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[Official Forum Event] MLBB all Hero guides collecting Mage Genius - Harley

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IGN _Buckethead_ ID 19880196 (2023)  There lived a famous young mage – Harley in the Lion Academy of Magical City. He is blessed by the Magical Goddess and as the star of the Academy, he is able t learn quickly and master any magical speel. Kids need adventure when Harley and his friends were exploring the jungle in the middle of the night, they overheard the evil conspiracy of the organization called Dark Wizards. The brave young me decide to stoop them. First, they need to find the secret base of Dark Wizards and report to the headmaster. But during the investigation, he accidentally activated the space portal and teleported to the other side of the Land of Dawn – Scholar City. With the help of the mecha master – Rooney, the brave and energetic boy and his partner Lolita, Bruno, Alpha and Saber went back to the Magical City to destroy the core of Demorte, the Boss of Dark Wizards. To improve his battle techniques, Harley started his adventure in the Land of Dawn.  Pros Two damage arsenal (Magic and AD) Good mechanics with skill trick Fun to play  Cons You will get bash from playing on both AD/AP Has a major downside in early games Trick requires advance skill or this will bring disadvantage to a user. Low crowd control  Skill Build  Magic Master – As a magic master, his basic attack deals 60 magical damage. This will makes Harley a very good hero in Mobile Legends that can make him versatile and vicious on both AD and AP.  Poker Trick – Shoots 3 rounds of cards, dealing 150 magical damage to the first hit enemy (damage decays when the same target is hit by 3 or more times) and increasing his attack speed by 5% at each hit, up to 8 times, lasting 3 seconds. To be honest this is not new to me as I play Heroes Arena’s Wild Card and this what makes him OP on their league. Although both characters are based from Twisted Fate this will makes Harley OP too in mobile legends. Prioritize maxing this ability next to ultimate.  Space Escape – Disappears right away, leaving a magic hat at his place and then appears in the front, increasing his movement speed by 30% for seconds, use this skill again in 4 seconds to return to the hat. The best skill in Mobile Legends, taken idea from Leblanc of League of Legends. This will bring good mechanics to Harley. This is very promising yet hard to use that requires good interpretation on the situation. This skill can be use on both defense and offense.     Deadly Magic – Locks an enemy target in sight and launches a fire right (can be blocked by other heroes), dealing 200 magical damage at hit and generating a big fire ring around the target for 4 seconds which allows Harley to deal damage to the target by hitting the fire ring. Then it deals 100 and 40% loss HP during this period by the target magical damage after. With this ability you always have a one bullet to kill the escaping enemy. I saw some players use this ability to initiate an attack which is totally wrong. You must save this skill and not to use unless you are sure that this skill are going to kill your target. It is less useful on enemy with full HP.  Item Build  Feather of Heaven – +65 Magic Power / +30% Attack Speed / Unique Passive: Affliction: Basic attacks will deal 40% of the hero’s AP as additional magic damage Unique Passive: Derive: Increases Spell Vamp effect by additional 8%. Magic power and attack speed for both arsenal of AP and AD. This will be your core item that you need to get as soon as possible. This will boost not only your basic attack but also your passive that relies on magic power.  Clock of Destiny – +60 Magic Power / +615 HP / +600 Mana / Unique Passive- Time: Adds 30 HP and 5 magic attack every 30 seconds. Up to 10 times. Unique Passive – reincarnate: if Time is fully stacked, then the hero will receive 5% magic attack and 300 mana. At this point I see most of the time are getting their shoes for additional mobility but not for Harley. You don’t need to worry too much on your movement speed at this point as you always have an escape with your


"taken idea from Leblanc of League?" ;(  Post time 2017-8-7 08:45 AM
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Mobile Legends Jungle Heart Irithel Guide

IGN:Send Nudes Pls
User ID 52092695
Server 3068
Rank Grandmaster V
(Just some info)
Irithel - Jungle Heart, Diamond price 599, BP 32000, first week only 30% off Diamond price
Background Story

Irithel was abandoned as a child in the jungle by her parents. Under the guidance of the God of the Jungle, a female smilodon that had just given birth adopted her. Under protection of the mother smilodon, the little smilodon Leo and Irithel learned to hunt, survive - she grew up like an animal. During a territorial fight, the mother smilodon was badly injured. When Irithel and her "brother" Leo went into town for help, these "smilodon children" were captured by a slave trader. When the cat elf mage - Nana passed by, she couldn't bear to watch them get beaten by the slave trader, so she used her supernatural strength to save these 2 poor children. With the help of Nana, Irithel learned to speak as a human and also learned how to fight, while Leo grew up to be a strong adult smilodon. However, to this day Irithel still hates human kind and trusts only her friend - Leo.

