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[Hero Techniques] All "eye" see is victory [Cyclops] Guide

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Welcome! to my "Winning" I mean Cyclops guide.

5 Reasons to pick Cyclops:
1. He's giant - in his hometown
2. Can "shine" as early as possible with 2 items
3. He's annoying
4. He's a mage
5. You'll love him

    Pros and Cons:
        Glass cannon - High damage and low defense.
   Cyclops redeems himself with his cooldown reduction passive and Planets Attack bonus movespeed. In this guide will show Cyclops' weakness is not a weakness at all.
Cyclops can deal huge amounts of damage to a single enemy, he can't kill all at the same time.
Don't fret because Cyclops benefits on long team fights as he will "abuse" his passive skill and abuse the enemies.
    Hero Breakdown:

1. Skills

Starlit Moonglass.PNG Starlit Moonglass
The deep bind with stars gives cyclops the power to control time. Current cooldown of all skills will reduce by 0.5s when his skills hit enemies.
You really need to utilize this skill as much as possible. This will keep you alive in most crucial "clutch" times and will keep enemies dead.
Stardust Shock.PNG Stardust Shock
Cooldown 9s    MP Cost 100
Gathers the power of stars and casts two shock waves of stardust, each dealing 220/240/260/280/300/320 pts of magic damage to the enemy.

How it works:
  • This skill fires a straight projectile so it is best to use in a line of creeps and make sure to hit the enemy hero
  •   Make sure this skill hit the most number of enemies as many as possible
  • 4 - 5 enemies hit by this skill will give you 2s - 2.5s of reduced cooldown time in your skill so make sure to utilize this skill.
  • Take advantage of this skill when escaping against chasing right-clickers to discourage them
  • Use this skill to harass enemies.
  • Be mindful of the projectile speed of this skill because I consider it slow to hit enemies in motion. Best to use after you cast Star Power Lockdown, right before it even lock enemies down to "abuse" your cooldown reduction passive.
Planets Attack.PNG Planets Attack
Cooldown 14s    MP Cost 75
Uses the power of stars to generate a starlit sphere spinning around him and increases his own movement speed greatly for a short period of time. The sphere will attack nearby enemies (enemy heroes first) automatically, dealing 200/225/250/275/300/325 pts of magic damage to them (damages dealt to the same target will decay).

How it works the way I wanted you to be:
  • Gives -2.5s of cooldown at maximum when you've fired all those blue balls
  • Provides satisfying "burst" damage when it's focused on a single enemy
  • Can use to damage chasing enemies, just spam it and either one of you will die.
  • Use to surprise enemies going near the bush.
  • ALWAYS USE WHEN IN DANGER. You'll always feel in danger anyway, especially when team composition is full of assassins like Karina.
  • You don't wanted this skill to hit the creeps so keep it in your mind to do your best not to(Lady Luck is in your favor as it prioritize enemies near you so consider your range to the enemy hero).
  • feels good man.jpg Enemies after they mindlessly chase you.
Star Power Lockdown.PNG Star Power Lockdown
Cooldown 43s    MP Cost 160
Cyclops wields the power of stars to his fullest and creates a magic sphere filled with planetary power to track his enemy, dealing 500/600/700 magical damage. The target will be immobilized for 1-2s based on sphere's flying distance.

Reasons to Use:
1. You want to kill
2. You want to lock vital enemy hero.
3. You want to chase
4. You want to escape.
5. You want to escape, but the enemy is in low hp(50% - 75%); low enough for you to kill him. So you changed your mind and instead go back and spam all your skills again.

Uses with different scenarios:
  Crucial(Enemies has the advantage or both team has equal footing but a single is not accepted):
  • Always cast it on who makes it worst for you guys no matter which role that enemy is. Make sure you and the team have agreed upon so you can burst out that particular target.
  • Punish those enemies who do some crazy tower dives and burst.

  Stomp - You have the freedom to do whatever.

  • Probably this is the situation where this skill can deal 85% - 90% enemy hp at once. Just follow up some 1st skill or 2nd to consider it dead.

Skill Combo:

     First of all Cyclops does have "high" burst compared to others(Karina, Eudora, etc.). When time, mana, and situation allows you, spam first skill to harass and I won't get tired of reminding you to hit most number of enemies as many as you can. Make their hp but not for them to consider retreating, make sure your skills are all ready if you're in for the kill. Pretty much you'll want to use Star Power Lockdown, cast Stardust Shock in rapid succession after casting Star Power Lockdown so it will hit and utilize cooldown reduction, then Planets Attack for the finishing and consider your basic attacks in early game if your skill doesn't get the job done.

2.  Skill Leveling Order

     Time is money and time makes enemies dead. For me; Planets Attack is the top priority to be maxed out rather than    Stardust Shock.
         Time is money and time makes enemies dead - If i'm not mistaken, leveling the skill will reduce the cooldown. Some heroes       have their mana increased/decreased and the most common; cooldown time reduction after you level it up. I don't know the scale of this in the case of Cyclops but consider Planets Attack cooldown which is 14s compared to Stardust Shock with only 9s, things will be much easier if you have both skills having almost the same cooldown time, enabling you to spam all of your skills and much faster cooldown reduction of Star Power Lockdown to sure kill enemies.

