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[Hero Techniques] {Support Hero Guide} Rafaela

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Edited by YukisD at 2017-10-31 11:30 AM

Rafaela, a support that can turn the game.

Hello everyone, this is my guide to participate in the Guide Event, but at the same time I would like to share with everyone that Rafaela is not that useless as many people think. Blame the player, don't blame the heroe.

Know the heroe skills
Skill leveling order
Recommend battleground spells
Recommend Equipments
Rafaela facing others heroes

Before you start reading this guide, I'd like to thanks you for taking interest in Rafaela. And I would like to say didn't bring any pictures or gifs of my gameplays since I don't know how to record it, or save it. The picture from above was taken from Google.

Please, enjoy reading this guide and I hope you learn something new :)

Know the heroe skills

Heaven's Blessing: Damage-dealing abilities will slow down enemies for 1.5s, and healing abilities will speed up allies for 1s.
This passive may be seems like a joke, but if you know how to take advantage of this, be sure that no enemy can run away from you, same as be sure that you can save your low-hp teammates! Unless that your teammates suck and go back to suicide, not your fault :). This passive can be trigerred everytime you use your skills, so... don't really think about it. Maybe it need a serious remake of this lol but I don’t mind.

Light of Retribution(1): Uses the power of Holy Light to deal magic damage to the nearest three enemies, revealing the enemies in a short period of time.
This is the main damage skill of Rafaela, and at the same time, is the biggest debuffs skill from her too. With the correct equipments, this skill is not only about revealing enemy's stealth and slow them down, it can also burn, reduce enemy's regen effects and even reduce enemy's defense too! It can be useful in teamfights, chasing down an enemy or slowdown the enemy so you and your teammates can get away. Its CD seems short, but don't be fooled, even a second can make a difference. Always make sure your enemy is inside of the range to use it.

Holy Healing(2): Summons Holy Light to regen HP for herself and the most injured ally near her, and also can regen HP for other allied heroes.
This the healing skill (is it obvious lol), in contrast of her damage-skill, there no equipment to give her better buffs, and yet, this is the skill what most people expect from her. But you, as the player of Rafaela, don't think like that, this is not her biggest role. Her healing are not as great as Estes. This skill only help the teammates to sustain a little more in the clash and the skill is better for chasing or running. Its CD is twice longer than her first skill, so be smarter with this when it comes to use it. Don't use it to move faster in early game since it is only a waste of mana; if you are trying to reach your teammates in a clash, consider your distance. If you think the skill will be refreshed by the time you get there then use it. If not, reach your teammates and heal them at the first thing to do. Her healing won't be great, but it help them to chase down or to get away faster. Spam this skill if your teammates HP bar is not full.

Holy Baptism(3): Use Holy Light to punish enemies before her, dealing magic damage and stunning targets for 1.5s.
This is her ultimate, her skill that can turn the game. Never use this skill for nothing, you don't know where and when the enemy are coming, specially if you are going alone. In early game, you can trick you enemy to dive into your turret and stun him, then let the turret do its job, be aware of the enemy's minion, if there is any, wait for them to hit you once first. Never try this if there is more than one. This tecnique can be used against heroes than can close-up the enemies such as Zilong, Alucard or Hilda and so go on, you also need to time this correctly. When you are being chased, use it to stop them, even one is okay, the 1.5s can get you really far so they stop chasing you. Never use this to stop an enemy from a chase, it is not going to work unless you are really near to him and you can secure a stun. During the team clash, look at the enemies position, if they are all together, stun them all! If they are apart, go for the most dangerous one. If there is a crow-ranged abilitie in enemy team, you can stop it too, like Odette's ultimate.

Skills Combinations: As a support, there not such thing since their damage is low. But try to spam Holy Healing(2) as much as possible to heal yourself and your teammates, is always better to go with full HP bar. Use Light of Retribution(1) near the grass to avoid being ganked, but don't go too close. Always be aware of the enemies movement. Save your ultimate, it is the only thing that can save you if you are ganked.

Skill leveling order

When the game starts, be sure if you are going alone or with a line mate. If you are alone, upgrape Light of Retribution(1) to kill the minions faster. If there is a line mate, upgrape Holy Healing(2), it will keep your HP higher than your enemies.

Upgrape Holy Healing(2) first, Holy Baptism(3) when is available, Light of Retribution(1) as the last.