1st Skill: Strafe

Shoots a round of arrows at target, dealing physical damage to enemies within the area and reducing their physical defense.
2nd Skill: Force of the Queen

Leo roars loudly, dealing physical damage to enemies nearby and reducing their movement speed.
ULT Heavy Bow:

Irithel jumps forward with Leo and reloads her heavy bow. Her basic attack will deal physical damage to the target and surrounding units.
Passive Jungle Heart:

Irithel is so perfectly in sync with Leo, that she can continue to shoot while moving. 3 heavy arrows are fired with each basic attack.
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RE: MLBB all Hero guides collecting Mage Genius - Harley

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Guide link for Grock
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IGN:Send Nudes Pls
User ID:52092695
Rank:Grandmaster V
Guide link for Grock
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Harley is a hero with the Mage type by removing the magic ball from his hand.
Harley is also equipped with skill-skill that is strong enough that :
Magic Master, Poker Trick, Space Escape and Deadly Magic.

Skill and How to Use Harley


Skill Passive : Magic Master
This passive Harley skill will add magic damage whenattacked with basic attack.
If Harley has 7 magic items, then the damage willbe quite deadly.

1. Skill Poker Trik
skil poke.PNG
When activating this skill, Harley will issue 3/4/5 pokercards in 3 directions 3 times in a row.
Each card will provide Magic Damage200/240/280/320/360/400
and increase the attack speed of Harley by 5% for 5seconds.

2. Skill Space Escape
skil escape.PNG
This skill will make Harley teleport to a place and raisehis hat.
When activating this skill again, Harley will return to where theHarley hat is.
This skill increases the 30% Movement Speed ​​for 2 seconds.

3. Skill Deadly Magic
skil ulti.PNG
This skill will issue a ring to the enemy and give MagicDamage 200/300/400 for 2.5 seconds.
After the ring is lost it will give MagicDamage,
100/150/200 plus another 40% of the number of lost enemy HP.

How to use the harley combo skill
First you must use Space Escape (skill 2) to chase orapproach the enemy
Then second use Deadly Magic (skill 3) to give magic damage
Last use Poker Trick (skill 1) to finish off the enemy.
So if sorted, will be like the following:
Skill 2> Skill3> Skill 1
Build Best Item For Harley
In addition to the strong enough skills that Harley has,
I will also provide a recommendation of Harley gear items for you who want to useHarley to be stronger again.
Harley can be used as various types of heroes,such as Magic Damage, Cooldown and other Physical Damage.

Magic Damage
1. Talisman
First you have to buy Enchandted Talisman items.
This itemadds +50 Magic Strength, +250 HP Blood Strength and + 20% Time Reduction
andproduces a 10% Total Regen Spring effect of max every 10 seconds.

2. Arcana Boots
Secondly, you must buy Arcana Boots.
This item will addMagic Penetration + 15% and add Movement Speed ​​+ 40.

3. Feather Heaven
Third, you must buy Feather Heaven items.
This item addsMagic Strength +65 and Attack Speed ​​+ 30%.

4. Calamity Reaper
Fourth, you must buy Calamity Reaper items.
This item addsMagic Power +70, Mana +400 and + 10% Time Reduction.

5. Devil Tears
Fifth, you have to buy the Devil Tears item.
This item adds+60 Magic Damage.
The uniqueness of this item is to add Magic Penetration +40%.

6. Bloods Wings
Sixth, you have to buy the Blood Wings item.
This item addsa Magic Power of +150 and the Power of Blood +150.

Emblems suitable for harley
In the case of the election of the emblem, we need not beconfused to determine it.
Because the use of the matching emblem can already bedetermined by the type of hero itself.
As we are currently talking aboutHarley, which is a mage, which is suitable to be attached to it is a set ofmagic emblems.

