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Get Started with: Balmond!

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Get Started with: Balmond!

Gameplay video to see Balmond in action with this build!


Skills and Passive

Passive [Bloodthirst]: Balmond regens 4% HP everytime he kills a minion and 10% HP everytime he kills a hero.
- Nice passive which gives Balmond some form of self sustain.

1st Skill [Soul Lock]: Balmond charges a target dealing Physical Damage and slowing him down by 60% for 2.5 seconds upon impact. Enemies on his path will be damaged too.
- This is Balmond's mobility skill, it's not the best in the game but it's more than decent.

2nd Skill [Clyclone Sweep]: Balmond continuously swings his axe dealing Physical Damage to enemies around him. The skill can be activated again to stop it earlier.
- One of Balmond's Signature skills, very nice to farm lane minions, to jungle faster and to harass enemies during fights.

Ultimate [Lethal Counter]: Balmond slams his axe in a conical area on the ground, enemies in the area will receive a flat amount of true damage plus additional true damage equal to 20% of the target's missing hp, targets hit will also have their movement speed lowered by 60% for 2 seconds.
- This is Balmond strongest skill, it allows him to deal extreme amounts of damage to wounded enemies!


Item Build

1st Item - Warrior Boots: Standard pick for a tanky build, get Though Boots only if enemies are heavily magic based.
2nd Item - Bloodlust Axe: Good flat damage, 20% cdr which is a lot and is nice to have and some nice self sustain from the skill lifesteal (mostly from our 2nd skill and ultimate).
You can go for a more defensive approach swapping the Axe for Dominance Ice, if you do so move it as the last item and shift all the other items 1 position.
3rd Item - Blade Armor: A lot of physical tankiness for a cheap price plus the damage return passive which is nice to have.
4th Item - Cursed Helmet: High hp and magic resist plus the aoe burn aura which will increase our farming speed and damage potential.
5th Item - Immortality: High hp and magic resist plus the resurrection passive which is extremly strong.
6th Item - Bloodthirsty King: A ton of hp and the strong regeneration from the passive, it will give us a lot of sustain. Nice if you can combo the regen for when you resurrect from Immortality to go back to high hp.
Starting Item: Hunter's Knife, to boost our quick wave clear even more.

Emblem Set: Tank, we get much needed armor\magic resist and other nice stats.


Battle Spell

Purify: It's very good because it should make sure that you are able to use your ultimate during fights and it can save you from many bad situations.
Execute: It could be a decent pick because you can use it in 2 ways 1) Secure a kill on a hero so that you ensure the hp regen from your passive; 2) Use it on an enemy which is already decently low so you bring him to one-shot range with ultimate.



1) Blue buff on Balmond is a luxury, try to steal it from the enemies but on your team there will be someone who needs it more than you. Red buff isn't very useful with this build, don't focus too much on getting it.
2) Max your 1st Skill first because it gets a lowe cooldown for each level.
3) Your 1st Skill is a decent mobility ability but it has its limitations. You can easily use it to move around faster, to go through walls\obstacles and to rush on enemies but when it comes to escaping with it don't overestimate it because if the enemies are already on top of you it's pretty much useless as an escape because most of the time as soon as you use it to dash back you will immediately hit the enemy on top of you and the dash will stop.
4) Your Ultimate is extremely strong and pretty much the main reason why you play Balmond, it has a big area of effect and it deals more damage the more hp the enemies are missing pretty much one-shotting anyone close to 30% hp. Be aware that the skill has a slight cast delay so learn it and take it into account, it's very important mostly when you are trying to hit enemies far from you who can escape because of that small delay.
5) With this tanky build your role is to be in front taking damage and trying to cover your squishy damage dealers, while you are in front you try your best to harass the enemies with Cursed Helmet and your 2nd Skill and most importantly as soon as you see a good opportunity to use your ultimate after your allies dealt some damage make sure to slam them enemies! Sometimes it's fine to use your ultimate even if it kills only 1 enemy so don't be afraid to use it.
6) Thanks to his ultimate dealing true damage based on missing health ignoring any kind of armor Balmond is one of the best anti-tank in the game, one shotting a tank as soon as he goes to 30% hp? Yes please!
7) Balmond is one of those heroes that really encourages you to get the killing blow on minions because of his regen from the passive, if you can try to hit those last hits instead of just letting the minion die from something else.
8) Balmond is also one of the best Lord\Turtle stealer because his ultimate works the same on them so when they are low hp you can just ulti them, sometimes even from across the wall, and secure the objective!





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Okay.. Thanks bro
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