Recommend battleground spells

Purify: After skill is released it will immediately remove all negative effects and grants immunity from disables for 1s and increase hero's movement speed by 30%
As this spell's description says, this will be surely helpful since you must survive in order to assist your teammates. If the enemy's team acknowledge you as a threat, or just a easily kill to feed since Rafaela doesnt have damage to counter back, this spell will surely help you to avoid this. Let me tell you a personal experience. There was one time in early game; An enemy Franco's hook ganked me inside a bush where there was Lancelot and Akai too, but I manage to get away with this spell and they used all their skills inside the bush lol.

Flicker: Teleport a certain distance in a specified direction. For 1s after the teleport, durtion of disabling effect received will be reduced 50%.
I don't really use this one, but if is indeed a great adventage of movement to get away. And you have to be careful and smart with this one, you need to use this before the enemy catch you or you will be done.

Recommend Emblems
Magic Emblem: this emblem can provide you a decent amount of HP and the 5% of CD that you'll need to complete 40% of max CD with the gears. It also provide you a amount of Magic to deal more damage.
Tank Emblem: this one also provide you CD, and a larger amount of HP. Instead of providing magic, it will provide you more defenses so you can sustain more in clash.

Recommend Equipments
There are 3 gears that is a must for a support-type Rafaela. After getting those 3 gears, you are already in middle game and its time to check your team and enemy's team build for your next 3 gears. Doing this way, will favorable your team greatly. As for the early game, buy 2 Magic Necklace for a faster mana regen.

Enchanted Talisman's passive will provide you the mana you need for spamming all you skills without worry, but be aware when your mana is low. Only save it for Holy Healing(2) in this case and just poke the minions. And it also will provide you a 20%CD for you skills, which is really important for the healing that your teammates are waiting for. This is the first must item you should purchase.

Magic Shoes will provide you an extra CD for your skills to spawn, and at the same time, move even faster! Isn't that very obvious? LOL

Ice Queen Wand, this is the best gears to combinate your first skill, Light of Retribution. With this, it will be even more harder for you enemies to escape. But we are not buying this only for its passive, also for its stats. Mana regen for more skills to spam and movement speed to catch up with your allies or... just to get away from your enemies.

After getting all these 3 gears, start to purchase the next 3 gears according to all players builds. The next gears I'll show you are the ones I commonly buy.

Ancient Ghostatue, you can buy this as the fouth gear, it can help to go around the map faster to help your ally. This also provide you extra HP and HP Regen too, and a lil CD of 5%. You can sell this in late game.

Endurance Necklace, is like the magical version of the deadly blade, with this you can reduce your enemy HP regen effect by 50%. Buy this if you see an Alucard or Ruby in the enemy's team. You can by it too if most of the enemy team has a lot of lifesteal and spellvamp gears, or even defense HP regen gears such like Oracle. When the first skill is used with this, at least 3 enemies cannot regen their HP as they normally would do.

Inmortality, its passive is to ressurect after dead, help you to stay longer. I don't really buy it since Rafaela doesn't have a dash skill or somehow to get away from enemies surrendering her after being killed. But, in the late game, is better to have it since it takes you a lot of time to respawn.

Glowing Wand, this is more a damage than support gear for Rafaela, you can buy this if you team is dominant in the gameplay. It passive burns the enemies, at least 3 of them when the first skill is casted. It also provide you certain Movement SPD to chase the enemy even more!

Disaster Truncheon, buy this item when your team damage-dealer is a mage. Its passive will decrease enemies magic resistances when they are hitted by a skills. At least 3 enemies' magic resistances will be decreased when the first skill hit them.

Blade of the 7 Seas, this is a Attack Item, works the same way as Disaster of Truncheon. Buy it if you team damage-dealer is a fighter, its passive will decrease enemies' armor when a skill hit them, just like before, a least 3 enemies will be affected when the first skill is casted. This also give you Moviment Speed if you poke your enemies with basic attacks.

Heart of Steel, buy this item if your enemies team's build have many heroes with Berserker's Fury or Windtalker, this will help you sustain more since its passive reduce an 20% of the critical chance. Lets say, a Miya has a Windtalker which has 20% of crit, with this armor she won't do any critical on you.

