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Author: Jean
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Nick: Anon
ID: 28385937 (5009)
Rank: Glorious Legend

[Background Summary]
Bloodaxe Orcs are descendants of blood demons and other devils. These orcs use arcane magic to infect enemies with
blood. They are bloodthirsty and always craves war. Among the Bloodaxe Orcs, Balmond is considered the strongest.

Fighter / Tank

Crowd Control / Regen

[Durability]███ ███████████████████████████████████
[AbilityEffect] ███████████████████████████████████
[Difficulty]███ ███████████████████████████████████

✦ Not easy to kill
✦ Does not use mana
✦ Easy to farm or ks with
✦ High damage AoE skills
✦ Fast health regeneration
✦ 3rd skill not item dependent
✦ Easy to use / Newbie friendly
✦ Decent damager even as tank

✦ Risky engages
✦ Weak CC (only slows, no stun)
✦ Only mobility is an interruptible dash
✦ Ult can easily be canceled or dodged
✦ Weak against good kiters / marksmen

✦ This passive allows you to stay in the battlefield for even an entire game.
✦ Take advantage of this passive by last hitting all the minions in your lane.
✦ If you’re laning and your HP is low, don’t use recall, just go jungle for a bit.
✦ Don’t panic if you have a low HP on a clash, you’d survive if you get a kill.

✦ Use this skill to engage and harass your opponent, or when you are chasing.

✦ Use this skill to escape, you may use it to go through walls and obstacles.

✦ Your dash can be stopped if an enemy hero blocks your path. But on the
other hand, your dash will cancel certain move skills of enemy heroes,such
as Tigreal’s rush, Akai’s jump, Fanny’s cable. And in general, you can use this
to halt their movements if they are chasing your teammate.

✦ Don't just tap this skill, actually aim on a direction, otherwise you might end
dashing towards your opponents, when you are actually trying to escape.

✦ If you are in a fight, reserve this skill for when the hero with an escape skill
is trying to run away, or if your second skill is ready and you want them to have
a hard time walking away from it.

✦ If you got badly ambushed and your path to base is blocked, don’t use this
skill to dash through them, chances are, they’ll just stop you. It’s better to
dash the opposite direction, even towards their base, you will have better
chances escaping through their jungle by going through walls, every time
this skill goes on cooldown.

✦ Use this to clear a minion wave, and don’t worry too much if you’re getting poked.
You will most likely regen the lost HP or even more, once the minions get killed.

✦ When you are using this in a fight, position yourself to where the enemy is going,
blocking their path. That way it would be hard for them to escape too in addition
to being ravaged by your skill.

✦ When doing Lord, using this skill just before Lord uses his stun allows you to keep
damaging him even if you are stunned. This is useful for when there are enemies
surrounding you and the Lord. You can get the kill, while everyone is stunned.

✦ Be careful when there are enemies with aerial attacks or morph, as they can cancel
your spin.

✦ While spinning, you cannot use any other skill. You have to tap the skill again to
cancel it.

✦ Remember to cancel your spin if there is an enemy that can be killed with your ult
is trying to run away.

✦ Remember to cancel this skill if there are no more enemies around you, this will
allow you to quickly dash away just in case you got jumped or ambushed. That
one second you use to cancel the spin later, could be very critical and could cost
you your life.

✦ The lower the enemy’s health is, the more damage this skill will deal.

✦ With that said, don’t use this skill on a rush, wait for your opponent’s HP
to deplete before striking them with your ult.

✦ There are certain cases where you’d need to use your ult early, such as
when your team is chasing the enemies and you need them to be slowed.
This skill will slow them down for full two seconds. That choice could wipe
them out once your teammate reaches them and combos them, compared
to if you didn’t slow them down and reserved your ult to last hit only one or
two of them later.

✦ If you are being chased by one or more heroes, use this skill to slow them
down. Followed with your second to either retreat, or engage, in case you
finally have backup coming.

✦ Avoid using this skill if the enemy is right next to you. This skill is cone
shaped, so the closer the area, the thinner the damage area is. Wait for
the enemy hero to at least be midway of the range of your ult.

✦ Use this skill to kill steal Turtle or Lord. Wait for them to have only 20%
HP left (which is exactly "one health bar" on first spawn) then hit with your
ult. You will be kill stealing Turtle and Lord easily once you get familiar with it.

