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Author: Jean
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[Official Forum Event] MLBB all Hero guides collecting countinue

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StoR replied at 2017-6-13 04:24
why not you update your old guide and submit it. not many items changed. all the best for the even ...

I'd probably do that :)
I just have to submit it here right?
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WtripleO replied at 2017-6-13 05:48
I'd probably do that
I just have to submit it here right?

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 Author| Post time 2017-6-13 02:55 PM | Show all posts
OjciecPijus replied at 2017-6-13 03:09
Vexana - The Necromancer: Guide

Vexana is by far my favourite champ. I used to main Hayabusa but we ...

Please leave your servers and ID for me, bro
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Edited by OjciecPijus at 2017-6-13 16:25
Jean replied at 2017-6-13 14:55
Please leave your servers and ID for me, bro

I did :) its in the bottom :D but i can post it again

IGN: TerrorSquad Hayabusa
ID: 8731372 (5012)
Rank: Epic V
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Edited by HallionX at 2017-6-15 22:54

IGN: |DF|-Hallion
ID: 2242667
Server: 3001
Current Rank: Legend

Aurora Starter Guide

images (18)_1.jpg






Pride of Ice        (Passive)

Each time the skill is released, one unit of frost energy will be added to the hero,
When 4 units of frost energy is collected, the next skill damage  will freeze the target.
All skills can cause extra magic damage to the frozen target.

The bar below her hp/mp is her frost energy
1st skill is very efficient for charging up frost energy
Learn the timing when u need to save / unleash your frost energy
Freezing enemies with proper timing could be a deciding factor in fights specially in a clash ^_^

Screenshot_2017-06-14-16-29-29_1.jpg        Screenshot_2017-06-14-16-29-34_1.jpg

Frost Shock (1st skill)

Cooldown:        4 seconds
Mana Cost:        60

Fires forward a Frost Missile, when it hits the enemy it will detonate and deal 300pts of radial Magic Damage and slow enemies down

-Awesome harassment / poking skill
-Good range, small mana consumption, fast cooldown; perfect for charging up Frost Energy
-Dont shy away and cast this anytime you think you need to charge your frost energy
- Cast them on bushes when you think there are enemies hiding, they usually escape and reposition themselves when they think you know they are hiding
- Remember that you can move as soon as you 'let it go' XD
- Quite useful for interrupting enemies trying to use regen / stealing jungle kills as it has good range
- Hold and aim while you move to make the skill less predictable

Bitter Frost (2nd skill)

Cooldown:        11 seconds
Mana Cost:        110

Deals 420 magic damage at specified target and causes target's movement speed to drop 80% for 1.5s

- biggest thing about this is that it is 'unavoidable'
- The big slow down to enemy's movement speed is deadly specially with the right partner along side you.

- Can also be used for defense, as you'll have an easier time getting away from enemies

Coldness Destroy (3rd skill)

Cooldown:        40
Mana Cost:        160

Summons a giant icy rock to bombard a designated target's location,
all enemies hit will be slowed down and receive 800 pts of magic damage.
Surrounding enemies of the target will also be slowed down and receive 400 pts of magic damage


- This is the bomb! Has a wide range and is perfect for clashes! an even lord and turtle steals too!
- Practice the aim and timing of this skill, and your allies will love you ♡
- using quick response 'Ultimate is ready' can be very useful for team mates
- Casting this skill with max frost energy will freeze everyone hit! in a clash that could give an ACE



Additional Magic Damage, Magic penetration, Cooldown reduction; everything needed by Aurora


Flicker / Sprint

I usually go with flicker for Aurora, i find it easier to escape, chase and reposition my self using this.

Others to consider:        Healing or Arrival

- if you have fighters and tanks protecting you, and you play agressively then healing them would be a big help

- a well timed arrival with full frost energy can save allies and/or wipe out enemies


Engaging / Harassment:
- Keep poking the enemy using Frost shock and normal attacks,
- If the enemy tries to get close, use Bitter Frost, the enemy will slow down, followup with Frost Shock / normal attacks and move
   - If there are multiple enemies counter as you back away, keeping yourself safe
   - If there is only one enemy and you think you can take him, move closer as you counter, position yourself so the enemy will still be in your range incase he tries to escape but still safe enough so you'll be able to run incase another enemy tries to gank you

-If the enemy freezes up as you poke, follow up,
Cast Frost shock, and as soon as he gets off being frozen:
   - and he goes desperate and tries to attack you, cast Coldness Destroy near you and your opponent
   - If he tries to run, cast to where you think he'll run to, following up with normal attacks / frost shock as you go
Combo: 1 - 2 - 3


When fighting multiple enemies / in a clash, Unleash Coldness Destroy with full frost energy as much as possible

