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Author: Jean
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[Background Summary]
Akai came from a faraway village along with other pandas. While others are content with a simple life, Akai dreamed of becoming a battle master.
Despite being taunted by others for his clumsiness and round physique, Akai continued to train hard. Until one day, a wandering monk witnessed
his persistence and decided to make Akai his student. Akai mastered the hard-to-control chain hammer and joined the battle in the Land of Drawn.


Charge & Crowd Control

[Durability]███ ███████████████████████████████████
[AbilityEffect] ███████████████████████████████████
[Difficulty]███ ███████████████████████████████████

✦ One of the toughest tanks in ML
✦ Good initiator due to his 1st skill
✦ Great survival and escape utility
✦ A very effective roamer / ganker
✦ Long-duration crowd control ult
✦ Has 3 Area of Effect / AoE skills

✦ Hard to get kills when you're alone
✦ Teammates' response time is critical
✦ Ult skill can very easily be cancelled
✦ Relies heavily on movement speed

✦ This passive means you can go for a full tank build and still deal a decent amount of damage.
✦ Don't bother buying any damage items, just focus on stacking defensive items that adds health.

✦ Even though it's not mentioned on the description, leveling this up will greatly increase its jump range.
✦ Use this to jump through walls or obstacles to initiate a gank or to easily escape when being chased.
✦ Avoid using this as a damage source when in a fight, reserve it for when the enemy is trying to escape.
✦ Don't smart-cast this if you're positioning for your ult. Manually swipe it to jump behind your target.

✦ Spam this shield in a 1v1 fight, your low HP will make your opponent believe that they are winning.
✦ Time this skill perfectly to avoid a turret attack, usually after you just dive in the enemy tower to kill.
✦ Time this perfectly to avoid skill damage, especially one that has a delay such as Eudora's ult skill.
✦ This shield is useful when jungling, you will halve the mob's hp before it gets to actually damage you.

✦ Use this skill to bring an enemy hero to your turret. Simply ult behind them when they're near your turret.
✦ Use this to bring an enemy to your allies, even if they are not pinned, they'll be killed by all your allies.
✦ Use this to pin an enemy hero against a wall. If performed properly, you just disabled them for 4 seconds.
✦ When wall-pinning, do not squish the hero, just stay still near the wall with the enemy hero in between.
✦ Practice pinning heroes in Coop VS. AI so you will be familiar with the distance that you actually need.
✦ Don't worry when you waste your ult due to a bad positioning, it's better to not hit your enemy with it
than pushing the enemy and helping them escape. This is a common mistake for new Akai players.
✦ When you become experienced with Akai, your goal should be to wall-pin multiple enemy heroes at once.
✦ Take advantage of terrains. Some areas are so narrow that you can pin two heroes on both your sides.
✦ Help your teammate escape by pushing the chasers away, don't just run. Make sure you both survive.
✦ Cancel the Lord's ult and disable him for 4s with your ult. This will help your team get an early push.
✦ Cancel enemy's skill to prevent them from fighting back or escaping, such as Fanny's Steel Cable.

Skill Upgrading

Third Skill - First Skill - Second Skill

Third Skill is always prioritized as this is your strongest and most useful skill in the game.

First Skill is next, because of the range, for faster early roaming and easy ult-positioning.

Second Skill is last. The spammable tough shield will help more useful at mid to late game.

My preferred spell. This will make it very hard for enemies to run or dash away from your ult.

This helps you position your ult and also more effective when escaping compared to Ghost.

Purify was the best when it had +MS. It's still an okay choice to avoid being CC'ed before ult.

[Rapid Boots]
+50 Movement Speed

Boots should be your first item as it will help you roam faster during early game.
Having the fastest boots will also help a lot when bumping/pinning with your ult.

[Cursed Helmet]
+920 HP
+50 Magic Resist
Unique Passive - Sacrifice: Deals 1.5% of one's max HP as magic damage per second to nearby enemies.

The huge HP this gives will stack well with your passive. It will help you deal more damage.
The damage per second will cause a lot of damage when you are pinning an enemy for 4s.
The damage per second will also make Akai useful when it comes to pushing or defending.

[Blade Armor]
+90 Armor
Unique Passive - Counterstrike: Deals 25% of opponent's physical attack to an attacker.

Counterstrike will help you survive when you pin an enemy while being surrounded.
Counterstrike will also help when it comes to clearing a lane and for faster jungling.