✦ Do not simply tap this skill, actually aim it. Otherwise you might end up
using your ult somewhere on the opposite direction. Letting your enemy
escape and wasting your ult.

Skill Upgrading

Third Skill > Second Skill > First Skill

Third - While leveling this up doesn’t increase the per-missing-HP damage,
it reduces the cooldown by a lot.

Second - This is your main damaging and minion-killing skill, the more you
can spam it, the longer you’d survive.

First - This is the least important skill, you will only ever use it to engage
and disengage. It’s damage is not very relevant.


[First > Second > Third]
This will be your main combo. Use this if the enemy is far and you want to harass them.

[Second > Basic Attacks > First > Second > Third]
Use this if the enemy was already near you. Don't use your first until they're running.

[Third > First > Second]
Use this if you need a group of enemies to be slowed and you have teammates coming to back up.

[First/Flicker > Third]
Use this if there is a low HP enemy a bit far from you or standing near their turret. Follow up with a dash or Flicker away if you could be killed by turret.

[Third > Second > First > Basic Attacks]
Use this if an enemy team already has low HP. If they didn't die from your third, simply follow up with second and first and basic attacks.

For general use. This will allow you to engage and disengage very quickly, along with your first skill.

Prevents your ult from being canceled. Also increases your survivability, similar to Flicker.

If you always find yourself always needing to kill steal a hero so you can trigger your passive to survive.

[Blade Armor]

Getting this early allows you to freely use your 2nd skill on minion waves and
regenerating your health fast, without worrying so much about getting poked.


As Balmond, you will most likely perform a lot of risky engages and turret
diving. Having this item should help you in surviving a lot of those scenario.

[Warrior Boots]

You will benefit a lot from this item as you will most likely be tanking minion
waves during laning, triggering this shoes passive that adds 15 armor pts.

[Cursed Helmet]

In addition to this item's MR, your spin will technically be more damaging to
the opponents, as being near you in general would deal damage to them.
Along with your Blade Armor, your AoE dps would clearing waves very easy.

[Dominance Ice]

While you won't benefit from the mana it gives, the other stat and passive is
very perfect for Balmond. The CDR and the slow, allows you to spam your
second skill and really damage your opponent as they can't move as fast.

[Bloodthirsty King]

This item, along with your passive, will give you an insane HP regen, especially
when you get a kill. This item will make you extremely tanky even in late game.

List of heroes that are good partners with Balmond.

Nana's morph spell would allow you to really ravage your opponent
with your second skill. Your slows will also allow her to position her ult.

Tigreal's ult can congest all your enemies into a small area, allowing
you to hit them all easily with your second skill and also your third skill.

Bane's ult will greatly slow down a group of enemies in a wide area
allowing you to use your second and third skill on them easily.

A damage-type bane would completely annihilate an enemy team once
you use your ult and slow on their team, as they won't be able to run.

Gord's slow and long stun would assist you in landing your third skill.
Your slows would also allow Gord to use all of his ult to your enemies.

His heal would help you survive in your lane longer. His AoE also allows you
to clear waves faster. His ult would also make your 2nd and 3rd more threatening.

Ruby's ult can pull all enemies into a small area, allowing you to hit them all with
your 2nd and 3rd skill. Both your slows would also give them a hard time escaping.

Some tips when facing specific heroes.

When harassing Miya, make sure you spin on the direction where you think
she is going, that way she will be blocked even if she uses her third skill.

Nana can easily cancel your spin. So when use your first skill towards her,
do not press your ult yet as she will most likely morph you. Wait until it ends.

While it may seem to be an advantage to get ult'ed by Tigreal, your spin will
be canceled once he uses his second. So use it after he performs his combo.

Akai can be tough to kill and only your third could really finish him off. When fighting
him, use your first to cancel his jump, and try to stay a few pixels away when he uses
his ult, so you can still damage him with your spin without getting pushed.

[Yun Zhao]
Yun Zhao's first skill can cancel your second skill. So wait for him to flip you before
using your second skill. This will give you an advantage as you will be blocking his
path to safety.

Cancel Fanny's cable hook by rushing towards her or her direction using your first.
This will allow you to harass her more with your second. Be careful when using your
third skill on her as she can easily dodge it.