So simple


In the use of each hero there must be distinctions initself, it is because of the capabilities it possesses, although there issomething similar, but it is just the same, when viewed as a whole, there willbe only differences.
Now that's why to play each of these heroes requiresdifferent abilities and techniques.
Included also when the use of this Harley hero, which inthis point I will give you tips as a picture of how the use of Harley hero itself.

What are the tips?
Okay we just see the following some of them:
Solo ? No problem
Position placement when war is important
Expand to the forest In the beginning

Do not lust, relax

1. Solo ? No problem
As I mentioned above, where in the 1 vs 1 bout, I think thehero is quite troublesome, or it may be very difficult to beat.
Judging from the capabilities it possesses, whereby theoverall averages are capable of inflicting damage mage, by incorporating attackspeed from the marksman.

2. Position placement when war is important


Especially if you use a Harley, which is actually a type ofhero mage type.
As we know that the hero with the mage type is less soimmune in terms of HP, or can be practically easy to kill.

So at the time of war, to overcome this, then one way is todetermine the placement of the right position for you to stay focused attackwithout thinking about tanks - tanks that already exist in front as a Harleyprotection.

3. Expand to the forest in the beginning


Although as a hero mage, but it would not hurt you also do alot of forest, because with that farming Harley hero will be very useful, andable to suppress the enemy during the battle 1 vs 1, or during team battle.

So with we've multiplied forest, then the advantages interms of gear and level, is not impossible.

4. Do not lust, relax

When using the type of hero mage, we are required to playpatiently, and more concerned with teamwork.

Included also when the use of this Harley hero, no need toget the kill, just be patient, the point is that the most important is thevictory.

Well, that's a Tips to Use Harley in Mobile Legends + Buildthe Best Item.

IGN: twentyonefailed
ID: 48301466
SERVER: 2081
RANK: Master 1

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Edited by GendaPrasetia at 2017-12-20 11:02 AM

HARLEY : Mage Genius

Harley 2.jpg


Passife Skill.jpg
Poker Trick.jpg
space escape.jpg
Deadly Magic.jpg
Passive Skill   Poker Trick   Space Escape Deadly Magic



This skill makes 150 magical damage the enemy's first hit and when exposed to when that card increases its speed attacks by 5% on targets up to 8 times. and ertahan for 3 seconds.


ordinary skill is used to blur when in gank by enemies, but can also be used to attack to the enemy and spliced with a deadly combo of magic but you should be able to utilize this skill with the right timing, and there are 4 seconds to exploit it before cooldown


throwing fire rings (can be blocked by the other heroes), handle the magical 200 damage and slow the enemy for 1.5 s. Then it generates a large ring of fire around the enemy to 4s in hit. Harley is able to handle the damage by holding the ring of fire by skill. After that, it deals magical damage with 100 and 40% of damage taken by the target during the period.






+10 Cooldown Reduction
+40 Movement Speed

(Buy this item to first because it serves to increase the speed of movement and cooling)


+70 Magic Power
+700 HP
30% Spell Vamp
Regeen 10% of one's HP after killing a hero.

(Buying COncentrated Energy Grants you aditional Magic Power and Hp. And it's passive grants us an ability to have life steal and not get killed easily on 1v1 situation)

+75 Magic Power
+15 mana regen
+7 movement speed
(Unique Passive Ice Bound Skills that damage an enemy hero will carry a 15% slow down effect.
This effect lasts 3s and can stack up to 2 times.)

+75 Magic Power.
+30 Mana Regen.
(Unique Passive Resonate Every 6 seconds your next damaging magical ability will proc, maximum of 3 enemies will be hurt by 150% magic power damage.)

+75 Magic Power.
+5% Movement Speed.
+15 Magic Penetration.
(Unique Passive Scorch BurnsScorch Burns the target for 3s when the skills hit, dealing 2%/2.5%/3% of the target's current HP as magic damage, at least 10 pts.)

BLOOD WINGS+150 Magic Power.
Unique Passive Covenant Adds 2HP for every 1 pt of magic power added.