+800 HP
+40 Magic Resist
Unique Passive - Rebirth: Resurrect 2s after dying and get 15% HP and shield that can absorb damage. Cooldown for this effect is 180s.

When playing Akai, you will most likely die a lot as your main purpose is to initiate a clash.
Rebirth and the high HP this item gives, will definitely ensure that you will survive longer.
Its shield along with your shield, will allow you to still help in a clash even just after rebirth.

[Bloodthirsty King]
+75 HP Regen
Unique Passive - Bloodlust: A kill or assist regens 20% of hero's HP within 5s. 10s cooldown.

This item gives the most HP in the game. That and the ridiculous health regen will make you very tanky.
The regen per kill/assist will help a lot when you're roaming and engaging in a fight a lot of times in a short time.

[Dominance Ice]
+500 Mana
+70 Armor
+5% Critical Strike Rate Reduction
Unique : +15% Cooldown Reduction.
Unique Passive - Arctic Cold: Lowers movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 30% for nearby enemy heroes.

This item has so many benefits that perfectly matches Akai's needs in the game.
Akai now requires more mana. Having +500 more will lessen your recall times.
Armor, crit rate and attack speed reduction will help you survive a clash more.
The reduced CD allows you to spam your 1st and 2nd, effective in gank and escape.
The movement speed lowering definitely helps to catch and pin enemy heroes faster.

List of heroes that are good partners with Akai.

Her morph will help you position and pin an enemy hero easier.
Just make sure you avoid pushing enemies away from her ult.

[Yun Zhao]
Stay near him so when he flips an enemy, you can push them further to your tower.
His fast attack speed and damage, will definitely kill whoever you pin against the wall.

Chou's crowd control helps a lot to position your ultimate skill.
His stun and your slow will also ensure enemies can't escape.

Her smoke's slow and silence will make it impossible for the enemy to dodge your ult.
If positioned properly, you can pin an enemy where the smoke bomb is, for an easy kill.

His fast charge and yours will get you a fast hit-and-run when roaming.
His ult, while dealing a lot of damage, will also help you position yours.

Some tips when facing specific heroes.

When pinning Miya, do not be thrown off if she disappears, do not move yet.
simply pay attention to the spark effect that indicates she's being hit.

I find exchanging hits with Balmond either not worth it, or simply just equal.
Always jump behind him to avoid his ult and position yours at the same time.

Nana is hard to face as she can easily cancel your ult with her Morph and ult.
Try to provoke her by getting near her so she'll end up morphing you too early.

Even if wall-pinned, Alucard seems to still be able to throw a few basic attacks.
So be careful especially if he marked you with his ult, especially during late game.

Tigreal can easily cancel your ult with his Sacred Hammer's second attack.
Pay attention for when he uses it on someone else, before engaging with him.

Playing against an Akai is rather annoying. When both your ult's bumped,
you'll both be pushed away. So use yours wisely and wait for his to be on cd.

Bane can sometimes still use his ult even when you pin him, so be careful
or you'll end up catching a lot of its damage.

Cyclops can make your ult be useless by disabling you with his Lockdown skill.
So provoke him so he'll use it early, or wait for when he uses it on someone else.

Eudora's second skill and third skill are both slow, it takes a few ms for them to hit.
Use your second skill just before, to get prevent most of her skills' damage.

Layla is one of the few easy targets for Akai. She has no escape skill.
Make sure you jump perfectly so you can pin her for the full 4 seconds.

Minotaur is very tanky and can cancel your ult if he performs a an ult in Rage Mode.
I usually just avoid engaging him and instead, I focus on ganking other lanes.

[Yun Zhao]
If the Yun Zhao knows not to get too near you, he can cancel your ult with his flip.
Just wait for Yun Zhao to flip you, so you'll be behind him before using your ult.

Chou is one of the most annoying heroes you can face when using Akai.
He can cancel your ult with his first and third, and he can dodge it with second.
He's definitely one of Akai's weakness, so most you can do is pin him perfectly
or avoid him if you know that all his skills are not on cooldown.

While Freya's pull will not cancel your ult, it will help her pinned teammate to escape.
So either try to pin Freya herself or use your ult wisely if Freya is near your target.

If you get hooked by Franco, try to use your shield or jump away fast.
Also, his ult won't cancel your ult but it will at least stop you from moving.

While none of Ruby's skill can cancel your ult, they can make it hard for you to pin anyone.
I usually do not bother using my ult when she is around as it could just get me killed.

Saber's ult can easily cancel yours, so wait for him to use it early or on someone else.