3. Battleground Spells

     My Recommendation:
These both spells have a very huge impact in early game. Solo or Team oriented.
These will be your top priority choices or in my case.
Execute.PNG Arrival.PNG
     Execute pretty much will finish the job if you skills aren't enough. Meanwhile Arrival ensures Cyclops a global presence, faster response in securing/stealing objectives(Lord & Turtle), prevents tower being destroyed, einforcement in team fights/ganks + 30% movespeed bonus will help you chase a fleeing enemy when they decide to retreat.

Other spells to consider:
Flicker.PNG Iron Wall.PNG
     Flicker will help you get out of sticky situations or aggressively chase fleeing enemy to deal the finishing blow. But I'll recommend this just as a last resort to escape.
     Iron Wall will reduce damage received when they 5 man gank you after realizing you're growing bigger as a threat. Actually I'm skeptic about this one if you'll survive but Iron Wall is better than Weaken.PNG as Weaken only affects single enemy.

Cyclops stole a bike:
     This choice can be redundant if you're facing enemies with stun locks and knockups. But if you see a speeding Zilong coming for you, pop this and run like hell speed demon.
4. Item Choices
Sure win.PNG
These build will ensure mana & hp sustain, considerable amount of damage, cooldown reduction capped at 40%
Enchanted Talisman desc.PNG Enchanted Talisman.PNG Enchanted Talisman is probably your core item. You should build this first because it's what keeping you able to spam skills and abuse your passive. At game start, buy Mystery Codex.PNG then by clearing 1st wave buy Magic Necklace.PNG to have a mana regen so you can harass the enemy. You'll probably going to rush this Tome of Evil.PNG for +35 Magic Power, 20% mana regen, 8% cooldown reduction, go and harass your enemy as much as possible now so you can take down the first turret/tower until you're able to buy enchanted Talisman. YOU'RE GOING TO BUY BOOTS SOMEWHERE IN THE PROCESS, PROBABLY AFTER TOME OF EVIL OR YOUR FIRST KILL.

Upgrade your boots into Boots of tranquility.PNG +20 hp/mana regen, 40 movespeed, HP regen effect increased by 10%.
Why not buying these two? Arcane Boots.PNG Magic Shoes.PNG , You can probably pick either of them but you'll benefit more with Boots of Tranquility once you have Concentrated Energy.PNG

Choose between the two as your next major item:
Concentrated Energy desc.PNG or Holy Crystal.PNG Holy Crystal desc   90 magic.PNG

     Concentrated Energy - will make you able to trade more often as if gives 30% spell vamp and 10% hp regen when you kill an enemy hero. It also gives +70 Magic Power and +700 HP, ideal for an early playsafe start with slight boost in magic power.

     Holy Crystal - The second will be Holy crystal which g ives +25% Magic Power and its passive that gives huge power spike later on.

For me and most of the cases, Cyclops doesn't need much item in early game just to kill someone so you should probably be going for Concentrated Energy so you can have HP sustain complemented by your and start rolling, help your team mates push lanes, kill, secure objectives. Another reason why we'll pick after Concentrated Energy is because that +25% Magic Power doesn't give so much if you have it first. Where'd you get that 25% Magic Power boost? 25% of what? Ofcourse it's 25% of your Magic Power and considering you've just finished building means you don't have considerable amount of Magic Power to be amplified by the item. Well you can still pick it up first if you're having a strong early game run(dominance over enemies) but it's nerfed to 25% from 35% so it's really advisable not to pick it up first. Tip: When buying Holy Crystal, don't buy 2 mystery codex instead, buy then upgrade it into magic wand.PNG <--- (This bad boy gives +45 Magic Power for only 520 gold) first, then buy another and repeat which gives you +15 more Magic Power compared to 2 Magic codex which just gives you +30 Magic Power.

Your last Item for you to function just as I wanted:

Fleeting Time desc.PNG Fleeting Time.PNG

     The catch here is the +10% CD Reduction and its passive that reduces 20% reuse time for all abilities when you kill an enemy. What you'll want and what Cyclops need, to be able spamming another round of destructive spells against enemies. This item solves the problem in Cons (Read again at the Intro) which is Cyclops unable to burst multiple enemy heroes.

Situational which you can buy before having Fleeting Time:
Ice Queen Wand desc.PNG Ice Queen Wand.PNG When you need movement speed and want theirs slower, you'll probably need this one for chasing or escape.
Athena Shield desc.PNG Athena's Shield.PNG Because you're a squishy Glass cannon, you'll probably need this if you find yourself being targeted first in team fights or getting dive by burst/s heroes.

Necklace of Durance desc.PNG Necklace of Durance.PNG Against Alucard, Alice, Ruby, other annoying heroes like you who has crazy amounts of lifesteal, spellvamp, regen whatsoever? Then buy this one and the stats are much appreciated.

