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Author: Jean
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[Background Summary]
Franco is from a continent of ice and snow. Until Captain Bane resurrected and destroyed their formerly peaceful lives.
Franco and his comrades have banded together to oppose Captain Bane’s rules and bring back peace to their homeland.



[Durability]███ ███████████████████████████████████


[AbilityEffect] ███████████████████████████████████


✦ Game changer
✦ Great ganker
✦ Good disabler
✦ Efficient at peeling
✦ Not item dependent
✦ Can engage w/o risk

✦ Not very tanky
✦ Single target ult
✦ Low mana pool
✦ Skillshot dependent
✦ Not easy to get solo kills
✦ Takes practice to master

✦ This encourages you to gank and help other lanes, not only you’ll gank faster but you’ll also be able to regen more health.
✦ Getting boots as your first item and an emblem that adds movement speed would allow you to do a lot of early ganks.

✦ This skill has a hidden “stat” and that is its range. The higher its level, the longer the hook is.
✦ Franco’s iron hook actually has a slightly longer range than what the skill indicator is showing.
✦ Avoid using this as a damage source when you are in a fight, use it when the enemy is escaping.
✦ Do not hook just because you can, make sure your teammates are ready and can win the fight.
✦ Avoid hooking the tank, especially Tigreal, you will just end up giving your enemies the advantage.
✦ You can perform a fast flicker as soon as your hook land, so they'll be dragged to where you flickered to.
✦ Try your best to hook enemies in your turret range, even if you couldn't kill them, they'd lose a lot of HP.
✦ Avoid using smart cast and aim manually, or else you’ll end up hooking a random monster or their tank.

✦ This is your only AoE skill, this is useful when you are clearing a lane to either defend or push.
✦ Make use of the 70% slow, either when you are chasing an enemy or when you’re being chased.
✦ Remember that when you use this skill, Franco pauses for a bit, so don’t use it if you are going
to die in a single hit and you have an enemy chasing you right behind you.
✦ Familiarize yourself with the range of this skill. I’ve seen too many Franco using this when they
are chasing even though the enemy is not within its range. The Franco just ends up getting left
behind completely. The best thing to do is wait for your first skill to go on cooldown, then use it,
and then use the second skill after hooking the running enemy.

✦ While this completely disables the enemy, it will also make Franco not be able to move,
so avoid using this on someone if they have their teammates with them, especially if you're alone,
or else you’ll just be killed.
✦ Do not use this skill if the enemy is already disabled. I’ve seen players wasting this skill
on someone who was already stunned or disabled by their teammates’ skills.
✦ It is best to use this on their carry, such as their marksman or fighter, it would stop them
from dealing so much damage to your teammates, when your in a team fight.

Skill Upgrading

Third Skill - First Skill - Second Skill

Third Skill - While its damage isn’t very important, having 20 seconds cooldown for it is extremely useful in late game.

First Skill - Upgrading this is very important as this increases the range of your hook, which is definitely a game changer.

Second Skill - The only good thing about Franco’s second skill is the slow, upgrading this should be your least priority.

Flicker is probably the only acceptable spell for Franco. It allows you to escape or get position.
At the same time, this will also allow you to perform the advanced combo: hook then flicker.

[Main Items]

[Magic Shoes]

Boots should be your first item as it will help you roam faster during early game.
The 10% cooldown is going to be beneficial to your first skill, so you can spam it.

[Bloodthirsty King]

As Franco, you will often get kills or at least an assist every time you land a successful hook.
Having this item will help you stay in the battlefield without using recall, at least until late game.


This item will make you very tanky as it gives a lot of health and HP regen, but in addition to that,
it will also give you more cooldown reduction. Franco is a huge threat if he can spam his first skill.

[Dominance Ice]

Franco is very mana hungry, especially if you're spamming your iron hook skill a lot.
So the additional 500 mana it gives would definitely help you in early to mid game.
This item also gives a huge cooldown reduction to allow you to spam your first skill.
The movement speed lowering would ensure the hero you hook won't easily escape.


While you won't die as much when playing Franco compared to some tanks, having this
item would still be beneficial especially during late game. Even if you get killed in a fight,
you can use your ult as you resurrect. That way your backup would be able to make it in time.

[Demon's Advent]

The main purpose of this item is for you to not be killed easily when you ult someone
and they have some teammates with them attacking you freely when you can't move.
This item would give you general survivability against carries, marksmen and fighters.

