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Get Started with: Hilda!

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Get Started with: Hilda!

Gameplay video to see Hilda in action with this build!


Skills and Passive

Passive [Blessing of Wilderness]: When in a bush Hilda gets increased HP regeneration. When Hilda enters a bush she gets a shield equal to 10% of her HP lasting 5s, this effect can be triggered once every 10s. When Hilda's hp drop below 30% she will trigger a strong self regen effect, it has a 120s cooldown.
- All these passives combined give Hilda a lot of tankiness and self sustain, definitely a very solid bunch of passives (even though the cooldown for the self regen is very long so watch out for that).

1st Skill [Combat Ritual]: Hilda gets a 30% movement speed buff for 3s, her basic attack will also be empowered dealing additional physical damage to the target and applying a movement speed slow effect, the attack will also damage enemies behind the main target.
- Very useful mobility skill, nice to catch up and stick to enemies but also good for escapes.

2nd Skill [Art of Hunting]: This skill can be activated 3 times, Hilda locks onto an enemy target jumping towards him and hitting him with her axe for each activation. The first activation deals additional physical damage, the second activation additional damage and aoe damage, the third activation additional damage and a small aoe knockback.
- This skill is very useful to lock on the target we want to focus and to stick to him because it has a range a bit longer than our basic attack and everytime you activate it you jump to the target, also very decent to farm jungle and lanes.

Ultimate Skill [Power of Wildness]: Hilda jumps to a target hitting him with her axe stunning him temporarily and dealing physical damage, enemies near the main target will also receive a smaller amount of physical damage. Every kill or assist will increase the damage dealt by Hilda's ultimate up to 10 times, once the maximum bonus is reached the skill will receive an additional damage buff and will ignore 40% of the target's armor.
- When you unlock it it's just an "ok" skill, your objective is getting to 10 kills\assists as fast as possible to get its fully powered version. Once fully powered it's one of the strongest, if not the strongest, physical damage nuke in the game.


Item Build

1st Item - Warrior Boots: This will be our pick most of the time, go for Tough Boots only if the enemy team is extremely magic heavy.
2nd Item - Bloodlust Axe: 20% cdr is very good on us and that's the main reason to get it, the flat damage is nice and the skill lifesteal isn't actually bad on us giving us some additional self sustain.
3rd Item - Blade Armor: A ton of armor for a very cheap price, the damage return is also very nice to increase our damage potential and to increase our dueling strenght.
4th Item - Cursed Helmet: High hp and magic resist plus aoe magic damage around us, extremely good for our tanky build and to increase our damage output.
5th Item - Demon's Advent: One of the strongest all-around defensive item, lots of hp and ok armor and we make our enemies weaker everytime they attack us.
6th Item - Immortality: High hp and magic resist, the resurrection passive is also extremely good on us.
Starting Item: Hunter's Knife, it will help us clear lanes and jungle faster, the potential additional exp is also nice.

Emblem Set: Tank, we need all the defensive stats we can get and the cooldown reduction is also very nice to have.


Battle Spell

Flicker & Assault: I tried both of them having very good success, they both add you mobility in different ways, try both and pick the one more suited for your playstyle. Assault + 1st Skill makes you run extremely fast!
Purify: This is also a solid choice, the CC break\immunity and the small speed buff can work very well when you are at the center of the action.



1) Blue buff is good on us but it's a luxury, there will probably be someone else who needs it more. Red buff is ok mostly for the movement speed component, don't be afraid to take it.
2) Max your 1st Skill first because it's your mobility skill and it's important to reduce its cooldown asap.
3) Your 2nd Skill has longer range than your basic attacks and Hilda jumps to the enemy to catch up to him kind of similar to how Alucard does, you can use it to stick to your target. If you time it right you can jump on enemies following them even if they use their mobility skill (Moskov blink, Fanny cable, etc.), this can also be done by timing your 1st Skill hit correctly.
4) Always be active and moving around even if you are just in your lane going in and out of bushes to regen and get your shield, don't be afraid to get some harass from heroes, go in the bush and get your shield and trade hits with them when you have the shield active.
5) Try to get your 10kills\assists as soon as possible because when your ultimate is maxed out it gets like 10 times better, it's a serious physical nuke even if you are building as a tank!
6) Your 1st Skill is a very good engage\disengage\reposition skill, more so if you pair it with assault.
7) During teamfights try to get your passive shield if you are close to a bush and if you can just force the enemies to fight inside a bush that's even better!
8) Your targets are going to be assassins\mages\marksman most of the time, throw yourself on them and remove a ton of their hp with your ultimate!





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