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[Hero Techniques] Badass Healer - Rafaela Hero Guide

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Edited by Elporinger at 2017-11-3 11:16 PM

Made this while having exam. Sorry if this guide look terrible or rushed. Please give me feedback so, I can improve it. I may add picture after the event.


Rafaela is an angel capable of miraculously healing anything. It is said that when she appears, all pain suddenly vanishes, all wounds instantly heal, and all evil disperses like rain clouds when the sun comes out. Now Rafaela has descended upon the Land of Dawn in the hopes of using her miraculous powers to restore peace to the land.
"Healing prayer for you" - Rafaela" "1 like = 1 prayer"- some facebook user

Rafaela is a support hero which is Specialize in Harrassing Enemies and Speed Buffer than Healing. Also, she has a ultimate which stuns her enemies saving her teammates from enemies and interrupts her enemies during or casting a spell.


Passive:Heaven Blessing

Heaven Blessing is stronger than you think. It makes every damaging skill slow down enemies for 1.5 s  and makes healing skill increase movement speed of her and her teammates for 1.0. This can increase your chance chasing down the enemies and help teammates runaway from enemies faster and safer.

Light Of Retribution

Light Of Retribution is medium damage skill that will hit up to 3 nearest enemies. Not also that, it also reveals the enemies in the bush or invisible. Because of this, use it when checking the bush. Don't be scared to spam it. It has low cooldown and low mana cost expect during the early game. With the passive, this helps you slow down enemies distrupting them from escaping and chasing teammate.

When the match starts, put 1 point into it (and don't upgrade it until you have no choice) depending on what lane you are on and hero who are laning up with you. If teammate is a melee hero, I prefers to put the point to holy healing. So, he/her can take damage and runaway from enemies.

Holy Healing

Holy healing is AOE healing skill that drastically heal her and the most injured teammate near. The another 3 teammate get low heal from the skill. But, the passive will increase movement speed of all teammate including her. The movement speed buff is always same regardless the number of teammate who received the heal. Because of this, it helps your allies get into fight  and escape from the fight faster. This skill must be upgrade first depending on hero who are laning up with you (this helps him/her sustain more damage from the enemeis) expect when you need extra damage for ultimate or unlocking the ultimate.

Holy Bastain

Holy Bastain is a ultimate which deal large damage to enemies in a line and has decent stun. Because of the cooldown, you must use it carefully expect when you get lot of cooldown reduction and you are sure there no teamfight will happen. Light of Retribution makes it easy to hit a running target. After that, try to aim holy bastain carefully to stun and kill enemies. Hope that teammates that deal large damage is near because her skills do low damage to enemies who has lot of magic resistance. You can also use this to counter enemies that are casting a spell. The stun helps her and teammates run from enemies or gank enemies. Beware though, the skill range is low you may get hurt or killed trying to cast this spell.
Only upgrade this if you can unlock this spell or want extra damage.

Recommended Battle Spell


When Purify is used, it will remove all negative effects and grants immunity toward disable for 1 second and  increase movement speed by 30%. Use this when you get silenced and you need to cast spell during teamfight. Combining this with all her skill got, she can escape any enemies that are chasing her.


When Weaken is used toward the targeted hero, it can reduces the target's movement speed by 70% and reduce him/her physical or magic power by 50%. It duration is 3 second and that is generous of the dev. Because of this, you must target strongest enemy at the enemy team  during teamfight drastically decrease enemy team's damage. You can also use this as escape spell but, it useless when there are more than one hero that has disables/chasing skill chasing you.

