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[Hero Techniques] Be A Star And Shine Like Cyclops - A Cyclops Hero Guide

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Written by the wonderful user:


Hey there, big guy! Today I will be sharing you my wisdom so that you may pass it on to your grandchildren and future Cyclops mains alike. Now, onto the guide, whoosh!  /( I )/

Skill Tips

Starlit Hourglass (Passive)

Your passive. A great passive for a mage and fit especially for someone handsome with one eye. Use your skills to hit something: minions, heroes, monstas, anything that gets hurt by your skills will proc that passive.  This applies to your ult so starting your burst with your ult will maximize the CDR on it but be sure to know who to use your ult on.

Stardust Shock (Skill 1)

One of 2 of your main damaging abilities. This ablity is great for waveclear and will proc your passive from the initial cast as long as it hits something, if you do that well then you don't have to worry about waiting for the stars to align-I mean wait for it to go off cooldown to be used again. Line it to go bowling on enemies in teamfights or hit them on large minion waves.

Planets Attack (Skill 2)

Boy does this skill hit hard. You get to throw bowling balls that hit like meteors. To utilize this effectively, all orbs must hit the same target to maximize damage. You use this for 3 reasons: nuke stuff, movement speed, and nuke them some more if they haven't journeyed to the stars yet. Since it has a rather low mana cost, you can use it for its movement speed bonus to rotate and gank when you are needed.

Star Power Lockdown (Skill 3/Ult)
A point and click root. This skill will make landing your other skills easier. To maximize its use, use it on a low health squishy. And when built with certain items, you can even use it to secure a kill on a fleeing enemy. But some heroes with skills that make them invincible (Roger Skill 1 as a Wolf and Lancelot) will nullify the ult turning it into a waste. So if you're planning on using it on them then use it right after they use those skills.

Skill Leveling
In the early game you should unlock your skill 1 first so you can have good waveclear and win the lane. Most of the time you'll want to max out your skill 2 first but if your frontline is not reliable or you can't go in often to use it, then maxing out skill 1 is okay as well.

Battle Spell
You'll want to bring this spell most of the time. It will let you clear a monster in about 4 seconds. This also helps you get the role buff faster so you can go back to whatever you were trying to do. You'll want to use this order to maximize bursting the monster: aa-Retribution-Skill 1-Skill 2

Pick this if you feel like your allies are gonna steal your monsters or the enemy might focus and dive you often.

Emblem Set
Magic Emblem Set:
If you want to maximize your damage from your skills.

Roamer Emblem Set:
If you think you already have enough damage. Plus this lets you rotate and move in the jungle even faster. Though its best if you take it when it's around lvl 30. Otherwise, just take the magic emblem set.

Equipment and Orders

Enchanted Talisman
Low cooldowns via passive=using abilities more often=becoming mana hungry. This will solve your mana issues.
Magic Shoes/Arcane Boots
Take arcane boots if the enemy team is tank heavy. Otherwise, take magic shoes.

Concentrated Energy
Mostly for the spell vamp so you can life steal with your abilities. The extra health is welcome, though.

Lightning Truncheon
Any burst mage should be taking this item in their build

Holy Crystal/Devil Tears
Mostly up to you for which item you want. This slot is actually rather flexible.

Blood Wings
So you're more likely to survive longer with the added health.

Hero Chemistry

Who works well with me? o_O
Kagura: Her stun will let make it easier to land your skill 1. Though her ult might make it slightly difficult so be sure to time it right and aim for the spot where the enemies will be pulled towards

Gord: Same reason with Kagura. Gord's Skill 1 stun will make it easier to allow you to hit things with your Skill 1.

Almost anyone, really: Purely because of your ult. Any rooted squishy is a dead squishy and just about anyone will benefit from your root (Except your enemies).

Who am I cancerous towards? (^.^)
Skillshot Heroes (Such as Gord, Vexana, etc): Just keep moving side to side around them. Your Skill 2 will make it even harder for them to land their skills.
Melee-Reliant Heroes (Such as Ruby): Keep your distances and things should be going your way smoothly. If they get too close then ult them so they can't use their close range abilities on you.

Franco: If he misses the hook go in hard. But don't get caught by him with your ult on CD just in case he does get you. Also see the reason for Most Tanks.

Heroes with Mobility Abilities (Such as Saber, Hilda, etc): The root from your ult does not only keep them in place, but it also disables their mobility abilities whether it's a dash, teleport, or a jump as long as the ult is active on them.

Most Tanks: Mostly referring to tanks that rely on magic resist and taking hits on their health. It's pointless for them since you'll be likely to have magic penetration items.

Argus: Mostly save your ult for when he ults and is about to die. He can't gain any health back from his attacks if he can't reach. But avoid dueling against him either way

Who is cancerous to me? D:
Cyclops: It's mostly based on whoever lands their skills first and who has the better items.

Sun: You are most effective at dealing single target damage. Your skill 1 may benefit from the clones for your passive but the other two skills don't. Ult one and the other two can and will continue to chase you. But it's okay to use your Skill 1 on him and his clones if you are looking to shorten your cooldowns.

Lolita: Don't just use up your abilities on her, ok? Her Skill 2 negates all of your damage if you do and will come back at you tenfold if she ever lands that bullet after the shield. And avoid her ult whenever possible

Eudora: All of her skills are point-and-click so avoid running into her. She becomes almost a sitting duck after using her abilities so that's the time you should engage her.

Lancelot: Normal for him to be able to counter most heroes solely because of his skills.

Miya: Only if she has her passive stacked. Otherwise, it'll be an even matchup.

Natalia: Her silence will mess you up. Don't let her get the jump on you. If you see a "!" above your head, pretend that she's behind you and try to use Skill 1 behind you. If that doesn't break her stealth, run.

Other Tips
Stutter StepThis is the act of moving in between auto attacking. This applies to other heroes as well unless they have high attack speed. Your aa might not do much but free damage is still free damage.

Reposition Often
You're mostly a mid-liner, a position between the backline and your frontline. That way you can land your skills easily while your tank and fighters protect you. But always keep moving as you are a fragile little precious.

You Can Duel Most Heroes Well
1v1'ing is usually a weakness for most mages, but not for Cyclops. Although mages with cc might help them survive a duel, Cyclops is not able to just survive a duel, but is also capable of winning one. Opponent too close? Ult. They rely on skill shots? Dance around them. Your foe escaping? You know you gotta go chase. ;) Unless they have backup nearby or can pull you towards their towers.

Aaaaaand that's it. Now use this guide to help you reach for the stars.

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Hi, if you are participating in the guide event, please follow instructions and post your details in the thread linked here:
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superlaser97 replied at 2017-10-30 01:47 AM
Hi, if you are participating in the guide event, please follow instructions and post your details in ...

Why yes, I am "attempting" to participate the guide event but somehow I can't reply to that thread. When I tried to, it said that I have no rights to post. I clicked on the link that would tell me why and it said that the thread was closed and I cannot post new replies? I went to other threads and it looked like I could reply just fine. Is there something I'm missing? I'd also like to mention that this account is new just so I could enter the event. Maybe that's it? Is...there a FAQ or anything similar that could inform me about how this forum works?
Edit: I can comment on it now. Guess it was because of the thread only being open during the event time period. Silly me.
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