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[Team Tactics] Some ranked tips

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Edited by MAYDAY at 2017-9-6 03:44 AM

Well... these are a couple of tips I find important when playing ranked so I hope they help you.
You need a balanced team, meaning more than 2 marksmen, mages or fighters is too much or more than 1 tank, support or assasin (except for high rank, where asasins are favorite over marksmen [you know... like.. plural for 'marksman'], from what I've heard).
You need damage for obvious reasons, destroying and killing.
You also need disablers (stun or cc - Crowd Control) to stop imminend threats, such as agressive damage dealers or ulting enemies or just to initiate a fight.
You might need healers to keep teammates in fight for longer.
You ALSO need tanks (or even fighters with durability set). What do they do? Well, some of them stun, some of them heal, some of them block damage but the most important part that tank do (imo) is CREATING SPACE !
Damage dealers are squishy and need someone to suck damage for them and keep the fight away from them so that they can be offensive (kill enemies) not deffensive (save theirselves from enemies).
Of corse this is not EVERY EXISTENT ROLE that characters play, there are far many but I gave some general examples.
Recap: damage dealers, disablers, space creating.

  If you are a tank you stay in the front line. This means you should create space for your team, that you are often the initiator, you stay in people's faces asking for a beating while your teammes kill them, you usually serve your ennemies on a golden plate to feed your adc's.
Usually sucks but it's also pretty rewarding when you win (or kill steal. or get mvp.)
  Marksmen and mages have high damage but low life. Your place is behind. Usually.
You must focus on dealing the damage while trying not to expose yourself too much.
  Healers are as squishy as damage dealers but they don't deal damage so they must not necessarily be close to combat but usually behind frendly lines ( not too far tho, because you may get hunted by assasins).  The healing priority is usually from the most hurt to the most healty, but fighters and marksmen have usually priority from obvious reasons.  Think it like that : as mm you want your enemies in the perifery of your auto-attack, as healer you want your allies.
  Mages, on the other hand, are usually cooldown restricted meaning they act once they have their abilities and that their auto-attacks (sorry for using this term but I think using simplt "attack" would create confusions) are not that effective, so you strike when the right moment arrives then you go defensive.
  In other words: long raged heroes are like that for a reason. join frontlines when necessary; you can do work from far too regardless of class (poking is good too)

To maximize efficinency and minimize deaths you must often choose a killing order, a killing priority. Usually this priority depends of situations but I propose this order:
i) Healer
-if he stays alive longer, so does enemy team so he must be focused first
ii) Assasins
-they do huge amounts of damage but can't last for long
-they can usually kill squishies with little effort making them dangerous
iii) ADC / MM
-often mm are NUMBER ONE target, being most dangerous but you can't target them while they are being healed or if there is an assasin on your tail (so that's why I put them on 3rd spot)
-early pick on mm is a giant advantage because enemies will have lower overall DPS
iv) Mages
-usually they use their abillities then wait the cooldown so that's why I put then all they way here
v) Fighters
-if high damage dealers have been killed fighters are easy to take down
vi) Tanks
-TANKS MUST DIE LAST. Never focus tanks in a TEAM FIGHT. This is what they want.
So this is the general order but every spot is interchangable. For example:
-charger start fight but doesn't get back up, he most go down (doesn't matter how low on list. in that case is not team fight, is execution)
-no healers, no problem. focus damage dealers
-mm more dangerous than the assasin? make him go down first
..and so on.
  Often: squishies, everything but tanks, tanks

  This may or may not mean to know what does every hero and every item do, but hey I never said this game is easy. That being said you must know your enemy's  strong points so you can counter them. You must know enemy's combos so you expect them, must know who can damage and stun, you must know when they used ults and so on.
  Hero examples:
-Franco =  dodge hook by moving  constantneusly (I have a feeling this word is wrong but I hope you get the point)  and using minions as cover
-Aurora = red is bad, if she has stun she is dangerous
-Natalia = you must use skills that do not require targeting (supports skills, Alucard's second, Balmound's  second, Mino's first and so on) to blow her cover
-Moscov = don't stay in line with minions or near walls
-Minotaur = rage is bad. wait for him to chill
...and so on
  Items examples:
-Ressurect shiled = you must wait
-Crit sword = anti-crit armor (usually)
-True damage dealing items = some extra health
-Armor = armor penetration
..and so on
  You must also know every hero's abillity range to have a better idea of how you should position yourself, you must be careful at visual signs (Tigreal ult, Rafaela ult, Gatot ult and so on), sometimes you must look at the enemy and read his intentions (such as turretdiving when you are low, chasing you to cast ult on you and so on) and there is no shame to have a tactical retreat until enemy's ability effect (wichever) wears off.
  Recap: take advantage on your enemy's weaknesses