✦ Roamer Emblem - This emblem adds cooldown reduction, which will help Balmond
spam his spin. There are only very few items that suits Balmond that has cooldown
reduction. This will also give him movement speed, making it hard for opponents to
run away from his spin. This also gives HP and more HP Regen for Balmond.

[Normal Games]

✦ The ideal lane for you is the top lane. Start the game by killing the blue buff monster
and the one near it with your second skill. Your AoE should finish them off rather quickly.

✦ If your lane partner has an escape skill and is not squishy, go to the middle of their first
and second turret. Tank the minions as you can kill them easily with your spin and regen
a lot of HP. Repeating this process allows your minion to either beat up their tower or their
hero, as they won't have any minion defending.

✦ If you choose to do the previous tip, make sure you be wary of enemy hero positions.
There's a chance, especially in high ranked games, that their mid and bottom lane heroes,
would be coming to top to gank you.

✦ Once you hit level 4, you should roam other lanes. You have fast mobility and
boots by then so you could go back and forth defending your lane and ganking.

✦ Be good at last hitting. I know many people don't care so much about last hitting
since they get gold anyway, but killing minions or heroes gives Balmond a huge regen.

✦ Make sure you give Balmond breathing space after a clash, to give his passive
a time to regenerate your health. It isn't instant, so don't be way too aggressive.

[Brawl Mode]

✦ You already have Flicker by default so I suggest using Execute for spell.
This will give you more kills, therefore, more health regeneration and survivability.

✦ Start by buying three pcs of Leather Jerkin, the 220 gold worth of armor,
and one Healing Necklace.

✦ Your first two builds should be Blade Armor, for tougher armor and return damage;
and Bloodthirsty King, since in Brawl you can't return home to regen, you would
survive way longer with this item especially if you get a lot of kills.

✦ This most common mistake by Balmond players in Brawl is that they engage too
early. What you should do is wait by the bush or your turret, and wait for the enemies
to focus on your ally tank or fighter, and that's when you dash towards their marksman,
healer, or mage, and ravage them with your spin.

✦ You will find many instances where an enemy hero with low HP is hiding behind
their turret. This is when you can take advantage of one of your combo
[First > Third > Flicker Away], killing them by surprise.

✦ Please remember that these are all my personal preference and strategy, while it works for me,
it is possible that a different one might be more effective to some of you. Thank you for reading!

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IGN: |DF|-Hallion
ID: 2242667
Server: 3001
Current Rank: Epic 4
Balmond Starter Guide



Passive.png Blood Thirst        (Passive)

Regens 4% of max HP each time he kills a minion.
Regens 10% of max HP each time he kills a hero


Make sure most of your gears have + hp to maximize his passive :)
Assists wont trigger your regen, make sure you aim for the kills to activate this

2nd.png Soul Lock (First skill)

Cooldown:        11 seconds

Charges up to an enemy and deals 150pts of phsyical to enemies along the way.
After hitting the target, he will stop and lower that enemie's movement speed by 60%, lasting 2s


Main initating attack :D
the short stun and 2s slow in enemy's movement speed is deadly, so make sure this skill hits and prevent your prey from running
Keep in mind that this skill can pass through walls, use it as necessary

3rd.png Cyclone Sweep (2nd skill)

Cooldown:        7 seconds

Rapidly swings axe at enemies in the area, dealing 65pts of physical damage with each attack


Balmond's main harrassing DPS skill
Can clear lanes quickly
Can Critical, with crit rate increasing gear.
try to hit as much enemies as you can when using this skill (minions included) to benefit from you passive and make you last longer in lanes and clashes
Move around and follow the enemy you are targeting if he tries to run
this skill can easily be countered with stuns so be careful of your timing

4th.png Lethal Counter (3rd skill)

Cooldown:        40

Raises a giant axe, dealing 350 pts
plus 20% of target's missing HP as true damage to enemies in a conical area
in front  of the hero and lowers enemy movement speed 60% lasting 2s


