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Author: Sophiayang
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[MSC - Singapore Station] MSC – Singapore Qualifying Tournament Round 1!

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Post time 2017-6-19 11:18 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ahxiiaan replied at 2017-6-19 03:19
GROUP A: Round 3
TMF(WIN) vs Requiem(LOSE)
TMF win by default because Requiem uses 3 players who are ...

Nice lie. All my players are registered. But Sophiayang uploaded the wrong thing. The moment i saw that it was wrongly posted, I have already contacted Ptolomeae Sy and the mobile legends team. However, your staff members are very unresponsive and have not replied me. Do not say things like "sorry for late reply". It doesnt take 3 minutes to read through my explanation and a request for the list of team members to be updated. The thing is, your staff don't even care.

This is what i sent to Ptolomeae Sy and the mobile legends EMAIL.

"Hi. This is regarding the players for my team. My team is number 13, Requiem on the list of teams. I have sent an application in the past with my old team which consisted of 2 Singaporeans and 4 Indonesians. However, as this was not allowed because the full team must be Singaporean in order to compete. Hence, I have submitted a new application with my full Singaporean team. But however, this was not recorded and what is shown on the list is my old team. Could you quickly change the list on the website to my new team members?
Captain IGN: C U C K F L I N T
Captain Digit ID: 7303849
Updated Members: 18690518 + 3471960 + 17926677 + 52809144 + 24929154
Captain contact number: 97504000

Please call me for detailed explanation and verification if needed. I hope the changes will be amended. I can assure you, the new application was made during registration period and not after registration period ended. Thank you."

Evidence of me contacting them:

So let me explain the situation here. Your rules clearly says: "all participating players must have a Singapore flag". I have sent an application in the with my old team which consisted of 3 Singaporeans and 3 Indonesians. THEN, 5 DAYS LATER, you make a new rule that says: "all players participating must use the samenation flag as their country, meaning if you are Indonesian, you must use Indonesia flag."

AFTER SEEING THIS, AND KNOWING THAT MY TEAM WOULD BE DISQUALIFIED, DURING REGISTRATION PERIOD, I HAVE SENT AN UPDATED LIST OF PLAYERS WHICH CONSISTS OF 6 SINGAPOREAN PLAYERS INCLUDING ME. THIS IS THE TEAM THAT I WILL BE USING THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE COMPETITION. However, what happened was, the list that shows all players ID, has my old team in it, the one with 3 Indonesians. What is most frustrating is that, I have contacted Ptolomeae Sy and The mobile legends team but they don't even bother to read what I sent them. Don't lie to me and say that you guys are busy and reply will br late. Thats not the point. The point is you guys don't really care. And I am very angry and frustrated over how all of this turned out.

One thing I can promise, all of the above stated is TRUE and I have never used more than the 6 members of my Singaporean team, and I HAVE NEVER CHEATED to create an unfair disadvantage in any way possible.
Post time 2017-6-19 11:20 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
If you wish to disqualify me and my team, please send a detailed explanation why to
Post time 2017-6-19 11:21 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Otherwise, what you can do to fix the situation is to update the my team's players to the correct ones. Thanks
Post time 2017-6-19 12:58 PM | Show all posts
Ok let's just let the management to decide the outcome of this problem.
Post time 2017-6-19 01:38 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Sophiayang replied at 2017-6-17 22:43
Thank you for your support for MSC! Could you tell me the time you registered? I will check the in ...

14th jude about 2240 . There is so many squads with no sg flags. Which is unfair to us.
Post time 2017-6-19 02:03 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Sophiayang replied at 2017-6-17 22:43
Thank you for your support for MSC! Could you tell me the time you registered? I will check the in ...

Can you replace us with those squads that is not from sg or disqualified?
Post time 2017-6-19 03:01 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
How about non sporean carrying Singapore flag?
 Author| Post time 2017-6-19 03:21 PM | Show all posts
Benjiballs replied at 2017-6-18 23:08
@sophiayang. Can you assist with my queries posted earlier

Could you describe your question again? I am not sure if i miss your message because there is so much information. Sorry for late reply.
 Author| Post time 2017-6-19 03:36 PM | Show all posts
fikhriepro123 replied at 2017-6-19 00:33
why my squad are not tournament i already registered for my squad

Please provide your squad name and squad leader id. Then i will check the info in our registeration system. Thank you!
 Author| Post time 2017-6-19 03:50 PM | Show all posts
Vernach replied at 2017-6-19 10:19
Hello Sophia,

How would we know that all is ok and ML has recorded the results which we posted and  ...

Now we are  collect the results. I f  you put the result with screenshot here, we will see and confirm. And the info of next round will be posted later after deadline.
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