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[Request] Kagura. Share your thoughts.

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I have been seeing a lot of posts here about Kagura, mostly complaints. So, instead of ranting about being rekt by her (with good kag players), I want to know how to play her. I tried her twice but she's so difficult. I want to master as much as many heroes as I can she's on my priority list.

PS: I'm a newb but I don't consider as one of the noobs because I play decently. I don't feed and go afk.
Post time 2017-10-4 07:41 AM | Show all posts
Edited by iamfeeder at 2017-10-4 07:44 AM

This is the first time I see newbies discussing about Kagura. Wow. And this is coming from someone who main Kagura (895 matches).


lets pro kagura enlighten us. so kagura will be shine once again  Post time 2017-10-4 08:28 AM
Post time 2017-10-4 02:12 AM | Show all posts
Take a look at iFlekzz's guide :
(ML Hero Training Camp)
 Author| Post time 2017-10-4 02:16 AM | Show all posts
Avent replied at 2017-10-4 02:12 AM
Take a look at iFlekzz's guide :
(ML Hero Training Camp)

Nice! Thank you.
Post time 2017-10-4 04:23 AM | Show all posts
It's not that hard to play Kagura especially when you know how her skills work, but its not easy either, I can say that on the first wave in the middle lane try to use your first skill on the enemies minions while they are walking towards your minion, and keep note to always farm as much as possible on the early game and don't be greddy.
Post time 2017-10-4 05:40 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
1. Learn your skills and cooldowns 2. Check gear builds of rrq lemon and other good kagura players 3. Start with flicker as spell if you want to test limits and have more escape or with retribution if you straight wanna go farm jungle while your lane is idle. 4. Learn to tower dive enemies 2.1. Learn to chain all your skills  together to a deadly combo for almost all squishies ;)
Post time 2017-10-4 05:44 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
5. Try to help out other lanes as much as possible after you destroyed a turret on your lane. Pressure the enemy, you can be so annoying for them. In classic it often happens that the enemy swiches position cause they got wrecked at the tower and at some point they give you the turret lol xD
Post time 2017-10-4 11:09 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
You can check out how rrq lemon play on livestream. I think he's good. Just watch his gameplay. And you may change your build as you want. I have 2 type of kagura, support one(i my team have carry, i will buy anything that slowing enemy or reduce armor) and carry(if your team dont have heroes that can carry. You may buy magic power, and penetration items). Correct if i'm wrong ^^
Post time 2017-10-4 01:03 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
iamfeeder replied at 2017-10-4 07:41 AM
This is the first time I see newbies discussing about Kagura. Wow. And this is coming from someone w ...

TBH, before Kagura rework, i mean about 3 to 4 months ago, when you see Kagura in game, they are usually good. Now i can see new player with Kagura, dying more than 5 times a game. Getting too many newbies try her these days.
Post time 2017-10-4 01:37 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by chucky09 at 2017-10-4 01:50 PM

I think she's not only back in the meta right now. She is the meta, along with Cyclops but its easier to play cyclops. I guess i have some tips that i learned, i think its worth to share..

1) Always have your blue dash ready when entering bushes or while enemy is missing from the map, don't abuse it just to move faster or jump a wall.
2) Don't dash in with your second skill(without umbrella) during team fights because you'll get bursted to death, just use the purple ult atleast until there is a few enemies left. If your ult is on cd then just spam your first skill.
3) Learning to escape takes much more practice than learning her skill set, so practice and patience.
4) Use lowest hp target setting, even though you should aim your shots, just sometimes you can't see the enemy because the range is too far or your view is crowded so this setting will come handy.
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