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Author: Jean
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[Official Forum Event] MLBB all Hero guides collecting Dire Wolf Hunter Roger

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Edited by HallionX at 2017-6-26 06:57

IGN: |DF|-Hallion
ID: 2242667
Server: 3001
Current Rank: Legend








Full Moon Curse (Passive)
In human form, basic attacks lower enemy movement speed 20%.
In wolf form, basic attacks add damage equal to of HP already lost by the enemy (up to 60 added to Jungle monsters)

-Roger is the only hero who can switch to a different form from level 1
-His human form is good for harassing , roaming and escaping
-While his wolf form is perfect for reaping enemies apart, literally
-Both human and wolf forms have different skills sets
-All his skills have low mana cost, so do not be afraid to use them but be sure you'll have mana left later on in case you need em

Human form skills:

Full Bore
Cooldown: 7.0        Mana Cost: 50
Rapidly shoots twice, dealing 300 physical  damage in total. The first Hunter Net slows down the enemy, the second one reduces enemy defense by 10.

-This is roger’s initating skill, enemy will be slowed down and a have bit weaker defense
-link this with normal attacks and hunter’s steps and if you are just harassing enemies / playing it safe
-Link with wolf transformation when going in for the kill

Hunter ‘s Steps
Cooldown 10.0 Mana Cost: 50
Increases the hero’s movement speed 40% lasting 2s. Making basic attacks on enemies while in human form will extend the duration of of this effect.

-Roger’s  lowmp cost ( roaming, harassing or chasing or escaping skill
--Use this as you move around the battlefield

Wolf Transformation
Cooldown: 6.0        Mana Cost: None
Lunges forward and turns into a wolf, dealing 200 physical damage and causing enemy movement speed to drop 90% lasting 1.5s. Wolf form raises the hero’s physical and magic defense 25 and increases his movement speed 25

-Unlike other heroes Roger’s ultimate skill is available from level 1 and has no mana cost
-Combo Wolf transfomation after a Full bore to get in close to the enemy and slow them down drastically
-the increased  physical and magic defense will help you stay alive longer as you ravage them
-can be used to jump over walls, quite useful for surprising enemies or even escaping

Wolf form skills:

Lycan Pounce
Cooldown 15:0        Mana Cost: 110
Jump toward the target, dealing 300 physical damage up to 3 enemies while going into unselected status. Killing or assisting reduces cooldown of this skill by 80%

-good for entry attack lane clearing
-great skill for closing in on enemies / chasing dying enemies
-cooldown will make roger DEADLY in team fights
-going “unselected" / untargetable, the enemies will not be able to aim at you for a while,
-combo with Blood thirsty Howl and Normal attacks
-can be used to evade a lot of attacks, learn the right timing

Bloodthirsty Howl
Cooldown 10.0 Mana Cost : 50
Lets out a howl, increasing the hero’s attack speed 25%, lasting 3s.
While in effect if there is an enemy with less than 40% HP in the hero’s field of vision , his movement speed will increase 50%. Making basic attacks on enemies while in wolf form will extend the duration of this effect.

- This skill is what makes Roger a beast
- the increased attack speed fand movement speed lasting 3 seconds  or more~ is a  big advantage
- with the right gear he can chain in hits really really fast and haunt enemies really well
- try auto attacking one time then cast this skill to cancel a bit of animation and save some time :)

Restore Human Form
Cooldown 6.0
Rolls in a specified direction and turns into a human receiving 200 damage-absorbing shield which lasts 1.5s

- useful if you want to chase dying enemies and lycan pounce is in cooldown, combo with hunter steps and normal attacks and full bore when in range, then use wolf transformation again to close in.
- also a great skill to use when you need to escape use and aim away from opponents and link with hunter steps to secure safe distance, if the enemy keeps on chasing you try to shoot as you have hunter steps, this will slow the enemy down a bit
-remember that this skill can pass through walls, which is very useful as some enemies will have a harder time chasing you

