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[Unclassified] Irithel Guide for MM lovers.

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"Don't be lazy Leo, run!" Irithel

Hello guys. Today we will be talking about the one and only mounted marksman: Irithel, and not just small talk, but an complete guide on how to turn her and his brother Leo into insane killing machines and tower destroyers.

First lets talk about her skills;

Passive: Jungle heart

Irithel and Leo know each other so well that allows her to shoot while moving. Each basic attack shoots out 3 heavy arrows (it takes a while to reload heavy bow), each arrow deals 42% physical damage (Only the first arrow can trigger gear passive abilities).

Irithel's passive, the one responsible for making Irithel so different from other marksmen, that's why she can shoot while moving! An awesome passive that can be highly explored in equipment build (will be shown later). Another good point about it is that Irithel fire 3 arrows per each basic attack with each dealing 42% physical damage, meaning that you have an basic attack output of 42x3= 126% of physical damage on your basic attacks, 26% higher than all of other heroes basic attack. The turn-off though is that only the first arrow can activate gear passives, meaning they can't be abused by the multi-hit basic attack.

1st skill: Strafe

Cooldown: 10s Mana cost: 90/100/110/120/130/140
Shoots a round of arrows, dealing 250/280/310/340/370/400 physical damage to enemies in the area and reducing their physical defense by 15/24/33/42/51/60 for 3s.

Irithel bread and butter skill, one that should be placed high priority when leveling up. Deals an decent damage in an little AoE, with an great physical defense reduce for 3s, main reason why this skill should be leveled up as fast as you can. This skill can combo with everything Irithel has, as they will deal extra damage but surely the best combo is Strafe + Heavy Crossbow + an array of basic attacks to clear up everything on her path. Should be spammed as much as you can, respecting your mana limits, as you dont want to simply spam Strafe and get out of mana for the Heavy Crossbow advance and blow. This skill also needs an extra technique to be used properly since its mid to long range, meaning it can't be used when too close to the target, so make sure enemy is within AoE range before spamming it.

2nd skill: Force of the Queen

Cooldown: 10s Mana Cost: 60/70/80/90/100/110

Leo shouts loudly, dealing 200/230/260/290/320/350 physical damage to the enemies in the area and reducing their movement speed by 80% for 2s.

With this skill, Leo shows that he can help you too! Leo shouts loudly dealing decent damage and slowing down enemies by astounding 80% movement speed for 2s, time enough for you to chase your enemy and finish him or to escape from him if the situation gets rough for you. A pretty versatile skill that helps you in many situations. Since it can hit an AoE all around Irithel, it can slow multiple enemies proving it to be a useful skill, even if the enemy comes from behind. It shouldn't be leveled up top priority over Strafe though since leveling it up doesnt change either cooldown or slow effect/effect time, but still an useful skill.  This skill can combo with Heavy Crossbow when used for attacking since most certainly the jump will get you within range to slow down the enemy. It can also combo with the combination mentioned in the Strafe description.

Note: It can also be used to find invisible Natalia when you sense she is near you, but needs to be used with extra caution in this case, as a miss will make you wait 10s for a new try, time enough for her to silence and kill you.

Ultimate: Heavy Crossbow

Cooldown: 36s/33s/30s Mana cost: 140/170/200

Jumps forward and equips heavy bow which increase basic physical damage by 10/20/30% and allows her to deal damage to the target and nearby enemies, last 15s.

Hear fearsome ultimate, the Heavy Crossbow. It jumps forward or the direction you choose and changes basic attack from the triple single target arrows to an explosive single arrow that can deal damage in an small AoE of the impact zone, but only if it hits an enemy, for 15s, and on top of that gives an extra buff on the already good 126% basic attack damage to 136/146/156%! (Got enhanced recently). Great ultimate skill, one that also can help you either escape or to chase your enemy, that without mentioning it can also be used to blow great hordes of minions like they are nothing, very important when you need to keep an tower up. There's not much to talk except it's a destroyer. But you must be careful when using it, especially regarding the direction you will jump, as a wrong jump can either lead you into an ambush which most of the times it's fatal for her or put you in an advantage point for enemy escaping. All the combos involving this skill are mentioned in both Strafe and Force of tbe Queen descriptions, so there's not much to add. About leveling, 4,8 and 12 as any ultimate.

Now about the leveling skills order;

Since i'm a beginner on this forum, instead of using images, i'll show the recommended leveling order using initials, so:

St: Strafe, FQ: Force of the Queen, HC: Heavy Crossbow.

Level 1: St, 2: FQ, 3: St, 4: HC, 5: St, 6: FQ, 7: St, 8: HC, 9: St, 10: FQ, 11: St, 12: HC, 13: FQ, 14: FQ, 15: FQ.

The reasons why this order is recommended are already in skills description.

Now about battleground spells;

There's two spells i highly recommend for Irithel: Retribution and Inspire. Below i'll show their description and why they should be used.


Deals 600~1440 of true damage to nearby jungle monsters or minions and increases damage to monsters by 30% within 3s. (Damage will increase with level).