[Alternative Items]

[Courage Bulwark]

If you realize you're tanky enough with your first few items and that your teammate could
use some help, and your team needs to push more, you might want to go for this item.

[Blade Armor]

You may use this if the opposing team has too many strong ad heroes and glass cannons.
It would help you survive an assault while using your ult and deal damage at the same time.

List of heroes that are good partners with Franco.

Miya's damaging and fast attacks would help kill whoever you hook.
In addition to that, her second skill would stun the hero you ult longer.

Balmond's cyclone attack would deal all its damage to the her you ult.
Balmond's two slows and your slow, would give the hero a hard escape.

Nana's morph spell would help you hook an enemy hero very easily.
And your ult's stun would guarantee that Nana's ultimate skill will hit.

A damage-type bane would completely annihilate an enemy team once
you use your ult and slow on their team, as they won't be able to run.

Gord's stun will guarantee that you can hook an enemy hero and once
you use your ult, Gord's first and third skill would not be wasted at all.

Some tips when facing specific heroes.

Miya can be very tricky to hook because of her invisibility and her speed.
A strategy you could do is get near her provoking her to ult early, and then
hooking once she becomes visible, leaving her with no more escape skill.

Nana can be a very annoying opponent, but with Franco, you'd be able
to get rid of her. Wait for her to try and use her boomerang, then hook her.

Tigreal is a tough opponent. If you hook him, your team is most likely done for.
The most you can do is stay away from him and don't use your ult on him.

Akai can be an annoying opponent, while he won't be able to kill you, you
will just be wasting your skills on him as he can just jump away or push you.

Be careful not to ult someone if a damage-type enemy Bane is nearby. You
will most likely end up catching all his ult, so make sure you have some armor.

Gord will be able to land all his skills on you if you are using ult on someone.
A good strategy would be to pick off the enemy Gord using your iron hook.

Another tank that you should avoid hooking is Minotaur. He will be able to use
his ult on your entire team if you hook him costing you the clash or even the game.

While getting rid of an enemy Franco might be a good idea, most of the time
it has a bad result. It's usually best to get rid of the enemy marksman first.

✦ Tank Emblem is just perfect for Franco as it gives him more survivability and cooldown reduction.
✦ His main combo is first skill -> third skill -> second skill. Never use your second and then third.
✦ During start of game, get boots as first item and wait on the river bush where you can see their blue.
If you're confident with your last-hitting skill, hook their blue at the last moment and then kill it yourself.
Otherwise just hook it (once or twice) to delay them and keep them in their jungle a bit longer.
✦ During the minion wave interval, keep checking their jungle to see if you can disrupt their jungling.
✦ Make sure that you have an ally with you so that they can help you kill whoever you hooked.
✦ Enemies are confident when they are hiding behind their minion, so hook them at the same time it dies.
✦ If timed perfectly, you can use your hook to safely steal when the enemies are doing Turtle or Lord.
✦ Do not just hook where the enemy is standing, anticipate where they're going to go next and hook there.
✦ When a jungle monster is suddenly missing, hook to the bush closest to it. Chances are the enemy is there.
✦ When you're on the bottom lane, hook the bush north of the turret, as opponents like hiding there.
✦ When you're on the top lane, hook from the bush south of the turret, this plucks the enemy from their turret.
✦ Please remember that these are all my personal preference and strategy, while it works for me,
it is possible that a different one might be more effective to some of you. Thank you for reading.

Nick: Anon
ID: 28385937 (5009)
Current Rank: Epic
Highest Rank: Glorious Legend


Hey! :D Check you skills mate :D Your made Franco build but the Skillset is from Akai :D  Post time 2017-5-1 04:07 PM
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Saber Story:-
Scientists from another world gathered DNA from sword masters of hundreds of different races to create the ultimate swordsman using advanced technology. They named him Saber. His sword can tear a hole in spacetime, allowing him to travel to any place or time. His skills as a swordsman make him difficult to defeat, and also lonely beyond compare. After countless challengers were drawn to the land of dawn, Saber also turned his sights on this place, ripping through the fabric of space and time to set foot in the land of dawn and find an opponent worthy enough to face him.

