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[Hero Techniques] Rafaela Guide "Like an Angel"

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Don't underestimate Rafaela dude

"NOOOOO Rafaela !!!"
That's what most people would say (At this point of the meta) whenever you say "I want to use Rafaela." or when you pick Rafaela in the first 3 picks of Draft mode.

Its time for you to prove them wrong.

In this guide, we will go through the skills of Rafaela, her item build, the pros and cons of this hero, and advanced tips for those who wishes to say "I'm getting MVP this round" to the team even before they have done drafting.

Take special notes on those words highlighted in RED as these are key for this hero.

Basic skills

Heaven’s Blessing (Passive):
Damage-dealing abilities will slow enemies for 1.5s, and healing abilities will speed up allies for 1s.


Kiting is a breeze for her and this allows her to position herself in every teamfight. Her range for her spells is huge, allowing her to poke and heal anyone at a safe distance. She is also probably the only hero that provides her team a speed boost which can literally dictate the outcomes of teamfights. (For those who play Overwatch, you know the importance of Lucio in a team )

Light of Retribution (Skill 1): Uses the power of Holy Light to deal 250 pts of magic damage to the nearest three enemies, revealing the enemies in a short period of time.

Huge area + Slowing effect will easily make this one of the most annoying spells your enemies will face. Fight any good Rafaela and you will know :)

Holy Healing (Skill 2): Summons Holy Light to regen 370 HP for herself and the most injured ally near her, and also regens 90 HP for other allied heroes.

After you get Enchanted Talisman, this skill basically provides free healing and speed boost for your team every couple of seconds.

Holy Baptism (Ultimate): Uses Holy Light to punish enemies before her, dealing 460 pts of magic damage and stunning targets for 1.5s.

This skill is OP in both teamfights and solo engagements. The damage and stun will shock cocky enemies on the amount of damage and crowd-control that Rafaela can dish out. Allows you to 1v1 low-HP players. Follow this up with a good CC ultimate by your teammates and you have yourself an easy "Wiped Out"

Note: This ability fires in a straight line. There is a short delay between the first and last columns of flames shot out and the skill will take a tiny bit longer before hitting the enemy is at the furthest range.

Item Guide
Below is a item guide that can be used for MOST situations. That said, do not be afraid to swap any piece of item with one that will be better for the situation your team is in. Etc; Consider dopping some of the tank items for more DPS items if your team is lacking and vice versa.

Enchanted Talisman
+50 Magic Power,
+250 HP,
20% Cooldown Reduction
AND Regens 10% of mana every 10seconds. What more can you ask for? This MUST be the first item you get in order to sustain your continous damage/heal throughout the game. You can even choose to get this item even before the basic boots (Due to your speed boost passive).

Magic Shoes
+40 movement speed & 10% Cooldown Reduction. Additional movement speed + CD reduction. Basic.
Swap this out for other boots if you keep getting yourself in a sticky situation and need more defence.

Calamity Reaper
+70 Magic Power,
+400 Mana,
10% Cooldown Reduction.
Passive: After using a skill, the next basic attack deals extra TRUE damage equals to 120%% magic attack with a cooldown of 1.5s.
Along with the two items above, this reduces your skill cooldown by a WHOOPING 40%!!! The passive of this item will also further make your poking damage that much more painful.

+800 HP,
+40 Magic Resistance.
Passive: Resurrects 2s after dying with 15% HP along with a 300~1000 shield lasting for 3 secs. 180s Cooldown.

Get this item when the enemy team has a Magic burst damage hero. AHEM~*Karina*
Otherwise, you can choose to skip or swap out this item.

Ice Queen Wand
+75 Magic Power,
+15 Mana Regen,
+7% Movement Speed.
Passive: Skills that damage enemy heroes will slow them down for 15%. Effects lasts 3s and can stack up to 2 times.

By the time you get this item, your game should be nearing to its end.
AOE 30% slow + AOE Passive slow + AOE 1.5s Stun = No one gets out alive.
All achievable by yourself. One Hero. Sick.

Glowing Wand (Situational + Late game only)
+75 Magic Power,
+5% Movement Speed,
+15 Magic Penertration. Passive: Burns the target for 3s when skills hit, dealing 2%/2.5%/3% of the target's current HP as Magic Damage.

