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[Hero Gear Tips] Get Started with: Argus

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Get Started with: Argus


Skills and Passive

Passive [Warmonger]
Dealing and taking damage will charge Argus' Demonic Blade (the lower your Health is the faster this passive will charge), when fully charged the next Basic Attack will be two quick Basic Attacks instead.
- Very strong passive which increases your dps by a lot.

1st Skill [Demonic Grip]
Argus launches a Demonic Hand to target location:
if it hits an enemy he will deal Physical Damage and jump on top of the enemy, the skill can also be reused to deal an additional slash attack;
if it doesn't hit any enemy Argus will be pulled to the target location.

- Very nice and versatile mobility skill.

2nd Skill [Meteoric Sword]
After a short charging time Argus hits enemies in a straight line with his Demonic Blade dealing Physical Damage and making the enemies bleed for 5s. Bleeding enemies leave a blood trail, Argus gets increased Movement Speed while moving over it.

- Good base damage, nice and useful Mov. Speed increase when you hit enemy heroes so you can stick to them more easily.

Ultimate [Eternal Evil]
Argus transforms into a Fallen Angel and becomes immune to death for 5s, he instantly charges his weapon on activation, 40% of damage dealt during the transformation will be converted into Health after the immunity ends.
- Unique ultimate which is the core of Argus' fights, it can make or break fights itself!


Guide Pic

Guide Pic

Item Build

1st Item - Swift Boots: You can experiment with different boots on Argus, there isn't really a must pick which is always 100% the best. In this case I went for some additional Atk. Speed. I think Warrior Boots can also be very good, Though Boots in some niche situations too.
2nd Item - Berserker's Fury: Start building up crits, high Crit %, good P. Damage, and +40% damage from crits!
3rd Item - Scarlet Phantom: When you get this you will start being extremely strong, gives some
P. Damage and Crit % but most importantly A TON of Atk. Speed! (it will be relatively easy to proc its Passive thanks to our good Crit % and our Double Attacks)
4th Item - Demon Hunter Sword: Good mix of
P. Damage and Atk. Speed plus nice Lifesteal and a Passive that deals HP% based P. Damage which works very well with our high Atk. Speed and Double Attacks!
5th Item - Magic Blade: Good
P. Damage and some Magic RES, it gives us a Shield when we drop below 30% giving us a better chance to survive burst damage and activate our Ultimate before we die!
6th Item - Blade of Despair: The last item is flexible, I think BoD will be the best pick if you want to go for damage thanks to the extremely high dps it provides. Windtalker can also be nice because you get more Atk. Speed, Mov. Speed, Crit % and you will proc its Passive a lot thanks to your high Atk. Speed and Double Attacks. If you want to go for a defensive item Immortality will also be very useful for the HP, Magic RES and Passive it provides (you could die with Immortality and then use your Ultimate after you respawn).
Starting Item: Hunter's Knife is usually a nice pick for better jungling, you can sell it later.

Potion: Red Potion (Energy Potion) from the Attack section of the Shop.
Gives some more P. Damage and useful Lifesteal.


Emblem Set

Physical: In general all "physical" based emblem sets work well on him so just pick your favorite or simply your higher leveled one.


Battle Spell

Retribution: Faster farming and Buff kill secure (very important for the River Crab!).
Safer pick, slower farming but CC break can be very useful during fights.
Good players will try to stop you from using your Ultimate when you get low, this will help you prevent that.



1) The Fighter Jungle Buff is nice to get because of that 15% CDR which will make our skills more spammable but most importantly it will lower the extremely long CD of our Ultimate. The Slow on skills is also nice to have.
2) Max your 1st Skill, it gets a lower CD with each point. Your 2nd Skill is pretty much as good as it gets with just 1 point.
3) In the early game when you don't have many items (before your 3rd item is done) you don't deal much damage so don't be overconfident, just try to get the best out of your ultimate and you will still be useful during fights.
4) Countering Argus seems simple, just don't attack him during the Ultimate, right? Well, yes but the "problem" is that when you use Ulti on him you pretty much drop down to 1HP and since you will be the lowest HP hero the Auto Target system of the enemies will pretty much lock on you everytime! Avoid hitting him with skills is easily doable but with basic attacks it's not going to be as easy. That's how it is during frenetic full team teamfights. When you use your ultimate in smaller engagements (1v1, 2v2 and similar) it's easier for good players to disengage during your ultimate and wait for it to run out before they attack you back so be aware of this when you jump in in those scenarios.
5) Your 1st Skill is a very good Mobility Skill, you can use it to reposition during fights, to escape, to engage, to jump through walls, it's a really good one.
6) If you directly hit an enemy with your 1st Skill it will also work as a short duration Stun because the enemy will be stopped while you jump onto him so that's another thing that makes it useful. The Slash you can also use after you hit an enemy is extremely useful because it makes you jump on top of the enemy again so don't use it immediately after you get on top of them, see if they use any mobility skill to run away so you then activate the slash and be on top of them again!
7) Even with just 1 Skill Point your 2nd Skill has very decent base damage, it's very nice to kill a minion wave very fast or to jungle faster, very good damage for the early game when you don't have many items.
8) When you use your Ultimate try to be right in the Heat of the fight, go where you can easily get targeted so you both increase your Regen but also take a lot of damage for your teammates!
9) In general when playing Argus you have to be aware of heroes who can easily kite you because if that happens you could easily get killed or waste a very long cooldown on your ultimate, versus those kind of heroes you always have to try to hit them with your 1st skill so you have a brief stun and also the second slash to catch up to them again and also hit them with your 2nd skill so if they try to kite you you can still run pretty fast at them.
10) Your Ultimate is an extremely good tool to use when you tower dive, tower shots will NOT heal you but still if used at the right time it will allow you and your team (if you are the one taking the tower shots) to do relatively long tower dives!

11) Argus doesn't need Mana to cast his skills, that's a nice feature so you don't ever need to worry about saving resources and you can use your skills whenever you need them.



Argus is a very cool looking fighter, he has nice mobility and good survivability. His double basic attacks look extremely cool but they are also strong and a unique feature in the game, same thing goes for his ultimate which is a very unique tool that can potentially single handedly turn the tide of a fight. Argus doesn't have much hard CC so it's nice to play him with some allies who can CC enemies so you can keep hitting them down. Mastering Argus mostly means understanding when to use his long cooldown Ultimate at the right time while also understanding which enemy heroes can easily escape from his initiation or kite him.
Try him out and see if that's the kind of playstyle you like!





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Cool guide brooo. ... i'll try....
 Author| Post time 2017-10-6 07:41 AM | Show all posts
registernow replied at 2017-10-5 05:02 AM
Cool guide brooo. ... i'll try....

Thanks, good luck :)
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