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Author: Felixfongusen
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 Author| Post time 2017-7-10 08:29 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
deepfaith012 replied at 2017-7-10 17:38
up for this mostly lost battles are due to inconsiderate afk's!! If anything won't changed, I'll mov ...

Not only you, another player will move to another moba .

Just wait for the times. This game is gonna end as soon as possible if theres on action .

"Devs too much talk only"
Post time 2017-7-10 08:39 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
We need a better punishment
Post time 2017-7-10 09:39 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
we insist harsh punishment for afk's!!!
Post time 2017-7-11 12:10 AM | Show all posts
You guys confuse kids playing really bad for feeding? Feeding will happen, theres nothing you can do about it. PEople will have bad games, youve got to get over that..
Post time 2017-7-11 12:26 AM | Show all posts
Hello players,

Regarding to Reporting issues, many have submit threads and views about this.
Please check ... &extra=page%3D1 for more infos and views regarding about Negative Players

MLBB is always doing their to improve their systems and games. So please be patient as MLBB is growing day by day thanks to players all around suggesting a new ideas for gameplay and ideas to improve a better system.
Post time 2017-7-11 09:16 AM | Show all posts
Edited by akanotanindof at 2017-7-11 09:18
Felixfongusen replied at 2017-7-10 20:25
See the feeder ? I hope you dont act like nothing happen.

I have the screenshot. I want to prove  ...

die more = feeder?
maybe they r just beginner, maybe they get fuck by teammates so they commit suicide.
personally i dont like teammate comment each other noob, sound like they are pro.
many time those who scold teammate noob die more than other and score lowest.
and no matter how good r u, don't comment other noob.
moba game, u will face all kind of players.  if u dont like, u can quit or form ur own squad.
Post time 2017-7-11 09:47 AM | Show all posts
Wow to Felixfongusen, instead you scold and insult other player as a feeder why you not thinking that other people is new in this game and they still learning? in my match i sometime found someone who confuse why they auto attack monster , or turret or confuse how to deal with that pesky OP NEED NERF Eudora, the fault in here is not just game mechanic but the hero too that contribute the AFK and Feeder, in my match again my team goes AFK is 3 people and im with my friend must defend the base alone, after battle i ask them why they left battle? the answer is simple BROKEN OP EUDORA is the reason...

While in other match me also meet with people who die 20 time, and you know what hero they use? SABER, Clint, ALPHA! that hardly Nerfed after recent patch, and patch...everyone will say, why you use that Hero if u know you will lose? the most logical reason is they just want to test their new hero, or want to test some new tactic or equipment..thats it, fix the hero balance and game mechanic
Post time 2017-7-11 10:33 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I personally so NOT believe these players that push and die (feeding enemy team) should be pushed AT ALL. Of coarse u get upset when this happens, but I soon realise that many people play this game it's a fun game. Some don't speak the language and have no idea what to do. Most people are still learning to play, they are trying there best and trying to win some Ranked games. If you enter Ranked mode alone you know the risks. Instead I feel we should not be Matched up with rookie players. I feel it's the Matching up mode that is flaw, NOT players simply enjoying the game the way they know how. As far as AFK goes, there are so many reason people get disconnected from the game and it's extremely hard to differentiate who intentional disconnects or who is deliberately being AFK. If it's done several games over a period of time, maybe developers could look at data records and players activity. But players should not be punished unless it's absolutely certain that they are at fault INTENTIONALY.
Post time 2017-7-11 10:46 AM | Show all posts
Felixfongusen replied at 2017-7-10 20:29
Not only you, another player will move to another moba .

Just wait for the times. This game is go ...

Hi, perhaps you could tell me your ranked division first before i could visualize the situation you are in?
 Author| Post time 2017-7-11 01:21 PM | Show all posts
Eden999 replied at 2017-7-11 10:33
I personally so NOT believe these players that push and die (feeding enemy team) should be pushed AT ...


you said " most people are still learning to play, ... "

They learning in ranked mode ?
Only these Fcking idiot players will do that.
There has Classic Mode and Custom Mode.
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