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[Hero Techniques] Guide and Tips for Irithel

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cover copy.jpg
Irithel is a marksman hero with specialty reap. She is the first hero that has own mount, Leo the tiger. What make Irithel special than other marksman hero is she can shoot while moving. It is an advantage for her in condition shooting enemy that chasing her or pursuing a moving target.

- Powerful AOE attack skill
- High damage
- Shooting while moving
- Skill that can greatly reduce target physical defense dan moving speed
- Ultimate skill clear lane very fast

- Low Max HP (fragile)
- Slow attack speed


Passive Skill : JUNGLE HEART

Dskill1 copy.jpg
Jungle Heart allow Irithel attack a single target with 3 hits for each basic attack, but each hit deal 45% physical damage. So total damage for each basic attack should be 135% (45% x 3). Thus, Irithel basic attack damage is quite high but her attack speed is slower than other marksman hero.

Active Skill 1: STRAFE

Dskill2 copy.jpg
Strafe is an aoe attack skill that not only deal decent physical damage, it also greatly reduce physical defense at max level.

Picture below show aoe of the skill. If target is near to Irithel, strafe is unable to hit the target. So make sure the target is whithin aoe before casting the skill. If target get hit by Strafe, there will be a small shield break symbol showing that target is under physical defense reduce buff.
skill 2.jpg

TIPS: Very powerful skill to counter high physical defense enemies like tank.

Active Skill 2: FORCE OF THE QUEEN

Dskill3 copy.jpg
Leo not just a mount for Irithel, by using this skill, Leo will attack surrounding enemies with decent physical damage, and  greatly reduce their movement speed.

TIPS: Very useful to counter high mobility enemies. Can use to slowly down enemies that chasing during escaping or during pursuing running enemies.

Ultimate Skill: HEAVY CROSSBOW

Dskill4 copy.jpg
This ultimate skill allow Irithel shooting an arrow that deal great damage to the target and enemies that close to the target.
When casting this skill, Irithel will jump toward specify direction dan her crossbow will growing. There will be a small icon showing duration of this ultimate skill last.
skill 4.jpg

TIPS: Use this ultimate skill when enemies heroes is close to each other. This skill also can use for clear lane in super fast speed.


For Jungling:
Cast STRAFE once jungle monster is inside skill attack area. If hero has alot mana, you can spam FORCE OF THE QUEEN.

For engaging with enemy heroes:
irithel combo 01 copy.jpg
Cast STRAFE once enemy heroes within skill attack area. Then, cast HEAVY CROSSBOW to start engaging with enemy heroes. After that, cast FORCE OF THE QUEEN to slow enemy heroes movement.

Irithel savage gameplay:


I recommend use retribution or inspire.

Retribution battle spell help Irithel jungling faster in early game.
Inspire battle spell work as combo with ultimate skill HEAVY CROSSBOW allow Irithel shoot faster.


I recommend use Jungle Emblem Set because it focus on attack speed dan physical attack power.


Item set copy.jpg

Item Set 1 focus on overall (attack power, attack speed, and durability).

Iteam Set 2 focus on burst damage.

Item Analysis

1. Haas's Claws: Great increment physical attack and give decent lifesteal

2. Swift Boots: Great increment attack speed and movement speed

3. Scarlet Phantom: Increase physical attack, give critical chances, and great increment of attack speed. Item Passive Skill-Frenzy, allow Irithel attack much more faster.

4. Berserker's Fury: Increase physical attack, critical chances and critical attack damage. Item Passive Skill-Doom increase hero physical damage.

5. Thuder Belt: Increase physical defense, max HP and max MP. Item Passive Skill-  Thunderbolt allow hero do true damage after using skill and slow enemy movement speed.

6. Blade of Despair: Greatly increase physical attack, attack speed and critical chances.

7. Malefic Roar: Increase physical attack and physical penetration. Item Passive Skill - Armor Buster, allow hero destroy turret and nexus faster.

Irithel is a powerful marksman hero in mid and late game. Always stay behind tanker or fighter hero during team fight.

Hope you like my guide and enjoy playing IRITHEL.

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Good one! Keep it up :)
Post time 2018-2-27 08:04 AM | Show all posts

Thank you for this! i just bought her and I am trying her out. this guide is a good head start.

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