Get this item when the enemy team is THICK AF and your team needs more damage to melt them down.
Otherwise, you can swap this out for Holy Crystal (For bursty more damage), or Blood Wings (For more HP and general damage)

Courage Bulwark
+770 HP,
+45 HP Regen.
Passive: Increases 10% of attack power and defense for nearby allies. Nearby soldiers can tank more turret damage.

This item is preferred when your teammates are losing teamfights. At any point of time when you realise that, finish up the item you are building towards and make this the next item to get. Sadly, we are still a support here. The best the game has to offer.

Rafaela VS Estes

The big question here is; Why Rafaela and not Estes.

The first and most important thing to note is that both of these heroes have an entirely different playstyle. Rafaela has more poke damage compared to Estes. The trade-off would be the lesser burst healing Rafaela provides unlike Estes. Choose whichever hero that suits your playstyle and have fun with it

Rafaela is able to provide utility factors like constant AOE healing, damage, and speed boost throughout the game. Unlike Estes where he provides a crap ton of burst healing and area slow effects, Rafaele excels in dragged-out fights and is infinitely more mobile, raining fire and support on the edge of battle.

In the end, it all comes down to the playstyle you prefer.

Pros and Cons
+ Owns in the lane: Generally you should choose to lane with someone and the laning phase will be a breeze for you and your teammate. Rafaela is easily capable of zoning two enemies out of the lane with her AOE damage and slow. Slowly push forward and use your Light of Retribution to push them back into their towers while your ally farms the lane. Use your speed boost and healing to fall back when you overextend.

+ Kiting: Generally Position is key for any ranged heroes. However, if Rafaela is being engaged upon, she has the ability to speed herself up while slowing her enemies down. This makes her capable of kiting her enemies so much betterandeasier than most heroes.

- Burst Damage: Burst damage is Rafaela's weakness. She is both unable to dish out and recieve burst damage without assistance. To compensate for this, you have to constantly be aware of both your own position and missing enemies, as well as consider purchasing an Immortality or more defensive items if you are constantly being targeted.

- Salty Players:
THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM ESPECIALLY IN DRAFT MODE (Epic tier & above)!!! As Rafaela is a drastically underrated hero (In this meta), by picking her, there is a real risk that your own teammate will scold you and even throw the game before it even started. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you communicate with your teammates that you will perform (and you better!) and that nothing will go wrong as long as everyone fulfills their roles properly. DO NOT FIGHT SALT WITH SALT!!

Advanced tips
  • Pump your damage skill first: Even though you are a support hero, maxing out your DPS skill, especially in the early game, will significantly help out your lane control as well as your jungle farming. You will be too painful to approach and your lower level healing will still provide your teammates with the speed boost they need to escape. No one can blame Rafaela for not providing burst healing too >:)

  • Use Light of Retribution to scout bushes and counter Natalia: "HOHOHO" is the sound I make whenever the enemy team picks Natalia. Natalia's invisibility is practicially useless against Rafaela. Your AOE spell reveals anyone it hits for a short period of time. Along with its short cooldown and your unlimited mana, you can spam your skill to expose enemies (and Natalia) in bushes before entering it. RIP Rikimaru rip-off

  • Battle Spells (Petrify): Now my choice of battle spell would definately shock most players. For Rafaela (or at least my playstyle of her), Petrify provides the most offensive and defensive utility. It turns anyone around you into stone for 0.7s. Offensively, along with your slowing passive and speed boost, this give you more time to melt the running enemies or stop them enough for your teammates to catch up. This can also be used to follow up on your ultimate by running into the middle of the stunned enemies and "freezing" them for another 0.7s (2.1s in total). Defensively, this can be used to stop anyone who gets the jump on you be it Karina, Zilong, or Sabre. Petrify can be used even when you are stunned, giving you the chance to escape with your boost. Petrify also allows me to clear up a defensive item spot in favour for a more damage-oriented item. In overall, to accomodate my aggressive playstyle of Rafaela, Petrify is the easy pick of battle spells.

  • Save heals for speed boost + Communicate: LAST BUT NOT LEAST; Communicate with your teammates be it by pings or voice comms, and save your healing spell for the speed boost it provides. In tense situations like tower diving, the speed boost you provide to your team GREATLY outweighs the healing it gives. It cannot be emphasizes how important this point is!! Use your healing to boost your teammates into or out of tower range, and if possible, tell them that you have speed boost at the ready so that they can mentally prepare for the dive.


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