Saber skill:-

Passive skill:-
-[Enemy's Bane] : Every attack will lower target's armor 5 , stacking up to 10 layer(s). Lasts 5s.

First skill:-
-[Flying swords] : Shoots out 4 flying swords, with each sword dealing up to 160/185/210/235/260/285 pts of physical damage. Swords will spin around the hero for a time and then fly back to Saber. Using the Charge ability will call the swords back earlier.

Second skill :-
-[Charge] : Charges towards a specified place, dealing 80/100/120/140/160/180 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way.

Third skill:-
-[Triple sweep] : Attacks an enemy hero, knocking the target airborne and then dealing 3 blows in a row, each blow causing 200 pts of physical damage to the enemy. (Increase with level).

Saber Build:-

1)Bloodlust Axe
2)Hunter strike/Dominance ice.
3)Tooth of greed
4)Blade of despair
5)Blade of destruction

NOTE : #1 : You can choose between Hunter strike/Dominance Ice. If you wanted to have more defense and CDR. You can choose dominance ice. Hunter strike are also good with 10% CDR and 100 physical attack. I prefer to choose Hunter strike while the 5% CDR are from the blue buff that i take from jungle monster.

#2 : My tips! In early game. Once started, DIRECTLY buy Hunter Knife (if im not wrong) but it in jungle item which only cost 250(if im not mistaken). It will give you 15% Exp extra from the monster you killed. So you buy this item while waiting for the item to complete but will sell it if your level are 15 or your items are full.

Emblem for Saber:-
-Physical Assassin emblem.

Lane for Saber:-
-Go for mid lane & Jungle. Saber are good at controlling mid lane because of his higher poke.

Battle spell for Saber :-
-Flicker or purify. As always, its really important. You can also use Fury to kill your enemy down.

My Details :


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Akai story:-
Everyone has a dream, so does a clumsy panda! In an eastern village far away, there lives a group of pandas most of which enjoy a simple and happy life. However, a round panda called Akai made an unusual resolution to become a battle master! His parents tried to talk down his strange daydream, and his friend taunted him about his clumsy and round physique. Yet he never compromised and still trained himself hardly every day, eager to be stronger. One day, his persistence moved a mystic monk who just wandered to here. Under the monk's guide, Akai learned to use a chain hammer as his weapon which was extremely hard to control. He has been dreaming about starting an epic competition with other battle masters on the same stage in the Land of Drawn, and now here he goes with his most brilliant appearance.

Akai skill:-

Passive skill:-
- [Brute force] : All attacks will deal extra 2% of maximum HP as damage.

First skill:-
-[Thousand pounder] : Jump into the target area, dealing 170/200/230/260/290/320 physical damage to enemies when landing and a 60% slow down effect. For the next 3s, the following basic attacks will deal an extra 50% physical damage.

Second skill :-
-[Guardian] : Deals 100 plus 15% of own missing HP as physical damage to enemies in the area. Also equips self with a shield that can block up to 360/410/460/510/560/610 damage and lasts 4s.

Third skill:-
- [Meat tank] : Becomes a ball in 4s and starts to dash. Each hit will knock back the target and deal 50/100/150 pts of magic damage.

Akai Build:-

1)Ice force/crazed reaper
2)Warriors boots
3)Dominance ice
4)Demon's advent
5)Blade armor

NOTE: #1 : You can choose between crazed reaper or ice force. The two of this item will increase akai damage. Ice force has high HP while crazed reaper has attack speed. Choose wisely!

Emblem for Akai:-
-I use to use Tank emblem. Ofcourse! Akai is a tank .

Lane for Akai:-
-Top/Bot lane, as always, with your teammates and keep yourself infront of the battle.

Battle spell for Akai:-

My Details:

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Franco Story:-
Franco's home is in the eternally frozen seas beyond the land of Nost Gal. This continent of ice and snow is where the sea people have made a life for themselves, but the resurrection of Captain Bane has destroyed their formerly peaceful lives. Franco and his comrades have banded together to oppose Bane's rule and bring peace back to the seas.

Franco skill:-

Passive skill :-
- [Wasteland force] : When out of combat, the hero increases own movement speed by 10% and regens 0.5% of maximum HP per second.

First skill:-
-[Iron Hook] : Launches an iron hook toward a unit or location. The hook will snag the first unit it encounters, dragging the unit back to Franco and dealing 450/480/510/540/570/600 physical damage.

