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Author: Jean
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[Official Forum Event] MLBB Collecting all Hero Guides No.8 Final

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dont forget the reward
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OMG is this the laaasst ? :') I wonder what for the next event
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Deadshot21 replied at 2017-5-2 20:48
How can i join?  wow Diamantes. I want some of these. Please reply asap

Either u post your guide in this thread, or post a guide in builds & guides section and reply a link in this post. Correct me if I'm wrong :lol
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How to make a guide and where to send it?
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Edited by KiiyonPH at 2017-5-4 18:55

IGN: Kiiyon PH
ID: 3058578
Server: 3005
Highest rank reached: Legend 8 stars (Season3)
Current ranking: Epic 1 star


Hero pros:
Very good mobility that can let you move from top lane to mid in a few seconds and same to other lanes. High burst damage. Great lane harass if properly executed. Fast jungle clearing potential. High ganking potential.

Hero cons:
Squishy like all other assassins. Skills are very hard to learn and master. Needs to always get blue buff in early game so if deprived of it can give users a very hard time.


Skills sequencing:
Max out first skill (Tornado Strike) as soon as you can to optimize damage dealt.
Once ultimate is available, add points to it until its maxed out.
Max second skill (Steel Cable) last.

Skills Analysis:

Passive skill: Air superiority
Analysis: This is something that you should understand first with Fanny in order to optimize her burst damage potential. Because you deal much more damage to target enemy heroes who have a larger prey marker. You get this prey markers added on to your targets once you hit them mid air or while flying using the Steel Cables. The faster you flew the larger the prey marker is. And the larger the prey marker passive, the larger the damage. Another part of this passive is when you kill an enemy hero, depending on how many stacks of prey marker the target killed has, Fanny will regen mana. This will let you either continue your pursuit for nearby enemies or disengage to safety. These are all crucial for Fanny's combos which we will be discussing in a bit.

First skill: Tornado strike
Analysis: This skill is Fanny's primary source of damage and harass. This skill is also triggered every time Fanny flies across any target that can be minions, jungle monsters, epic monsters, and enemy heroes. With right timing you could deal two damage harass when using Steel cable to proc this skill plus another Tornado strike and this time from the activation of the skill. This is great in early games as it can wipe out a huge chunk of your target/s health bar with just a few perfectly timed strikes.

Second skill: Steel Cable
Analysis: This skill is gives Fanny her great mobility asset. This is also the skill that makes Fanny very difficult to manuever. Basically, this skill is done by pointing in to a certain direction by dragging the 2nd skill icon on screen and then releasing it once you've pointed it to your desired direction. Its sounds quite easy if you only see the skill like that. It is easy to target your skill and release it to release the steel cable but the thing is, the map is not just a straight path. If you play Fanny more often you would somehow remember what location you'd need to release the cables to for you to get to that certain area in the map. Also, as you pass target/s along your flying distance, your first skill will get triggered if you have enough energy left so you must use this to your advantage as well in order to deal more damage.

Ultimate skill: Cut throat
Analysis: This skill is a very high burst single target skill and if a target has a Prey marker, damage will be higher depending on how many was stacked. This is used mainly for Fanny's skill combo but can be used to execute a nearby low health target if you dont have enough energy to complete a successful combo.


Combo#1: Lane harass
This combo is the easiest one to execute and this is mainly used in the early phase of the game. This is done by positioning yourself anywhere in a lane, for example, the top lane, and point out your cable to a wall where you'd pass your target/s so that you could trigger the 1st skill Tornado strike to deal damage while flying. Once you reach the wall your first cable attached to, immediately point the steel cable again towards the opposite direction of your first cable for you to go back to where you initially were. This combo can be made safer by positioning yourself in a bush where you release your first steel cable and ending up again in the bush once you release the 2nd cable. Just repeat the process once your energy refreshes.

Combo#2: Multiple tornado strikes
This combo can be used either to add up more harass in lane or to execute a low health target if you dont have your ultimate available to use yet. This can be done only if your target is near a wall. If the target is in the middle of the lane, use combo#1. For you to maximize the damage in this combo, you start it out by releasing a first cable towards your target that is near a wall. After that, immediately release a 2nd steel cable just a few degrees from where you released your first one. This is for you to gain more speed as you fly towards your target and adding up a nice stack of Prey marker passive that gives you more damage with your attacks. After reaching end of the cable or the wall your cables attached to, immediately activate another steel cable to the wall to proc the whirling blades then activate your first skill tornado strike. That is already three tornado strikes, and if you still have enough energy, go ahead and release another cable to either engage another tornado strike while flying or disengage into a much safer location. Timing and direction of the cables are crucial in this combo especially if you want to use it for tower diving.

