Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Author: BlueSoap
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Edited by ArtLover at 2017-5-4 12:50

IGN: Lust

ID: 50141116

Rank: Grandmaster V

Chosen Skin: Nana Wonderland

Why you love Mobile Legends :

Me and my friends have fun playing it together! The graphics is stunning and it keeps getting better! :D

Post time 2017-5-4 01:17 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Post time 2017-5-4 01:25 PM | Show all posts
IGN: Mindereak
ID: 9841180
Rank: Epic IV (atm)
Chosen Skin: Balmond - Ghoul's Fury
Why you love Mobile Legends: I love MOBA games and Mobile Legends is simply the best MOBA experience for mobile devices.
Post time 2017-5-4 02:19 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
IGN: RAF-III       ID:14781175 Rank: Epic V Chosen Skin: Kagura Flower seasom Why you love Mobile Legends (in less than 100 words): It helps me relax. Forget all problem for a while. And It its the only way to talk to my crush <3
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Hmmmm ok nice
Post time 2017-5-4 03:06 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
IGN:ChiiCe     ID:6562065 (2006)    Rank:Warrior II
Post time 2017-5-4 03:08 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ChiiCe replied at 2017-5-4 15:06
IGN:ChiiCe     ID:6562065 (2006)    Rank:Warrior II

I forgot to add why i love mobile legends....
Becuz it can connect me with friends and the graphics are awesome
Post time 2017-5-4 05:36 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ✓\ditya at 2017-5-4 17:50

IGN: ✓\ditya
Rank: Glorious Legend× 160 stars+
Chosen Skin: Flame red lips ( Eudora)
Why you love Mobile Legends (in less than 100 words):Love?, Not the right words I would say to express my feelings or opinions regarding MLBB itself. I do agree on some points that it does help me pass my extra time well enough a day. Now the things I like about it are.....bewbs. Just kidding, lol.( Nope). Anyway, it has great character design despite them having simple backgrounds, and this game does makes me feel joy at times; when I'm dominating the other side. Overall, weekly updates are quite spectacular compared to other games I've tried so far, moderators are good in terms of support as I have seen so far in forums. As for the community, well, it does have its upside of being not so crowded with nubs, but I do have fun reading theirs posts; stating the OP-i-ness of certain heroes, on forum sometimes ( mostly I check forums for that , lel). But they fail to understand the core of MLBB that it's all about teamwork and teammates. Depending on these two factors, games can turn their tide in unimaginable directions. Some people just don't seem to get this fact. Eitherway, after going through a hell lot of cluster-fuck encounters with noobs here,I eventually came across good players and therefore, i'm genuinely enjoying this game whenever I log in-game.

P.S: I just wrote whatever came in mind after typing the first sentence, so, don't mind the length, lol. Have a good day, to whoever decided to read it anyway ^_-
Post time 2017-5-4 05:47 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
IGN: Queenbaeby
Post time 2017-5-4 05:54 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
IGN: Queenbaeby, ID: 35388063, Rank: Master IV, Chosen Skin: Green Flash (I would have chosen Canon and Roses but It's 700+
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