  You must know what you as a hero and you as a team can and can't do. Tanks don't do damage, adc's die fast, mages are useless witout skills (except Nana with marksman set lol), healing skills don't  deal damage and so on.
  One other thing that can give you an advange is using hero's passives. Might sound stupid (because some passives can't be ignored) but the point is you must use everything you have at your disposal and passives are like a 4th skill (or 7th if you're Kagura or Roger  lol).
  You must also know what your team can do so you should react when  necessary and do combos, focus, slow, reap etc.
  Some examples: when Aurora has 5 red bars, when Mino almost has ult, when adc have built their (well...) builds and so on.
  Some combos: Tigreal ult and Miya's 2nd skill, Chou's and Saber's ultimate, Franco's and Zilong's 1st skill and so on.
  In other words: you must use know and use all your strong points

  In order to be effective you must buy items, you must farm. In order to win you must destroy towers, destroy the base. In order to destroy turrets you must wait for minions. The point is you MUST NOT FOCUS ON KILL.  
  Turret diving is not always the solution. Being agessive won't always make you the MVP. Sometimes you have to let go of your kills. Yeah, he was low and yeah he was one fart away from meeting his ancestors but in the time he recalls and comes back you can farm and maybe earn more than if you killed him.
  Turrets are very dangerous. The longer you take damage from them, the higher it is meaning turret diving must be intelligent (if you are sure you get the kill) and sometimes you have to focus turret first.
  Don't engage when you are outnumbered. I hate when Zilong respawns, sees there is a team fight, goes super saying then gets melted down. Sometimes is enough to poke until you have an advantage or until someone makes a foolish mistake (like Zilong...).  
On short: sometimes playing defensive gets more kills than being aggresive

  This might also sound stupid but that is the point of this game: TEAMWORK.
  You're a fighter? Join tank and share the damage he takes. You can distract an enemy that is a chasing a hurt teammate? Help your pal escape. Someone is being focused? Stun the atacker. You are a tank or a mage with CD build? Don't take the blue (40% is max and YES, 35% is good too).
  Also, in late game is very important to stick together, not  get ganked, be careful at where the enemy is (or if he's missing, in wich case he can gank you).
  Follow the charger when he initiates.
  Use everything in your advantage: towers, minions, bushes, lord etc.
  Beware of gank.

And... that's it for now... Trust me, I did not copy and pasted them from someone else. Also I wait to see what do you think about my tips and good luck in ranked ! :)

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Also, something about myself... I'm not Legend, I'm not Epic, I'm Grandmaster and 90% of games were soloQ with 285ms ping spikes, frame drops, bad team comps, afk's, out of sync teammates and I also did mistakes so.. yeah... I deserve my spot.
I am playing this game sience the end of last year (I have Alucard Hellfire skin ) and is like an addiction to me but hopefully I will give up on him because I'm begining collegue in octomber and I have this month to repeat everything for it.
You can find me by this name ingame and... I am still waiting for other, more experienced people to complete or correct my post or just share their opinion. :)

PS: Legend:
ADC = attack damage carry
MM = marksmen
squicky = with low life, easy to kill
CD = cooldown
gang = grouping to attack by suprise or to simply outnumber

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Marksman*   Squishy*   Gank*
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mm is most important player in late game, for early game not effect if you mm die 100 times but make sure u gold n tower still ok....
Post time 2017-9-5 03:24 AM | Show all posts
Helpfull my friend, thanks for posting this haha
Post time 2017-9-5 03:24 AM | Show all posts
Helpfull my friend, thanks for posting this haha
Post time 2017-9-5 05:13 AM | Show all posts
I disagree with some because sometimes it's ok to have 2 of a class. Example 2 tanks, 2 mage, 1 mm can be a good comp as well as 2 fighter(chou), 2 Assassins, 1 mm.
But these will work better on organized teams.
Mage and MM are top priority, not the healer since Deadly Blade and Neck of Durance pretty much make healers useless but you have to dodge Raf's Ult
Post time 2017-9-5 10:04 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Yeah mage n mm are top priority, healer atm is pretty useless(rafa used for control). Assasin is a no too bcz you can not catch them(exception is saber n karina)
 Author| Post time 2017-9-6 03:31 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
FilthyCasual replied at 2017-9-4 08:31 AM
Marksman*   Squishy*   Gank*

Thank you sir xD
 Author| Post time 2017-9-6 03:50 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
DPloi replied at 2017-9-5 05:13 AM
I disagree with some because sometimes it's ok to have 2 of a class. Example 2 tanks, 2 mage, 1 mm c ...

I'm not a fan of 2 tanks per team but rather one tank and one fighter with tank build (and I guess this is what you meant) or even two fighters.
And yeah, it depends on coordination. I have lost against 4 adc 1 fighter because we got caught off guard then overwhelmed with damage but the point is that I am trying to encourage a balanced team composition: heroes that sponge (or even heal) damage and heroes that deal damage.
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