A pro Alice will be hard to catch and they'll most likely use ult before you pin them.
So wait for her to at least use her teleport before you perform your usual combo.

Fanny is an annoying opponent but not so much if you are using Akai.
You can easily kill her by using your ult to keep canceling her 2nd skill.

Do not use your ult on Hayabusa if his Quad Shadow is on cooldown.
Because he can easily escape your ult even if you have him wall-pinned.

Moskov is probably the only annoying marksman to play against with.
His teleport and spear will make it hard for you to position and pin him.
His spear will also help his teammate escape if you are pinning them.
The best you can do is keep spamming 1st and 2nd skill if you are tanky.

Kagura is a bit hard to catch because of her teleportation skills.
You will either have to predict her position before using your first.

✦ I personally use Roamer Emblem as it gives the highest ms. It helps with roaming and using ult.
✦ Akai has a very fast combo: First skill -> One auto attack -> Second skill -> One auto attack.
✦ Repeat his combo to harass enemies, while being protected with your shield as you walk away.
✦ During start of game, get boots as first item and gank their mid or jungler after you jungle.
✦ During early game, keep attempting to push your enemy to your tower as they are still squishy.
✦ If you can't kill your lane's enemy, roam a lot. Either help mid lane or even the furthest lane.
✦ Don't be down if your gank failed, enemy's flicker being on cooldown helps your teammate a lot.
✦ Take advantage of your third skill's 4 second disable to kill the Turtle and Lord at early game.
✦ Take advantage of your long gap-closer, focus mainly on the hiding marksman, mage or healer.
✦ Avoid engaging if you're alone, Akai is mostly effective if someone is with him dealing the damage.
✦ Avoid jumping too early. At least wait for everyone to have used their CC skills before joining.
✦ If you fail to pin an enemy marksman, at least attempt to push them away from the team clash.
✦ Please remember that these are all my personal preference and strategy, while it works for me,
it is possible that a different one might be more effective to some of you. Thank you for reading.

Nick: Anon
ID: 28385937 (5009)
Current Rank: Epic
High Rank: Glorious Legend

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Hilda Dangerous Damage Build
Picture Guide
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Edited by Kardania at 2017-4-29 12:33

Hello again, here is my Saber "Spacetime Swordmaster" guide :victory:


Saber, well this hero is cheapest assassin type hero. BUT!! haha, this hero is insane ... :@
Saber 1st skill is very annoying during battle, and his 3rd skill is deadly
Well, like the other assassin hero, this hero need perfect timing between fight in lane, roaming, and also jungle

First, I'll explain Saber skill and give you some tips ....


Skill 1
skil 1.png    skil 1 a.png

Skill 2
skil 2.png    skil 2 a.png

Skill 3
skil 3.png    skil 3 c.png

Haha, next let's talk about emblem set, I recommend this !! :)


Yes, assassin emblem, best emblem for Saber.
It's give you attack penetration, critical chance, increase your moving speed, and also reduce cooldown, very useful for Saber. With this emblem, you can easily chase the enemy, and kill them fast :funk:

Here is my item build for Saber ..


So, with this item, you have max cooldown reduction, and also have huge damage, Saber is assassin, his job is to kill enemy faster than anyone. Silently but deadly :lol
And with magic blade (blue sowrd), you have a chance to still alive if you trapped by enemy in the middle of battle

next from me is spell/abilities


For Saber, I always use this, you can deals damage with this spell, or you can finish enemy with this spell if they have low HP but all of your skill not ready

Note :
-You must train your timing between farm, clear lane, or roaming, practice in the "Human VS AI" will be useful ;P
-Always try to take blue buff, so you won't ran out of mana
-Use perfect timing for using 3rd skill, wait until enemies stunner use their stun skill, then booom! you kill one enemy!! And don't forget to use your 2nd skill immediately, Saber has low HP, so you can't stand in the middle of battle too long

Thanks for reading my guide, I hope you can be a pro user with Saber "Spacetime Swordmaster" :D


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Crane Game Build
Current price
32,000 Battle Points, Wasteland Butcher  ( 749 diamonds).