Second skill :-
-[Fury shock] : Lashes out and terrifies enemies, dealing 275/300/325/350/375/400 physical damage to nearby enemies and slowing their movement speed 70%, lasting 1.5s.

Third skill:-
-[Brutal massacre] : Suppresses an enemy unit with 6 hacks in a row, disabling it and dealing 60/80/100 physical damage per each hit.

Franco Build:-

1)Bloodlust Axe
2)Hunter strike/Magic Shoes.
3)Dominance ice
4)Demon Advent
5)BloodThirsty king

NOTE : #1 : I'm Using franco as a full CDR of 40% because he will be helpful to take your enemy into your teammates and stun him/her.

#2 : about items on No.2 , i give you an opinion what you want to buy? If you need to save money just incase you want to buy your next item then i recommend you to buy magic shoes. Its cheap. But if you want more advantage on killing enemy. Just go flow with Hunter strike.

#3 : Remember! Take blue buff in early game

Emblem for Franco:-
-I'll go with Tank emblem.

Lane for Franco:-
- Top/Bot lane & Make sure you are with your teammates.

Battle spell for Franco:-
-Flicker or Assaults. To chase your enemy from escaping and also to escape from your enemy.

My Details :


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Hilda's story :-
On the Megalith Wasteland, there are only giant rocks and some sparse bushes in sight. It's a very infertile land where Hilda and her people lived. The infertility of the land required everyone in the clan to become a good hunter in order to acquire precious meat. Born with great strength, Hilda soon became the leader of the hunting party and led her people to harvest abundant food. However, an unknown power raised and drove wild animals frenzy and consequently it was more and more difficult to hunt. Eventually, crazy beasts started to attack the clan. After the death of several clansmen, the great priest of the clan foresaw the dark destruction. From that time on, carrying the hope of entire clan on her shoulders, Hilda headed toward the Land of Dawn to find a new home for her people. She became a mercenary traveling around the world and her rich experiences soon made her a most reliable warrior to her teammates.

Passive skill:-
-[Blessing Of wilderness] : Hilda's HP regen speed increases when she's in the bush. Entering the bush will give her a shield that absorbs an amount of damage equal to 10% of her max HP, lasting 5 sec. This effect can only be triggered every 10 sec. When Hilda's HP drops lower than 30%, she can obtain a great HP regen ability. This effect can only be triggered every 120 sec.

First skill:-
-[Combat Ritual] : Activates the great sword's rune power, increasing Hilda's own movement speed by 30% for 3s. Additionally will increase the damage dealt in next basic attack by 200/230/260/290/320/350 pts of physical damage to target and slows it down. The enemy behind the target will receive 120/138/156/174/192/210 pts of physical damage

Second skill:-
-[Art Of Hunting] : Locks onto one enemy target for pursuit, skill can be released 3 times maximum, the 2nd attack will deal damage to target's surroundings, the 3rd attack will knock back target and surrounding enemies temporarily, each time dealing 120/150/180/210/240/270 pts of physical damage.

Third skill:-
-[Power of Wildness] : Hilda jumps toward the target and slashes powerfully, dealing 700/800/900 pts of physical damage to the target and temporarily stuns the target, at the same time dealing 420/480/540 pts of physical damage to enemy units surrounding the target. Each kill or or assist will increase the Power of Wildness, and increase the skill's physical damage by 40/60/80 pts, up to 10/10/10 layers maximum. Once the maximum layer is reached, damage to enemies will further increase by 80/120/160 pts.

Hilda Build:-

1)Bloodlust Axe.
2)Warrior shoes / Tough Boots
3)Crazed Reaper
4)Hunter strike.
6)Blade Of despair

NOTE: #1 : Use warriors boots if your enemy are most of physical attack while use Tough boots if your enemy are Magic Dealers.

#2 : You can choose Immortality to be in 6th place of your item / just the same as mine. Immortality won't be help you so much in this upcoming patched. So i decided to change it into 6th place.

Emblem for Hilda :-
-I use emblem for Hilda are fighter emblem. You can also use her as a tank which is good on teamfight. I'm using Hilda as a real fighter because on my team, i already has a tank. So with my fighter build. I can deals a lot of damage and also i'm going to ambush my enemy.

