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[MSC - Singapore Station] MSC: Registration Time is coming!

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Sign up now, Make more friends, Enjoy with more features, Let you easily Fun Community.

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报名图片 英语.jpg

Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup - Five Nations  Invitational (Singapore Qualifier)

Registration Time:
06/09 - 06/15 (GMT+8)

Registration Link:
Registration by Squad  Leader is necessary. Please don't make a duplicate registration by other  members. The first registration will be the official one.
Qualifier  Rewards: (Each member will receive)

Champion Squad:
50000 Diamonds(per player)

Runner Up:
30000 Diamonds ( per player)

3rd & 4th Place:
15000 Diamonds ( per player )

5th-8th Place:
10000 Diamonds ( per player )

Most Popular Squad:
20000 Diamonds ( per player )
(for voting details please see explanation below)

Prediction Winner Reward:
Double EXP Card 7 Day + Double BP Card 7 Day + Rare  Skin Fragment*20 ( per player )
(for a lucky player who guesses the outcomes of all the  matches, please see explanation below)
About Finals:

Finals Squads: 5 Nations,  8 Squads, 1 Champion!

Finals Reward: ?0000 USD  cash reward! (Stay tuned for the specific amount!)

Location: X Country - X  City - X Location! (Yes, the MLBB team is holding an offline finals  tournament and live streaming the whole thing!)

For more Finals related  information, please follow our official platform for real-time status  updates!
Squad Registration:

1. All players must enter as part of a squad, to be registered by the squad captain via the registration link. Each squad should be made up of 5 formal members and 1 back up member.

2. The in-game flag of all participating players must be Singapore, otherwise they will be disqualified from the tournament. We ask all participants to help enforce this rule.

3. Squad leader must fill out the registration form with squad name + squad captain ID + squad member  IDs + a contact method. Please make sure all information is correct, or you will be responsible for the consequences.

4. A squad has 6 members  total, including the captain. Squads taking part in the tournament can be actual squads in-game or not.

5. No squad shall have any other players aside from the 6 registered players in any match during the tournament, or else they will be automatically disqualified.

6. Each contestant can only battle for one squad in total, only for the squad stated at the time of registration. A player cannot change squads part way through tournament and cannot play for two squads at the same time.

7. Squad Captains, please make sure you have enough space on your friends list before matches so that you can friend the opposing squad's captain to coordinate the match.
Tournament Rules:

8. In the Group stage, each round of matches should be set up Custom Mode, as a 5v5 Match Up battle.

9. The Group stage will  adopt a single elimination format. One game will determine whether you win or  lose.

10. The quarterfinals and semifinals will adopt a best-of-three series format, and the finals will be  best-of-five. Each match will be live streamed on the official platform.

11. All members must only use their own game account to take part in matches.

12. There are no restrictions on account level, heroes or skins used.
Match Prep:

13. Once registration ends, the official MLBB team will make a post announcing the first-round matchups and match times. (Group division and matchups between participating squads will be done at random by official team.)

14. Matchup charts for each round will include the squad captain IDs for both sides. Squad captains should use these IDs to find the opposing teams captain and add him/her as a  friend. (Please make sure the ID is correct. Any mistakes are your responsibility.)

15. Two opposing squad's captains should confirm a specific time within the tournament specified time period to carry out a custom match and alert their teammates.

16. For any problems encountered when adding friends, playing a match, or submitting match  results, please see the "Special Notes" section below.
Match Start:

17. At the arranged time, one of the squad captains should set up the game as a Match Up game under  Custom Mode, and invite the other squad's captain to join;

18. After both side's captains have joined, each captain should invite their squad members to join the battle. Please ensure that all player flags and account IDs are correct.

19. After the two sides have confirmed the identity of the opposing team, then they can begin the match and start battling until the match ends.
Match Result Submission:

Deadline: 06/15 23:59:59

20. Please post a screenshot of the result of each match to the comments section under the matchup announcement post made by the MLBB team. Remember to include your squad name for convenience.

21. Please submit a screenshot of the result of each match to the specified location before the  submission deadline. Missed deadlines resulting in the inability to collect match results are the player's responsibility.
Special Notes:

22. If on the day of battle there are major server problems, the MLBB team will reschedule the  match. If there is no official announcement, then matches will be carried out as normal. Players must bear responsibility for a loss resulting from the lag  on the player's end. Before the match, please ensure your network connection  has no issues.

23. If both sides are  unable to confirm a match time, or if a team cannot compete in the match and  the match result submission deadline expires, then the match will be invalid  and the team(s) not participating in the match will be eliminated (must  provide a screenshot explaining the situation).

24. If a squad captain  does not receive a response after adding the opposing squad's captain as a  friend, or if the squad captain's friends list is full and cannot add another  friend, please take a screenshot to explain the situation. If the match is  not complete within the allotted time, the unresponsive opposing squad will  be eliminated.

25. If there is a data  syncing problem during the match that results in inconsistent match results  for both sides, then the MLBB dev team must confirm this issue, and both  sides' captains will decide whether there needs to be a rematch.

26. No player shall perform any cheating with regards to match results. If any photoshopping of results or similar actions are discovered, that squad will be automatically  disqualified from the tournament.

27. Both sides should ensure that the network connection and devices will function normally during the battle, and try to battle under Wi-Fi conditions as well as with enough power. In the case where any contestants are disconnected or drop out during battle, the battle cannot be restarted.

28. The tournament  strictly forbids users insulting or disrupting the other team using voicechat  or unsuitable language, if found doing so users will be disqualified or  banned from tournament

29. Players are not  allowed to use 3rd party tools or hacking tools. If found doing so, those  players will be banned permanently.

After each round of the tournament, MLBB officials will tally up the results as soon as possible and announce the next round's list of matchups, and so on. Thank you!
Right of final interpretation over this event is reserved by the Mobile Legends Official Operations Team. If you have any questions, please contact us right away!

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Edited by Makastory at 2017-6-11 01:08


VAMPIR3 is looking for an Asian representation! We will inform if we can reach any agreement! Good luck in the tournament !!
Post time 2017-6-10 05:26 PM | Show all posts
Excellent work! The Spanish speaking community are excited and eager to see what they have prepared!
Post time 2017-6-10 06:21 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I don't have squad but how did this going to working?
Post time 2017-6-10 07:53 PM | Show all posts
how much squad per country?? 8 squad from 5 country right? so which country sending 1 squad?
Post time 2017-6-10 08:50 PM | Show all posts
Earlene replied at 2017-6-10 18:21
I don't have squad but how did this going to working?

it wont work until you have a team
Post time 2017-6-11 01:23 AM | Show all posts
yo creo que primero deverian arreglar el lag del juego y aser un buen balense de heroes antes de acer un torneo
Post time 2017-6-11 07:18 AM | Show all posts
SlamberGamer replied at 2017-6-10 19:53
how much squad per country?? 8 squad from 5 country right? so which country sending 1 squad?

2 squad each for 3 countries and 1 squad each for 2 countries.
Post time 2017-6-11 01:03 PM | Show all posts
Who's the hero on the bottom left? S4 Tigreal Skin or what?
Post time 2017-6-12 12:27 AM | Show all posts
StoR replied at 2017-6-11 07:18
2 squad each for 3 countries and 1 squad each for 2 countries.

why u repeat my question.. i know, thats why i asking which country sending 1 squad.. :L
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