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Author: Felixfongusen
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 Author| Post time 2017-7-16 12:55 PM | Show all posts
uMons replied at 2017-7-16 03:07
Thank you for the information, sir/madam

As you see MLBB is a growing game as MLBB always do thei ...

MLBB respond is too slow.
Only fast when update hero, but so fcking slow respond to reported player.
AFk and FEEDER are around us, that is so much negative player.

We as player only want fast respond to negative player punishment.
Post time 2017-7-16 05:27 PM | Show all posts
Some dweebs purposely surrendering for annoyance. I feel its better to remove it completely or remade the conditions. Specially in classic match abusing it everytime by troll players.

1) Tell the whole team who's IGN teammate is AFK within 4min - automatically reported AFK after game by the whole team w/o reporting manually so -20 credit points
2) Only the top or leading player can initiate surrender button - 10min
3) Rank game - Surrendered/Losing teams are protected by star reduction against AFK and the AFK player will be deducted 2 star and will be automatically reported AFK player after game by the whole team w/o reporting manually will have another -20 credit points


Thank you for the suggestion . Please post up a new thread so players and other mods can share their views too ^^ You can try visiting the link in the reply i've posted previously  Post time 2017-7-16 06:20 PM
Post time 2017-7-16 06:38 PM | Show all posts
Felixfongusen replied at 2017-7-16 12:55
MLBB respond is too slow.
Only fast when update hero, but so fcking slow respond to reported playe ...

MLBB is always doing their best to respond their players as fast as they can with more than just a few countries of players

All players that have been reported has been informed of the report they got.
With enough numbers of report they will not be able to play Rank Game.

We're truly sorry for the inconvinience as AFKs happens out of our hand,
The posible reason as they AFK is probably because :
1. Bad connection or sudden problem with their provider
2. Emergency situation
3. Game crash
4. Many more

I suggest to rather start Rank Game immediately after a game, it is better to wait few minutes and you'll be having different players. .
And it is best to find a duo partner or a team to play with .
As I am currently striving for Epic Tier now, I often find a partner / friend to play Rank.

Thank you for pointing out MLBB's point, and that is why we need help from you players. Do you have any system suggestion to make the banning system simpler but harsh for AFKs? It will be very great if our player suggest out great ideas to make MLBB a great gaming experience . Do post up a new thread for it to be able to be discussed with other players
 Author| Post time 2017-7-19 05:11 PM | Show all posts
uMons replied at 2017-7-16 18:38
MLBB is always doing their best to respond their players as fast as they can with more than just a ...


For the suggestion banning system is better like sensual4baby post before, but in the third point, its better if only the mvp of losing team wont losing star, OR if there has player afk , make the match not score.
So we gonna matching up a new match again without losing star.

If there has afk , the match wont be score. I think thats more useful.
Thank You.
Post time 2017-7-19 05:33 PM | Show all posts
Felixfongusen replied at 2017-7-19 17:11

For the suggestion banning system is better like sensual4baby post before, but in the thir ...

That sounds like a nice suggestion, and i like the no score for the match idea. Some has suggested the ideas too in a thread.

Try visiting the links below as these are the threads about harsher punishments for AFKs or better gaming system for AFKs ... amp;highlight=pause ... ighlight=punishment ... ighlight=punishment ... ighlight=punishment

You can go through the links i've posted above to share your view and/or supporting it.
The higher a thread has the supports, the more likely it will be reviewed for MLBB sooner/later
Post time 2017-7-19 05:36 PM | Show all posts
Edited by omniibon at 2017-7-19 17:39

i have a good solution on those cancer players.. why wont the devs make a new match up..

the "GRAVEYARD" match up..

that graveyard match up will be the purgatory of those reported cancer players.. 3 proven negative reports to a player (yes, the devs will verify if the reported players trully played what that player is been reported though) will result of that player go to graveyard pool.. the player need to have 3 win games in that match up in order to queue again to to classic and ranked match ups... then, if that player do a negative play AGAIN in GRAVEYARD match up.. will be resulting in increase win games needed in order to get out of that match up pool...ofcourse graveyard matches will be recorded as normal match..

so what can you say?? cancer players vs cancer players in that match up pool.. in that way they can feel what a dedicated gamer feel whenever a cancer player ruin a certain game..

i think the bad side is ... maybe people will make new accounts more often.. because they cant get out of the graveyard.. my solution to that is IP detector.. or maybe the devs can find a good solution to that..

anyway this is my opinion and suggestion only.. thank you.. :)


{:lol:} that sounds like hell. you should try suggesting it in a new thread. Who knows , maybe many will notice it  Post time 2017-7-19 06:13 PM
Post time 2017-7-20 08:05 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
To tell you ,you guys shouldn't be too harsh bc ive had a few errors thst kicked me out of the game and i couldn't play
Post time 2017-7-20 09:08 AM | Show all posts
Edited by sensual4ubaby at 2017-7-20 09:10

I suggested the game will automatically reporting AFK let say -5 credit per player report will be just fine. you can roughly connect within 4 minutes after you disconnected if you are willing to comeback and play the game. I admit some players have mental deficiencies regarding how to report manually its either lazy or just don't know how it works so automatic reporting would be the best solution. Banning would drive people away however with -5 credit points per player report they can work for it by playing classic or brawl since the rank limit is 90+ credit points.

@omniiboon I like your suggestion its kinda cool graveyard pool 2 games would be fine. :)

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