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[Account] [GUIDE] Account Problem

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Hello everyone, there have been a lot of Account Problems on the forum lately and some of them are having trouble contacting Mobile Legends’ Customer Service. So I, Ryu, is here to guide you on how to contact the Customer Service, regarding your Account Issues.

When you open Mobile Legends, you’ll see the Main UI as below.

You’ll be able to see a Person with A Mic icon beside your name.

You’ll be using that button to contact Customer Service.

If you click that button, you’ll be greet up with the following screen.

In this tutorial, I will be guiding you about Number 1​.Account Problem (A red border)​as you see in the picture above.

Account Problem

If you click “Account​ Problem”,​ you’ll be greeted with the following screen.

In summary, here you’ll be able to

  • Retrieve Account​- Get the account you’ve lost back

  • Fail to Bind Platform Account​- You’ll find “How to Bind Account” tutorial here. If you fail to bind account, you can let the Customer Service know about it.

  • Fail to Unbind Platform Account​- Here you’ll be able to let the Customer Service know that you can’t unbind your account and you can let the Customer Service unbind it for you.

  • Why can’t I Transfer My Account To an iOS Device​- Here, you’ll find various Tutorials on how to create new account, bind/unbind social platform accounts, How to Continue the old game progress on other device and so on.

  • Create a New Account -​ Here, you’ll find a tutorial on How to create a new account and how to create a new game on the same device.
  • How to switch account to original server​- You can find a tutorial on switching server here.

Retrieve Account

If you click “Retrieve​ Account”,​ you’ll be able to see the message as shown below.

If you click “Retrieve​ Lost Account Tutorial”,​ you’ll find an in depth tutorial on retrieving lost account.

If you click

  • Forget Platform Accounts You Bound Before -​ If you forget platform accounts you bound before,please contact us to retrieve it
  • Change A New Device - You’ll​ see a “Change a new device” if you click this, you’ll see the form.
  • Switched To Another ML Account - If​ you switch accounts and forgot to bind account before switching, you can retrieve it here.
  • Reinstall The Game - If​ you reinstall the game and forgot to bind account, you can retrieve it here.
  • Format The Phone -​ If you format your device without binding the account, you can retrieve it here.

You’ll be greeted with a “Retrieve​ Account”​ screen as shown below.

a. Here You’ll need to insert your Player Name.

b. Here’s your Server ID

c. And here’s your Player ID

d. The device you play on, example (Galaxy Note 3, iPhone 6s Plus, etc..) e. The date you register your Mobile Legends account, you’ll be able to see

it in Google Play Games Achievements page. For more info about this,

you’ll be able to find it in Account​ Problem > Retrieve Account > Retrieve Lost Account Tutorial.​

f.        Last Login time of your account, if possible you’ll need a specific date and time, for example use 13/July/2017 instead of “About a week ago, a few days ago” and so on.
g.        You can find the order number from the receipt that Apple/Google send you or other services send you when you buy something in game.

h. Choose the package you buy (50 Diamonds, Starlight Membership, etc..) i. The date you order that package, you can find this in Apple/Google’s


j. Screenshot the receipt that Apple/Google send you.

k. Screenshot the receipt that Apple/Google send you.

l.        Your Player/Account’s Level, you’ll be able to find it below your name in Main Page (Home Screen of Mobile Legends, As for me, my account is Level 30 as shown in pic)

m. The amount of hero you have. n. The amount of skin you have. o. New Account’s name ( so that

the retrieved account will got binded to new account)

p. New Account Player ID ( The long number)

q. New Account Server ID ( The short number in brackets)

r.        Which platform do you use to bind your new account? Choose it there, you can choose multiple platforms here.

s.        How did you lose your account? (You forgot to bind, format device, uninstall ML, etc…)

Tutorial for number 1​-5 from​ Retrieve​ Account Section ends​ here.

Here begin number 6​. Account got hacked tutorial​.

If your account got hacked, your account may got hacked if you give your Google Account Username and password, Apple ID, or Facebook Accounts to someone to recharge diamonds for you or if you trade accounts. If this happen
you can mail mobilelegendsgame@gmail​.com​explaining that your account got hacked, include your

  • Player ID

  • Server ID

  • Player Name

  • Date you create your account

  • Last Login Date

And wait for their reply. Please know it’ll take a few hours/days to reply as many players are contacting customer service.

Fail to Bind Platform Account

Here, you’ll find account binding tutorials.

If binding account fail for you, you can choose where it fail. (Google, FB, VK, Game Center) as shown in pic below.

Here you can choose “Binding​ Failed”​ to be direct to the form you have to fill or you can choose others and get redirected to the form too. The form will look like this as shown below.

a. Nickname of your account

b. Server ID (Short number below your Name in Avatar page with brackets)

c. Account ID (Long number below your name in Avatar page)

d. OS (Android or iOS)

e. Which platform you can’t bind

f. Phone’s OS version. (Android 7, iOS 10 for example)

g. Game Version, you’ll be able to see this in top left of loading screen. h. Device Model (Samsung Note 3, iPhone 6s Plus, etc…)

i.        Time that happen, time when you can’t bind, an example would be 5/July/2017 5:30 GMT+6:30

j.        If you got error messages or pop ups, take a screenshot and upload it here by clicking “Choose File” and choosing the screenshot.

k. Additional Information if you wanna add or you can just say “none”

Fail to unbind platform account

If you forgot the password for the social media platform that you’re bound with, it’ll be much better to go and click “Forgot Password” on their sites.