Recommended Build Order

This build specilize in healing teammates and damaging enemies. Every Rafaela must have Enchanted Talisman no matter what. Calimity Reaper made your basic attack deals True Damage = 120% of your magic attack. Because of your skill, you can utilize this to do more damage. Clock of Destiny made you tanky. It's passive give you extra 30 hp and 5 magic attack every 30 second.If it fully stacked it gives you 5% of your magic attack and extra mana. Blood Wings gives you 150 magic attack and a little bit of hp. It's passive is powerful thanks to magic power added by magic item. It gives you 2 point of hp every 1 point of magic attack you got. The Holy Crystal gives you 90 magic attack and amplified your current magic attack by 25%. This made your Blood Wings passive stronger. It also increase your magic damage by 15% when you hit a target with your skill for 3 second. However, this will end immediately if you use a damaging skill after this and this build lacks of slow and heal reduction. So, be careful when you are escaping and you meet enemies that have lot of heal or lifesteal.
This build specilize in harrasing enemies. The Dominance Ice make every enemies's attack speed decrease by 30%, decrease enemies's movement speed a little bit and increase your armour. It useful in teamfight but, it kinda useless when there are melee heroes that are backed up by ranged heroes. This made Rafaela cannot slow the ranged heroes attack speed. Oracle give you 850 hp, 36 magic res, 35 regen and 10% cooldown reduction. This give you some survivability. It's passive make you heal 8% of your hp within 4 second after being attack. Ice Queen Wand gives you 75 magic power, 15 magic regen(useless...) and 7% of your movement speed. It's passive mades every skill that damage an enemy will carry a 15% slow down effect. This effect last 3 second and can stack up to 2 times. Combine with Rafaela's passive and Ice Queen Wand increase her chance of escaping from enemies, chasing and ganking enemies. The Holy Crystal gives you as usual. Only use this when there 3+ melee heroes on the enemy's team.
This build specilize in ganking enemies and taking damage. The reason for rapid shoes is you need extra speed to roam the map. Combine with this, Dominance Ice and Rafaela's passive. You can gank any enemies on the map. The necklance of Durance mades your damaging skill that hit a target carry a 50% heal reduction for 3 second. This make enemy's heals and lifesteal a bit useless when hit by your skill. Athena's Shield gives you 900 hp,  56 magic res and 5% cooldown reduction. At this point, it passive absorption is stronger because the match length. Demon's Advent is for punishing enemies who attacks it's owner by reducing him/her attack power by 6%. This effect last 2 second and can be stacked up for 3 times. With this, you increase your chance to escape with your skills and item you got. Only use this when you want to roam the map.

Heroes that go well with her(1), that she counter(2), and heroes that counter her(3).

(1)Alucard, Tigreal and Argus

This guy is called alucard or alutard by some players. Why? Because they either rushed in into fight and get disabled and killed. Even though he used his skill it is still not enough because he is a bit squishy as he relies on his lifesteal to survive. He has escape skill but once he get disabled by enemies it is a dead end for him. Fortunately, Rafaela can helps him to escape from enemies and sustain more damage. Not also that, she is great ganker with him. Their passive let them gank any heroes. Her's ultimate can stun or slow enemies that have lot of mobility. With that, Alucard can has extra time to kill enemies and refill his hp faster when he use his ultimate.

Tigreal is a tanker specilize in AOE attack skill and AOE ultimate. His skill make him a great escaper, chaser and in teamfight. His ultimate pulls all surrounding enemies to him but the ultimate has cast time and he can be interrupt. Because of this, enemies can easily avoid it or stun him before he get to cast ultimate. Fortunately, Rafaela can slow down enemies so he can pulls them or stun enemies who have stun abilities. Her healing also makes Tigreal faster. Because of this, he can move to better positioning and pulls enemies closer and sustain more damage.

Argus was basically her husbando. He was because he cheats on her with some blazing hot demonic ancient sword. This causes enemy runaway in disgust whenever he use his ultimate. Ultimate make him turn him into badass fallen angel (Is he a angel to begin with expect when he use his ult?). It give him immunity to death for 5 second and make every 20% of damage he received convert into his healthpool. This mades every enemies caustious of him. He may get stun, disable, or kill if his ultimate end. But, Rafaela can slow down or stun enemies for him to chase or heal him so he can chase enemies faster or gank together.

