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Guide for mino

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For newbies or people who dont know how to play mino properly.

Item build :

1.Cursed Helmet - i'd suggest this item as your 1st, this increases hp and magic resistance, and to mention the burn passive. Mino only does a lil. Damage. Why not give him a burn, Mino is tough and this would be great for him :)

2. Tough boots/Rapid boots/Magic boots - This 3 boots is the movement speed i'd like to suggest. If enemies has the skill to disable then its tough boots. If they're good on escape, use rapid. If the need to skill use magic.

3. Blade Armor - this armor is the best against fighters and assassin also tanks, and marksman.  It provides 100 armor against physical attacks. And the return damage is the best for mino has high HP.

4.BloodThirsty king - This armor provides increase HP. Also a kill is a regen. Even a tough mino needs life regen. And his 2nd is not enough. But with this item. Sure, let them come :)

5.Saint's Refuge - This item is the best for me on the defense category and i liked to suggest this :) it obsorbs damage every 30 sec correct me if im wrong. And in 30 mino cant be killed or be killed. It provides increase hp and magic resist. Both good against physical and magic :)

6.Immortality - increase in magic resist and hp :) and the passive is great. and by the cooldown reaches it limit. Im sure mino wont be killed before the item activates again. But you could also use the demons advent or the ice armor thing :)

Guide ~

Mino is a support but a very strong tank. He has a high hp and a great rage indicator :) i'd suggest to push when the rage is full. It buffs not only you  also your skill, specially his ulti :) his 1st increases range and slow. His 2nd gives you an armor that obsorbs damage and your ulti will add another slam not to mention the damage and the airborne. So its a big win to push when your at your rage. And when clashing always go 1st, dont be afraid to eat damage. Eating damage is an idea to charge your rage indicator. The emblem i'd suggest the ofcourse tank or fighter. Depends on the level :) the extra skill would be flicker. Mino is tough but slow. So use flicker and jump in the middle of the 5 enemies. That would become an advantage. Remember. Always release your ulti in every clash. Dont hold it back. Dont wait for the 5 enemies to be near. Just ulti when your team is in disadvantage in the clash. Specially when your alone. When in clash. Go for the marksman and the fighters. Dont fight the tank. He's no problem to you. If they have disable. Like tigreal or alpha. Always use your ulti before they do. But if you think you need their ulti to set. You 1st need the Saints Refuge. And thats it.

I hope this will help you newbies and non good mino there.
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My opionion : This is not a good guide.

" 1.Cursed Helmet - i'd suggest this item as your 1st, this increases hp and magic resistance, and to mention the burn passive. Mino only does a lil. Damage."
-This is almost never a good item to start, because u will not often face two or even one mage in your line at early game.
So the magic res will not bring you an advantage.
- Mino does only a little damage ? this is simply wrong and does not need any explanation if you know minotaur well.

2.: 3. Blade Armor - gives only 90 Armor, and depending on the boots you chose you, this is your only Armor boost from items - weak really

3. 5.Saint's Refuge  - why do you chose this item ? "To mino" means to be good in having !Always! the right timing in rage.
The shield is no good choice for this

Point four is funny:  His 2nd skill gives you an armor that obsorbs damage - .... i did not know that ! xD

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