The reasons i recommend this one for Irithel is: First, she is an mid/late game hero, and an Marksman, meaning she will hunt a lot, and no skill can help you with that better than Retribution. Second, It can be useful as an extra slowdown and defense break when using builds with jungle based weapons both for killing and escaping as it makes it applicable to enemy heroes with pretty low damage but an 70% slow movement speed. and Third, for stealing enemy farm.


Greatly enhances the hero for a short period of time. The next 8 basic attacks will ignore 25pts of enemy physical defense and increase your hero attack speed by 55%. Lasts 5s.

The reasons i recommend this one for Irithel is: First, for extra DPS output when attacking enemy heroes/Lord, very necessary, especially on early game when her attack speed is slow and damage not so high. Second: For tower/Base destruction. Crucial for victory. Hardly anyone can stop an "inspired" marksman from destroying your tower/base and that's not different for Irithel. Also if she's within Heavy Crossbow effect when she inspires the tower, she can destroy the tower and whatever is near it.

Now about equipment;

I'll show you guys the High Speed equipment build and recommended emblems, and also shown why its name.

High speed build

Recommended emblems: Jungle emblem or Assassin emblem.

The jungle emblem was chosen for this one because the build takes long to reach max attack speed since Blade of the 7 Seas is the last one. This build grants: +265 physical attack, 45% chance of landing critical hit, +60% attack speed, 35% of physical lifesteal, 25 magic power (irrelevant), +550 life, +300 mana, +60 movement speed with extra 5% on top.

The order of buying is described on the image, but why Swift boots first? Extra movement speed on the start of the game is advantage for Irithel since she depends on it to chase enemies and escape, the extra 15% of attack speed is also welcome and  about weapons, she needs damage/% critical hit first over lifesteal or atk speed, because she has a low damage output at early game. That explains why Berserker's Fury is my first weapon, that without mentioning the extra 5% attack when critical lands and the extra 40% critical damage from its passive. Then we go for Windtalker, it doesn't give physical attack but gives 25% extra attack speed which is great, along with 20% critical hit rate maximizing the 45% bonus earlier as possible and 20 movement speed, making her having 60 extra speed along with her 250 base speed which is the higher among all marksman, making her already faster than most heroes at that point. Also its 1st passive that grants an "fourth" arrow as 125 magic damage (300 when crits with Berserker's Fury) and the 2nd that grants extra movement speed (yes, more speed!) for a while when 1st passive is activated. After that we go for Haa's Claws, for an extra 70 physical attack and an steady 20% lifesteal, ideal for her survivability in team fights, especially when she is focused, enabling her to also leave for a while to "refuel" on jungle monsters and then come back to fight. Its passive with extra 10% of lifesteal when hp below 40% is a helper too. Now we go for Endless Battle, for many reasons: extra 65 physical attack, +5% movement speed, 15% lifesteal, 250hp (every extra hp without sacrificing offensive stats is welcome on any marksman), 300 mana and two useful passives, the 1st grants 70% of physical attack as true damage after you use a skill and is also applicable on battleground spells, meaning you can Strafe and do an 1st huge damage basic attack, or Heavy Crossbow and deal an explosive 1st basic attack on the main target (the true damage doesn't spread) and even inspire/retribution with the first basic attack dealing extra damage, meaning you now can have two ways of "fourth" arrow your basic attack. On top of that the 2nd passive grants extra 15% movement speed (will those speed boosts ever end?!) for 3s. In the end but not less important, the Blade of the 7 seas. With extra 65 physical attack, 300 hp and 20% attack speed, it is the cherry on the top of the cake, not only because of the bonus, but the passives as well, the 1st gives an extra 10% extra movement speed meaning you get the bonus as long as you keep basic attacking the enemy, and the second makes all offensive skills break 25 of physical defense for 2s when hit and it is applied before damage, meaning when in max level you can use Strafe to break 25 def before damage + 60 def after damage making an total of 85 def break! Awesome! And with that you end the High Speed build for Irithel, meaning now you have an super fast marksman that can drain a lot of hp of their enemies and will make the towers tremble in her presence.

Note: I recommend buying hunter's knife at the beginning of the game, since she'll hunt a lot, the extra 20% damage and 15% extra experience will help a lot, just don't forget to sell it once you either reach level 15 or buy the 5th equip.

Now for best partners:

She excels most when accompanied with tanks or high defense soldiers, so i'll pick my 3 favorite ones:



Every hero with low hp/defense is suscetible to Irithel, but the following three are the most:


Note: Natalia counter is arguably, since Irithel can find her with Force of the Queen, but if she miss Natalia can kill her easily, but if she finds her, Natalia loses her silencing and can either throw Smoke Bomb and retreat or go all-in and then fight her head-on in which Irithel most of the time wins.

Countered by:

These three heroes can counter her roughly and you guys know why they do.


And that ends the Irithel guide. I wish you all who use Irithel or not a good game.

PS: There's no images anymore because the forum said i'm not allowed to post URLs, it had images, but when i tried to post it, i was locked.
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Great guide, love it. Being an irithel user myself,well written. Keep it up .
Post time 2017-11-1 11:12 AM | Show all posts
Yes you can upload an image using link, just leave the description empty.
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