclops:
1. Saber - saber's ulti then cyclops ulti combo - sure 1 kill
2. Aurora - after using cyclops ulti, aurora will surely kill the enemy hero by her freeze then ultimate skill -- sure kill
3. Franco - after using cyclops ulti - franco will never miss the hook.. then use franco's ultimate --sure kill

3 heroes that contradicts cyclops gameplay
1. Fanny - I personally choose fanny, why? fanny can still use her cable even if cyclops use his ultimate skill. sigh! pls nerf fanny hahahaha
2. Hilda - omg! this hero is crazy chasing mage! hilda can sustain the damage from cyclops. once hilda reach cyclops.. you know what will happen next
3. Akai - this akai can jump to cyclops back then use his ultimate and corner you in to the wall. you know what will happen next. GG

3 heroes that you will easily kill1. Layla - no escape skill
2. Miya - after using her ulti, you can kill her immediately
3. irithel - as long as you immobilize her, you can kill her immediately

that's it!! enjoy!!
IGN: A.T.S ꧁LemmoR꧂
ID number and server :15247820 (3202)

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 7.59.31 PM.png
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Edited by Ryoshi at 2017-11-2 12:15 PM

Really informative. I like it! Goodluck~!
Post time 2017-11-2 02:28 PM | Show all posts
You can add in a bit more information to make this guide better..
Jungling method... Buy the tier 2 jungle gear anot...
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