Blood Thirsty King desc.PNG Blood Thirsty King.PNG Just like Athena's shield only without magic resist and the shield passive. Its passive will do the job if you're not able to the one who killed the enemy. <----- Its unique passive needs you to kill the enemy for it to be activated.
Bloodlust Axe desc.PNG Bloodlust Axe.PNG You don't need the Physical attack that much only in destroying towers. The catch here is the bonus 10% CD reduction and unique passive that gives you another reason to live- your skills will heal you for the 20% of damage you've done. Try this along with and see the difference.
Ancient Ghost Statue desc.PNG Ancient Ghost Statue.PNG The movespeed is "perfect after robbing a bank" really it's so fast even I couldn't imagine. What you'll want is +920 HP and 5% CD reduction alongside its unique passive that gives +60 movement speed on leaving combat(or atleast you're not taking a damage). You'll utilize this item if you have spell, Use Arrival to gank or help team mates and you'll probably get your ideal position in team fights.

Blood Wings desc.PNG Blood Wings.PNG +150 Magic Power and HP. If you wanted more damage and tons of HP you'll probably go with this but pick it up but probably as your last item.

VS Beefy heroes
Devil Tears desc.PNG Devil Tears.PNG If enemies are stacking magic resist items or they bought atleast one and find it harder to kill, then worry not buy this one. The stats given are still considerable and +70% Magical Penetration when above 70%, so you will need some good sustain items to fully utilize the unique passive given by this item. Hence, the name you'll know why.

Glowing Wand desc.PNG Glowing Wand.PNG I'm not really fond of this item because most of the time before I'm able to savor the unique passive of this item, my team mates are long gone and I'm the only one alive. But this is worth considering when there are lots of high hp heroes. P.S. My team mates are mostly marksmen and assassins.

Things not to build:
Calamity Reaper desc.PNG Calamity Reaper.PNG Cloak of Destiny desc.PNG Cloak of Destiny.PNG

First one, stats are appreciated but the passive is not. Think about it. Unless you're stomping enemies hard.
Second, building Cloak of Destiny is quite sluggish you barely notice any difference.


Lightning Truncheon desc.PNG Lightning Truncheon.PNG

Maybe some of you lots will question why I didn't introduced it on my build. Well because Cyclops can be OP enough with the right tactics and approach to the enemy, I was even accused of cheating just because bunch of Alucard kids cannot kill me. This item doesn't need to be explained, spam your skills and they'll all dissipate.

5. Synergy
Freya Counter &amp; Synergy.PNG Johnson Counter &amp; Synergy.PNG Lolita Counter.PNG Freya, Johnson, Lolita
    To explain it short, Cyclops is squishy and susceptible to bursts. Having team mates with good amount of crowd control alleviates the problem and ables him to casts all his spells while feeling safe. Tip: Duo with Johnson is like you guys are pulling a classic drive-by

6. Countered by Cyclops
Fanny.PNG Karina.PNG Natalia.PNG Fanny, Karina, Natalia
    I think Cyclops can counter most of Assassin and Marksmen. Fanny can use her cables with the risk of getting burst by Planets Attack and only for the Star Power Lockdown to grow bigger and increase duration. Karina and Natalia are useless if she can't get close to Cyclops, she'll get pretty much outrun and locked with Star Power Lockdown and Cyclops' team mates will do the beating. Their killing potential will be lessend if they failed to take down Cyclops leaving their team at tight positions. Although I can agree that it can be the other way around.

7. Counters
    Odette Counter.PNG Harley Counter.PNG Lolita, Odette, Harley
    Again, Cyclops is squishy. With Odette's annoying "bouncing" skill and the AoE Range of Swan Song, you're mostly unable to use cast your skills in team fights leaving your team at disadvantage in damage trade. Trading skills with Harley can be dangerous and he can mostly pop out of nowhere to safety and return back to his hat when you dropped your guard down, This is a pretty tricky matchup and I consider Harley as counter as he can easily outplay you most of the time(Even you have your defensive items, it is still a bad idea to face him up and trade damages). Lolita on the otherhand, prevents your spells to connect thanks to her Guardian's Bulwark and she can make all those backfire on to you guys.
Guardian's bulwark.PNG This is your kryptonite but it will make you much useless than Superman. No item remedies just good friends.
Guardian's Bulwark Cooldown 17.5s  Mana Cost 90 - Raises a shield to block all oncoming basic attacks and projectiles. After shield ends, tap skill again to launch Energy Blast, when the energy blast hits a target it will deal
300 - 750 points of physical damage to the target and surrounding targets.(The more projectiles and basic attacks the shield blocks, the more damage the blast will do). *Maybe your team mate can cripple/stun lock her and there you go you can fastly spam your spells and be useless again in a matter of seconds.

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This is one lengthy and detailed guide
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 Author| Post time 2017-11-17 11:21 PM | Show all posts
superlaser97 replied at 2017-11-3 09:15 PM

Sorry about the font size, I was working on my laptop at the time and I failed to anticipate how it would look like when implemented on mobile view.
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