(2)Odette, Gord, and Irithel

Odette's ultimate is large aoe ult and it deals large dps. It annoy surrounding enemies by reducing their movement speed for 2 second after that they may get killed because they are squishy or they get killed by their enemies. It's more powerful when she use flicker spell during casting the spell. However, she can not move and can be interrupt during that. This makes makes her vurnerable to stun and disable expect disable cannot stop her from casting spell (does it?).Your team may don't have any stunner or stunner is dead. Luckily, because her movement debuff effect duration and Rafaela can spam healing triggering her passive, Rafaela can move out her teammates out of the way or stun her if Rafaela's ult hit her.

Gord's hair and ultimate make him saiyan.This causes every enemies to slow down when they get hit by his ult for extra dramatic effect+. His ultimate make him deals large damage per 0.3 second and with his skill he can slow and stun his enemies. Not also that, his ultimate range is long and it can be controlled by him. Luckily, his ultimate doesn't have spread like Odette and he is stationary during casting and his ultimate doesn't change direction as fast as enemies can avoid it making him a punch bag. However, teammates that got hit, slowed and in his ultimate range cannot escape from him. Luckily, Rafaela can either stun him or trigger her passive to help teammates get out the way.

Irithel is a strong marksman and very good at harrassing players. Her passive allows her to shoot while moving. This means she can chase every heroes that don't have mobility or disable skill. Her skill 2 makes every surrounding players slowed for 2 second and has low cooldown time. Her ultimate is great at chasing players, escaping and deals heavy damage combine with her skill 1. However, because she don't focus into cooldown reduction item. Rafaela may able to save teammates from her by spamming her skill 1, 2 or stun Irithel giving her teammates room to escape.

(3) Karina, Natalia and Vexana

Rafaela is good at escaping and getting into teamfights. But, she is squishy and this causes her target by every assassin heroes. She may have stun ability but, every assassin has lot of mobility and her skill has some delay to hit enemies. Karina as example  is great at suprising enemies and chasing enemies. Her skill 1 make her invisible and provide speed boost. Her skill 2 and ulti deals large damage to enemies and make her rushes toward targetted enemy. Because of her skill 1,2 cooldown causes Rafaela panic. Rafaela's Ult may hit Karina but that rarely happens when Karina knows how to dodge it. Karina's Skill 1's effect and cooldown overwhelm Rafaela's Passive. So, Rafaela must either checks the map frequently to know Karina current location or risk a death.

Natalia is the same with karina but, stealthier. Her skills make enemies slowed expect skill 1. Skill 1 make her dashes forward and can be cast twice. Her passive make her more dangerous when escaping and she has stealth mode. It makes her faster and her next basic attack stronger. It also silence the target for 2 second rendering them from casting spells or using battleground spell. Combine with her skill, Rafaela may get killed before she can cast her spell or use the battleground spell. However, purify is expection to this rule if Rafaela have that. But, Natalia still can chase her if Rafaela don't have ult.

Vexana is a good news and bad news. Her skills expect ultimate focus at damaging grouped enemies. The good news is Rafaela can heal faster and make every surrounding allies faster at dodging Vexana skill. The bad news is Rafaela cannot heal tank hero that take lot of damage and effected by Vexana's Ult causing them to die and turning them to Vexana's puppet. Her Ult reduce health recovery of the target by large percent. Not also that, if the target dies while under effect of the Ult, they get turn into puppet and continously deal plague damage to surrounding allies dealing 8% of their hp as magic damage.

-Made this
-Rewrited Heroes

-Rewrited Build Gear

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Can someone  help me why they are download links? (Nevermind I found out)
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And why  sometime I create box with picture?
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The image seems out of proportion.
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Synology replied at 2017-11-1 04:01 PM
The image seems out of proportion.

Fixed it. Anything that have to be improve?
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Elporinger replied at 2017-11-1 11:09 PM
Fixed it. Anything that have to be improve?

Maybe you could add some recommended emblem to go along with the gear build... And add another type of gear build with emblem for a more supportive role.

Adding how to play, where to stand, and how not to die.
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