                    NOTES :

              First Game you buy item


                                 FILLAGER AXE

                  in late game you selling this item and buy Glowing Wand


for the first play uprage skill 1 (poker tricks) and then 2nd skill (space escape) level 3upgrade skills 1 (poker tricks) and I recommend upgrading the skill 1 and ultimate (deadly magic) sampe full upgrade then escape


BATTLE SPELL : I recomended RETRIBUTION because harley need farming in jungle





Deadly Magic + Space Escape + Poker Trick + Space Escape

Use Deadly Magic first and use Space Escape to go near your target then use Poker Trick to deal alot of damage and Space Escape again to go back to.


Space Escape + Deadly Magic + Poker Trick + Space Escape

Always aim for squishy heroes like marksman or mage if your enemy has Gord,Aurora,Eudora and Nana Aim for them first because they can easily wipe your team.

IN 1 vs 1 :
i recomend this skill : Space Escape + Deadly Magic + Poker Trick + Space Escape

Cast Deadly Magic First  Then Poker Trick And use Space Escape to chase your target if they are running

The weakness of the harley:
because : If you are trying to 1v1 againt Nana you are pretty much in disadvantage becasue if she cast her second skill she can stop you from using your combo.

because : Lolita can block anything Harley will do to her thats why having 1v1 with Lolita is not worth

Because : them have skill stun

The Stronger of the harley:
All Marksman.
so. It's good if the fight teams or to gangking preferred first his marksman key and turn off :)



The first. We buy items hunters knife and directly grab buff in the forest because harley need much mana for maximum results ... then clear the path of minions. my suggestion right before 8 minutes we've been at level 10 ... and continue roaming and ganking was an enemy of yours when the ultimate available.

Thats All of it hope it helps

any suggestion feel free to comment. Thanks


I about.png

IGN : Genda-kun
ID : 112734564(2568)

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Edited by graciaabadi at 2018-2-4 09:12 PM

Harley is one of the heroes that is very difficult to catch, or be defeated.The cause is of course the skill he possesses, where the Harley's skill is able to make him attack abruptly to the enemy, and then he disappears, and it will make the enemy difficult to catch him, and to the point of wanting to defeat him.

Now lets talk about his skill.

Passive - Magic Master
This first skill will give effect of your basic attack change to magic attack.
Skill 1 - Poker Trick
Harley throws 3-way poker cards 3 to 4 times.
Skill 2 - Space Escape
With this skill you can teleport to a certain place. This skill is like a flicker, the difference is when doing a teleport, Harley will leave his hat in place before he moved. But he can return to the original place by pressing again this Space Escape skill.
Skill Ultimate - Deadly Magic
Harley will mark his enemies with a large circle of fire when his halo of fire disappears, your enemy will be exposed to additional magic damage.

Harley Build

I recommended this to you.
Lightning Truncheon : +75 magic power, +30 mana regen
Concentrated Energy : +70 magic power, +700 HP
Magic Shoes : +10% cooldown reduction, dan keunikan +40 movement speed
Feather of Heaven : +65 magic power, +30% attack speed
Blood Wings : +150 magic power, +150 HP
Blood Wings : +150 magic power, +150 HP

Battle Spell
Inspire: Weakens the opponent's defense 8, including attack speed 25, and 55% physical attack, lasts for 5 seconds.
Retribution: Gives 600 - 1440 points from actual attack to a tedekat or minion forest monster and increases attack to 30% monsters (increases according to level)


In the case of the election of the emblem, we need not be confused to determine it, because the use of the matching emblem can already be determined by the type of hero itself, as we are currently talking about Harley, which is a mage, which is suitable to be attached to it is a set of magic emblems.

Tips & Trick

1. Solo? No problem!
As I mentioned above, where in the 1 vs 1 bout, I think the hero is quite troublesome, or it may be very difficult to beat. Judging from the capabilities it possesses, whereby the overall averages are capable of inflicting damage mage, by incorporating attack speed from the marksman.
2. Position Placement When War Is Important
As we know that the hero with the mage type is less so immune in terms of HP, or can be practically easy to kill. So at the time of war, to overcome this, then one way is to determine the placement of the right position for later you stay focused attack without thinking of tanks - tanks that already exist in front as a Harley protection.
3. Jungle at the beginning of the game
Although as a hero mage, but it is not a problem to you also do a lot of jungle, because with that farming Harley hero will be very useful, and able to suppress the enemy during the battle 1 vs 1, or during team battle.
4. Be patient!
When using the type of hero mage, we are required to play patiently, and more concerned with teamwork. Included also when the use of this Harley hero, no need to get the kill, just be patient, the most important point is the victory.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages - lively, he can escape with skill 2
Disadvantages - no stun skills

About me
ID : 157837143 (2791)
IGN : ·~·cia·~·

Thank you.

