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[Official Forum Event] MLBB Collecting all Hero Guides No.7

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Hello everyone, I’m very glad that I have received a lot of guides from our dear players last week. Here, I’m honored to present who they are for you all:
2048 32294540 Ggwpwellplayed
6012 8731372 TerrorSquad Hayabusa
2022 19240989 [FSN]Kardania
3059 43430785 [MFC]ItzClint
3031 23254410 sheenkz09
2026 21071437 kanciang
3065 47826200 eu·kaplva
3005 3058578 Kiiyon PH
2038 27450527 linlin2245
2207 27655806 TryHard뱁새
1500 16537786 killerking
3029 20776110 DA-Mothersass
2022 19723437 苍穹红莲风刃
2001 1362377 SiLeNtKilleR
3019 12493934 The Dark Knight
2026 20706264 Jauregui
2206 2995948 Exzeon
2206 33415575 Clozdark
2027 21144573 [RCS] Richeese
2024 20331012 [RCS]Stargazer
3208 39515373 Mavosan
2006 7067661 [RCS]Gemininos
2047 33045583 [RCS]•Siegfrey•
2024 20187823 Raven-Dark
4201 12660218 LoL in 2016 lul
6015 9841180 Mindereak
These players will receive a reward in the game this week. Congratulation for them all!
For this week, the heroes which we prepared for you are Akai, Franco, Saber, and Hilda! Please focus on our heroes weekly, and don’t worry, every hero could have a chance to be presented, just wait for your favorite hero patiently.
In order to help new users learn more about the different features of our new heroes, and to help them get into the game quicker, our official Mobile Legends team has decided to hold a Mobile Legends Heroes Guide Collection event.

Event Prizes:Top 3 players with the best Hero Guides will also be selected & will win: 500 diamantes  and your guide will be published under your name on both our official website and in the game.
Any Player's guide, if showcased by our team (no upper limit), each user will also receivea prize of: 100-200 diamantes
All winning users will have the chance toget promoted by our official platforms including our MLBB website, Facebook,forums, etc!

Our MLBB team decides to launch 5 heroes every week for you to make the guide. And the new 5 heroes will be replaced in the next week. Please don’t forget mark your ID, your Rank level and your name in the game when you post your guide in the forum. For this week, the heroes which we prepared for you are Alucard, Minautor, Nana, Cyclops, and Freya!Don't hesitate, send us an application immediately!

Some Event Rules:
1. All guides should discuss, and only discuss about either the 5 heroes weekly. You can make comparisons to other heroes as long as it is still centered on the featured Hero.
2. All guides should contain facts about the Hero first, before discussing your opinion and tips along the discussion.
3. All guides MUST contain the Skill Set of the featured Hero. These skills are what makes the Hero different from others, so include the information about all the 3 skills, and discuss thoroughly each skill base from your experience and opinion.
4. Orderliness and Neatness is a plus factor. The way how you present your ideas is a big factor, the more neat and ordered it is, the more easy to understand.
5. Images and Videos are plus factors. Some things are better explained with pictures and videos. I do encourage everyone to be creative and unique.

Regarding copyrights of video & hero guides:
1. All final copyrights of the videos and guides belong to you, and under the partnership agreement, you agree to license the rights to Mobile Legends official team for non-profit use;
2. All final copyrights of the videos and guides belong to you, and under the partnership agreement, you agree to license the rights to Mobile Legends official team for non-profit use;
3. If you have other queries regarding the above, please feel free to contact us, we will amend and supplement our agreement terms as needed asap, thanks!

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Edited by sheenkz09 at 2017-4-28 14:12

sheenkz09 Franco Hero Guide
Note IMO: Franco is my main hero period! my all time and will be my favorite hero, I play alot him since the time I brought him for the first time, The ability to hook and grab someone and totaly reck into pieces is what I really fell inlove with this hero, you can easily gank and poke enemies with this hero, but mind you Franco needs a good and proactive teamates with, since he lacks on damage. Playing Franco is a little bit cumbersome for the first time specially on how to efficiently land hooks since it needs to be manually target, but this what makes franco much fun to play because you need to be intellegently estimate and pick your hooks wisely. Nevertheless lets start the guide!

• Good Support Tank
• Engager / Intiator
• Good crowd control
• Roamer

• Tanky but not like other tanks on the game



• WASTELAND FORCE (PASSIVE) : When out of the battle Franco will be granted additional 10% Movement speed and at the same time 0.5% HP regen per sec, this good for roaming and ganking on other lanes helping your teamates to poke and harrass enemies which is very essential to him.

TIP#1: When you are out of health or you just want a HP good regen specially when you are on pushing lanes, try to stand away from your tower and let your passive activate and heals you slowly, this is good on early game.
TIP#2: Never be afraid to raid and gank to other lane and help your teamate since it will give you additional movement speed, just make sure when you leave on your designated tower that there will be someone to guard it on.

• IRON HOOK (1st skill) : Franco's very unique skill, this will be your bread and butter on crowd controlling your enemies, it takes a lot practive to learn but very addictive if you will master. Note the more you level the Iron Hook skill the more range increases this what makes franco more deadlier as his levels grows.

