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[Hero Techniques] Grock Full Guide

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Fortress Titan – Grock
Grock is one of the Meta - Heroes on MobileLegends when it comes to Team Fight Battle, Durability, Nuking and taking a lot of damage because of its passive which makes his teammates depends on him and Grock is the only tank hero who can deal a lot of damage despite of being a tank.







I.Skill Tips and Skill Combination Tips

Passive: Ancestral Gift
When Grock is near a wall or turret, his movement speed increases by 10%. Physical andMagic resistance and HP Regeneration increases by 23 -135 pts (This effect grows with level)
Tip: Try staying near a turret when roaming in lanes or escaping, using of his passive wisely will help you tank extra incoming damage from enemies.

1st Skill: Power of Nature

Raises weapon to sweep nearby enemies dealing 300 physical damage and slowing them down for 2 secs. Damage scales with charging time. Stay near wall or turret while casting this skill to immune crowd control effects.
Tip:Charging his first skill will deal a lot of damage to enemies. The more time of charging, the more damage it will dealt. Use this on waves of minion for fasterclearing of lane.Charge his first skill when enemies are trying to disable you (stun,hold,morph,slow,knockback airborne) to be Immune from Crowd Control (CC) spells.

2nd Skill : Guardian’s Barrier

Firesa shockwave toward a target location, dealing 300 physical damage. Then the shockwave becomes a stone wall that block the enemies for 5 secs.
Tip:Using this ability to block enemies from destroying turrets and to prevent themfrom escaping when low health. (Pro tip: Use 2nd skill to push enemies hiding from small areas of bush and forcing them to come out.)

Ultimate: Wild Charge

Charges forward, dealing 400 physical damage to enemies on the path. Hitting a wall ora turret allows him to deal additional 800 physical damage to nearby enemiesand reduces cooldown of his skill by 30%.
Tip: Charging forward onto enemies will knock the enemies airborne on path. This will help you when chasing enemies. Also Try hitting the wall behind an enemy to utilize the extra damage.

Skill Combos:
BasicCombo: (Easy Combo)
1.      Use 2nd skill behind enemies toblock their way.
2.      Followed by Ultimate and hitting the stonewall behind them.
3.      Use Petrify to hold the enemies from escaping.
4.      While under the spell of petrification, Try to charge 1st skill to max to deal maximum amount of damage.

Surprise Attack Combo: (ProCombo)
1.      Charge 1st skill until max inside the bush and head towards the enemy before releasinginto it.
2.      Quickly use 2nd skill behind the enemy.
3.      Followed by Ultimate skill for massive damage.
4.      Use petrifyand 1st skill combo again to deal the final blow to the enemy. (Remember to charge 1st skill before releasing to deal max damage).

II.Skill Leveling Order

Max 1stskill than 2nd skill,Level up ultimate when available.

III.Recommened Battleground Spells

1.      Petrify – Most Global Grock users uses this spellbecause it helps them to hold the enemy even for a short amount of time anddealing extra magical damage. It goes well also with his skill combinations.

2.      Flicker – Used for chasing high mobility heroes whenin low health. It can be also used for escaping and for surprise attacks or ganking.

IV. Equipments and Emblems

This Equipment set provides HP Regen,Movement speed, Hitpoints and Armor. This is my personal build when using Grock. And most Global Grock users have similar item build. Boots of Tranquility is the most important early game item to have because it provides HP and Mana regenthe helps him survive in the lane without teleporting back home. Followed by Ghost of Statue which provides HP, HP Regen and 5%CDR. Item’s passive helps Grock to roam in lanes and escaping battles. Then Athena’s Shield which makes him tanky and go against burst attack Mages. It provides a shield which can withstand magic damage. Cursed Helmet helps him to deal extra damage to enemies while chasing them and provides 50% damage to minion which helps him to clear minion wave faster. Followed by Immortality and Heart of Steel for extra armor and HP.
I recommend using Tank emblem for extra Armo rand HP. Roaming emblem will also provide Grock additional movement speed and HP regen.

V. HeroesCompatibility

Heroes goes well with:
1.      Rafaela –  Best hero that goes well with Grock because her 1st skill helps to slowand deal enemies damage and her 2nd skill gives additional movementspeed for a while that helps Grock chasing enemies and sustains grocks health.
2.      Aurora – A hero that not only can hold and slowenemy down, but she also deals a lot of damage which makes her a good companywith Grock. Imagine the possibility when facing Grock and Aurora in the samelane, This will give you a hard time dealing with them.
3.      Fanny – I know you are wondering why Fanny? Because Fannyis a High Mobility Hero which can finish off enemies from escaping.

Heroes that you COUNTER:
1.      Natalia – Using Grock’s 1st skill whileNatalia’s on the bush will make her reveal and easy to disable with its combo.Plus it makes for Natalia to go invisible when Grock is around.
2.      Gord – Gord is a Squishy Burst Damage Dealer andGrock is the best to counter him especially when Gord is using his Ultimate. Tobe Honest Grock can Counter all Mages with Disable skill because to theimmunity to crowd control that Grock’s 1st skill provides.
3.      Sun- Grocks abilities can deal damage in an Area of Effect and using Sun is abad idea when dealing with him. Grock’s 1st skill can easily killSun’s Illusions with a blink of an eye.

Heroes the COUNTERS you:
1.      Akai– Grock’s Worst enemy. Akai has a passive that gives him a shield so he cancounter Grock’s 1st skill and Akai’s Ultimate can cancel Grock’sWild Charge that makes him useless when facing a team fight against Akai.
2.      Hilda -  Same with Akai, She have a passive that givesher shield and HP regen while on bush. And Hilda is a Tanky Fighter which dealsa lot of damage against Grock.
3.      Karina – A Full item build Karina can easily takedown Grock even taking damage from it. Facing These 3 heroes can give Grock ahard time to Carry his team to Victory.

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4.5 difficulty? its been 2 mounts and over a 100 games since i bought grock and i still dont know how to use him so i just stick to akai
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