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Hero mage agile, Harley is the highest mobility hero mage, thanks to his 2 skills he can move quickly to catch / escape from various circumstances and situations, plus he can play pull / hit & run with a very safe use of this 2 skill .
Mage semi marksman, passive skill makes basic attack Harley gives magic damage so that he can produce a large enough damage output only with basic attack alone, so in addition to have good mobility skills, he also has a large auto damage to help him farming, push tower , and attack the hero of the opponent.
Mage is fast farming, with skill 1 and basic attacknya he can kill the forest and minion monsters very quickly, in fact he is one of the fastest hero to kill the monster buff at the beginning of the game, this makes it a very dangerous mage early in the game and can quickly build + + leveling items.
Very difficult to catch, he can run away quickly using skill 2, even if the enemy can catch his speed, then Harley can menggoceknya with back ketopi where he took out the skill 2, plus this very short cooldown skill 2 makes it very agile and almost impossible captured without the help of CC / crowd control skills.
High damage burst, in the mid-late game (mid-late game) he can finish off his opponent's heroes with one attack using his ultimate skill combination and his 1st skill, even tanks can be killed instantly if not build defense magic item against hero this.
Harley Shortcomings:

The attack is easy to anticipate, Harley is a specialist in killing one opponent one by one, skill ulti and skill 1 can be avoided if we take cover behind the tanks, minions, and jungle monsters, therefore the most important thing against this hero is not in the empty area because will be an easy target for his one shot attack.
Having no CC skills, almost all hero mage have a good crowd control skill to use when the war team, but Harley relies only on burst magic damage so it is less supportive when fighting 5 vs 5 (teamfight).
[size=13.8125px]Kabar baik/buruk nya adalah Harley merupakan hero mage yang tidak memiliki banyak kelemahan (seperti Kagura) terutama jika digunakan oleh player yang pro, sulit sekali mengcounter hero ini selain menggunakan kerja sama tim atau menggunakan hero yang juga OP seperti [size=13.8125px]Kagura[size=13.8125px] dan [size=13.8125px]Fanny

[size=13.8125px]Harley tips item build:
The first line item build is perfect for any situation (burst damage + magic lifesteal / spell vamp), the Harley build item focuses more on magic damage enhancers in order to kill in one attack using a combination of ultimate skills and skill 1.
Build item Necklace of Durance (second row) if on the opponent there are healer (like Estes / Rafaela) and heroes with high lifesteal like Alucard / Zilong.
The build above is the most ideal by ane and is often used by top Harley players, but if you feel there is another build better then try experimenting with your own way.
The most suitable battle spells for Harley are Retribution and Flicker.
Use Retribution for fast farming, this spell is the most ideal because it will help the ngutan very quickly and also steal the opponent jungle / buff monster.
Use Flicker for extra mobility, sometimes there is a moment where we use skill 2 then hit stun / CC from hero opponent and skill 2 go cooldown (can not escape), we can use Flicker to be more watchful. Sometimes this spell is also useful when attacking because when we issue skill 3 so the enemy is exposed to a circle of fire and we attack with skill 1 they will run away or away using Flicker, we can also chase it by using Flicker.
For emblems we can use Magic or Magic Assassin emblems.
Very nice Harley & OP to fight the following heroes:
All hero marksman.
All hero mage & support.
Karina, Balmond, Bane, Ruby, Alpha & Hilda.
Harley is pretty weak against some of the following
Zilong (late game)
Roger (late game)
Layla (late game)
Burst damage one shot:
First use skill 3 and then follow with full damage from skill 1 and if the situation allows cicil again with basic attack to accumulate ultimate damage. Usually the sequence looks like this:
Skill 3 -> Skill 2 (engage) -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2 (to the hat)
Skill 3 -> Skill 2 (engage) -> Skill 1 -> 3-5x basic attack -> Skill 2 (back to the hat)
Skill 2 (engage) -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2 (back ketopi)
Skill 2 (engage) -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> 3-5x basic attack -> Skill 2 (back to the hat)
The above sequence can be flexible to adjust the existing situation (depending on distance to the target), try when removing the skill of 3 areas around is empty there is no minion / monster and other heroes, the most important is to maximize ultimate damage by continuing to attack the target hero using anything as long as the circle of fire is still lights up, but see also the condition if dangerous immediately backwards behind ketopi.