TIP#1: Dont stand still if you try to hook someone since the enemy can easily predict your move, This is a common mistakes on first time users on franco. I would recommend and practice is to constantly move him while mannually aiming his hook, this will make's franco more unpredictable and have a higher chance to land a hook but this ability it takes time to practice but when you master it will be much easier to land hooks.
TIP#2: Dont get frustrated if you can't land hooks, this is also common mistakes on first timer Franco users the more you get pissed the more it lowers your efficiency on landing a hooks, just always remember playing franco takes time to master.
TIP#3: Did I say mannually aiming using this ability? but guess what you can also tap it directly but there is a "but", just make sure your target enemy is on staitonary position like standing still, chasing you on a linear way, and also while they are attacking.
TIP#4: "Leading the target" this technique is widely used on snipers where they try to lead their sight on a particular point where they predicted the target will go. This technique also applicable on Franco specially on moving targets you can easily aim and lead your hooks on a particular target. Base on my experience this is what makes my hook efficiency greatly improve by doing this technique, after you master this you can pair with it on my TIP#1 trust me it will greatly improve your chances to land a hook. Shhh dont tell them this is my secret :lol;P
TIP#5: Always always to get advantage on hiding in the bushes! this will increase the chance you can land a sucessful hooks!
TIP#6: Priorities to hook the enemy teams carries, mages, adc's this will greatly increase your teams winning rate!
TIP#7: You can also position yourself on tower and hook someone there and kill him, this is very effective since the tower deals more damage.

• FURY SHOCK (2nd skill) : This ability will be your another crowd crontrolling mechanism, this is very effective when you pair it after you land a sucessful hook, since it will slow your enemies up to 70% good enough to inflict damage.

TIP#1: After a successful hook, when the enemy tries to escape you can position yourself ahead of him and use this ability so that he cant easily escape.
TIP#2: You can also use this to slow your enemies down when you are trying to escape.

• BRUTAL MASSACRE (3rd skill) : This ability is the major crowd controlling ability franco has, it gives 2sec of stun and gives 390 physical damage, this is very effective when you combined it after you land a successful hook this will greatly help you and your team to reck and kill the enemy target.
TIP#1: There is an effecient way to use this ability, always remember when you hook someone with a hero that has escaping abilities and also this includes with battle spells like "flicker" and "assault" you should always use this ability so that they can't easily escape, but if not try to use your 2nd skill instead.
TIP#2: This ability can be easily countered when the enemy has Purify ability so keep in mind.



Note IMO: This builds will be interchangeable and also it vary on any situations, there is a lot ways to build Franco but for what I have observe the most applicable to him is cooldown reduction items I would say this will be his core items since his abilities will greatly improve specially the Iron hook, after you make the core items you will now focus on tank items for additional survability and sustainability along way on the game.

Note: Additional CDR since it will provide 10% cooldown reduction.

Note: Additional CDR since it will provide 10% cooldown reduction and the same +100 physical damage.

Note: Another CDR item which it will provide 15% cooldown reduction, what this item is make special it provides defence, mana, and Artic Cold: passive which will lowers movement and attack speed.

Note: for Additional HP, Magical Resistance, But the passive effect of this item is what are we going to take advantage this will greatly provide a good survability along the way of the match.

Note: for Additional HP, and HP regen everytime you kill or assist kill on an enemy.

Note: for Additional Physical Defense and Reflect damage.

Note: Franco lacks of Escape mechanism i really recommend for him is Flicker or Assault.

Note: Just choose whether of the two which you the highest level  you have.


Thank you for MLBB team for giving us a chance to give our Ideas and Contributing to the community, hope you like my Guide, If you want to clarify or to add somthing just PM me! PEAC YO!
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Edited by dedenjr at 2017-4-30 00:42

Satria Rizali Hilda Hero Guide

This hero tanky with a nice skill that have to escape and passive for the regen

Pro And Cons :

- This hero don't need regen at early game
- have nice skill 1 forn run or chase the enemy
- Have a good freaking abillity to fight and stun

- weak to magic at early game
- Can't be solo killer
- hard to master cause you have to run to the bush to get the shield

Item Set :
Why Pick That Item ?
i think hild is fit perfectly to become an tanker and the item just fits the hero perfectly

Abilities Set :

Why Flicker Spell ?
Because it is a perfect spell to run away from ganking
Skill's Set :

Leveling this skill for ASAP because , this will drain a lot your enemies HP
Leveling this skill for the last because, this skill just contain speed for chasing enemy or escaped from ganking even you have flicker

This skill is freaking amazing , because the high damage area that you got , and the bonus damage if you fulfill the stack for killing or assisting

Combo :
For solo chasing
1.JPG - 2.JPG - 3.JPG

This combo properly for fighting 1 or 2 enemies in front
Basic Healing

1.JPG - 2.JPG - 3.JPG
This  combo for your fighting if you in a war or something clash

About Me:

IGN: Raven Dark

ID: 20187823

Server: 2024
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The picture says Saber Akai Franco Hilda but the note said Minotaur Cyclops Freya and others who has already been picked several hero guides ago .. And one more thing i thought its 5 heroes per week ? Hmm anyways thanks mlbb i will keep supporting you guyssssss
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Redgenrov replied at 2017-4-24 17:45
The picture says Saber Akai Franco Hilda but the note said Minotaur Cyclops Freya and others who has ...

It's the heroes with the pics this round.
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Comprehensive Do's and Dont's Guide to become the Hook God Franco .

Bp 32000
Post time 2017-4-25 08:31 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
hahahha nice can i getget diamond. i will make them guide
Post time 2017-4-25 09:48 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I want diamond too
Post time 2017-4-25 09:56 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
here my guide on layla
Post time 2017-4-25 10:11 AM | Show all posts
Edited by sheenkz09 at 2017-4-25 14:46
oops replied at 2017-4-25 09:56
here my guide on layla

hey dude I think you will be disqualify using other guides that you get from other sites.


LOL you don't say :D  Post time 2017-4-25 02:05 PM
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