Lane for Hilda:-
-Top / Bot lane. You also need to be in jungle and Bush. Keep yourself in bush and make surprise of your enemy. Use 1st skill to catch your enemy.

Battle spell for Hilda:-
-Flicker or Purify. It is because it could help you much in battle. so that you can escape/cathing enemy.

My Details:


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I have prepared 4 guides this week ! 3 ones are  among these 4* heroes you have asked for. 1 is un-related. I have also updated my other guides this week ! Here are the links of my new guides:

Akai Guide: ... e=1&extra=#pid83245

Franco Guide: ... e=1&extra=#pid83346

Saber Guide: ... 6229&extra=page%3D1

This is the un-related one but i’ve put a lot of effort into making this: ... 6542&extra=page%3D2

I have also improved my editing so i hope you will like it !
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Awesomah replied at 2017-5-1 05:28
I have prepared 4 guides this week ! 3 ones are  among these 4* heroes you have asked for. 1 is un-r ...

Oh by the way, here are my Nickname and ID:
My In Game Name: LoL in 2016 lul
ID: 12660218 (4201)

I wanted to make sure even though i've typed these into all of my guides. (Couldn't edit the comment because i am using my phone atm.)
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Edited by dedenjr at 2017-5-1 13:32

Satria Rizali Saber Hero Guide

This hero is have eligable damage  at first game or even in late game

Pro And Cons :

- This hero is good in early game
- easy to escape because his skill 2
- can kill an marksman or mage easly if your item has complete

- low HP
- you can't hide because your sword
-weak CC , so wait your enemy stun/other

Item Set :
Why Pick That Item ?
i think this item just fits the hero perfectly, first the reduce cooldown first because you have to spam skill 1

Abilities Set :

Why Flicker Spell ?
Because it is a perfect spell to run away from ganking
Skill's Set :

Leveling this skill for ASAP because , this will damage
lot of your enemies HP, and combo itu with the ulti

Leveling this skill for the last because, this skill just for chasing enemy or escaped from ganking even you have flicker

This skill is freaking have big damage but first you have to trigger skill 1 first

Combo :
For solo kill or kill steal
1.JPG - 3.JPG - 2.JPG

This combo properly for steal a kill , or just a solo kill
Running Enemies

This  combo for your enemy that have an flicker spell , you have to predict it

About Me:

IGN: Raven Dark

ID: 20187823

Server: 2024

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Satria Rizali Franco Hero Guide

Have amazing ability to steal enemies for our team kill

Pro And Cons :

- This hero is good in early game even in a late game
- have an many skill cc , like skill 1 and ulti
- can kill an marksman or mage easly if you mastering the hook

- if you have an noob fighter you are doomed
- dont have hit ability
- long cooldown

Item Set :
Why Pick That Item ?
Franco always near enemies and have to cooldown reduce , and always hit by enemies.. so i pick all taht item , to counter them

Abilities Set :

Why Flicker Spell ?
Because it is a perfect spell to run away from ganking , you can combo with the flicker so you can hook enemy with so far range
Skill's Set :

Leveling this skill for ASAP because , the more you level it up , more range you got for hook the enemies


Leveling this skill for the last because, you need level up your hook range first

This skill is will stun and disables enemies so well , only the enemies who have purifies can save from it

Combo :
Far Enemies Combo
1.JPG - 3.JPG - 2.JPG

This combo properly for Far enemy
Close Enemies Combo

3.JPG - 1.JPG - 2.JPG
This  combo for enemy that close with you

About Me:

IGN: Raven Dark

ID: 20187823

Server: 2024

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Satria Rizali Akai Hero Guide

The kungfu panda masteerr~~

Pro And Cons :

- This hero is good for disable enemies
- his ball is very legit

- this hero got very nerfed last update
- don't have hit abbility
- this hero just have 1 skill to hope, yes the ball

Item Set :
Why Pick That Item ?
the item fits perfectly with akai skill

Abilities Set :

Why Flicker Spell ?
Because it is a perfect spell to run away from ganking
Skill's Set :

Leveling this skill for ASAP because this ability was so good damage on them


Leveling this skill for the last because because you more need skill 1


This skill is will stun and disables enemies if you drag them to wall which is so freaking cool

Combo :
Core Combo

This combo is core for the kungdfu anda , be sure you master it.. and you always win~~

About Me:

IGN: Raven Dark

ID: 20187823

Server: 2024

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