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[Hero Techniques] Ruby, perfect CC. Guide

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Edited by WeaponOfSadness at 2017-10-31 12:45 PM

Ruby, someone who has been underrated as a hero (and still is, though) may be incredibly useful as a Crowd Control fighter, or even a tank. She can help a lot in team fights, can hold up a lot of damage and recover her hp easily with some lifesteal, which also makes her a great 1vs1 and 1vs2 fighter

First of all, her gear: What not to do? Build full damage. What to do? Build tanky items, lifesteal and cooldown reduction, since she relies on her skills rather than her basic attacks.
What I almost always use is an offtank build. Only lifesteal and defense. Some...  -sorry- a lot of people say building lifesteal is useless for her, but that's because they don't know her passive: basic attacks don't trigger it, but her skills inherit it. Trust me, it's insane how much hp she can recover.
Gear 1: Lifesteal and a mix of armor and magic resistance, with CDR. I'll attach the passive, so you'll know why I build Haas' Claws and Bloodbath Axe first (you can build defense before the Axe, though, depending on how the match is going).
Immortality importance: as she can tank a lot, even after resurrection she can keep fighting or escape easily with another characteristic of her skill: jumping after casting skills. Having read this without knowing her will make you know what a great mobility she has
Gear 2: tanky items against magic damage and some CRD, simple
Gear 3: tanky, against physical damage
I've thought making a build without Haas' Claws, but that's the key item for Ruby, so it's something you should always have even when building tank

Then, combos and spells. But first:
Skill 1
Skill 2
Skill 3

Skill leveling order:
Skill 1: Max it first. Deals considerable damage
Skill 2: Max it last. At any level, it will stun, and doesn't deal a lot of damage even when max lvl
Ult: Max it when possible. Deals a great amount of damage to multiple targets

Recommended spells:
Flicker: you can combine it with your ult, as I will explain in Combo 1; use it to chase a low-hp enemy; or to escape
Petrify: can be used for a longer stun after using ult and 2nd skill
Purify: to get away of any enemy CC and stun them back

Combo 1: Initiation (taking enemy/enemies into your tower/team or taking them out of theirs)
Skill 1 + passive to get near enemies*, Skill 3 + Flicker backwards, Skill 2, Skill 1, jump to target enemy and keep stunning!
Combo 2: Getting into team fight
Skill 1 + passive at desired direction, Skill 3/Skill 2 + passive, Skill 2 + passive/Skill 3 (May vary depending on the enemies location)
* = if you need to

-When you are being chased and have to fight with low hp, look for a wave of minions and use them with combo 1 (without flicker). You can gain full hp (or 3/4) back and deal considerable damage to enemy/enemies, getting advantage. If you don't find minions and really have to escape, use 2nd skill and passive to jump through some walls. 1st skill also works, but you have to aim the wall or you won't be able to jump through it
-Deadly Blade can be a problem for Ruby (honestly, not a big deal, but still annoying) but it isn't built so often. However, if your team has a support (Estes/Rafaela), enemy team will surely build it. Try to warn that issue not to lose lifesteal   advantage. And if they still pick support, focus whoever who builds that item
-When running out of mana (2% - 4%), recall or initiate retreat. Ruby depends on skills, and if you stay against full hp enemies , you will just feed them. Trust me, you don't want to run out of mana during a team fight: no lifesteal, no jumping away, no damage, no crowd control
-Use 3rd skill to catch MM and mages that hide behind tanks' back, please. Nobody should have problems not to focus tanks if you do that
-Alone in a lane and a Natalia Warning pops up above your head? 2nd skill and jump away not to get silenced!

Heroes you can counter
-Tigreal. It's all about timing. You can cancel his 3rd skill with your 2nd skill or Ult (Gets canceled with any stun). Also, you can interrupt his 2nd skill when he finishes the first charge with your 2nd skill and jump away
-Fanny. Oh my God, Fanny... use 2nd (or 3rd, if you're really a pro) skill when she flies above or near you and she will be interrupted
-Odette. Cancel her ult by stunning her (2nd or Ult)
-Zhao (Zilong for newbies). You may save a life if he is charging against a low-hp teammate (or you) and you use 2nd skill right on time, if possible
-Harley. He will have to get close to you (or your teammate) to make his ult and damage someone. If he is near enough, catch him with ult and stun him with 2nd skill. Team (if someone is there) will finish him, and if there's no one, you will cancel almost all damage
-Lapu Lapu: Cancel his ult during its process by stunning him

Heroes that counter you
-Chou. His 2nd skill makes him immune to CC and may be a problem if you want to stun him before he stuns and ults you
-Akai. Before rework, you could stop his ult even with 2nd skill. Now, he makes you unable to get near enough and your ult is useless because it doesn't cancel his
-Lancelot: His 2nd skill allows him to avoid all attacks. But it's about timing. Don't use your ult instantly, but wait for him to do his 2nd and then catch him
-Digger (Next update): His ult will make him and his team immune to CC. Still, Ruby is able to drag enemies to her with her ult (without stunning, though)
-Nana. She counters almost all heroes, but Ruby gets into a great disadvantage when turned into a little monster: no CC, no lifesteal, no passive, etc...

Heroes you may get on well with (specially in early game)
-Lapu Lapu: Ruby ults and stuns, while Lapu ults and bursts
-Gord: Ruby ults, Gord stuns (1st skill) and ults, Ruby stuns, Gord may get maniac
-Eudora: Eudora stuns, Ruby ults and stuns, then Eudora bursts
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Edited by WeaponOfSadness at 2017-10-31 12:46 PM

Ha, the images didn't upload. Why? I don't knowEdit: fixed. I think you already noticed that...
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Ruby is good if player skill good
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