Tips & tricks hero guide Harley:

Focus on farming at the beginning of the game, quickly climbing to level 4 because at the beginning of the game Harley includes the most powerful hero mage, at level 4 we can immediately kill the opponent hero (including tanker) whose blood is below half (40-50%) with burst damage one shot (ulti + skill 1 + basic attack).
Beware of the hero CC opponent when engage because that often happens is when we approach the enemy immediately issued the skill crowd control (stun / disable) and we can not go back ketopi, and finally * sick.
When a minion or minion hit uses skill 1, close the position with the target (if necessary) to get all the cards about the enemy, so we can clean up the wave minion and farming faster.
Should turn on hero lock mode so that when we remove the skill ulti we do not attack the wrong target.

Always spam his skill 1 for enemy poke, defense turret and push tower, including when the war team we can install tank blood by hit little by little using skill 1 and basic attacknya.

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Wanna have this skin....there're someone give me?
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Build item for Harley
Okay , saya merekomendasikan battle spell yg cocok buat Harley adalah retribution , terus kita harus membeli pilager Axenya supaya lebih banyak hp + defense setiap kill junglu usahakan ambil blue buff, monster , tapi harus liat turret , terus kita beli item
1.Glowing Wand (GW)

Ini item guna banget buat spell caster , buat nyicil musuh . Karna ada efek burn(bakar) , tapi menurut gue lebih mirip kayak racun gitu.

(+) Efek Stat Item

+75 Magic Power

+5% Move Speed

+15 Magic Penetrasi

(+) Efek Kemampuan/Unik Item

Pas skill lo kena musuh bakalan ngebakar dia kayak racun gitu, damage nya antara 2%/2,5%/3% dari total Hp dia, sebanyak 10 kali. Dan ini magic damage .

2.Calamity Reaper (CR/Sabit)

karena efek true damagenya yang lumayan pedih .

(+) Efek Stat Item

+70 Magic Damage

+400 Mana

+ 10% Cooldown Reduction

(+) Efek Kemampuan/Unik Item

Setelah lo ngeluarin skill, Attack biasa lo kemudian ngasilin true damage 120%. CD 1.5 detik .

3.Concentrated Energy (CE/Lentera/Spell Vamp)

Ini item unik, karna memiliki lifesteal yang di sebut spell vamp . Dan item ngedukung banget buat tipe mage .

(+) Efek Stat Item

+70 Magic Power

+700 Hp

(+) Efek Kemampuan/Unik Item

+30% Spell Vamp dan regen 10% setelah membunuh hero musuh .

4.Magic Shoes

Ini merupakan item wajib bagi para mage. Kalian akan mendapatkan cooldown reduction dengan item sepatu ini. Jadi fungsinya itu supaya skill kita cooldownya lebih cepat

5.Feather of Heaven (FoH/Bulu)

Ini item enak loh, nambahin 30% attack speed . terlebih ada tipe magic+spell vamp . 

(+) Efek Stat Item

+65 Magic Power

+30% Attack Speed

(+) Efek Kemampuan/Unik Item

Attack biasa bakal ngasih 40% Ability Power sebagai magic damage dan nambahin efek spell vamp 8% .

Ganti pilager Axenya
6.Holy Crystal (Kristal Ijo)

Ini item mantaapppp banget damage magic nya, buat burst damage wajib pake item ini .

(+) Efek Stat Item

+90 Magic Power

(+) Efek Kemampuan/Unik Item

+25% Magic power dan setelah lo hit musuh, damage magic lo naik 15% selama 3 detik. Dan item ini punya CD 10 detik .

Nama penulis: Ilham Harianto
Nomor handphone:082284785072
Id game:800395

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