Balmond's ultimate, Is DEADLY.
Keep in mind that the less HP your enemies have, the more deadly this skill gets
Make sure the timing is right,
        less than 20% hp remaining are perfect targets for kills
        less than 50% hp remaining are good targets if you have allies with you
        other wise, the skill will barely hurt them, but they will be slowed down, which may be good enough in assisting allies or preventing escapes
Hold the skill and aim, try to hit as many enemies as possible with your skill
If u have flicker and there is a badly injured enemy tower hugging, you can use soul lock to dive into enemy tower, immediately cast lethal counter on him for the kill, then flicker to safety
This is extremely useful in going for lord/turtle steals :P



I usually go for pure Tank style for Balmond

If your are the main tank in the party
You'll be initating attacks, distracting enemy heroes and asking damage dealers to aim at you, while your allies dish out the damage.
Maximize the minions with your attacks, as each kill will regen your hp
The longer you last in a clash the bigger the help for your allies
Time your ultimate skill,

Physical / Fighter emblems are great too
Phsyical Emblem.png Fighter.png

This is great if you are not the main tanker of the party
You'll be supporting the tank, taking some damage and hurting them back as much as you can as early as possible
Remember to maximize minions and time your ultimate skill!



I usually go with purify as this helps for anti disables,
Enemies usually have a stunner or disabler that could hold you in place, After getting close to the enemy using soul lock, cast purify immediately
with purify you will be immune from stuns and disables, and make sure your 'cyclone sweep' will not be wasted

Others to consider:        Flicker, Stun, Interference
- good backup for positioning, escaping and attacking

- keep enemies stuck for a second or two, perfect when paired with allies with skills that deals heavy damage per second like Gord

- enemies will be forced to back down to their tower since Balmond can clear lanes fast

- this will help you in harassing tower hugging enemies

:shutup::P StrategiesandCombos.jpg


- Get close using 'soul lock', cast 'cyclone sweep', normal attacks
- Run toward's enemy, use 'cyclone sweep' follow enemy movement, use soul lock if they try to run and hit with a few normal attacks
-<Flicker> to enemy, cast cyclone sweep, soul lock to stop escaping enemies, normal attack or use 'lethal counter' as required

Remember that you ultimate has a slow down effect, use it when necessary when u have allies near you and not just aim for sure kills

Protecting Allies:

- Protect your allies when you can (when you hp is enough)
- Run behind your ally who is being chased, <quick response> retreat,
   you may cast any of your skills
                        cast 'cyclone sweep' and the enemy will be damaged as he get's closer
                        or 'soul lock' to give your ally 1-2 seconds more to escape
                        or your ultimate that will slow down enemies, then use soul lock to
                        escape/engage depending on the situation


Maximize the use of the bushes, and walls taking enemies by surprise is a big factor for winning

- Suddenly dash in front of an enemy with soul lock, then cast cyclone sweep
- If the enemy is about half 20% hp use 3rd skill for the quick kill
- Jump in on a running enemy with <flicker>, dash using soul lock if you need to get closer, then cast lethal counter

:lol Partners.jpg :handshake

There are many heroes that are nice to pair with balmond, but my favorite is with gord.
You can dominate early game and have a great advantage to winning :)

Marksmans / Mages / Assassins
- any big damage dealers that can deal damage fast as you tank for them

Tigreal        / Ruby
- allies that can help keep the enemies in place and keep them together maximizing damage from your combo

Estes / Rafaela
- slows down enemies and heals you up while you spin with cyclone and damage them

:funk: Enemies.jpg :Q

- Transform cancels your cyclone sweep, get close to her using soul lock and use normal attacks, ony cast cyclone sweep if you thinks nana is in cooldown
- Ultimate skill keeps u in place, making you less of a threath

Hayabusa / Kagura / Fanny
- you'll have a hard time fighting them as they keep moving around

- Ult cancels Cyclone sweep

- can stun you in place, or kick you away using 1 tap of ultimate

- 1st skill will slow you down, 2nd skill can push you away, protecting his allies

- can use meat tank to bump you away and protect his allies


Gears listed below are interchangable, and should be bought according to play style and enemies you are facing, Learn to buy manually from the shop and change gear layout depending on the situation.