Usual Combos
-Full Bore – normal attacks
-Full Bore – hunter’s steps - normal attacks
-Full Bore – hunter’s steps - normal attacks – Wolf Fransformation
-Hunter Steps – Full Bore – Wolf Transformation – Lycan Pounce - Blood thirsty howl – Normal attacks
-Hunter Steps – Full Bore – Wolf Transformation – Blood thirsty howl – Normal attacks – Lycan Pounce
- Blood thirsty howl - lycan pounce - normal attacks
Feel free to chain up his skills as you see fit ^_^

Depending on the situation you may stop the combos and use your restore human form skill to back away, chain them with hunter steps and run, transform into a wolf aiming away to get even further distance.

-Restore human form – Hunter steps – Run – Wolf Transformation aiming away from enemies

Maximize the jungle, Roger can easily clear our jungles and give you an advantage in money and level

-Be careful in charging in as Roger, like all marksman, is very squishy, if you have a tank in your team, it would be better to let him initiate the attack and you charging in after him.

-Master when to engage and not to engage :) think of Roger as an assassin and wait for the right timing


I use Physical attack as this is my strongest but Fighter, Jungle and Physical Assassin emblems should work pretty well too :)

Battle Spells.jpg

Works well if you do not have much  enemies with disables, you will be blazing fast they would have not much time to counter attack, also very useful for clearing out towers, combo with Bloodthirst howl to bring it down fast

Break free from stuns and disable, dont let the enemy stop your rampage!

Additional layer of escape and safety in case you like to play it safe

Makes jungling even faster

Also worth looking into:

Good combo as you do normal attacks after a blood thirst howl, will do a bit of damage, stun surrounding enemies a bit and will let you do a free hit or two


Tigreal/Ruby/Chou/Akai/Nana/Aurora etc.

- and any other allies that will hold/slow down enemies will be a huge help

Eudora/Karina/Fanny etc.
- and any ally that can do burst damage

- other marksman would be an awesome partner for Roger, the DPS would be insane

- insane healing + your lifesteal gear and atk speed will ensure you'll be alive in a clash as you ravage your foes


1. Any enemy that could hold/stun you, could be deadly in a clash
2. Enemies that has defense against normal attacks like karina/natalia



This build will give you insane lifesteal, attack speed and critical hit % all in sync with his skills :) but feel free to modify this according to your play style and the enemies you are facing.

Worth considering:
-replacing swift boots with warrior boots for added defense
-focusing on damage, crit item first before life steal
-buy hunter's knife early game to maximize jungle, then sell later on
-buying immortality to add survivability


Roger is a very versatile hero and can be paired off with almost everyone.
I think he is one of the most devastating heroes right now in terms of DPS  :)

I hope my guide helped you get started with Roger

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OjciecPijus replied at 2017-6-24 19:31
So now theres nothing i can do?

Not sure, have u try pm Jean?
Post time 2017-6-25 02:44 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
kyreiseiten replied at 2017-6-25 02:00
Not sure, have u try pm Jean?

nope i havent :( lets try to pm him
Post time 2017-6-25 02:55 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
kyreiseiten replied at 2017-6-25 02:00
Not sure, have u try pm Jean?

Ok sent. Now lets just hope that he will understand it that i made mistake (5 is close to six and i typed it at night so its my bad) and lets also hope that he will do something about this. Thanks for staying calm
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kyreiseiten replied at 2017-6-24 16:22
U submit wrong server ID. If I not mistaken. I participate this event several multiple times, and  ...

Oh man, still no response :(((((
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ty Jean, receive Roger guide reward today {:3_46:}
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Same here thank you :) next time i'll try a voice over guide :)
Post time 2017-6-26 08:46 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Thank you so much ^_^
Post time 2017-6-26 08:51 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ye ty too for solving my problem :) and sorry for mistake
Post time 2017-10-31 02:23 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
My favourite Roger hero , i like roger , give me roger hero
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