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[Hero Gear Tips] Get Started with: Odette

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Get Started with: Odette


Skills and Passive

Passive [Lakeshore Ambience]
After casting a skill, the next basic attack or skill will also cast a sound wave that will bounce between nearby enemies dealing Magic Damage.
- This is a very strong passive which makes Odette good to easily farm lanes killing minions fast and it's also a very good damage dealer during teamfights.

1st Skill [Avian Authority]
Odette summons a swan which will deal Magic Damage and lower Movement Speed for 2s to enemies in a straight line.
- The range of this skill isn't very long but at least it's decently large, it's a decent damaging/slowing skill.

2nd Skill [Blue Nova]
Odette fires a magic energy ball in a straight direction, on impact it will deal Magic Damage and block the enemy for 1s. After the ball hits a target or reaches its maximum range it will split into two extra enerby balls that can also damage and block enemies.
- The "block" is similar to Cyclop's Ultimate, it's not a stun. Cool skill which offers nice cc, not easy to land and mastering it will be key to mastering Odette.

Ultimate [Swan Song]
Odette sings a song summoning a large energy field which will continuously deal damage to enemies in the area. The fild also empowers the frequency and the speed of the bounces from Odette's passive. Enemies hit by the field will be slowed for 2s, the slow decreases overtime. During this skill Odette will receive 30% less damage.
- The aoe is very big and the damage is strong, it's very easy (if the enemies are good and have the right heroes) to cancel this skin if enemies stun you or hard cc you in general so you need to find the right moment and right position to use it.


Odette Guide Pic

Odette Guide Pic

Item Build

1st Item - Enchanted Talisman: Good Magic Power, some HP, high 20% CDR and very high Mana Regen so we will never run out. Very good item which will allow us to spam our skills for the rest of the game thanks to the high cdr and mana regen provided.
2nd Item - Magic Shoes: Movement Speed and additional 10% CDR (if you plan focusing on having the Mage Jungle Buff active at "all" times you should buy Arcane Boots instead).
3rd Item - Concentrated Energy: High HP and Magic Power and a lot of Spell Vamp giving us more survivability and self sustain thanks to our aoe skills.
4th Item - Ice Queen Wand: High Magic Power, more Mana Regen and some Mov. Speed. The Passive will make our skills Slow the enemies, very useful with pretty much all our skills since they can hit in an AOE, most importantly our Ultimate.
5th Item - Lightning Truncheon: Very high Magic Power and Mana Regen. The Passive gives us even more burst and aoe damage.
6th Item - Blood Wings: Insane amount of Magic Power and a lot of HP, final touch to give some more survivability and a lot more damage.
Starting Item: 2x Magic Necklace or Hunter's Knife (useful when you go mid since you will do some solo jungle rotations).

Potion: Magic Potion (Blue), gives some additional Magic Power and useful 5% CDR.


Emblem Set

Magic / Magic Assassin: Both these sets are good picks for Odette, pick your favorite one or the one with the higher level.


Battle Spell

Flicker: Odette has no mobility skills so Flicker is very good to have and it also has some other utility (I will talk about it in the tips down below).



1) The Mage Jungle Buff is nice to have but not a must, this build already has high CDR and Mana Regen so you can do perfectly well even without it.
2) Max your 2nd Skill first, the Cooldown gets lower for each point you put into it.
3) It's very easy for enemies to stop your ultimate if they have hard cc skills, always try to ult from a safe distance, right after they used their cc or even better while they aren't paying much attention to you because they are focusing your allies.
4) Don't move while your ultimate is active or you will stop it. While you are casting your ultimate you can use Flicker to move while still casting the ultimate, it will keep going even if you moved!
5) Your Ultimate makes the bounces from your Passive "better" (to put it in a simple way) so if possible you should throw one, or even more, of your bouncing attacks right before you activate your ultimate.
6) Your 2nd Skill is a very nice CC skill which can potentially lock up to 3 enemies! It's a hard skillshot to land and it offers many possiblities thanks to the multiple angles and projectiles it fires, try to master it to maximize your success with Odette.
7) Remember that Spell Lifesteal also works on the bounces from your Passive! They will heal you, when you get a lot of Magic Power you will also be able to see the heal numbers (that means that at first you won't really see the healing numbers because they are too low to be displayed but it will steal heal you).
8) If you don't use your Passive before it expires and you keep casting skills you can stack your passive up to 3 times so you can get 3 procs in quick succession!

9) When you want to throw one of your Passive Bounce Attacks but you are scared to go close to use a basic attack you can instead use a skill (your 2nd Skill has the longest range so it would give you the safer distance) if you had already used a skill before, the skill itself will carry the bouncing attack.



Odette is an aoe damage oriented mage. Her weak points are her 1st skill having a somewhat short range and her Ultimate being very easy to be interrupted, I think they should increase a bit her damage reduction during her ultimate (maybe not back to how it was on the Advanced Server but still a bit more than it is now). If you (with good timing and positioning) and your team do a good job during fights you can really do a ton of damage thanks to the bounces from your Passive and the big aoe damage from your Ultimate.
Odette is that kind of "slow" mage like Aurora, Vexana, Gord and Eudora so if you like that kind of Mage you should try her out and consider buying her :)





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