Tank type: Cooldown /Durability

Magic Shoes / Rapid Boots

        Magic shoes +10% cool down reduction is worth considering, it'll help in harassing and skills spamming
        more movement speed of rapid boots is also useful so you can keep up with enemies while using cyclone sweep

Cursed Helmet
Cursed Helmet.jpg
        increasing Balmond's max HP, will increase his regen
        gives additional magic resistance
        You'll keep damaging your enemies every second you are near them, this will combo well with cyclone sweep

Dominance Ice
Dominance Ice.jpg
        +70 Armor to make Balmond more tanky
        15% Cooldown for our skill combos
        Slow down enemies attack speed when we get close to them

Oracle / Bloodthirsty King

Oracle.jpg     BloodThirstyKing.jpg

        Oracle has good HP, magic resistance, hp regen and +10% cooldown for our combo
        consider Blood thirsty King if there are few magic damage dealer enemies
        for better max HP, more regen, and so that even assists will keep Balmond alive

Depending on the enemies you are facing opt for better defense against phsyical / magical damage

Blade Armor/ Demon's Advent / Heart of Steel

Blade Armor.jpg

        +90 armor from Blade armor will make Akai be able to widthstand clashes better
        Demon Advent / heart of steel for more armor and better defense against enemy damagers

Immortality / Saints Refuge

Immortality.jpg    SaintsRefuge.jpg

- This will save Balmond on a clash and give additional magic resistance
- use regen while the immortality shield is on soul link to safety or attack using skills in cooldown depending on the situation
- Saints Refuge to get a shield every 30seconds and for additional Defense against magic damage

Fighter / Attack Type:

Note: Do not try this if your team was expecting you to tank for them, else they will get mad at you :P

Blade of Destruction
Blade of Destruction.jpg

        good source of +critical rate and damage
        will make your cyclone sweep deadlier

Magic Shoes / Rapid Boots

        Magic shoes +10% cool down reduction is worth considering, it'll help in harassing and skills spamming
        more movement speed of rapid boots is also useful so you can keep up with enemies while using cyclone sweep

Bloodthirsty King / Blade Armor

        for better max HP, more regen, and so that even assists will keep Balmond alive
        also consider a Blade Armor in replacement for added survivability when you attack

Thor's Sting / Another Blade of Destruction
Thor's Sting.jpg
        Thor's Sting will further increase Balmond's crit rate,
        the +attack speed and movement speed will help in haraassing enemies too

        also consider a duplicate blade of destruction, it will increase Balmond's crit rate and have additional damage *take note though that unique effects will not stack*

Blade of Despair
         Blade of Despair.jpg
        Final damaging item
        Gives a whooping increase in damage, additional crit rate and attack speed
        + a unique effect of additional damage to disabled and debuffed enemies


        This will save Balmond on a clash and give additional magic resistance

Other items worth considering:

Blood Lust Axe
        additional damage and lifesteal and  an awesome 20% cooldown to spam his skills
        with high crit rate and damge from blade of destrution/s this will give a some hp as you attack with your skills

Energy Potion / Rock Potion
-great when you are already on full gear yet you have extra $$$
-buy just before your next clash

Energy potion.jpg       Rock Potion.jpg


Balmond is one of the easiest heroes to play with
Having no mp, means less stuff to think about ^_^
He can be tough, deadly or a mixture of both, able to adapt in any situation

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Balmond cover.jpg
Balmond is a very powerful melee combat male warrior. He role is fighter/tank with specialty crowd control/regen. Balmond is a regen monster with some powerful aoe skill.He is easy to control, and his skill is simple, dashing and cyclone swing. Similar to Hilda and Alucard, no mana is required for casting any skill. If you lookingfor a hero that can attack and defend at the same time, Balmond is your one ofthe best option. With defensive build, Balmond is very hard to be killed in late game. Therefore, I would like introduce how to play Balmond using defensive item build in this guide.

- AOE attack skill
- HP Regen ability
- High HP
- No require mana to cast skill
- Easy and simple tocontrol

- Low mobility
- No stun skill
Skill Analysis

Passive skill: Bloodthirst
Balmond passive skill.jpg

Skill 1: Soul Lock
Balmond skill 1.jpg

Skill 2: Cyclone Sweep
Balmond skill 2.jpg

Skill 3: Lethal Counter
Balmond skill 3.jpg

Skill Build:
My skill build priority is:

Lethal Counter > CycloneSweep > Soul Lock

Skill Balmond skill icon 3.jpg Lethal Counter reach max level at hero level 12.
Skill Balmond skill icon 2.jpg Cyclone Sweep reach max level at hero level 11.
Skill Balmond skill icon 1.jpg Soul Lock reach max level at hero level 15.

