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Author: Jean
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[Official Forum Event] MLBB all Hero guides collecting Jungle Heart - Irithel

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Here is my official entry for Irithel Guide
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Post time 2017-12-14 11:28 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Hello everybody :) !! Today i'll present the new hero guide '' Irithel '' 24_2000_550.jpg  Role: Marskman Specialty: Reap Price: 599 diamond // 32.000BP Background: '' Irithel was abandoned as a child in the jungle by her parents. Under the guidance of the God of the Jungle, a female smilodon that had just given birth adopted her. Under protection of the mother smilodon, the little smilodon Leo and Irithel learned to hunt, survive - she grew up like an animal. During a territorial fight, the mother smilodon was badly injured. When Irithel and her "brother" Leo went into town for help, these "smilodon children" were captured by a slave trader. When the cat elf mage - Nana passed by, she couldn't bear to watch them get beaten by the slave trader, so she used her supernatural strength to save these 2 poor children. With the help of Nana, Irithel learned to speak as a human and also learned how to fight, while Leo grew up to be a strong adult smilodon. However, to this day Irithel still hates human kind and trusts only her friend - Leo.''   Hero Portrait: IMG_20170814_075623.png  Skin: IMG_20170814_080235.png   Stats & Attributes : IMG_20170814_075718.png  IMG_20170815_193755.png   Skills: IMG_20170814_075707.png   Passive Skill: Jungle Heart Irithel is so perfectly in sync with Leo, that she can continue to shoot while moving. 3 heavy arrows are fired with each basic attack. ( it takes a while to reload the heavy bow ) each basic arrow deals 45% physical damage ( only first arrow can trigger gear's passive abilities ) Screenshot_2017-08-14-07-28-13.png   [size=46.213px]1st Skill: Strafe[size=60.3195px]CD : 10s /// Mana Cost: 90 Shoots a round of arrows at target, dealing 250 physical damage to enemies within the area and reducing their physical defense by 15 for 3s. IMG_20170814_082234.png   2nd Skill: Force of the Queen  [size=48.713px]CD: 10s /// Mana Cost: 60 Leo roars loudly, dealing 200 physical damage to enemies nearby and reducing their movement speed by 80% for 2s.  IMG_20170814_082211.png   Ultimate Skill: Heavy Bow [size=48.713px]CD: 36s /// Mana Cost: 120 Irithel jumps forward with Leo and reloads her heavy bow. Her basic attack will deal 140% physical damage to the target and surrounding units for 15s. IMG_20170814_082149.png    Basic Spells: IMG_20170728_133246.png  Most used spell for this hero is Inspire IMG_20170814_074223.png  I'd also recommend these situational spells : - Purify ( when you are up against disables heros ) - Flicker ( common sense now... ) - Retribution ( for easy to get jungle buffs ) - Healing Spell ( for Brawl mode only )  Emblem Sets: Top used set is physical set : IMG_20170814_074054.png  I'd recommend these 2 extra-emblem sets : IMG_20170814_074120.png  -jungle set works best if you are a good jungler and have mastered the game field. - assassin set is good if u have a tank and want to kill quickly and swiftly  Gears: IMG_20170814_092100.png  These are the 3 set-by-game gears, frankly, the 1st set is the best, which i'd recommend for u all, as it contains most suitable gears that best-fit this hero.  Custom Chat: I'd recommend this general chat IMG_20170802_140835.png   Finelly the Gameplay & Control: Am leaving this task to our friendly youtubers and streamers who can help you improve your skills with this champion and learn new   Hope it helped u out to get ready for this new hero...  IGN: •!ND•bbM           Server: 2033         Rank: Grandmaster
Post time 2017-12-16 10:38 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
NICK NAME : b1uepanda
ID.             : 42327999
SERVER.      : (2065)
TIER.          : LEGEND
.Irithel's Skill Guide Best High Damage Attack:1. Jungle Heart (Passive)Irithel and Leo know each so well that it's possible to shoot while moving. Each basic attack shoots out 3 heavy arrows (each one takes a whileto reload the heavy bow), each arrow deals 45% physical damage (Only the first arrow can trigger gear passive abilities).2. StrafeSkill have Cooldown 10.0 and mana cost 90 Shoots a round of arrows, dealing 250 Physical damage tothe enemies in the area and reducing their physicaldefense by 15 for 3s.3. Force of The QueenSkill have Cooldown 10 and Mana Cost 60 Leo shouts loudly, dealing 200 physical damage to the enemies in the area and reducing their movement speed by 80% for 2s.4. Heavy Crossbow (Ultimate)Skill have Cooldown 36 and Mana Cost 120. Jumpsforward and equips a heavy crossbow that increases her basic attack by 5%, dealing physical damage to the enemy and nearby enemies for 15s.We also give you a guide skill you should do to usethis Irithel hero. (3-2-1)The 3-2-1 combination we highly recommend when you want to do a gank. When you use skill 3, you will jump towards the enemy you are targeting. Then you use skill 2 to increase considerable damage to the enemies affected by this skill. Continuing with skill 1 which if enemy try to escape, besides can make enemy is affected by this skill can also cause movement speed to be down.High Damage Build Item Irithel1.Haas's Claws: Items That Increase 70 Physical Attack and get a unique 20% Lifesteal. Unique Passive-insanity: when Hp drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra10% physical lifesteal.2.Swift Boots: Increases Moving Speed by 40%with a bonus of 15% Attack Speed3.Berserker's Fury: Items that increases 65 Physical Attack and 25% Crit Chance. This item have Unique to Increase 40% Crit damage and Crit strikes will increase one's physical attack 5%, lasting 2s. 4.Scarlet Phantom: Increases 30 Physical Attack, 40% Attack speed and 10% Crit chance. Unique Passive-Frenzy: Crit Strikes will increase the hero's attack speed 35% and crit strike rate 5%, lasting 2s.5.Malefic Roar: Increases 60 Physical Attack and Unique 40% physical PEN. Unique Passive-armor Buster: basic attack will ignore 20% of a defense turret's defensive armor.6.Blade Of Despair: Items that increase 170 Physical Attack with 10% Attack Speed. This item have Unique Passive Despair to deals anextra 10% damage to an enemy in any abnormal state (stunned, knocked airborne, transformed, disabled).The list of items we give you is a very recommended item. Where you can get High damage, Attack Speed, or Lifesteal which allows you to easily master the game to completion.Tips and Tricks using Irithel Best Guide1.At the beginning of the game do farming in the forest first, because irithel is very vulnerable early in the game because it has a fairly weak defense.2.Tips from us if doing forest farming is to keepmoving when attacking the forest monsters. Ifyou do that, you will not lose much blood.3.If you take the middle path, try to get the last hit as much as possible. Because you are a much needed Marksman in the late game.4.If the time is right or level 8 and above, you should do a gank against your enemy. Becauseyou as a Damage Dealer Area is needed in doing the gank.5.Choose a Battle Speel that matches for Irithel. we have suggestions that you may choose what kind of abilities are needed.1.Inspire: Greatly Enchanted the hero for a short period of time. The next 8 basic attacks will ignore 25 pts the target's physical defense and increase your hero's attack speed 55%. Lasts 5s. This item is very important when you are in War.2.Retibution: Deals 600 - 1440 pts of true damage to nearby jungle monsters of minions and increases damage to monsters by 30% within 3s (Damage will increase with level).6.As for Emblem we recommend you to choose Physical Emblem Set that is very compatible with Irithel who issued a lot of damage.
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