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Hero Guide, Bruno the Protector by [RCS] Lumiere

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Hero Guide Bruno, The Protector!

Plus    : Easy to Use, High Damage & Critical
Minus : Low Armor, Low HP

Item Build:


Skill Analysis:

Abilities Should Max First:
You must full the Skill 1 first and then Skill 3.
That’s the important skill for Bruno.
Because it will help you in team fight.
Skill 1 and Skill 3 important to max first.

Combos Analysis:
Wait your Tank to open the war.
Hit Behind your Melee Teammates (Tank, Fighter, Assassin) keep your position, don't dare to be in front line.
use your skill 1 to hit straight to the enemy, you can use your ulti when your enemy gather and close each other.

Battle Spell:
I recommend you to use Flicker Spell or Purify Spell or Fury Spell.
Because you have low armor and low hp.
Spell is insanely important for marksman.
Use Fury spell if you already good use marksman role.

Gear for Hero:
I recommend you to use my second build.
That build will let your Basic Attack have more damage and critical.
Also have a penetrate to hit the enemy with high armor.

Gear Analysis:

1st item,
Shoes| Take this item first. This item make you little fast to run and do basic attack speed.
2nd item,
Lifesteal Sword| The more important item for survive. You can still alive with this item. In the early game, the lifesteal doesn’t feel much. But in the late game, this is will help you to be a good makrsman and carry your whole team.
3rd item, Penetrate Item (To Ignore Enemy Armor)|
With this item, you'll get more damage to the enemy which have high armor. This item allows you to finishing kill your enemy more faster (especially Tank). The most Important Item for Marksman.
4th item, Basic Attack Buff| With this item, every 2s your Basic Attack will have 70% more damage and give you more lifesteal. This item absolutely good to combine with the 3rd item and 4th and 5th item in my build.
5th item, Attack Speed Sword| This item will give you more Attack Speed and Critical Chance. If you play any marksman, this item should be in your build.
6th item, Critical Sword| Damn. This item will give you more Critical Damage! That make this item so fit with Bruno Passive Skill. You must have this item.

Emblem Set:
Physical Emblem |
you know the reason dude. Haha Bruno is Physical hero type. I recommend you Physical Emblem. Cause it easy to collect them, than the other emblem.

Combat Tips:
For early game, keep calm and deadly. You're nothing at early game. hahaha at least, you must have a partner. you cant do much in early game. i recommend you fighter / tank hero to be your partner. you can go to the top lane or mid lane. but im always go to the top lane for the blue buff. If you the only one Marksman in your team, then go to Mid Lane. You can easily win with the mage or mm opponent if you have a partner. But, dont get too rush or you'll die in your greed. Take care with all hero that have stun skill. They can stun you and gank you. Keep patience, you'll have insanely power at late game. :p So, make your leveling quick to complete your item build by farming in the jungle too.

Team Fight Tips:
In team fight, I recommend you NOT STAND IN FRONT LINE, keep your position behind your tank / fighter. Use Bruno ulti when the enemy gather and close each other. When your opponent get busy with your 1st initiator teammate (Tank maybe), you can cast your skill 3. After that, kill the melee enemy first. When you 1 v 1, play smart. Use skill 1, then try run to your ball. You can use again your skill 1 / 2 if you get your ball back. If the enemy come to you, you can use skill 2 to stun or use it to run.

Hope you like my Bruno build!
And i hope that build will help you guys!

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