Reason: Skill Lethal Counter is my first priorty because it is Balmond Ultimate skill that can do massive damage compare to first and second skill. I choose to skill Cyclone Sweep as second priority because you will keep spamming this skill for farming, clearlane and fighting enemy heroes.   

Skill Combo:
Balmond combo 01.jpg

I use skill 1 dash toward target (closing the target). Then, I will keep spam skill 2 for damage the target, When target HP bar drop below 50%, I will use skill 3 (why below 50% then use skill 3 is because base on skill 3 damage calculation, skill 3 do more damage if target lost more HP). If target survive and trying to escape, I will use skill 1 to close up target and continue spam skill 2.

Emblem Set Recommended:

First: tank.jpg Tank Emblem Set – This emblem set give Balmond small boost in defend stat, small HP Regen, decent CDR,small max HP increment.

Second: jungle.jpg Jungle Emblem Set – This emblem set give Balmond small boost in physical attack, attack speed, andmovement speed.

Third: physical.jpg Physical Emblem Set – This emblem set give Balmond small boost in physical attack and small HP increment.

TIPS: Please take note that priority choosing emblem set is depend on set level.

Battle Spell Recommended:

bs Healing Spell.jpg
First - Healing Spell: Balmond has passive HPregen ability, healing spell is a plus for Balmond regain HP. This battle spellalso give friendly hero minor healling.

bs Flicker.jpg
Second - Flicker: Allow Balmondteleport to chase enemy hero or escape from dangerous situation.

bs purify.jpg
Third - Purify:Remove Balmond negative buff during battle.

bs weaken.jpg
Fourth - Weaken: Greatlyslow down enemy hero movement speed and attack power.

TIPS: Selection of Battle Spell is depend on individual play style.

Item Build Recommended:

Balmond latest item build.jpg
Set 1 - CDR defend set: Give Balmond great CDR. Allow Balmond keep spamming his skill.

Set 2 - HP Regen team buff defend set: Give team buff and massive HP regen.

Set 3 - Full defend set: Give Balmond max defend stat as tanker.

TIPS: Set 1 and Set 3 is recommended for match up and ranking. Set 2 is recommeneded for brawl mode.

Item Build Analysis:
Item Bloodlust Axe.jpg
TIPS: Greatly increase Balmond physical attack, give decent CDR. Item unique effect, when Balmond use skill that cause damage, he get HP regen. Equip this item and spam Balmond's cyclone sweep skill will make Balmond HP regen monster. ;P

Item Blade Armor.jpg
TIPS: Cheapest armor to craft but greatly increase Balmond physical defend. Reflect decet physical attack damage to any attacker that using physical attack . Awesome defend item against high physical attack enemy.

Item Tough Boots.jpg
TIPS: This is best defend boots among other boots. It not only increase Balmond magic defend and movement speed, it also increase decent resilience.

Item Demon's Advent.jpg
TIPS: Greatly increase Balmond max HP and physical defend. Item passive effect greatly reduce attack power enemy hero that attack Balmond.

Item Oracle.jpg
TIPS: Greatly increase Balmond max HP, increase Balmond magic defend, give Balmond decent HP regen, give Balmond decent CDR. Item unique effect give Balmond minor HP regen effect after being attacked.

Item Bloodthirsty King.jpg
TIPS: Ultimate HP regen armor. It give Balmond huge max HP increase with great HP regen. Each kill or assist give awesome amount of HP regen.

Item Cursed Helmet.jpg
TIPS: Magic offensive and defensive armor. Greatly increase Balmond Max HP and greatly increase magic defend. Unique effect do magic damage to any nearby enemy and minions (extra damage to minions).

Item Warrior Boots.jpg
TIPS: Increase Balmond physical defend and movement speed.

Item Courage Bulwark.jpg
TIPS: This item also known as team buff armor. It increase Balmond max HP and give decent HP regen. It unique effect increase Balmond and friendly nearby heroes decent attack power and defend.

Item Heart of Steel.jpg
TIPS: Greatly increase Balmond max HP, increase Balmond physical defend and give Balmond decent HP regen. Item unique effect reduce attacker decent critical strike chance. Awesome item to counter enemy with critical chance gear.

