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Skill Tips :
Vexana deal damage by bursting for her 2nd skill! She clear wave easily with her 2nd skills!
Her 1st skill only stunt enemy for awhile and her other skill does not have any stunt so normally no one would use her on rank.
I recommend teammates to let Vexana take the blue buff as she need lots of mana to maintain lane, she can take middle lane, but she can only control lane, she CANNOT down tower fast! Teammates have to down Top/Bottom fast!
Watch out for Vexana Ulti!!!! Look at the Hero that has a logo on top, kill that hero first so you guys can have another helper! (As that hero will become Vexana ghost but you got to kill the hero within 10seconds!)

Recommended Item For Vexana :
-Lollipop  For MANA if you are the kind of person to keep spamming skills then you would need this. (I only used it if opponent has too many tank/fighter)
-Spell Vamp  I wasnt sure if this help but most of the top Vexana user is using it, as vexana skills is burst, her ulti put on a curse on specific heroes which mostly let her to definitely get a killed and she could regens 10% of one's HP, and she heals more if all the hero was to stick together and she manage to burst all of them. As mage mostly have little HP!
-Glowing Wand  If opponent has too much tanker or fighter, buy this! Need this item to counter back them as mage users, we often get killed easily and we can only depend on our burst damage and teammates! It helped! As it burns the target for 3s! The damage will increase by the target current HP, especially towards target that is dying or with low HP, they often die in the end as they couldnt return home when its burning their HP!
-Enchanted Tailsman BOOK! What people often called it, definitely a need since the skills cooldown for Vexana is kind of long, need cooldown for her skills or else her normal attack wont last her for long.
-Magic shoes For cooldown also if not you could get the Rapid boots for faster movement speed as Vexana or mage user normally walk way too slow.
-Lightning Truncheon  As Vexana user deal damage by burst, I definitely recommend this item. Approximately maximun of 3 target will recieved damages from you, and deal 150% magic power damage every 6 seconds. As Vexana deal damage by burst, this definitely helped! Especially if enemy were to stick together.

Which item to buy first :
  Just buy two mana regens to control lane first.
-SHOES   Definitely need shoes first as Vexana movement speed is too slow...
-SPELL VAMP/LIGHTNING TRUNCHEON   Depending on yourself. I normally get lightning truncheon first as I dont really bother about my HP, I need damage to scare off the enemy (Thats what I thought lol)
-GLOWING WAND/HOLY CRYSTAL   Depends on opponent heroes. If they have too much tanker or fighter, we need to buy glowing wand to counter back.

Depending on opponent before buying lollipop! Most user still buy it as mage we need mana, but I specific thinks that if only opponent has a lot of tanker and fighter, if not we dont actually need lollipop. Dont spam too much skills and just use 2nd skills to maintain lane, save your mana precisely will do!

Heroes that goes well with Vexana :
: When he hook, I could use my first skill to stunt them for awhile as they walk towards us and attack. / Or I can use first skill to stunt and make them walk forward so that franco can hook!

Gatotkaca : As he can force enemy to attack him and his ulti is jump and stunt enemy. During the time, Vexana can spam her skills especially her 2nd skills that deal bursting damage to opponent.

Tigreal : When tigreal pushes opponent towards us, Vexana could use either 1st skill to stunt them again or 2nd skill to burst damage to enemy.
I reccomend to just use 2nd skill as when Tigreal pushes opponent, they will be stunt, so no point we stunt them again...

Zilong : When Zilong lifts the opponent which people often called it as flip, but yeah, he has to flip it to the correct place so Vexana could uses her 1st skill to stunt them again then 2nd skill to burst damage. (Normally it does not kill an enemy unless Zilong has farm his items already, so dont be stupid to keep attack when you are level low.)

Ruby :  Ruby is about the same as Franco, as both of them can hook enemy over. Thats the chance when Vexana could helped to stunt them again and deal damage!

Aurora : When she freeze using her ulti, Vexana could use her second skill to burst at the same time.

Heroes Vexana counter :
Natalie :
Not really counter but when there is a question mark nearby, Vexana Ulti can actually detect or make Natalie appear! Just keep pressing the ulti anywhere lol....

Fanny : Not really counter fanny as normally Aurora can counter her by freezing. For Vexana, I recommend to just use ulti on fanny so fanny could return home with Vexana Curse. Or you can try using Vexana 1st skill when she fly over to attack you, sometimes you can eventually stunt her and your teammates can kill her.  (But bear in mind that if you are with low HP, then just retreat)

Hayabusa : Same as Fanny, not really counter, but can use ulti on hayabusa, especially when he was having low HP, he could not retreat back home with Vexana Curse! But it was still difficult to attack haya and definitely not when Vexana is having low HP.

Heroes that counter Vexana :
Most of the assasin can counter Vexana easily!
Sometimes Vexana can run away safely if there is enough mana for you to use 1st skill! As 1st skill stunt them awhile but not for long....
Mage die easily due to low HP, so always retreat if there is assasin around when you are having low HP!

Basically this is what I think as I've been using Vexana for quite awhile and I do loved this Hero a lot!!!
My guides may not be accurate or 100% correct but this is just base on my experience from using Vexana! :)

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