Background story

Franco home is in the eternally frozen seas beyond the land of Nost Gal. This continent of ice and snow is where the sea people have made a life for themselves, but the resurrection of Captain Bane has destroyed their formerly peaceful lives. Franco and his comrades have banded together to oppose Bane rule and bring peace back to the seas.
Wasteland Force (Passive Franco): When out of combat, the hero increases own movement speed  and regens  of maximum HP per second.
Opinion: Increase movement speed giving franco high roaming ability, use it to roam to another lane and helping your teammate initiate a fight.
Hint:  The condition to trigger this effect is as long franco didn't push any attack button or skill button,so franco even if get hit still activate this ability when retreating from a fight.
Iron Hook (Skill 1): Launches an iron hook toward a unit or location. The hook will snag the first unit it encounters, dragging the unit back to Franco and dealing  physical damage.
Opinion: The unique and also the main kit that make Franco a hybird between initiator and tank.
Hint: There's distance time between the hook leashed and reaching the desired direction so Franco must predict the enemy movement.
Fury Shock (Skill 2): Lashes out and terrifies enemies, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and slowing their movement speeds for few secs.
Opinion: Slowing enemy movement speeds is the highlight of this skill.
Hint: Combining Franco passive with this skill giving him chasing ability and preventing the enemy running ability using this skill.

Brutal Massacre (Skill 3): Suppresses an enemy unit with multiple hacks in a row, disabling it and dealing physical damage per each hit.
Opinion: Death sentence skill for the enemy to get hit with that in team fight.
Hint: The most common and right way to using this skill is after succesfull hook to the enemy.
Skill Build step by step: second,first,second,third,second,first,second,third,second,first,second,third,first,first,first
[ 1,2,1,3,1,2,1,3,1,2,1,3,2,2,2]
Opinion:  First skill must be finished first to achieve longest range of hook.
Battle spell that used: Flicker
This battle spell used to give Franco ambush and also retreat ability
Step by step build list:
Endgame build :
Main objectives of the build :
Roaming to help another lane in early game.
  - Become a tank to take many damage as possible.
  - Initiate a fight using hook quickly.
Build information:

Warrior boots: [+40% movement speed +22 armor]
An  early movement built that help Franco roaming, this item  bundled with early defensive armor.
Bloodlust  Axe: [+70 physical attack +15% lifesteal in skill  +20% cooldown reduction]
main cooldown  reduction and physical attack boost .

Immortality  [+800hp +40 magic resistance]
This  item used to give Franco an insurance to tank last longer.

Saint’s refuge: [+900hp +56 magic resistance]   
An extra health and  also extra armor for every 30 secs.

Courage Bulwark [+750hp +45hp regen ]
Boosting teammate offensive ability while ganking after landing a hook in enemy.

Dominance Ice [+500 mana +70 armor +5%crit strike reduction +15%cooldown  reduction]
Mana and armor increase combined with cooldown reduction Franco hook now more frequently shown in the battlefield.

Bloodthirsty  King [+1550hp +75hp regen ] (replace warrior boots)
Health  boost to help Franco tanking in end game.

(single  enemy)
Iron hook -> Brutal masccare -> basic hit -> Fury shock -> basic hit  

Flicker -> Brutal masccare->  basic attack until enemy out of range -> Iron hook -> Fury shock
(team  fight)
Iron hook -> Brutal masccare -> fury shock
Iron hook -> fury shock

Playstyle Q&A
Q : emblem set to use?
A : the most efficient one is Tank emblem set.
Q : why Bloodlust axe instead hunter strike?
A : bloodlust axe giving lifesteal in skill that increase franco HP regen as a tank and also give more cooldown reduction than hunter strike.
Q : which lane to go?
A : the best option is either top or bottom while roaming to mid and back to original position as a roamer
Q : when flicker battle spell should be activated?
A : if enemy ambush you or to initiate an ambush combo

Q : when team fight happen what should Franco do?
A : hook the enemy to initiate a team fight.
  Thank you for reading best regards.
  IGN    : Clozdark
  ID      : 33415575
  Server : 2206
  Tier    : Legend

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Edited by skourpy at 2017-4-29 22:11

*In case video doesn't show, click this link:

In-game Name: Skourpy
ID: 5160888
Server: 2005
Rank Level: Epic

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Link to My Full Franco Guide :)
ID: 32294540
Server: 2048 ... 7&fromuid=32298
Post time 2017-4-30 07:08 PM | Show all posts
My Guide saber :
Saber Guide
Post time 2017-4-30 07:09 PM | Show all posts
My guide Akai :
Akai Guide
Post time 2017-4-30 07:09 PM | Show all posts
My Guide Hilda :
Hilda Guide
Post time 2017-4-30 07:10 PM | Show all posts
My guide Franco :
Franco Guide
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