These are the chooses I mostly purchase and I thought would be the best for Rafaela. But if you are kinda lazy and al you want is to buy from the corner recommendations, then just follow the default builds. They are good too! Or make your own according to my recommendations here. :33

Rafaela facing others heroes
Rafaela goes well with almost all fighters and marksmen, she support them from behind and can tank for them when they are low-hp. When the game starts, try to stick to any heroe that can damage and has normal mobility for you to catch up. Try to avoid lining with tanks and another supports.
Best partner heroes:
Argus: He has a great damage and can catch up with enemies easily. And after using his Ultimate, he may appear with low-hp and its Rafaela's role make sure he is safe.
Alucard: He has the skills to clear minions way faster and to jungle easily, with him Rafaela can farm pretty fast too. He also has great damage and can catch up easily due his passive, is kinda vulnerable is he doesn't the enemy quick, if this happen, Rafaela can help him to get out of there easily.
Miya: Both are pretty slow and squishy, but if they use their passives correctly, may be a deadly duo. Miya's passive make her basic attacks faster while Rafaela's passive can catch up a enemies easily for Miya to finish off.

Since Rafaela's low damage, she can't really counter any heroes, but, she can easily chase and finish a low-hp heroe that you ally couldn't finish off. But before doing it, be sure that you can get back safely after finishing it off, otherwise, you'll be feeding.
Can be counter: low mobility heroes with low hp after a clash.
Can counter:
Natalia: Rafaela's Holy of Retribution can easily force Natalia out of her invisible mode so she can't attacks teammates from behind.
Odette: Rafaela's ultimate can cancel Odette's ultimate.
Irithel: Rafaela's passive can catch up Irithel easily, tho, she can't go alone.

Rafaela is squishy heroe, so, there are many heroe that can easily counter her. As support heroe, try to go in pair or more whenever is possible. Most enemies ignores supports, so, you can be sure that you won't be the first target, but even so, always keep an eye to damage-dealing heroes that are trying to get easy feed, mostly assasins.
Can be countered by:
Saber: with Saber's ultimate, Rafaela is pretty defenseless and cana one-hit her easily.
Harley: His ultimate's slowdown may put Rafaela's into a dangerous situation and can easily kill her with the right combos.
Ruby: Ruby's passive and CC can bully Rafaela easily, tho, it will take a while to kill her.

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Agree with the CDR items and movespeed because she needs it alot... Go for Rafa!!!
 Author| Post time 2017-10-31 10:47 AM | Show all posts
troy01 replied at 2017-10-31 09:39 AM

Agree with the CDR items and movespeed because she needs it alot... Go for Rafa!!!

Thanks you :33
Yeah, my builds for her are just that and a lot of gears with debuffs xD She is more like a debuff support type
Post time 2017-10-31 11:39 AM | Show all posts
YukisD replied at 2017-10-31 10:47 AM
Thanks you :33
Yeah, my builds for her are just that and a lot of gears with debuffs xD She is mor ...


She can be pretty annoying to Alice with that build.. HAHA
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Nice thread :o


THANKS!  Post time 2017-11-17 02:03 AM
Post time 2017-11-17 06:30 PM | Show all posts
Rafaela is the cheapest support I think and this guide is just perfect if you want to use Rafaela properly. It is also the first time I see a Disaster Truncheon in a hero build. Congrats on the Premier Guide as well!
Post time 2018-1-21 04:47 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Uses guide ever for me to play Ign: ezzat123 Id: 70356849 Server: 2129
Post time 2018-2-9 08:49 PM | Show all posts
Nice guide! I think you should also write a guide about how to play other characters with Rafaela in the team. Since, you know, no matter how perfect the build is, it doesn't matter if other characters still play like arrogant newbies. As a Rafaela player, I feel the pain.
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Edited by BiteRAWR at 2018-8-6 11:49 PM

Just finish playing Rank with Rafaela
Won with 9 Kill 4 death and 11 assist putting me second to MVP.
It was a shock to me that after some testing with gearing mostly cd redux and debuff, she like spam skill 1 and 2 every few sec making my team at least half health at the end each push.
What i do is slow - heal(speed) - heal(speed) - slow - ulti - heal/slow
I was laughing while playing because i never play rafaela in rank cept for fun in classic n brawl
Got 2 times MVP today hahahaha
and winning streak 7 times
Both on rank seems like rafaela is good to go for me not like before so squishy...
Seems like the slow and heal spam always quicken all the match with usually ended at level 10-12...
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