But if you remember the password and you can’t unbind, here the Customer Service will help you unbind.

a. Put your nickname here

b.        Put your server ID here ( Short number with brackets under your nickname)

c. Put your Account ID (Long number under your nickname)

d.        The date you registered your account ( You can find it using Google Play Achievements, the date where you got your first Achievement for ML)

e. Which platform you can’t unbind with

f. Device Model (Samsung Note 3, iPhone 6s Plus)

g.        You can find the order number in the email that Apple/Google send you after purchasing any item in game.

h. Choose which package you buy(Starlight, 500 diamonds)

i. The date you buy that package.

j. Screenshot of the receipt (Screenshot of receipt mail from Apple/Google) k. Why can’t you unbind? (The page for unbinding account don’t load, Forgot

password for FB/VK/FB and couldn’t reset it, etc…)

Why can’t I transfer my account to an iOS device?

Here you can find various tutorials on Binding, creating new accounts, and so on. You can click 1 by 1 to view tutorials.

How to unbind social platform account​- Tap your avatar​ > account > bind account.​ Linked social platform will show green. Tap it to unbind.

How to create a new account on the same device -​ It’s shown below

How do I bind my account -

  • Open the basic info page by tapping on the avatar on the left side of the screen.
  • Tap the account button in the lower right corner.

  • Tap the bind account button in the account management page.

  • Login to your Google Play or Facebook account, agree to the permission request, then your game ID will be bound.
  • If you need to unbind your account, then you just need to login to the same Google Play or Facebook account to unbind.

Notice for sharing account on iOS to Android (IMPORTANT)​

Due to Apple regulations, iOS and Android versions cannot be interconnected and cannot share data. If a player logs in to the same game account on both an iOS and Android device via a 3rd party (e.g. Facebook), then Battle Points, diamonds, character level, items, etc. gained on one device will not be shared to the other device. In addition, official rewards will only be sent out on one platform, one time only.

How to continue an old game progress on other device

Tap your avatar > account > bind account, to link your game to your google play or Facebook account. then on your new device, enter the game and create a new game, then tap your avatar > account > switch account, choose google play or Facebook, input your account address and password to log back into your old game.

Privacy Policy

Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd. (Moonton) see it as our responsibility to set examples and help establish the standards for privacy on the Internet. During registration, each service asks the user to provide different types and amounts of personal information. Moonton intends through the use of such information in good faith to deliver better services.

How to create new account ?

If you want to create a new account, here are two ways:

  • Format the device (not​ recommended)​

  • Prepare a new device, install the game and create a new game account, bind the new game account to a social platform account.

  • You can log in and play your bound game data on multiple devices.

  • Open the basic info page by tapping on the avatar on the left side of the screen.

Click 'Switch​ Accounts'​ and you can switch to different game progress you've bound to one of your social platform accounts.

How to switch account to original server

If you switch to a new account when changing server between advanced server and normal server, don’t worry. tap the 【server list】, select the server where you were or click the 【Back to original server】and tap enter game to log in to your lost role.

Post time 2017-11-7 09:42 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Akun Hilang. Saya sudah bind dengan email saya. Saya menxoba bermain di advance server. Dan kemudian saya kembali ke server original tetapi server original saya malah menjadi levek baru lagi. Padahal saya sudah bind dengan email dan akun VK. Tolong kembalikan akun saya. Emai :
ID : 31305800(2046)
Nickname : Don't+Judge+Me
Post time 2017-10-27 12:21 AM | Show all posts
I want to lose hero and diamonds
Post time 2017-10-28 10:52 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Dear Mobile legend : bang bang

Please can I get the account again because my Facebook account got hacked, then I tried hacking back and can. When I login again it turns out "your account is not listed on the game plafom" / unbind. Please help me

Best regards
Post time 2017-10-30 07:46 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Guys, please take care of two couples. They're good to Hack Mobile Legend. I do not know how they opened my account I did not know them!
Post time 2017-11-5 11:56 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Dear MLBB, why i cant top up diamond? I tried to send verification code but not send to my in-game mail. Why? i spent my money to top up diamond:'( please help my id : 84045469 and the server 2161. Please help:'
Post time 2017-11-7 01:11 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
MLBB  help me my acc was hacked i cant bind to my fb
Post time 2017-11-7 05:26 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Nickname Before : Crust Nickname After    : MatiMamakNuPkeIniAkun Server : Asia  Good Evening. i really need some help. my account was used by other poeple on other device. is there a way to make my account log out from his device. This make me so stress becos his/she just make my account got reported and i see his/she just afk on the game. Pls give me some help.   Best Regard - Crust
Post time 2017-11-7 09:35 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I lost my account
Post time 2017-11-7 09:53 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
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Parman1994 replied at 2017-11-7 09:42 PM
Akun Hilang. Saya sudah bind dengan email saya. Saya menxoba bermain di advance server. Dan kemudian ...

Hi, sudahkah Anda merestart game atau Login  kembali ke akun terkait? Jika sudah login tapi masih tidak berubah. Bolehkah saya tahu kapan masalah ini terjadi?  Sebenarnya, Anda juga bisa melaporkan masalah kehilangan akun melalui CS dalam game > Tap Avatar > Layanan Pelanggan  > Masalah Akun > Mengembalikan Akun yang hilang.  Isi data dengan benar dan detail. Gunakan bahasa Inggris ya. Terimakasih
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