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[Poll] How To Use Stats To Determine A Player

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Post time 2017-10-6 06:19 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Recently, when I was playing, I added some good players and when they saw my stats, some of them just deleted me right away because my winrate is only something above 50% and they thought I was the one who can only play good matches when someone better is carrying the game.

So today, I am going to write a post about how to determine a good/noob player using their stats.

(Note: Only consideer stats in ranked mode)

The winrate does not mean a lot. You can lose a match with 5/0/8, and you can also win a match with 0/7/0. If you play 20 games a day and your winrate is about 45%, you can eventually get to GM or Epic5 in the end of each season by the star raising point and protection point.

Overall, any players with winrate of 45% to 55% should be considered average, any players below 45% will need some more practice. Players with winrate of 55% to 65% are all good player. Players with winrate more than 70% must be smurfs of pro players, or is a pro player in other MOBA games, such as AOV, Vainglory and King of Glory.

2. KDA
KDA means the ratio of kills, deaths and assists. KDA=(Kills+Assists)/Deaths. KDA determines how well a player' performance over-all. Note here, when calculating KDA, kills and assists are weighted equally, which means you don't have to KS for a good KDA.

A player with KDA of 2.5 is about average (2.0 for tank main players), 4.0 is for good players, 6.0 and above is for pros. However, I do not recommand players to have a KDA greater than 12.0. Why? If you are 4/0/8, why don't you finish the match right the way? Why don't you take lord and secure the game with the huge lead? If you keep killing and you already have full items, the enemy team will grow up eventually, and they can win just by one successful teamfight.

However, KDA does not fully determine a good player because there are always things more important  than getting the kills. For example, you are moskov and you are pushing the mid lane, an enemy alucard jumped in and tried to defend the tower, you stunned him on the wall and autoattacked him and his hp is about 1/5 while the tower still has half hp, that alucard started to run away, will you chase him or focus on the tower? The answer should always be going for the tower. First of all, that alucard will not go back and fight you becuz he knew he can't. Secondly, after the wave, you should wait for another 20 secs for another wave to come to push this tower, and 20 secs is enough for other enemies to come and defend the tower.

3. MVP Rate
MVP rate is very very important. MVP rate=(mvp+mvp from losing team)/matches*100%

MVP rate is the key factor to determine if a player is capable to carry the game. It also shows that the player's role in a team, is he a carrier or a feeder? MVP rate determines how much value a player could bring to a team. A player can use Estes to get the MVP by tonnes of assists.

Average MVP rate is about 20%, maybe 18% for tank players. MVP rate above 25% is for good players. MVP rate above 40 percent is for pro players. MVP rate below 20%, maybe need a little bit more practice.

4. Favorate hero and winrate
Well, this one is a little bit complicated. It depends on the number of matches played and the difficulty of the hero. For a difficult hero like Fanny, Kagura and Moskov, there is always a long way to master them. Winrate does not mean a lot if you haven't played them for more than 500 matches. However, if your favorate hero is Layla and you only have 45% winrate, then congrats you are hopeless.

5. compability graph
any respectable hexagon is fine. If one stat is extremely low, then there will be some problem.

Please lemme know your ideas

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10.34% (9)
13.79% (12)
 Author| Post time 2017-10-6 10:04 AM | Show all posts
support me plz
Post time 2017-10-6 10:17 AM | Show all posts
Win rate is acceptable for me when its above 54%. Definitely not anything lower. 45% WR is telling me not to play with you at all because you are either super lousy, or you are under a curse.
Post time 2017-10-6 10:39 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Thanks for this post. Because i need friend before reach epic I guess. this is my first season to play rank luckily it going pretty well.
 Author| Post time 2017-10-6 10:48 AM | Show all posts
Synology replied at 2017-10-6 10:17 AM
Win rate is acceptable for me when its above 54%. Definitely not anything lower. 45% WR is telling m ...

I've a friend with 48% winrate but he does what he needs to do. I have also seen a karina chasing the enemy when she is 2 items behind, and eventually died before even reaching the enemy. And I added that Karina after match and found out she actually has 60% winrate. And I checked again other stats, but I found out that, she actually only has 15% MVP rate and battle rate of 40%. Some players  have high winrate just because they got a good friend carrying them, and it does not show how skilled they are.
Post time 2017-10-6 10:57 AM | Show all posts
Akre replied at 2017-10-6 10:48 AM
I've a friend with 48% winrate but he does what he needs to do. I have also seen a karina chasing  ...

I understand. But anything below 52% i really avoid. This is just the win rate. I am not bothered with the MVP etc etc...
Statistically speaking, if you played 1000 games. on a 45% win rate... meaning this player lost 550 games out of 1000 games. Why would i take the risk?
Post time 2017-10-6 10:58 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Akre replied at 2017-10-6 10:48 AM
I've a friend with 48% winrate but he does what he needs to do. I have also seen a karina chasing  ...

Just like op say win rate does not mean alot.
Post time 2017-10-6 11:07 AM | Show all posts
Oh yah...if you are in gm, i heard my friends say that gm have lots of trash now.
Not to mention epic... its comparable to last season gm. The season rank reset with the introduction of mythic ... Now you can expect last season "gm trash" to be in epic.
be mentally prepared.
Post time 2017-10-6 11:53 AM | Show all posts
holy crap you beat me to it lol. was about to make similiar guide. this need to be pinned somewhere. oh well, there are few other thing that i wish to add.

1. Deaths/Match. this the most important stats to know just how good a player is. the higher the number, the worse the player is. as you probably already know, it calculate the number of player death per match. the average player has below 4.0(usually around 3.0). top player usually has below 3.0(example 2.5 or 2.1). anything higher than 4 is considered as bad, as this player has the risk to feed the enemy. thus the risk of losing is much higher.

2. Damage to building/match. this one is a little bit complicated because it kind of related to Damage to. hero/min. both numbers need to be in good ratio(which i haven't calculate yet). but usually the higher number on building mean the player focus on objective. still, this doesn't make them a good player as some player focus too much on objective and doesn't help teammates/ganking/defending(which is bloody important).

btw, can you explain how the calculation for the MVP rate works? i tried mine and end up with 0 and a very decimal numbers lol
 Author| Post time 2017-10-6 12:07 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Akre at 2017-10-6 12:10 PM
RaiTo19 replied at 2017-10-6 11:53 AM
holy crap you beat me to it lol. was about to make similiar guide. this need to be pinned somewhere. ...

it is a decimal lower than 1, and it can also be written as percentage. For example, 0.42=42%

And you have made very good points. I think a tank player can have more than 5 deaths per match, and a non physical damage main (such as mage main and support main) player can have a less tower damage per match
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