Combo#3: Complete delete
This combo works in sync with the ultimate skill Cut throat and the combo number two. To start this combo off, you'd need to release a first cable and continue it up with an immediate 2nd cable. Make sure that your flying distance will make you pass over your target so that the Prey Marker passive will activate. Once you reach your target mid air use your ultimate skill Cut throat. Just make sure that you click it as soon as it comes in range but still passing over the target first for the passive. Once you do this, the cables you initially released will be gone and you will be located beside your target. Use this chance to activate your first skill Tornado strike for more damage. If the target dies, you can fly back to safety. But if your target still has health and if it is low, you could throw in an auto attack or two and release a cable or your first skill depending on how near or far your target is now. Just make sure that you go in at the right moment to execute. Be weary of nearby enemy heroes and turret range as well.


Tip#1: If you want to maximize the distance of your flight, you can use double steel cables by pointing the two cables a bit wide from one another. Imagine a protactor and point the first steel cable to somewhere near 45 degrees and the other one is somewhere near 135 degrees.

Tip#2: If you want to fly faster, instead of widening up the distance in between your two steel cables, you can narrow it up. Imagine a protractor and point the first steel cable to somewhere near 85 degrees and the other cable to somewhere near 95 degrees applicable to any direction.

Tip#3: Always wait for your energy to refresh enough before you go in and gank. You'd be in a really sticky situation if you will find yourself near enemies without energy to fly away to safety.

Tip#4: Map awareness is the key to victory. Fanny can travel from one part of the map and then to the completely other side within a few seconds. So  use it to your advantage. If you see an opportunity for a gank, an opportunity to attack a tower, or if you see your teammates are in need of a back up, use your mobility as part of the team's asset.

Tip#5: Always get blue buff. This is quite a necessity for all Fanny users since her energy cost is quite big for consecutive skills made. This would really help sustain the energy that you have to stay longer in battle.


You can use either of the two but my build at the moment is the one on top. This provides early harass damage potential with the two physical penetration items, great sustain with the skill lifesteal item, surbivability with immortality and the armor item and adding more to the lethality with the great attack damage boost for Sword of despair.


First item: Wind Chaser
Analysis: This item is to conjure up good amounts of damage on your early gaming phase. The physical penetration bonus will give your enemies a really hard time to keep their health points up making them retreat to their base and lose lane gold and experience.

Second item: Bloodlust Axe
Analysis: By the time you get this item, your opponents will have good levels and enough items and skills to fight you back. This item helps you sustain your own hp while trading off damages with the enemies. This is also very good since you can go into jungle and farm more experience and gold for yourself  while sacrificing less of your hp because you gain them back with skills damages.

Third item: Immortality
Analysis: This item is all for its utility. You revive once your health points bar reaches zero and gain a shield the depends on hero level. Just make sure to keep in mind that you dont always have this available so risky plays can wait til the immortality effect goes back up again.

Fourth item: Deadly Blade
Analysis: This item is to further increase the lethality of every hit of your blades. The added physical penetration helps you get more damage out of more tanky enemy heroes and helps you execute faster and easier low durability enemy heroes.

Fifth item: Bruteforce Breastplate
Analysis: This item is for both utilty and damage. The health points boost is great for such a squishy assassin like Fanny for better survivability and the armor is really good in mid to late game. The passive is for damage wherein you get increased levels of physical damage for consecutive hits on your target.

Final item: Blade of despair
Analysis: This is the strongest attack damage item in the game and this is a necessity for carries. This is also a big help in teamfights because once a teammate of yours disabled an enemy hero you deal increased damage on that disabled enemy hero making it easier to assassinate.


I currently use Physical assassin emblem level 39 (upgraded it once based on screenshot just a few minutes ago) because like all other assassins, Fanny benefits from high physical damage stat boosts and physical penetration boosts. These make every whirl and slash of her blades more lethal.


Retribution is a very good spell for Fanny. This allows her to easily clear up jungle camps or even invade the enemy jungle for faster leveling up and increasing the level gap between enemies for better chances of victory.
Purify is also very good for Fanny since there are a lot of heroes that have great crowd control skills and usually, an enemy team has two or three or even more heroes that have disables. So to counter this, purify is a good option.


Fanny is a hero with very high difficulty and needs a lot of trainings in order to be efficient in battle. But with the high skill requirement, it comes with very high rewards. A great Fanny player is so hard to trap in and kill. A great Fanny player can easily snowball a game. So is she worth it to buy? YES.

So here's the end of my in depth guide for our assassin, Fanny. I hope that you've learned quite a lot with this guide. Good luck and battle on!
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kyreiseiten replied at 2017-5-3 02:52
Either u post your guide in this thread, or post a guide in builds & guides section and reply a li ...

Ive posted 2 in the guides and builds. Can you check it? If its ok.
Post time 2017-5-3 07:12 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Ok. I'm going to make guides for those heroes
Post time 2017-5-4 10:08 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Can i make natalia guide? Or freya? Pls reply
Post time 2017-5-4 10:18 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
How to make a guide? I wanna make too
Post time 2017-5-4 10:51 AM | Show all posts
how can i join?
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