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Karina Best Playing

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Karina Guide

▪️EARLY GAME The way I play Karina is kind of a hit and run strategy. So early game I buy the jungle item first and I use retribution as a battle spell to help clear jungles faster. Always get the blue buff to spam her skills.

I top lane is best for Karina because of the blue buff. After you obtain the blue buff and killed the other jungle minion rush back to top lane as fast as you can to get the gold and exp from the minions.

Once the second minion wave arrives quickly kill them and if you see that the enemy heroes in top lane doesn't have the red buff carefully sneak in their jungle and kill the jungle minion with the red buff.

By the time the third minion wave arrives you should be level 4 by now and that's where the fun begins.

At this point you should be spamming your first and second skill at enemy heroes until their HP is half. That should be enough for you to kill them with your skill combos. When executing your skills do it in this order (1ST SKILL - ULTIMATE - 2ND SKILL)

▪️MID GAME By now if things go your way you should already have destroyed the enemy turret in top lane this is the time for you to start roaming the map.

When engaging in battle remember that Karina is a squishy type of hero so avoid a 2v1 battle unless they have half HP or you have a lead in levels and gold.

At this stage of the game team battles will happen very often now. Your one of the highest burst damage heroes in the game to fully utilise this hero you need to be able to have the killing blow. Why is it important Karina gets the kill because the kill will automatically cooldown your ultimate and it will give 60% cooldown to the rest of her skills.

Don't jump in the middle of the fight wait for the enemy to use all their CC. And ALWAYS USE THE HERO LOCK MODE ON KARINA I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. with hero lock mode you can focus on the squishiest hero in their team. You're number one priority in team fights is to take out the ADC first this could mean life and death for your team. If done correctly you can kill the ADC in 2 seconds. And since your ultimate will be available immediately you can kill the second ADC in their team if they have. Always target the hero that has low escape probability.

▪️LATE GAME If you have map control and by this I mean you have destroyed most of their turrets and their playing defensive. Clear the enemy jungle even if you have full build so that they can't farm.

At this point if this go your way you can take on lord by yourself and try to finish the game.

And also since it's late in the game now you can basically kill any adc and mages you encounter so don't be hesitant in attacking or engaging but do it with high caution. Always have map awareness so you don't get ganked.

▪️ITEMS 1. Hunter's Knife (sell later)why hunter's knife?for in order to kill monster 2.Calamity Reaper 3. Rapid boots 4.Consentrated Energy 5.Glowing Wand 6.Blood Wings 7.Immortality

Here i recommend karina must wear spell RETRIBUTION. Why spell retribution?because to be able to make it easier to kill monsters to quickly level up and here too karina must be many
Hero my favorite : Karina

▪3 Hero I Mastered
-Karina (My favorite)

▪3 Heroes that can be resisted easily

▪3 Hero who can fight my hero

Hero my favorite : Karina ^_^
Link Theard Guide :
ID : 73669845
Server : (2032)
Email :
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Kalo kalian mau comment pake bahasa indonesia?boleh ko, sengaja ini content saya pake bahasa inggris :) you know kids jaman now lah hehe, kalo ada yang salah atau kurang kalian boleh tegur saya,makasih.
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Thanks for sharing your ideas!
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AngelShie replied at 2017-11-1 07:34 PM

Kenap freya?
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Hello, is this meant to be posted for the Hero Collection Guide? It seems that you have posted in the wrong section. It should be posted in the Guides Section "Guides Section." But the event has ended already.
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Thanks for idea!
I will use your item build on ranked game
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