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[Hero Techniques] Guide and Tips for The Naughty Joker, Harley

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Edited by kyreiseiten at 2017-8-7 11:38 AM

Harley is a mage hero that specialty in damage/cost. He has very high basic attack and compare to other mage heroes due to his passive skill. He is agile and high attack speed due to his skills dan buff from his skills. With proper skill control dan combo, he can does deadly magic damage to enemy hero.

- High basic attack
- High attack speed
- High movement speed
- Durable at late game
- Kill jungle monster very fast
- Push turret dan clear lane very fast

- Ultimate skill do little damage if fail to combo with basic attack dan skill 1
- Lack of AOE skill
- Lack of negative buff skill like stun, slow and etc


Passive Skill:  Magic Master

Dskill0 copy.jpg
Harley is the only mage hero that his basic attack do magic damage. It is very clear to see each basic attack damage text is in purple color which indicate magic damage. With Magic Master skill, Harley basic attack can do a lot magic damage.

TIP: Since Harley has magic damage basic attack, wearing item that increase attack speed dan magic penetration is good idea.

Active Skill 1: Poker Trick

Dskill1 copy.jpg
Harley main damage output is very depend on his basic attack and skill 1 - Poker Trick. Poker Trick is spammable skill that do decent damage toward specify direction and it also give attack speed buff to Harley that last 3 secs. At max level, this skill can increase Harley attack speed up to 50% (5% each hit x 10 times).

TIP: After casting the Poker Trick skill, straight spamming basic attack to utilize the Increases Attack Speed buff.

Picture below show there is a small icon show up at top Regen button right after casting Poker Trick skill. This icon indicate Harley is under Increases Attack Speed buff. The number showing how many times attack speed being increased.

Active Skill 2: Space Escape

Dskill2 copy.jpg
Space Escape skill allow Harley fighting enemy at frontline and retreat instantly within 4 secs. This skill also can use for escape from dangerous situation. After casting this skill, Harley get Incrases Movement  Speed buff that last for 2 secs. Skill CD will reduce when skill level increase.

TIP: It is good idea use this skill in bush, so that enemies hard to track down Harley when Harley retreat back to bush.

Picture below shows an icon show up right after casting Space Escape skill. This icon indicate Harley is under Increase Movement Speed buff.

Active Skill 3 aka Ultimate Skill:  Dealy Magic

Dskill3 copy.jpg
Dealy Magic skill only work on enemy heroes. Use this skill on the nearest enemy heroes. After fire ring bind on the target, Harley need to spam his skill 1 dan basic attack on that target. It is because the skill itself can't do a lot damage on the target. The main source of skill damage is come from 40% loss HP from Harley attack. Skill CD will reduce when skill level increase.

TIP: With proper skill control and combo, this skill can do a lot damage to enemy tank hero dan can kill enemy fragile hero easily.


For Jungling/ Farming:
Keep spamming Poker Trick and basic attack to clear lane and jungling. Use Space Escape to move around jungle monster spawning spot.

For Engage/ Team Fight:
Cast Space Escape move to frontline. Then cast Dealy Magic to the nearest enemy hero. Then cast Poker Trick and spam basic attack toward enemy hero that binded with fire ring. Always remember to 4 secs retreat timing. If you miss it, you might fall into dangerous situation.


I recommend use flicker or purify.
Purify battle spell help Harley to escape from negative buff like stun during fighting at frontline.
Flicker battle spell help Harley to escape from dangerous situation when Space Escape skill is under CD.


I recommend use Magic Assassin Emblem set because it more focus on magic power and magic penetration.



Set 1: More focus on burst damage.

Set 2: More focus on steady dps.

Item Analysis:
1. Clock of Destiny: Greatly increase magic damage power. Increse max HP and max Mana. Item passive-Time, add 30 max HP and 5 magic damage power every 30 secs up to 300 max HP and 50 magic damage power. Item passiv-Reincarnate, hero receive 5% magic damage power dan 300 max Mana after 5 mins item being assemble.

2. Arcane Boots: Increase magic penetration and movement speed.

3. Concentrated Energy: Increase magic power and increase max HP. This item give 30% Spell Vamp which helpful in regen HP by casting spammable skill. Unique passive-Recharge will regen 10% Harley HP after killing a hero.

4. Feather of Heaven: Increase magic power dan attack speed.  Unique Passive-Affliction: basic attack deal 40% of heroe's AP as additional magic damage (boost Harley magic damage basic attack). Unique Passive-Derive: Increase Spell Vamp effect by 8% ( With Concentrated Energy, the Spell Vamp effect stack up to 38%)

5. Glowing Wand: Increase magic power, movement speed and magic pentration. Unique passive-Scorch: burn the target for 3 sec when the skill hit, dealing few % of target's current HP as magic damage (This item allow Harley do more damage to high HP hero)

6. Blood Wings: Greatly increase magic power and increase decent max HP. Unique passive-Nirvana: add 2 HP for every 1 pt of magic power added. (Late game item that boost Harley magic power)

7. Enchanted Talisman: Increase magic power, decent max HP and give 20% CDR. Unique passive-Mana Spring: regen hero mana which very helpful in avoiding out of mana situation.

8. Immortality: Increase max HP and magic resistance. Unique passive-Immortal: resurrect after dying which very helpful in escaping dangerous situation after killed.  

Due to lack of skill that give negative buff like stun, freeze, morph, slow and etc. So during engage/team fight, it is better to combo Harley attack with hero that can stun/freeze/morph/ slow and etc.

Hope you like my guide and thank you for reading.

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nice info
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I like the idea of stacking HP with Concentrated Energy and Clock of Destiny as you can tank more damage while you use Poker Trick. Keep in mind with his Ultimate that you don't need to damage him to get the bonus damage; any damage from your teammates counts too. So even if you cannot hit your Poker Trick sometimes it's better just to let the Ultimate go as it also slows down the enemy and your teammate might finish them.

I would personally use Rapid Boots on all Mages. I'm just so used to it and you feel really slow otherwise, and especially Harley needs quick positioning.
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