- Charge up your frost energy asap when you think you'll be in a clash
- Cast Coldness Destroy as soon as your fighters/tanks engage in combat with enemy team to assist
- practice aiming so you'll hit as much enemies as possible
- remember your main targets are the squishy marksmen / heavy damage dealers
- lock on them and followup with bitter frost and frost shock

Combo: 3 - 1 - 2

Protecting Allies:
Your skills have good range and has slowdown and freeze effect, which is effective both for offense and defense

Cast you skills to protect allies being chased / hunted when you can


Maximize the use of the bushes and walls, taking enemies by surprise is a big factor for winning, If they cannot see your frost energy bar, they wont be able  to expect what you'll do

Sample ganks:

Early game,
- Charge up frost energy to full, Hide on the bushes near the tower
- As soon as your partner engages your enemies,
- Pop out with your skills barrage (Coldness destroy surrouning your partner and your enemies, followup with Frost shock, Bitter Frost, normal attack combos)

Combo: 3 - 2 - 1 - normal

Mid Game,
- You can kill squishies easily
- Charge up frost energy to full, Hide on the bush
- A squishy enemy with 3/4 hp is sure kill, as soon as he gets in range
- Cast Bitter Frost (enemy will freeze up), Cast Frost Shock and Coldness Destroy quickly afterwards and try to add in normal attacks
- if enemy survives flicker / chase towards his direction and followup with frost shock and normal attacks

Combo:  2 - 1 - 3 - normal


Freya / Zhao / Chou / Franco / Tigreal / Ruby               
- and anyone that can keep enemies in place as you cast your barrage of skills


Stay safe and away from frontlines of clash as much as possible, hide behind allies / inside bushes

Saber / Fanny / Karina / Hayabusa / Natalia
- Assassins will be able to quickly despose of you, be careful specially when alone

Franco / Chou
- and anyone that might disable you in a fight with their skills


- will not be slowed down when he is using meat tank, but can be freezed


Gears listed are interchangable, and should be bought according to play style and enemies you are facing
Learn to buy manually from the shop as to change gear layout.

Enchanted Talisman

- High cooldown reduction, increased magic damage
- Unique passive MP regen is perfect so Aurora's mp would not get drained as you go harassing enemies

Arcane Boots / Rapid Boots

ArcaneB.jpg        Rapid Boots.jpg

- +15 Magic penetration, for more damage against enemies with magic defense
- Rapid boots is a good alternative and will give better survivability

Holy Crystal


- Big increase in magic damage
- It's unique passive is great for Aurora's skill combos

Fleeting Time


- Increase Magic damage, and Awesome cooldown reduction capabilities
- It's unique passive will make Aurora's enemies cry as she'll go on barraging enemies with deadly combos

Blood Wings


- Ultimate boost in Magic Power and HP

Devil Tears


- Additional Magic damage
- Great magic penetration perfect for fighting against magic defense clad enemies
- on rare events wherein enemies have no tanks / defenders, consider replacing this item with another Blood Wings / Ice Queen Wand / Immortality

Other items worth considering:



- This will save you once incase you get slain in a clash, make that second chance  count
- A good replacement item to arcane/rapid boots in late game when clashes are unavoidable

Ice Queen Wand

- As the gear's name says, this is Aurora's wand ^_^
- The unique effect this gear gives will stack with her skills and will make enemies 'crawl'
- Makes aurora a real pain for the enemies



Aurora is really an awesome mage
When you learn how to utilize her frost energy effectively, you'll feel like you are just playing around with opponents ^_^

Thanks for reading, Hope this guide helped you out~


nice presentation  Post time 2017-6-14 09:10 PM
Post time 2017-6-15 07:12 AM | Show all posts
HallionX replied at 2017-6-14 19:05
IGN: |DF|-HallionID: 2242667Server: 3001Current Rank: Legend

Aurora Starter Guide

Thanks sir StoR ^_^
Your teaser is awesome btw, wish i could learn how to do that
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Edited by WtripleO at 2017-6-19 10:02

My official entry  video guide for Lapu Lapu

IGN:WtripleO  Rank; Legend(Currently 43 stars)
ID#: 25187060

Check out my forum post for my Lapu Lapu Guidehere
(I didn't use voice over due to the fact that, I can't find any quiet room for me to record + I'm only doing these stuff on a rare basis due to the fact that Youtube growth for small timers like me in Mobile legends is small )


nice :) why didn't u add voice over to your video?  Post time 2017-6-17 02:51 AM
Post time 2017-6-18 08:39 PM | Show all posts
Post time 2017-6-19 11:13 AM | Show all posts
I made a Lapu-Lapu guide, I hope you will like it: ... hread&tid=24321
You can see my rank, id and everything in the picture I have in the guide :)
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