I enjoy playing Balmond as tanker. It can defend at frontline and dash to backline to counter any ambush from behind during team fight. His awesome ultimate aoe skill can do massive damage to enemy tanker and instally kill low HP enemy hero.

I hope you enjoy playing Balmond like I do, and HAPPY MOBILE LEGENDS BANG BANG.


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Im gonna make karina guide also
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is this end?
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Hello can I write MLBB in Turkish in my own language? I did not see a limit on this. I do not know the English language in this sentence is written in the Google written I am waiting for your reply.  Nick : Anrchy Server : 4205 ID : 52050225 Current ranking : Epic V
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cover.jpg attributes.jpg
Life Story ( Balmond The TankerFighter)
The renowned Bloodaxe Orcs are the descendants ofinterbreeding between blood demons and other devils, and their custom of using arcane magic to infect the entire bodies of their enemies and animals withblood is at testament to this fact. They are bloodthirsty and war-love, and the strongest among them is name Balmond. This hero is one of the most powerful duelist in Mobile Legends because of his crowd control, sustain and damage from his kit.

Bloodthirst (Passive Skill) ★ Regen4% of max HP each time he kills a minion and 10% of max HP each time he kills ahero. Passive.

Soul Lock (Active Skill 1) ★ Charges up to an enemy and deals 150 physical damage to enemies along the way. After hitting a hero, he will stop. That hero’s movement speed will drop by 55% that will last over 2.5 seconds. 11 seconds cooldown.

skill 2.jpg
Cyclone Sweep (Active Skill 2) ★ Rapidly swings axe at enemies in the area, dealing 50 physical damage with each attack.

skill 3.jpg
Lethal Counter(Ultimate Skill) ★ Raisesa giant axe, dealing 350 plus 20% of target’s missing HP as true damage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero and lowers enemy movement speed that last 2 seconds. 40 seconds cooldown.

Healing Spell⇨Regens 15% HP for you, and according to the number of nearby teammate, regensat most 15% HP for them.
Flicker Spell ⇨Teleport a certain distance in a specified direction. For 1s after theteleport, duration of disabling effect received will be reduced 50%

Emblem Set

+920 HP
+50 Magic Resistance
Passive-Sacritice: Deal 1.5% of one’s Max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies and deals extra 50% of damage to minions

Unique: +50 movement speed

+1550 HP
+75HP Regen
Passive-Bloodust: A kill or assist Regens 20% of hero’s HP within 5s. 10s cooldown

+90 armor
Passive-Countestrike: Ds 25% of opponent’s physicalattack as physical damage to an attacker when basic attack is received

+40 Magic Resistance
Passive rebirth: Resurrect 2s after dying and get 15% HPand a shield that can absord 300-1000 pts of damage shield lasts for 3s cooldown for this effect is 180s

+54 armor
Passive-deter: when an enemy hero attack , this ability will reduce his/her attack power 6% this effect lasts 2s and can stack up to 3 times.

Strategy Guide
From our item build above it is clearly that Balmond will play as a tank as he can soak upmore damage from both magic and physical with high HP. Don’t worry about this build if you are thinking for damage. Balmond has everything you need for damage and the best of it it is a true damage means ignore defense. He is pain for most heroes including tank and especially squishy. To make an every powerful Balmond allyou have to do is to maximize his defense and HP that works with his passive and other skills.
You will be a front liner in team fight and try to annoythe enemy team with your CC and damage. Just be carefully on tanking damage,make sure you will not get killed by it. When you reach lower than 30% life,you can retreat for a while and do some regen with your items and passive by killing minions.
In laning, Balmond known as one of the best bullies in game due to his crowd control and sustain. In laning what you really need to have is a good sustain so you don’t need to go back in base every time you need to regen. In case that you have a match up against other lane bullies too, just try to trade and then retreat when youhave a lower HP. Kill some minions to regen your HP and try to get a tradeagain. With the item build we shared above, we strongly believe that you have the best regen in game available.

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Here is my Balmond Guide. It may not be the best but I believe it'll be helpful. ... &extra=page%3D1
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Balmond“True Lifestealer”

balmon.pdf (368.92 KB, Downloads: 8)
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Best build Balmond, fighter who also a tank.

Balmond Build.pdf (860.95 KB, Downloads: 9)
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